With the 2nd Amendment you must make a stand…neutrality has no place

I came across a video and article the other day at LibertyUnyielding.com concerning the group Evolve, some sort of gun safety organization.

I say it like that because I have a feeling they are simply a front for a gun control platform.  According to their own FAQ section,  they are happy to work with known anti gun entities in order to promote their agenda.

Their agenda though, is the common tripe that gun controllers always like to espouse, “safety, children, blah blah blah”.  Yes, safety is important and no one wants to see children as the victims of gun violence but does Evolve’s so called “neutrality” do anything different than gun controllers?

Just take a look at the aforementioned FAQ from Evolve’s website:


Evolve does not address legislative issues, but instead focuses on exerting social pressures in order to persuade individuals to voluntarily adopt the most responsible gun safety behaviors in the context of their lives and communities.

Basically, from what it sounds like, Evolve wants to pressure gun owners to voluntarily give up their weapons…for the community’s benefit.

And if you look at Evovle’s “code”, while some things are good, like talking to your kids about firearms, others hint of nefarious control.  For instance, “I will keep all my guns unloaded, locked and properly stored when not in use.”

To me, that just seems like it would be awfully hard to get to if you ever find yourself in need.  A real gun owner wouldn’t abide by such ironclad statements.  By all means properly store your guns when not in use, but this nanny state overreaction to what you should do with your guns when not currently is use smacks of gun controlism.  In the harshest climes for gun rights forcing your weapon to be all but disassembled while in your house is a common stipulation.

Also, the first part of the code bothers me, “I believe that owning a gun is NOT just a right.  It’s a responsibility.”

Now, one should be a responsible gun owner, but the notion of semantically dissecting and lessening the right of gun ownership just seems a slippery slope that should be avoided.  Quite frankly, for more than a century our right to keep and bear arms has been eroded and chipped away, anyone whose belief is for gun rights should avoid helping such erosion.

And though Evolve says they are to be above politics and legislation their code would indicate otherwise.  With some states pushing for a penalty on gun owners who do not report thefts within a given amount of time, Evolve has as part of its code: “I will be answerable for every gun I own at all times.”

On top of all this, much like a Pace Picante Salsa commercial, of all the places Evolve chooses to be located in they choose New York City.

And while I am sure there are people in New York city who know good salsa just as there are those who believe in the 2nd Amendment yet are forced to live under the yolk of tyranny, a supposedly neutral gun organization that chooses to headquarter in one of the most gun oppressive cities in the nation gives a  person pause…and I don’t mean New York city outer borough, their mailing address is smack in the lower part of midtown Manhattan.

Evolve said they formed  around the kitchen table.  I question a “neutral” gun organization that forms around any table in midtown Manhattan.

From what I have seen Evolve is little more than a front for gun control.  It masquerades neutrality in order to sneak in under the auspices of safety on to turn around and stab the 2nd Amendment in the back.

But maybe I am just being overly cautious.  Feel free to check out their site yourself and make your own decision: Evolve Website

Now let’s just assume for a moment they ARE neutral.

As a Libertarian I am naturally wary of absolutisms but there comes a time when they are necessary.  There is NO neutrality when it comes to gun rights.  You either don’t want them to be infringed or you do.  Just like there is no gray area when it comes to slavery, either you believe in it or you don’t.  Some things, by there very nature, MUST be a question of yes and no, right and wrong, for or against.

To claim to be neutral in regards to guns is in fact being for gun control.  Because to be for gun rights you must actively be for gun rights.  Anything else, any passivity in regards to your stance in the conversation means you are open to the possibility of infringements upon the 2nd Amendment.

Evolve even says so on their website.


Safety is not a side. Gun safety and the reduction of gun violence begins with every American. It is imperative that we interact with both pro and anti-gun entities.

Gun controllers want to control.  That is there avenue to “safety.”  While gun owners also believe in safety there is no common ground on how the sides view the issue.  The gun controllers can cede ground because every step gun owners take in voluntarily giving up their right is one step closer to the gun controllers end game.

The neutrality that Evolve is trying to pass off is a sham.

To animate my point I turn to an episode of Futurama:

I much prefer to deal with gun controllers who are out in the open.  It is imperative that gun owners do not fall for such nefarious dealings.  Gun controllers are always learning, always evolving.  That is why National Council to Control Handguns, aka Handgun Contorl Inc. changed their name to the Brady Campaign.

Why Bloomberg’s cabal includes the term Illegal yet focuses nearly exclusively on the guns of the law abiding.

Evolve seems to be, ironically, the next step in gun controllers move to scratch the 2nd Amendment from history.  They want us to voluntarily give up the right since they cannot do it in the open.

A knife in the back to kill gun rights…tragically poetic if you think about it.  It is a result that must be guarded against and not let come to pass.

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  • John Douglas

    I am shocked, shocked I tell you, that anti-gun liberals would pretend to be pro-gun in order to further their agenda…NOT!!

    Typical socialist ‘the ends justify the means’.

  • USMC69

    I am an avid gun owner and I only keep my guns loaded when in use. But then, my guns are in use 24/7.

    • Saltporkdoc

      Semper fi! Semper Remedius from an old (’67-’69) “Devil Doc”.

  • glenp827

    I will give up my guns… one round at a time

    • Bullets First

      With that attitude…you pretty much found the perfect place :o)

  • glenp827


  • HWGood

    They do sound like a stealth citizen control group. Is so, they’d be very upset at the way I agree with the idea that owning a gun is a responsibility as well as a right.
    Any responsible citizen should own a gun.

    • Bullets First

      I agree with you HW that gun owners should be responsible. I even made a youtube video talking about it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QLze1ZDy-k

      My issue is with equating responsibility to rights by diminishing the latter. Think on this, people have a responsibility in what they say so as not to be cruel to other people through their words. Now, when you build up that notion of responsibility you open the door for a nanny state to come in and micro manage through legislation HOW someone should be responsible. Before you know it anything you say can is against the law because SOMEBODY finds it offensive.

      Responsibility is a personal trait that one should learn though experience and being taught, NOT forced to adhere to at the tip of a fountain pen by those in Washington.

      • HWGood

        Personal responsibility is what I meant, however poorly I worded it. My thought was that, just as those who have the franchise should exercise it wisely by educating themselves to the issues and candidates and then voting, those who have not acted in such a way as to prohibit them from gun ownership should get a gun and learn to use it safely. As well as learning the laws regarding self-defense in their location.
        And I suspect that attitude would drive Evolve bonkers.
        And I’m glad you and your friends escaped from the knife wielder.

      • Daniel F. Melton

        Your “two cents” is worth more than most people’s entire bank balance.

        • Bullets First

          Haha, that may be one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. I appreciate it Daniel, glad you liked the video.

          • Daniel F. Melton

            I’m also a believer in the “Better to have and not need than to need and not have.” mindset.

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  • Saltporkdoc

    I read a blog on this yesterday. Unfortunately I cannot recall exactly where so that I can cite it fully. In that blog was made the point that the two founders of Evolve have highly suspect connections to the anti gun movement and that the male half of this husband/wife team has made signiicant contributions to the anti gun movement as well as the Democratic and Obama campaigns.
    “Nuff said!

  • bandit

    Seems the libtards always have a catchy moniker to draw in all the suckers . !

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  • HongryHawg

    I just wish the other Amendments to the Bill of Rights got as much attention as the second. They are equally important, but I will concede that protecting the 2nd will help protect the others.


    It IS all communist inspired! Go to: “COMMIEBLASTER . com” and read EVERYTHING you find there!

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