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Tony Stewart Recklessly Kills a Man, Time to Ban All Cars

The title of this article is steeped with sarcasm.  But it is used to illustrate the absurdity that gun controllers like to levy upon guns by applying it elsewhere.  In case you haven’t heard, this past Saturday night in Canandaigua, NY, professional racecar driver, Tony Stewart, ran over and killed a fellow driver who got out of his vehicle and tried to confront Stewart while the race was still on.

First and foremost, dumb idea.  Even under a caution flag, these cars were whizzing around the dirt track at speeds of 55+ mph.  And while my sympathies go out to the family of Kevin Ward Jr. willingly placing yourself in harms way in order to pick a fight is not really the safest thing to do.

With that being said, as you can see in the following video, it is unclear whether Stewart actually swerved INTO Ward as he was passing by.  I do not believe for a moment that Stewart’s intent was to murder Ward, but the video evidence leaves the question open of whether Stewart wanted to brush back Ward.

If that is the case, then that too is a stupid move on Stewart’s part and he may very well have to pay the price for that.

Here is the amateur video of the incident:

Now, Ward’s intention seemed clear.  He was going to jump in front of a car in order to have it stop and then have “words” with Stewart.  He just didn’t realize that Stewart had no intention of stopping.  Whether Stewart put an exclamation point on that by trying to get especially close to Ward and causing a tragedy is up for conjecture.

My point is, that this was tragedy.  And people are going to view it as a tragedy.  But few if any are going to come out in force and demand that race car driving be abolished.  These suped up rides are the automotive equivalent of machine guns that serve no purpose of transportation.  I mean, that’s what cars are for right?  For years the argument from the gun grabbers is that all you need is ol pappy’s shotgun to hunt deer with and all the other guns are unnecessary.  How necessary are cars that triple most speed limits and can’t even be driven on the road to begin with?

Just another example of the hypocrisy of the gun hating zealots who care about control and nothing at all about actual safety.

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    Recklessly? Was the yellow out? Why did the kid get out of his car onto a moving track? That was the / stupid part! And it cost him dearly!

    • Bullets First

      I used the word reckless because by Tony Stewarts on admission he hit the gas instead of the brake and accelerated into Ward. But you are 100% right that Ward placed himself in that position to begin with.


    Fault can be laid at both feet. As someone who values human life above all else I would have put my car into a wall before coming close enough to put a life in danger. Having tried racing to see what it would be like i know my attention was 99% in front. You are told the man in back of you has the responsibility not to hit you. Because I am sure the rules haven’t changed since I tried it he could have swerved out and around him. We have lost civility and sportsmanship for the win at all costs mentality. If you cant win by skill then you take your oponent out any way you can. If this doesn’t end this mans racing carrier and confine him for a long time I will be much surprised. We as a nation want to compete. Fine, but use and develop skill and that is a true legacy to be remembered by This man now sees his contribution to racing as an accident report and his name will be forgotten by all but the ones who will curse his name for taking a life.

  • ReaganConservative1

    This sounds like the argument the anti gun crowd uses.
    Thank-you of illustrating how wacked both arguments are.

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