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First they come for our guns…then our bacon

This country’s government was formed with the notion that the minority must be protected.  How then have we devolved so much that when a single crybaby gets their  panties in a bunch rights begin getting stripped from everyone else?

What has me so worked up?  Oddly enough it isn’t the gun grabbing zealots this time that try to deny a fundamental right because THEY don’t like it.

No, this time it is someone who took that same mentality and forced a local restaurant to remove a sign it was allowed to place in a median because that restaurant PAID a donation for its upkeep.

The Sneakers Bistro got its pick of a sign to stake into a prime traffic median along Winooski’s Main Street after dolling up the bed with annual flowers for the city of Winooski’s “Operation Bloom” volunteer program.

What was so offensive about Sneakers Bistro’s sign?

It had the word BACON in it.  Here’s what it looked like:


I think the sign is funny and appropriate given the location.

But leave it to one curmudgeon to make a holy war out of it.

In this case, a local Muslim woman flew into a fit of rage that a sign DARE say bacon because SHE doesn’t eat pork.  She claimed that, as a vegan Muslim, she was personally offended by the sign and that it was insensitive to other people who don’t eat pork.

I must have missed something…at what point was Sneakers Bistro shanghai-ing people and forcing bacon and pork products down their gullets?

The fact that this intolerant bacon hater is so hyper-sensitive that she can’t even SEE the word bacon without being personally offended is pathetic.

The fact that she rallied people on the internet to verbally attack and bash the restaurant is typical.  Just to remind you, she is a Muslim VEGAN…how often is she and her cabal actually going to eat at a place that serves bacon sandwiches?

I bet the spit would hit the fan if the sign showed an image of the Prophet Mohammad sucking down strips of grisly bacon…to which I could understand the outrage.  But just the mention of the word bacon?  Does this woman go grocery shopping?  Does she boycott all markets that sell pork?  Has she issued a fatwa against Porky Pig?

Unfortunately this isn’t even the most ridiculous part of the story.  The most ridiculous part is that the owners of Sneakers Bistro contacted this woman to apologize to her and they took down the sign.  The sign by the way was up for about 2 months; I guess the outrage had to stir for a while before she started her jihad against all things bacon-y.

From the owners Facebook page:

We are here to serve people breakfast, not politics.  We removed the sign that was located on public property as a gesture of respect for our diverse community.”

A gesture of respect?  Where was her gesture of respect by not being an intolerant twit in regards to your sign?  Will Sneakers now remove ALL visible advertising signs?  Will they block out the front window so this woman doesn’t have to be offended by looking in and seeing other people eat bacon?

What the owners of Sneakers did was cowardly.  They donated for the upkeep of the median, they were allowed to put up a sign to advertise and no sane person would take that sign to be an attack on anyone.  I even asked a friend of mine who is vegan if he found it offensive.  He actually thought it clever and got a chuckle out of it.

And there are those in the Winooski community who agree with me such as Caleb Wiley who said:

“I respect her religion and her right to believe what she wants but I’m pretty sure the First Amendment extends to bacon and the selling of it.”

But in liberal Obamanation America, Constitutional Rights mean little if you are offended.   Let’s just rip up that old document…it’s outdated.  People are being offended by bacon for Pete’s sake!!

[Editor’s note: Unless you are a Christian, then it’s a no hold’s barred on offending and discriminating against you]

This is what happens when we let things begin to slide.  We don’t stick to our guns (sometimes literally), we let the Political Correctness mob make the rules, we kow tow in order to please everyone and we have indulged the thin skinned and hyper sensitive to think that just because they don’t like something it MUST be changed to suit them.

The coddling of America will be its undoing because the day will come when no one can say or do anything because it will offend someone else.

Enough of this woman’s petty bickering and pork jihad.

I’m going to eat a bacon sandwich in protest.



  • durabo

    It’s amazing how these Muslim activists manage to hog the news!

    • frank907

      Nice pun!

    • sbfla

      good one.

  • Caleb Wiley:”I respect her religion and her right to believe what she wants but I’m pretty sure the First Amendment extends to bacon and the selling of it.”

    The First Amendment is a double-edged sword, at best. Let’s not overlook the Muslims are here proliferating their religion BECAUSE of the First Amendment.

    Had the late 1700 founders not replaced the monotheistic First Commandment (as found intact in some of the 1600’s Christian Colonial Constitutions) with the First-Commandment-violating, polytheistic-enabling Free Exercise Clause, the Muslims would not be here openly practicing their religion.

    For more, see online Chapter 11 “Amendment 1: Government-Sanctioned Polytheism” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at

    • festmatt5440

      Islam ‘ is not a religion , but it is a ‘ cult ‘ .

      • “cult: 1. a particular system of religious worship….” Random House Webster’s College Dictionary (2000).

      • Destry

        I describe ‘islam’ as a terroristic political ideology under the guise of a religion or faith.

        • sbfla

          Its fooled more than a billion people to follow this filth. I guess even the middle east has its fair share of low information voters and useful idiots just like us.

    • GRAMPA

      It may protect them in saying what they wish It doesnt protect them from the people they intend to hurt.

      • That’s true. However, with any religion there are the sayers and the doers. If they’re allowed to proliferate their god and religion in violation of the First Commandment, there will inevitably be more Ft. Hood massacres, and Boston bombings.

        • GRAMPA

          We must treat them like the cockroaches they are and then eradicate. If one is left they will still spread.


    Thank you to this woman for she has unwittingly given us the way to rid our nation of these small minded offensive looking offensive smelling (I wont use the word human use your own expletive) Things that their only productive function will to provide worm food. We need to develop and include pork in every element of today’s life. The government loves to pass laws and spend money give all company’s a tax brake for the research to include this product in everything Even putting pig leather in the plane seats to restrict travel. make sure it is put on the majority of food labels that would restrict their diets and someone tell this woman we have no protected right against offense. It is time to bring this out and let people know that this is not a right.

    • BayMan

      Or we could dip our ammunition in pig’s blood before pulling the trigger in preparation for ISIS invading us.

      • mathis1689

        I already have some prepared should ISIS be that stupid.

        • GRAMPA

          They are not smart enough to be stupid.

          • mathis1689

            You are correct sir. My apologies to you for allowing them too much credit!

          • AmVet

            What do you expect, 1500 years of inbreeding. Ever notice that all the males look like each other. I was in a store this week and there were very young eyes peeping out of a slit cut in a black trash bag holding a small boys hand and being directed by a man in his late forties. Do they make their women cover up to hide the fact that they are under-age and should be considered pedifiles?

          • freebirds

            I want to see live footage of someone sneaking up behind a rug head and pulling the rug off. It would be hilarious

          • Pray Hard

            They have to wear something to cover up the cuts and bruises.

      • vietnam6871

        Somebody already beat you to it, It is called Jihawg Ammo and I have a good supply of 45 ACP already. The tips are dipped in a mixture of pigs’ blood and intestines and pink paint. If ISIS tries anything here, I can’t wait to send them straight to hell – no virgins there.

      • BugaBuga

        Look up silver bullet gun oil.

      • GRAMPA

        a waste of good pigs blood. i say let a woman castrate them with her teath and then send them back to live like a woman.

      • johnnywood

        Our impregnate hollow point bullets with pork blood. and send them to Hell.

    • theronald

      Yes, I really like putting pig leather in the plane seats, especially the pilot’s seats, to discourage hijackers.

  • grumpy3625

    People with too much time on their hands. Shame on Sneakers for bending over and taking it in the wazoo from some Muslim creep.

  • quincyman

    this is just the beginning next the woman will want all the bacon and pork products removed from the stores in her neighborhood. This is called enabling this is just the beginning

    • Dealerdeb1

      Thank the weenie PC liberals for startuing all this crap

  • Razorgirl53

    These jerks have “offended” down to a fine art. We on the Right need to bone up on our “offended”. So here goes; I find female muslim vegans offensive. She should be deported. Nancy pelosi and harry reid offend me. They should be forced to join the guy living on an iceberg for a year (along with AL). I find common core offensive. It should be done away with. Healthy school lunches offend me. Only junk food should be served. Michael Bloomberg is offensive. He should shut up. Obama’s whistling dentures offend me. He should also shut up. It offends me that he is so disrespectful he is late to scheduled press conferences, even though I don’t watch them. That really offends me. It offends me that the baggage handlers for Air Force One haven’t lost his golf clubs yet. Cnn offends me. msnbc offends me. They should have their broadcasting licenses revoked. The governor of Missouri offends me. He should be indicted by a grand jury for inciting riots. Don Lemon offends me for being an idiot. He should be laid off with the others. The city council of Fayetteville, Arkansas offends me. They should be voted out.

    • Dealerdeb1

      I’m offended these people offended you so much LOL

    • Norm57

      exactly! ditto me.

    • max tague

      Moslames offend me Buy It work well and has 14% pig fat the web site is worth the read. Semper Fi

      • johnnywood

        I would like to walk by a mosque and throw some bacon grease inside the doorway:-)

        • Fed up!

          Yea and they all come fly out slip, fall, head crack, DRT. LOL

        • KSEMBB1

          Seriously, I think we should start doing this in order to get rid of them in the USA.

      • Angelgirl54

        Max, are you from Iowa? I knew a Max Tague there and that is why I am asking. I know there are probably oodles of men with the same name but hey, it can be a small world. Ya never know!


    “I’m going to eat a bacon sandwich in protest.”

    Yeah, but don’t eat it at Sneakers.

    • Bullets First

      Never. As some people have pointed out I too hope that Sneakers goes out of business for caving in to the whims of some radical bacon hater who wouldn’t step into their restaurant even if you paid her.

      I feel the same about places that cave to the gun grabbers.


        I ate a BLT+cheese on toast before I read the article, but consider it a protest anyway.


        Time for POT BELLIED PIGS AS PETS ! and PIG SHIT EVERY PLACE !! car handles,mail slots,sidewalk, in their neighborhood.

        • sbfla

          How about a pig sh&t bomb on this ladies doorstep for cabbage night?

      • sbfla

        Sneakers has been a staple of that community for 20 years. Theya re not going anywhere. Considering how liberal and apologetic Vermonters are even when their first amendment rights are being violated it would not surprise me if they actually got an increase in business over this.

    • Norm57

      Me too.

  • TPM

    If it’s my choice of verbiage on the sign and some bitch in a burqa objects to the word bacon, my alternate sign would read … Mohammed molests camels

  • daveveselenak

    I got some advice for her: go back to your stoneage country and eat camel or whatever the hell you tent-heads comsume!

  • 1straightshooter

    The community needs to put up BACON signs everywhere and wear BACON t-shirts. The Muslims can go back where they came from. And yes, that includes you, Barack.

    • londontubes

      Go to “Good Mythical Morning” on Youtube and buy one of their “Rub Bacon on It” t-shirts. True story!!!!

    • sbfla

      I think we should all write to lady GAGA and ask her to wear a bacon dress to the next muslim fundraiser.

  • otisrneedleman

    She’s a vegan? Hey, make her “strange fruit”.

  • Marlin208

    If you don’t like the look, smell , sound or writing of bacon then let me suggest you go back to your ant hill country and enjoy the smell of donkey dung.

  • Fedup

    If she doesn’t like how things are done here in America she needs to go back to wherever she’s from. She has no right to cram her asinine beliefs down everyone else’s throat. This isn’t a repressed Muslim hell hole.

  • Texas001

    Every time I see the word muslim I want to puke. So there.

  • Dealerdeb1

    never mind “enough of this woman” Tell it like it is ENOUGH of MUSLIMS who want to inflict their religious beliefs on us. Jews don’t eat bacon but they don’t make a scene if a restaurant serves it they just don’t eat there or order bacon. This is NOT an American this is a pushy Muslim who thinks anyone wants them around

    • AnnCA

      This IS an American to make all fascists including Islamists to believe that they can blackmail Americans and get whatever they want. Americans pushed Brendan Eich, the inventor of JavaScript out of Mozilla; American educators suspended student for saying “bless you”; Americans demand Redskins to change their name.
      Pushy Muslim would not be pushy if Americans would be capable to stand for their rights.

  • Daxx Vondrachen

    I’m doing all I can to rid the world of the offensive infidel demon bacon. I ask all people to join me by eating lettuce and tomatoes only with some mayonnaise painted over the bacon so Fatima the raghead won’t see it and furthermore hide it between 2 slices of whole grain toast. And also support Fatima by hiding all pork chops under a layer of garlic mashed potatoes and brown gravy. And to further please Fatima and her brothers, Bog’oshet and Saco’shet, we ought to destroy all the pork roast by slowly creamating them at say 225 degrees for 8-12 hours then hide the remains from them, along with the Satan inspired smoked honey hams, under something resembling the blood of infidels but tomato based like a hickory honey bbq sauce, as a symbol of our support. Then we should take the cursed infidel tenderloins and smash them with a hammer until a 1/8-1/4 inch thick and hide them under a layer of Halal egg yolks and bread crumbs and persecute them in hot oil and bury them under mustard, onions and dill pickles and hide the further between hamburger buns. We should further offer the sacrifices to Mohamed and Allah. Then we can truly support these camel humpers by saying we porked Mohamed and Allah

    • Norm57

      Sounds good to me. Yum

  • Marilyn

    Just had some bacon! Ummm!!!

  • AnnCA

    “First THEY come for our guns… then our bacon” – THEY would not be able to take anything from US if WE would not be afraid to refuse to comply with THEIR PC demands.
    A woman found it offensive to see a perfectly legal word on a sign which was legally placed on public property. OK, it’s her right to feel whatever she wants and to express her feelings. However, not her mentality “forced a local restaurant to remove a sign”. Politically-correct impotence of the owners of Sneakers did it. Sneakers could suggest to a woman a set of different roads so she would not see an ‘offensive’ sign; Sneakers could invite her to their restaurant for a vegan breakfast made with Bacuns Imitation Bacon Bits; Sneakers could simply explain to a woman that both pork and bacon (all kind of it, including vegetarian) are legal in US and if she cannot live in the place where people eat pork or write a word ‘bacon’ she is completely free to move to another place. Instead the Sneakers owners decided that they would rather offend their customers than stand for their own rights to advertise their business.
    When next time this woman or somebody on behalf of her will complain that they feel offended because American women not wear burqa and Christian men are not yet castrated Sneakers probably will be first in line to please ‘offended’ individuals. I wonder who will be second.

  • 61Deacon64

    I believe that the “coexist” crowd are just ooohing and ahhhing!!

    • freedixie

      Those bumper stickers make me sick. They need to be the first ones taken out when the jihadists start their crap here. We have to get these Muslims out of here. They are demanding that WE conform to THEIR wishes and beliefs. If they can’t assimilate, and they can’t, then they need to go back to their septic tank countries.

  • icemancold

    WELL: This MUSLIM Woman needs to go back to Afghanistan,Pakistan or some outher MUSLIM STAN and STAY THERE

  • Wayne

    Time for a good old fashioned pig drive right past this muslims front door. I bet we could round up quite a few feral hogs here in north Texas.

  • Mindy Robinson

    I’m going to go on a bacon fast, a 40 day bacon fast!

  • Rightleaning

    Wonder if her veggie’s are fertilized with pig manure, that would really tick her off.

  • Bob in Idaho

    Is this offended Islam woman even a U.S. Citizen? If not, she should return to where she came from where pork is not advertised. If you are going to be in America, respect the diversity and allow the Bistro to advertrise bacon! If they planted the blooming flowers and received permission to put up a sign, good for them! If the sign is a hazard to motorists, then the city can address that issue. Christians and Jews are regarded as infidels in the Koran. Muslims are taught: “Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal firmly with them. Know that Allah is with the righteous.” (Koran 9:123). This woman’s verbal jihad is part of making war on the infidels. And Sneakers Bistro capitulated! Shame on them.

    • PT

      Totally agree. If this lady is so unhappy, she may as well head to Syria where there are idiots fighting for what she wants. We do NOT need her here.

  • PT

    Personally I am offended by all muslim mosques. As a Christian this religious shrine conjers up thoughts of terrorism/murder caused by these people all over the world and here in the US, namely the twin towers.

    I demand that all mosques be demolished so I am not offended.

  • PT

    Who wants to go in on opening a “Pork Sandwich” shop outside the local mosque?
    So much for all this tolerance drivel these morons keep spewing.

  • HDMania

    Maybe a hog rendering plant can dump all their entrails in her front yard..

  • PT

    Just remember how sensitive this terror group masquerading as a religion was when they demanded to build a mosque in the shadows of “Ground Zero”.

  • mperkins2

    Just fry these freaks bacon and our troubles will start to fix themselves.

  • I filled all my hollow-point bullets with bacon fat.

  • Jeff Horton

    Wow How about teaching Muslims the word tolerance. This is the problem with political correctness run amuck. There is no tolerance for many things American anymore. Seems hating my country is politically the correct thing to do now days. I have a Message. Political correct Liberals and any one else kiss My A$$ and move out.



    • bob

      If they are in the street, start running them over. We can make it a game with points. 10 points for every habib you can run over. Add a big slab of bacon to the front grill too.

  • Red Steiner

    Her mouth offends me, can someone please remove it?

  • Mort Leith

    OK, let’s pretend that I’m Anorexic and the mere fact that they serve FOOD offends me,
    and makes me thing of throwing up

    Are they gonna close down the whole restaurant ?

    I dare anybody to go downtown Dearborn (by Detroit) and either open a BBQ restaurant of even preach the Bible (or anything other than Satan’s Quran for that matter),

    and see how long before you’re either beat up or mur dered
    THAT’s the same tolerance that we should be giving THEM

    • sbfla

      Don’t you mean Dearbornistan?

  • johnnywood

    It is sad to see how easily so many businesses cave in to even the most ridiculous complaints lodged by fools and idiots.

  • Democrats Love the poor so much they are creating millions more. Democrats love the Muslims so much they are punishing Christians and Jews. Democrats Love the Muslims so much they are Now Restricting our Rights and Liberties. If you keep Voting Democrat you can expect more of this. Rebel and vote Republican or shut up. If a Revolution develops start dipping your ammo in pig blood. America will soon become another Iraq Thanks to our Muslim Dictator in the White House.

  • william g munson


  • Fed up!

    I do not give a dam what these thin skin vegan, Muslim , blacks, Commies aka as Democrates, Rino’s etc. people are offended by. As long as Goverment or any body else is not forcing you to eat, believe, say a thing contrary to your life style, SHUT THE @€#% UP!

  • Reinhardt Schweinmörder

    Someone needs to pork fun at her. ; ) She was just rootin’ around for some cause to complain about the American way of life. I’ll bet she pigs out at a Vegan buffet too.

  • Fed up!

    My pot belly pet pig got a higher IQ than any Muslim including Obama.

  • There is a deli/restaurant right here in State College “where bacon is a Herb”. Is that bad too?

  • bleedinell

    If she doesn’t like the word bacon, they should change it to “fu** off back to the sandbox”.

  • tarheel

    The Muslim wench certainly has a right to be offended, but what bothers me is the fact that the restaurant owners took down the sign. That’s what offends me. Where is the back bone?. Americans used to be a proud people who stood their ground. I guess the idea is to make us into such panty-waists that if the Muslim hoards ever do invade we will just stand on our front lawns and beg to be be-headed.

  • Lisa Delaurenti

    next time, post this sign

  • moedom

    How intolerant and annoying this Muslim piece of crap is! I would like nothing more than to see her and all her Muslim friends rounded up, shackled and force fed bacon, ham and any other pig thing.

  • jea2comments

    Everything’s better with bacon. If I was the owner of Sneakers restaurant, I’d have left the sign just where it was! this IS America, NOT the middle east. IF the muslims don’t like it, go home. We don’t need you, and we don’t want you here! catch the next plane out of our country, and good riddance!

  • Swingen

    Sneakers is entirely to blame for this situation. What should be done is a boycott of Sneakers by all Christians and Jews and any other religion. Let Sneakers know we don’t appreciate there cowardice. How many Muslims eat there to begin with?

  • wellilltellya

    the AMAZING part is where do they get of with EVEN SAYING ANYTHING !! once again they need to be reminded this is AMERICA ! & if they don’t like it GO HOME !! we in AMERICA already have customs , religion , and a language and DO NOT need the ones they LEFT IN A COUNTRY

  • theronald

    If this woman, a vegan Muslim, gets all bent out of shape because of this sign, when the heqq does she do when she sees an ad in the newspaper advertising the choice of meats at various grocery stores?


    There’s no doubt n my mind why owners caved. It’s called Lawyers! That’s in the “handbook” by Rahm Emanuel ~ ask Sarah Palin and Gov. Perry. Then look up the record of the Supreme Court and see how often frivolous cases are settled there.. And consider how long it takes to get there! Sneakers can take the money they save, put in outdoor seating (street side) and offer discounts on all servings of BACON! And, change the menu from words to pictures of pork and bacon. Bet she couldn’t get that into a court ~ unless it’s he only restaurant in town, and even then, she really doesn’t have to eat out! (Somebody watch to see if she actually prays five times a day!)

  • sbfla

    I am from just outside of Winooski VT and grew up there for 25 years. I frequented that restaurant every Sunday for Brunch. People need to understand that VT is the most liberal state in the country. This does not surprise me whatsoever that any of these restaurants would allow one single individual to ruin it for everyone. Whats next? Shariah law? Its bad decisions like this that made me move out of the state and away from the insanity.

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  • Pray Hard

    Why would anyone respect her “religion”? Her “religion”, Islam, respects no one and no other religion. In fact, Islam has vowed to destroy all other religions along with the US and the rest of Western Civilization. Trust me, this woman is not offended. Her behavior is nothing but typical Islamic theater, a statement of Islamic supremacism. arrogance and domination. It is nothing more than a part of the incessant irritation that Muslims practice daily with their whining and knee-jerk offense. Like the typical Islamic supremacist, she saw an opportunity to grate on us and she took it. It’s all part of wearing us down and normalizing their pathological behavior. We have to start understanding that Islam is NOT a religion in the sense that we think about religions. It needs to be taken off of that list so that it can be seen for what it is, a totalitarian ideology of blood lust, submission and death.

  • sadnana

    Maybe the prospect of never eating bacon again will finally motivate us to take action. Then again, nah.

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