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Don’t Resolve, Revolt! What Are Your New Year’s REVOLUTIONS?

A couple of days ago I heard a child misspeak about New Year’s Resolutions by calling them New Year’s Revolutions.

After a quick chuckle I got to thinking.  Resolutions are cliche and pointless.  They breed crowds at fitness centers and health food stores for the month of January before they are abandoned completely come February.

New Year’s Resolutions are dependent on a people’s resolve and that is too often all but lacking when people are squared off against themselves.

But with New Year’s Revolutions you are actively and consciously saying that in the upcoming year, “NO, I will not stand for it”; the “it” being whatever you are revolting against.  Want a real world example of how long calling something a “revolution” can go on for?

Look to Cuba, the Castro’s have maintained power for over 5 decades by promoting the idea that the Cuban revolution is STILL going on.  And this is with socialism being a BAD thing that is keeping the Cuban people in poverty.  But the IDEA of revolution is more energizing than the notion of resolving.

So, what are your New Year’s Revolutions?

Here are some of mine:

I revolt against any establishment that professes itself a “gun free zone” or in any way attempts to make a victim out of me by using the logic that disarming the law abiding makes anyone other than criminals safe

I revolt against the infringement of the 4th Amendment and as such I will not be bullied into giving DNA samples at random checkpoints

I revolt against Obamacare.  I will not be forced by the government to buy anything as a condition to being alive

I revolt against NSA spying and will do everything I can to prevent them from unconstitutionally tapping my information.

I revolt against false flag supporters like Cracker Barrel and Starbucks who allow guns in their stores but in their hearts are anti gunners.

I revolt against political correctness in all its forms.  I will only call someone an African American if they are originally from Africa.  Otherwise, if born here, they are an American who happens to be black (or white, or asian or latino).  This extends beyond race to every notion that is corrupted by political correctness or affirmative action.  Women, you want to be a Marine, do a pull up; you want to be an NYC firefighter, be strong enough to make the grade.  Lowering the bar in order to include women just endangers the lives of everyone who is physically fit enough to pass the test without special exemptions lowering the bar.  Give me GI JANE not Shannon Faulkner.  And sports teams names?  I hate the Redskins and Cowboys equally (go Steelers!)

I revolt against any politician who claims to be a friend to the 2nd Amendment but will sell it out for political expediency at the first opportunity.  I’m lookin’ at you Manchin and Toomey.

I revolt against listening to media, politicians or activists who tell me my thoughts are belief are “outdated or antiquated” be they topics or guns, religion or freedom.  This nation was founded on the tip of a bayonet, God is timeless and freedom never goes out of style.

No doubt I have some more personal ones but you get the idea.

As the clock strikes midnight tonight think about what you are going to revolt against in the upcoming year.  Don’t resolve yourself to do something for it is passive and most likely prone to failure.  Be active, be aggressive and rise in revolution.  Even if it is revolting against fast food…do it with conviction.

Besides, if this country had attempted its founding by resovlers and not revolutionaries, they’d STILL be in Philadelphia resolving against this thing and that.


Have a Happy New Year!

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  • Richard Erwin

    lock and load and keep some powder dry

    • Bullets First

      Amen to that, Richard

      • Richard Erwin

        and dont forget to keep those guns clean

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  • i am revolted by libtards everyday,

  • joepotato

    I concur…

  • Timur

    Well put!

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  • Bruce A. Frank

    Hide you firearms. Hide your ammo. Keep just enough in “sight” so they think they found something. A collection of ANY size will result in headlines of “Firearms Hoard Found, Owner thought to be a TEA Party member!””

  • marlene.langert

    So let’s go! Let’s organize a march on the White House, Congress and do something. Let’s stop talking and be strong and brave. Let’s not only claim what is ours (our country and liberties). Let’s act instead of talking and talking.

  • fntsmk

    Bravo bulletsfirst. ! I mean really… frickin’ BRAVO! Will share on Facebook.

  • fntsmk

    I dread the coming civil war in America, but I embrace it as well. This will give us the chance to solve the “liberal problem” for a very long time. And it will give us a new government which strictly adheres to our Constitution, at least in the short term. Organize neighborhood militias with trusted neighbors NOW. Come up with a definite plan of “what we WILL do” when the SHTF. Determine who has the most defensible property to muster at and protect family and friends and property. 2014 is the year the Dollar will crash and global economy along with it. Think about having access to NOTHING you have taken for granted all of your life. No electricity. No running water. No sewage or trash pick up. No food in stores. No gasoline, propane, or charcoal. Dead bodies rotting in the streets. Chaos and mayhem 24/7. Stock up now before it’s too late. If I’m wrong, the worst that can happen to you is you won’t have to shop for a long time. If I’m right… well… just use your imagination.

    • AmericaAwakens

      Great points fntsmk! I agree! I have been preparing for a while now…we are on the same track!

  • mcian

    I have already determined who the enemy is and how to identify him/her when the armed revolt gets here. Ironically… I am not alone in my neck of the woods. We are all getting fed up with the abuses of our government fueled by the mental disease known as liberalism. We are tired… really tired of the constant assault against the Constitution and the destruction of our rights.

    It’s readily apparent these progressives have not learn from history. The last time someone came for our guns and munitions we kicked their azz in a revolution that birthed a new nation. I do not want my children growing up in the liberal idea of society.

    • Alton Clark

      That is why they will only be happy when we only have Slingshots for protection !

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  • Owen Gunden ⓥ

    wash hands of filthy fiat, use sound money whenever possible: gold, silver, and bitcoin

  • BambiB

    For “women in the military” – Kara Hultgreen. First Navy carrier-based fighter pilot.


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