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Man Finds Loophole To Fight Government Tyranny…Of Light Bulbs

What many do not realize is that come Jan 1st 2014, the manufacturing or importation of incandescent light bulbs will be illegal in the United States.

The luminous prohibition was set in motion in 2007 with a bill that set strict minimum efficiencies that were impossible for traditional incandescent bulbs to meet.

Much like how gun controllers want to impose end around bans on firearms by requiring technological standards that don’t exist, such as microstamping, so too have the haters of the little bulb that has lit our nights for some 100+ years use standards that are impossible to meet.

The result, once the stockpiles of warm yellow incandescent light bulbs are gone, we as a nation will be FORCED to use those cold dead fluorescent bulbs or dimmer bank breaking LED lights that start at $15 a bulb.

After efforts in Congress to avert the light bulb prohibition (2011 Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act and Better Use of Light Bulbs Act) and give Americans the freedom to choose how they wish to light their homes failed, we were left with little option other than getting these new bulbs shoved down our throats.  Once again government chips away at the free market and forces itself into our bedrooms…and our dens…and our kitchens.

And what do we gain by having this regulation forced upon us?  Dead lights and empty wallets.

Not only that though, but the WAY the new lights work can cause risks from migraines to cancer.

Dr. Elma Baron, director in the lasers and photomedicine department at UH Case Medical Center in Cleveland:

“Ultraviolet light is similar to the ultraviolet wavelengths found in natural sunlight, and we do not want huge amounts or extra amounts of ultraviolet light on our skin because it can cause biological effects that can lead to cancer.

Though the doctor would add the risk would be highest when a defect in the coating was present, but the very design of the new bulbs  facilitate a higher likelihood of defects.

According to a 2012 Stony Brook University Study the twisty CFL bulbs, which use mercury, are much more likely to leak UV light compared to traditional fluorescent bulbs.

According to the research, many of these bulbs “have cracks in the phosphor coating, probably due to the fact that the coating is brittle and has trouble making the tight bends required to make these bulbs compact.”

The research concludes that exposure to the new bulbs cause damage to healthy skin cells similar to that of exposure to ultraviolet radiation.  It is at this point government will start to dictate how much radiation is “tolerable”.  Yet, if a batch of these especially defective lights were to get out you could be exposing yourself and your family to cancer causing radiation for YEARS.

Why are these new lights being forced on us again?  Does the government have nothing better to do than dictate that we must install cancer causing lights in our homes?

Apparently not, but this is America after all and we do love our loopholes.

One businessman who has not had his entrepreneurial spirit castrated by the federal government has begun to  sell incandescent lights that will not be affected.

Channeling Thomas Edison, Larry Birnbaum is exploiting the law’s exceptions to continue producing incandescent bulbs for the general public.

He is doing so by making the bulbs “rough service”, a category that is exempt from the ban.  Rough Service Bulbs were initially meant for industrial operations and are a bit more hearty than your regular bulb but they still glow that warm yellow light that we, as a species, have come to know and love over the past century.

Not waiting until the last minute Birnbaum has been selling his “reinvented” light bulb since 2010.  With about two dozen American workers outside of Indianapolis he builds his bulbs per government standards to qualify for the loophole.

The government requires that his bulbs have seven filaments rather than two, a brass base, and 1 millimeter thicker glass, and  be filled with a special mixture of argon and krypton to improve their lifespan.

Not only does the public now have an option to keep incandescent bulbs in their homes, but they will last longer.  The price for one of Birnbaums Newcandescent bulbs is about $1.44 per bulb, up a bit from the 80 cents or so a regular light bulb costs now.  But compared to what the government would force us to buy, LED lights starting out at about $15.00 a piece, it’s a steal.

While not as sexy as bootlegging and speakeasies, I am reassured in Birnbaum’s efforts.  Knowing that there are still Americans out there with the ingenuity and the drive to turn tyranny on its head and to buck the system gives me hope for our country yet.

If it’s between an over priced cancer causing dead light bulb or Newcandscent’s Liberty Light Bulb, I’ll be choosing the latter.


Anyone interested in following my lead can purchase Newcandescent bulbs here:

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  • White Bear

    My family and friends have been hoarding the old incandescent bulbs for years now. I probably have enough to last well past the end of my lifetime, as does almost everyone I know. It’s a small gesture, but I’ll do anything I can to fight an overreaching government on every issue, every step of the way. If you ever stop fighting tyranny you may as well lay down and die.

    • Bullets First

      You are not alone in your stockpile White Bear. But it wouldn’t surprise me if the federal government started busting down doors in the middle of the night in order to confiscate the lights on some trumped up charge of national security.

      How would they know? Warrants are secured against drug growers all the time based on higher than normal energy usage from their grow lamps. Who is to say the federal gov. won’t just broaden that to anyone who uses more energy than the “norm”. Even if they are wrong 9 out of 10 times they will champion the 10% of times they were right and stopped the evil of incandescent bulbs. No doubt glossing over all the family dogs they kill along the way during their midnight raids and no knock warrants.

      • White Bear

        Actually that wouldn’t surprise me one bit. What’s amazing, and damned sad at that, is that we’ve let it come to this.

      • CrystalClaire

        I think that was the ultimate intention of the “Smart Meters,” to spy on how much
        energy each home is using, & to penalize us somehow, for using what the unelected EPA determines is, “too much.” God save us from these globalist evironmental control freaks!

        • bob machaffy

          My light bill use to over $100 plus, now with smart meter its under $60. even during summer with ac on, not because smart meter is smart, because I have unplugged everything not in use, and don’t turn lights on in daytime, & waste energy, smart meter man still comes to read meter ? probably thinks I’m cheating or tinkering with it. LOL

          • CrystalClaire

            I’m glad to hear how you’ve turned it into a positive for yourself.

        • anarchyst

          “Smart meters” will be used to institute “time of day” electricity pricing in the same way that large commercial customers are billed. Eventually, residential electrical usage between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM will be billed at a much higher rate than is now the case.

          • londontubes

            Some areas, like Yuma, Arizona, are already like that.

          • londontubes

            I fool them by leaving for months at a time (winter).

    • ed_in_tx

      Good, but while y’all were stockpiling were you writing your Congresscritter demanding repeal of the law (passed by Republicans, and signed into law by W, I might add – once more proving that being a Republican does not mean Conservative in any way)? They depend on people’s 5 minute attention span when they pass these abominations.

      • bulletsfirst

        I did say it passed in 2007 and much like the Patriot Act this is something that I also blame Bush for forcing upon us.

        But you are absolutely right Ed, the attention span of America is so brief that usually, regardless of the scandal, if a politician ignores it long enough it will just go away. That fault on that is ours.

      • White Bear

        Damn right we wrote and called, and believe me you won’t see me waving the flag for W. Sometimes I think we write and call so much that they just dismiss us as malcontents. You’re exactly right about “Republican” not necessarily meaning “conservative”. With the exception of a select few in Congress, having an “R” or a “D” after their name doesn’t make a bit of difference. Term limits are an absolute must, but good luck ever getting something like that through. These people will hold onto their power at all costs.

        • tionico

          we allready HAVE term limits.. the ballot box. Got an unresponsive “representative” riding on your pocketbook? Work to dump him next go. And if no candidate can be found to challenge him, run yourself.

          • Jack Parker

            You are naive and delusional. An incumbent has a 90% advantage over a challenger. Have you ever tried to run for office, any office? An incumbent has a staff to perform the million tedious things that must be done in order to run. Unless the challenger is wealthy he/she has NO chance. Term limits is the most efficient way to level the playing field.

          • Joanne13

            You’re COMPLETELY correct!

          • White Bear

            In theory you’re right, we do have that type of term limits. In reality though, corrupt politicians use our money to buy votes by giving freebies to voters who could care less about the direction of our country, as long as “they get theirs”. I confess that I sometimes wonder how much better our country would be if only people who actually pay taxes or own property could vote. Of course that’s the old “skin in the game” theory, but I’m not sure it’s such a bad idea in an era where people no longer accept personal responsibility and blindly worship the hand that feeds them.

          • Joanne13

            Sure ‘tionico’…. try that in Illinois where I was born and live! Dems have gerrymandered and messed up every district in the state. Dick Durban is an (unpleasant) institution that we CAN’T get rid of while being one of THE WORST politicians in Congress. So much for ‘term limits’ through voting.

      • tionico

        righteeoh, there, Ed. Barely a dime’s worth of difference between the R and the D these days. And they still whine and moan about party loyalty. Hey, how about some CITIZEN loyalty? Remember for whom you “work”.

      • Joanne13

        Please try not assuming that you’re alone in writing and calling representatives in Congress, etc. Trust me. . . you’re NOT ALONE in doing that!

        • ed_in_tx

          That people do complain on the blogs without ever contacting their congresscritters is a known fact. But you are reading too much in my comment about writing our employees. I did not assume any such thing, nor should you assume I did.

        • YCNAN


      • Debbie Peterson

        If this was signed into law in 2007, Republicans did not own the House. Democrats took control in 2006. But, GWB should have vetoed it.

        • ed_in_tx

          Indeed, you are correct. Few Republicans in the House co-sponsored it (3). IIRC (though I could be mistaken) Fred Upton favored it, either then or when there was an attempt to repeal or delay. It was an issue raised when he was put up for Chair of the Energy and Commerce committee after the Republicans gained back the House.

  • Joanne13

    We’ve got tons of incandescent bulbs stored away but not as many as I’d like (the hubs bought them and he NEVER feels a coming catastrophe will be as bad as I do). But to me it IS a catastrophe! I HATE those CFL bulbs for their horrible light and the potential harmful effects on peeps AND the environment.

    I for one applaud the invention of a ‘ban proof’ incandescent bulb that we can purchase even if a bit more expensive. Heck… it lasts longer so it’ll all balance out in the end. Here’s one for inventors … YOU ROCK!!

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      Rough service light bulbs have been around for many years. If you have an automatic garage door opener, you probably (or should) have them in your unit.

      • bulletsfirst

        I hadn’t meant to imply otherwise yet while the rough service bulb has been around for a long time, its use as an everyday ordinary bulb is new and being spear headed by Birnbaum. Industrial lights in general aren’t going to fit in your standard lamp or ceiling fixture.

        I am reminded of a movie with Paul Newman and Tim Robbins where Robbins draws a circle and says its going to be the next big thing. Everyone scoffs at him but he makes the circle into a hoola hoop and boom, success. Invention isn’t always the creation of something new but sometimes the re-imagining of something old used in a different way.

      • Bob McCormick

        I replaced the bulbs in the outside lights with rough service years ago. With kids running in and out, slamming doors, standard bulbs can’t take the vibration.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          Good idea, been there done that. LOL

          • Mac Boy

            I cleaned out my local 99¢ store of 40 & 60W bulbs a month ago ,,@4 for 99¢
            I’ll NEVER use a “pigtail” bulb – EVER!

      • tionico

        yes, they have been.. but harder to find, and quite a bit more dear. But not as dear as the new Stupid Lghts. Whatever gave FedGov authority over what sort of LIGHTBULB we use? Thought those guys swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.

    • Alantar

      The LED bulbs are much better – better light quality (choose your own color temperature – incandescent bulbs roughly correspond to 2700K, daylight is about 5500K), no hum, no mercury. If they last 3 years you should more than break even compared to incandescents due to lower energy costs. Personally, I’ve got 5000K bulbs most places, but 2700K bulbs where I want a warmer feeling.

      • Joanne13

        Good info Alantar… thanks!

      • David

        I agree. I started looking to switch to LEDs a few years ago, but didn’t for a while because of the expense. Now that the increased supply has decreased the price, I’m replacing most of my lights, not because the Feds want me to, but because I HATE changing light bulbs. That said, there is no enumerated power in the Constitution that allows the Federal Government to tell me or anyone else what kind of light bulb they have to buy. BTW – I consider 3500 about daylight. 5000 is hospital bright white. I had a couple, but hated them even though I used Reveals before.

  • Tina Hollenbeck

    The website is currently down but you can at least “like” the Facebook page for the time being Can’t wait to place my order!

    • bulletsfirst

      They must be having a wellspring of new business that’s crashing their site. Good for them.

  • jscomden

    This is a perfect example of government gone wild – we need to reduce energy use so the government sets standards no one can meet. If they left the “need to use less energy” to the free enterprise system someone would have found a better light bulb at a reasonable price and made millions in the process. Government just isn’t the most efficient or effective organization to come up with realistic solutions to everyday problems.

    • DMJo

      Yeah, kind of like Obamacare requiring people to have more coverage than they want or can afford – to solve the “problem” of a small percentage of people not having health insurance. The result? Less people have health insurance than before! Socialism makes no sense.

      • tionico

        or that they can’t use. How about MEN being forced to buy abortion and maternity care? Oh, that’s for the wives.. no, now everyone have their OWN policy just for themself. Just say NO and don’t sign up. They overbill you, and steal your credit card/bank information, too. No way….

    • Alantar

      All the same, check out the CREE LED bulbs, currently available at Home Depot. They are not the only good LED bulbs out there, but are probably the best. They use 9 or 9.5 watts for 800 lumens (a 60 watt incandescent equivalent) depending on which color temperature you prefer.

    • bahndon

      and in Florida a woman is being harassed by the municipality she lives in because she lives without electricity, or running water, She is living a life that the government is encouraging and then harasses for doing. Just like using less fuel the government will find a new way to tax the millage instead.

  • bob machaffy

    American know-how – obama no clue

  • anarchyst

    In Europe, where incandescent bulbs have been banned for years, entrepreneurs are still selling the now banned bulbs as “heaters”.

  • Rachel Guess

    One of the exceptions is for refrigerator light bulbs as well, so incandescent light bulbs will still be available, just relabeled as refrigerator bulbs.

  • Wayne A

    Don’t the CFLs fail in cold temps?

  • VChristine

    Watch the film ‘The 100 Year Old Light bulb’, and be prepared to be angry. Light bulbs prior to 1960 – 65 used to work ‘indefinitely’. My cousin’s1964 built house houses a quantity of bulbs installed when the house was built. They were manufactured before planned obsolescence became endemic. He’s never replaced the bulbs in the 15 years that he’s owned his house. They still go on and off daily. This is not only how bulbs used to be made – the industry KNOWS how to make bulbs to last. The packages that brag ‘7 year bulb’ are a joke! They can make it last 70 years if they wanted to.
    If the government was really interested in economy, they’d force the bulb industry to do what they know how to do; make bulbs that last.

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