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Gov Cuomo endorses actions by retired cop who killed rude movie theater patron

A retired police officer shot two people, one fatally, during a cell phone dispute inside a Florida movie theater yesterday.

71 year old, retired Tampa, FL cop Curtis Reeves asked 43 year old Chad Oulson to stop texting during the movie.  When Chad refused Curtis left to alert staff.  Upon his return Chad asked if Curtis went and told on him at which point an argument broke out.

At this point, Curtis took out his sidearm and shot Chad Oulson and his wife Nicole.  Chad would die of his wounds.


UPDATE: According to the police report the incident took place during the previews and not the movie itself.  Reeves is attempting to claim self defense as a bag of popcorn was thrown at him.  Witnesses claim no physical contact occurred between the two men (save the popcorn) before Reeves shot and killed Oulson.  The report can be read here: Police Report on Theatre Shooting


While this did happen in Florida, Governor Cuomo has gone on the record and passed legislation ensuring that retired police officers have the ability to murder innocent unarmed people.

How is this?

Because under the SAFE Act and subsequent amendments to it, Police Officers are special citizens who have rights above those of regular citizens.  One of those rights is that they are exempted from having to follow the SAFE Act to begin with.  

As of July 5th of 2013 Retired police officers are exempt from magazine limits and the ban on so called “assault” weapons.  This coupled with the un-American Law Enforcement Officer’s Safety Act which allows retired cops to carry their handgun anywhere in the country has once again established a caste system where cops are placed in a special class while us lowly peasants must suffer infringements to our rights.

Are cops some special Captain America types that never commit crimes or otherwise do bad things?  Are there no such things as crooked cops or cops who have ever been guilty of rape or murder?

My point is not to disarm retired cops but rather to see that the rights that they get to enjoy extended beyond the notion of class privilege to all Americans.

We are all supposed to be equal under the law, but while Gov. Cuomo supports cops murdering rude movie theater patrons he will not support the innocent grad student co-ed who is going to be gang raped because she’s not allowed to carry a firearm.  Or stop the home invasion murder of a family because the homeowner couldn’t load more than 7 bullets in his gun while 4 guys stormed his house.  Life isn’t like the movies, its not all one shot one kill.

But as long as cops are allowed to protect themselves I guess Cuomo can sleep at night, the peons are beneath everything except his contempt.

As for the retired Tampa cop he will be charged with 2nd Degree murder.

Fun facts: Cobb Theatres has a strict no weapons policy.  Gun free zone works again.

Curtis Reeves wasn’t some disgruntled cop, he retired as a Captain from the Tampa PD

Reeve’s established Tampa’s first Tactical Response team; is this incident the equivalent of a no knock warrant when there is not a dog around to shoot?

Witness, Charles Cummings states: “I can’t believe people would bring a gun to a movie.”  Really?  After Aurora why WOULDN’T people bring a gun to a movie?

This all started because Oulson was texting his 3 year old daughter.  Not condoning Reeves actions but really, that couldn’t wait till after the movie?  What’s so important that you need to text a 3 year old during a movie.  The cell phone probably lit up like Christmas in a dark theater.  Rudeness can get you killed.  Doesn’t make it right…but it doesn’t make you any less dead.

Random acts of violence can happen anywhere and just because a person wears or wore a shield does not make them immune from being a criminal.  They should not get special exemptions that leave the regular law abiding at a disadvantage or as a lower class of citizen.

Gov. Cuomo doesn’t feel that way, he’s all about exempting himself, the police and his cronies, like his Dir. of NY’s Homeland Security who is allowed to willfully defy state law and bring his personal firearm onto state property so he can terrorize a group of Swedish diplomats. 

The only question remains is if the residents of New York (not even sure if they count as citizens anymore) are going to stand for it.  Cuomo’s up for election in this fall, so I guess we’ll see.


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  • rjhollydog

    Typical lib elitist, this Cuomo. His attitude is that he and his ilk are better, smarter than you, (some animals are more equal than others) they know what is right and proper; what guns you need/can have, and how many rounds they can carry and how scarey they look;-) well I think Cuomo looks like a homicidal manic, and he should be commited for life in a nice safe rubber room, but that is just me!

    • podunk1

      Like Obamacare, 11 million criminal tax evading aliens getting amnesty while 40 million citizens are tossed out of work, no king-sized cokes, & a diet of rabbit food… these idiots have it all worked out for their “subjects”, while they do whatever they want to. Can’t trust his squat team – all that stress & stuff – BO says guns kill & they have guns!

  • check6

    Maybe the author should research the LEO Safety act before speaking.Retired officers must meet the same CCW standards as active duty Officers.

    In addition to carrying the photographic identification issued by the agency for which they were

    employed or were separated, the qualified retired law enforcement officer must also carry

    documentation which certifies that they have met, within the most recent twelve month period, the

    active duty law enforcement standards for qualification for a firearm of the same type as the one

    they intend to carry.

    The standard the qualified retired law enforcement officer must meet is that of his former agency,

    that of the State in which he resides, or in the absence of State standards—or the recognition

    thereof—the standards of any law enforcement agency in the State in which the qualified retired

    law enforcement officer and the certified firearms instructor resides.

    This document which certifies that the qualified retired law enforcement officer has met the

    standards described above must be issued by the retired officer’s former agency, by the State in

    which he lives, or by a certified firearms instructor that is qualified to conduct a firearms

    qualification test for active duty officers within that State

    • SuperDave2

      How does this excuse his actions?

      • SPAlumni

        Nobody is excusing his actions. He’s charged with Murder 2 and he’s not getting out of that. Cuomo does not endorse his actions by virtue of NY State Law. The author has a vendetta and anything goes to further it. Like wild untrue statements.

    • Patrick Henry

      I believe his point is, why should RETIRED police still be able to carry where regular folks cant. Since he is retired he no longer has any law enforcement authority in any jurisdiction.This does promote a multi tier cast system.

      • antiliberalcryptonite

        You missed the part of the article where it said “Police Officers are special citizens who have rights above those of regular citizens”, implying that even retired police officers are above the law. (sarcasm)

        • shamu9

          Retired LEO’s are often TARGETED by many of the Creeps they Arrested, sent to the Gray-Bar Hotel, and have since been Released, by Liberal Judges!!

      • Bullets First

        You’re exactly right Patrick Henry. Who cares if the retired cop has to jump through a hoop or two in order to still be able to carry. The point is they STILL get to carry EVERYWHERE but AREN’T cops anymore.

        To check6, can regular, non cop citizens go and meet the active duty law enforcement standards and then be allowed to carry in every state in the Union? Of course not. That’s the point and that’s what makes it unfair. Normal people are just regular class citizens when retired cops get special privileges.

        Boo hoo they have to pass a test to show they can still shoot. If that’s all it takes to be able to exercise my right to keep and bear arms in every state, sign me up.

        In fact, as this article shows, it’s not that tough for gun owners to pass this test. It’s pretty easy.

        • lonetrader

          You didn’t arrest murders, rapists,gang members either. A cop that does his job arrests a lot of mean, evil people in his career. This is a job the average John Q Citizen does not have the stomach for, nor the courage. Maybe it’s because they have dealt with the scum of the earth that you have not.

          • spatcher

            Then fine, let him go through what every non cop has to go through to be able to carry. But then again, being in NY he couldn’t!

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Cuomo is no better than Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and that ilk. They were all surrounded by armed thugs, but the people had their self-defense weapons confiscated and where murdered, starved, beaten and tortured by their own governments.

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      Yup. That is NOT going to happen here. Citizens will NOT allow it.

    • ONTIME

      If Cuomo had to pay for his own personal security and not able to lay it on the taxpayers he’d be singing a different tune…object lessons go a long ways…to many goodies for politicians.

  • colsooonscoorner

    If the residents of NY elect him again they must have some very mixed up brain cells. I don’t believe the ex=officer should be able to get away with the shooting. Almost a license to kill, if it isn’t already! Which appears to be the case.


      What makes his re-election any worse than odumbass’s? Just saying you can not fix stupid!! MOLON LABE!!! nsa dhs gfy

    • tom

      If you were not mixed up you wouldn’t be living in NY.

  • Chief47

    In my mind, that would make Cuomo guilty of accessory to murder.

    • Bob Macfarlane

      How so? But, then again it is in your mind and that doesn’t carry too much weight.


    Did the Cobb Theater have a no cel policy too, was there a sign stating no personal weapons posted?
    A little common courtesy would have went a long ways and prevented that what sounds to be a accidental shooting…that missing manager could have been the key to preventing this shooting…

    • Bullets First

      Like I said Ontime, I’m with you, a little common courtesy could have saved this guys life. Not saying he deserved to die over being an a-hole but really, you were texting your 3 year old daughter something so important it couldn’t wait? That strikes me as wrong on a bunch of different levels.

      On the other hand…”accidental” shooting? Reeves pulled out his gun, pointed it at the chest of Oulson and shot him dead. There’s nothing accidental about that. He might not have meant to pull the trigger, but if someone goes out and gets hammered on booze then hops behind the wheel of a car and kills someone it’s not an accident. The DUI guy put everything in place to kill someone, just because they didn’t intend to doesn’t make the other person any less dead.

      An accident would be if the gun went off in his holster when he stood up and it nicked the armrest and thus shot Oulson and his wife. What Reeves did? Negligent at best, willful murder at worst.

  • TexRancher

    Another democrat hypocrite! He should keep his mouth out of this and let the evidence talk!

  • Bob Macfarlane

    If retired police officer or not, hed the shooter been threatened by the dead man, the shooter was in the right under the State Law of Florida.

    How about waiting until we hear the entire story?

    • shamu9

      There’s MORE to this Story, that we aren’t Hearing. BTW, there was Another School Shooting this week, with a “Joe Biden endorsed” Shotgun!! All of a sudden, we are up to our Cranks, in “Random” Gun Violence!! Can you say “False Flag” ??? Georg Soros, aka “The Schwartz” Money can buy the Planet for Obama!! and Gun Control/Confiscation.


      You are so incorrect. A person with a concealed carry permit in Florida is not allowed to display their weapon unless their life or the life or the life of another is in imminent danger. This is true in any other State of which I am aware. A kernel of popcorn is not imminent danger. It is people like yourself who should not be allowed to own a gun.

      • Bob Macfarlane

        “had the shooter been threatened” is what I posted and that is not incorrect. Sorry Sparky but I taught the course for twelve years.

        • CHABSENTIA

          Are you really that stupid? A threat can be verbal and does not place your life in danger. Here it is again. You are not allowed to even display your weapon unless your life or the life of somebody else is in imminent danger. You are a joke. If you have taught a course for 12 years which I highly doubt then give me the name of your business and State so I can forward your comments to your Attorney General. It won’t happen because you are a phony and can’t answer my question . Anybody that thinks let alone teaches that a mere threat is grounds for shooting somebody is an Idiot.


      Are you serious? I suggest that you look up the word ” threat”or threatening in the dictionary. A 12 year old might be able to give it to you. Again. Unless you or somebody else is in imminent danger of bodily harm or death then you are not allowed to display your weapon let alone discharge it. So SPARKY perhaps you can tell us how a kernel of popcorn puts one in imminent danger of bodily harm. I don’t know what you taught for 12 years but it wasn’t common sense.

      • Bob Macfarlane

        Are you actually that stupid? When I made the post nothing was actually known about the incident and I said “How about waiting until we hear the entire story?”

        • CHABSENTIA

          Are you really that Stupid???. A threat does not constitute imminent danger of bodily harm. Here it is for the third time. A PERSON IS NOT ALLOWED TO DISPLAY THEIR WEAPON UNLESS THEIR LIFE OR THE LIFE OF SOMEBODY ELSE IS IMMINENT DANGER PERSON.Apparently you are having a problem looking up the definition of the word “threat”. No 12 year old tom assist you with it???The details of the story have been out for some time and make no difference because your post states that anybody has the right to shoot somebody if they say something in a threatening manner.These are your words. Look up the definition.

          • Bob Macfarlane

            Glad I looked up your previous comments. You are nothing but an attack commenter. Everyone but tho is wrong, incorrect, stupid, brain dead, and on and on. Slither back under your rock child.

  • bil

    Truth is, the cop shot Chad BEFORE THE MOVIE STARTED!!!!!
    (Movie was Lone Survivor.) There were 24 people in the theater, and the cop shot Chad through his wife’s hand, which was on his sternum. Some popcorn was thrown, as well, according to local reports. Personally, I don’t care whose theater it is, I’m carrying…..but not to shoot a guy texting BEFORE the movie.

    • Bullets First

      Right you are bil. I wanted a chance to read over the police report to make sure that was accurate. It was during the previews, a bag of popcorn was thrown and Reeves is trying to use that as reasoning to shoot and kill Oulson. I have made an update to the article and included a link to the official police report.

    • TexasOlTimer

      What I never heard asked was why didn’t the 71 year old man change his seat if he was offended by someone texting his 3-year-old during the previews? There were obviously numerous empty seats available.

      • bil

        It has come out that he was NOT texting his daughter, but instead, his babysitter….

  • carlcasino

    Is there a story here. The overpopulated areas of the East & Left coast are basically Socialist. I suggest a quarantine, to keep the libs’ in their own mess and let the rest of the country form our own more perfect union.

    • bil

      If only we could keep the Northeasters from moving! They move to Florida, Colorado, California, Arizona, New Mexico and all of a sudden these are becoming liberal states. Come, visit the beaches and Disneyworld. Then Go Home.

  • Ron

    I understand the movie had not started yet so the guy was probably killing time and talking with his daughter. The cop was wrong, really, he was absolutely wrong and should go to prison for murder and attempted murder. Cuomo should also be tried as an accomplice..

    • tom cook

      Go to prison? Do you think for a minute if the pig had been texting and you shot him that you would go to prison? You’d get the needle and that is what the pig should get.

      • bil

        Will you quit with the “pig” bull$hit?! Everybody tunes you out at that point.

  • Jay Star

    Commonsense applies here and as usual is no where to be found! You cant fix stupidity!

  • edro3111

    Man, New York is full of bizarre politicians isn’t it?

  • fidlin1

    I pull for the cop in just about any circumstance. But if this is all there is to the story he’s guilty of murder.. Cuomo is just guilty of being stupid

  • Dave L.

    Hey cell phones in theaters are dangerous. This retiree felt threatened by a guy texting his toddler. Who texts their toddler, I smell a rat here. The guy texting was obviously a terrorist, texting his cohorts to come in and shoot up the theater. Thank god the old guy was packing that .380 assault pistol, no telling how many lives he saved !!! The preceeding was tongue in cheek of course !!

  • Neal Avery

    Nobody in Florida cares what Cuomo thinks excep maybe visitors from NY. The cop is charged with Murder 2. Let the courts play it out. It sounds like murder to me.

    • bil

      At this time of year EVERYBODY in Florida is from NY. I-95 ya know. The rest of the year only 75% are from another state.
      btw-I’m a native of Florida….and can’t stand the way 3 outa 4 of these people down here drive!

  • tom cook

    Second degree murder? This screwed-up savage pig murdered a man in cold blood. This cop needs either the electricity or the needle.

  • john4637

    Who ever wrote this article is either a liar or crazy as a shzt house rat! I did not read any comment by that strap job Cuomo, endorsing retired officers committing murder. I am as much against Cuomo as any patriotic gun owner, but lets not tarnish our integrity with this type of swill!!

    • bulletsfirst

      So did you only read the title? Seems like you did. If you took the time to actually read the article you would see the title was a literary device comparing the actions of Cuomo in regards to the SAFE Act with the notion that Police are special citizens and are more responsible than normal citizens when it comes to gun ownership.

      That is simply not true when you look at this former Tampa police officer. Cuomo’s endorsement came with his amendment to the SAFE Act allow retired police officers to have special rights in a state where consitutional rights are denied everyone else.

      Of course, you would have known that had you not just read the title and nothing else. If I had time I’m sure I could have made you a picture book like post but assuming you are not 3 years old I choose not to reward your laziness.

  • Wayne

    Commie Cuomo needs a few strands of hemp for a necktie.

  • Fred_K

    Another petty tyrant allowing his real personality show. He needs some serious mental health treatment.

  • wildeagleone

    I used to be K-9 and the order of attack was get him and I guess that is what the little voice told this brave cop to do after he was hit with a kernel of pop corn. Cuomo is a waste and should be flushed down the drain with the rest of the S–t politicians

  • charliep

    In reality this boils down to murder. No other way you can diagnose this incident. True the dead man instigated this, but having a bag of pop corn thrown at you sure didn’t justify killing the man or shooting his wife. A civil suit could have solved this problem, and lined the pockets of the retired police officer with some extra cash. I see a conviction here unless something greater then what has been revealed should materialize. Yes the dead man did instigate this, but the retired police officer over reacted. Now if the victim here was in the process of coming over the seats after the old police officer this would put a whole different scenario on this incident, which would justify his using his weapon as he did. .


    Did I read this correctly, the guy was texting his 3 year old daughter? How many 3 year olds have a cell phones and if so, could
    she really read the text?

    • hornman2

      He was texting his daughters babysitter, not his daughter.

  • disqus_aD3ofq3RuN

    One of the most ignorant and intentionally foolish inflammatory commentaries I have ever read. Persons committing murder are murders. Even cops know this applies to us. I have no idea why this particular cop committed this heinous act, but note… His arrest and prosecution will be handled just the same as if he had been a retired school teacher or bus driver or whatever.

    As for cops having better privileges than ordinary citizens: I think most privileges can and should be extended to citizens with the exception of those that require the training and experience of an officer. Officers DO have Much superior training than the average citizen for obvious reasons.

  • hornman2

    Tragically nothing surprises me anymore by the stupidest reason someone gives for killing another human being. It would not have mattered if Mr. Oulson was texting during the movie; pulling a gun and shooting them is inexcusable. The movie had not started some Mr.
    Oulson was sending a last minute text to his babysitter to check on his daughter before the movie started; Mr. Reeves was obviously angry because he told Mr. Oulson to stop texting because he was going to get the manager. Instead of returning with the manager he confronts Mr. Oulson, gets into a verbal confrontation and Mr. Oulson throws some popcorn at him. He then pulls the pistol from his pocket and kills Mr. Oulson and wounds his wife in the hand. I read accounts from both the local paper and the local TV station; and saw the interview on TV with Mrs. Oulson concerning the shooting. I believe that had Mr. Reeves asked Mr. Oulson in a respectful way to please stop texting; that Mr. Oulson would probably have said something to the effect; “sorry, I’m just checking with my baby sitter before the movie starts”; I don’t think this would have escalated into a senseless killing. The ex-cop has been properly charged; this does NOT meet any test for “stand your ground”. Verbal threats and popcorn in your face NEVER justify a response with a weapon.

  • Russell Smith

    First of all, so many things to respond to. Texting, if the cop was watching the movie, it should not have bothered him, and any way, it’s a free country, MIND YOUR OWN F#CKING BUSINESS! Pay attention to what you are there for, which is to watch a movie. Secondly, I don’t consider getting hit with popcorn a reason for using deadly force, And this IDIOT was a retired police Captain? are they sure they got it right and did not misunderstand it to be RETARDED police Captain? He should never have been allowed to carry a water pistol, let alone a real pistol, he has mental issues BIG TIME.. This is the problem with allowing retired cops to carry their guns anywhere, it does breed a new class of citizen, that considers themselves STILL above the law. They should NOT be allowed any special rights that the average law abiding citizen that can get a concealed carry permit is afforded. If the states will not grant those rights to a average citizen, then we do not need another class of super cop running around with a finger of the trigger, ready to shoot us at the drop of a hat for some supposed act of disrespect to their high and mighty position of self assumed authority.

  • CaptGene

    Well, you see, in a marxist society, everybody is equal and some people are MORE equal than others. And as for cuomo (lower case intentional throughout), well, he is one of the MOST equal ones around. Like the late leona helmsly who stated “only the ‘little people’ pay taxes”, guns are for the MORE equal than every body else Krowd.

  • Nelson in Texas

    I have to wonder what would have happened if this had been some black teen that the former cop turned murderer had shot? Just something to think about.

  • rukovich

    This x cop is obviously mentally deficient and extremely dangerous. Opening fire in a theater with people in it? Wonder if he looked to make sure nobody was sitting in front of the couple he opened fire on.

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