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Cops are now stealing their OWN guns

Far too often you hear cases about law abiding citizens having their guns confiscated by police officers never to have them returned.  While this appears to happen in mostly anti gun states like California the idea that shady characters can act with impunity behind a badge effects all 50 states.

Let us not forget to point out with healthy skepticism, the notion that police officers who run the gun control scheme of “gun buybacks” are really going to let a $10,000 gun or rifle go to the smelter.  No, they are going to hand the schmuck who is pawning ol grampa’s WWII memento for a $25 gift certificate to Bed Bath and Beyond while the officer (or dept) is adding that same rifle to his own personal collection, if he doesn’t sell it outright.

So it comes at NO surprise to me that according to the Pentagon, police officers are stealing the firearms that are being supplied to them by the Defense Department.

Let me start by saying that I am against a program that militarizes local police, ESPECIALLY in places where the average citizen is all but disarmed.  Sets a bad precedent as well as allowing crooked cops to leverage their firepower into personal fiefdoms.

Putting that aside, cream isn’t the only thing that rises to the top…so does scum.  And in scores of Police departments around the country officers have stolen the military grade weaponry either for their own collection or to sell illegally in order to get a bonus payday.

Huntington Beach California for instance received 23 M-16 rifles.  Those aren’t AR-15 rifles, those are actually military, select fire, M-16’s and they are “missing” one.  Now, unless some Catwoman like super villain could somehow waltz into their armory and ensconced a rifle in their pocket as they walked out I wonder WHO could have taken it.

Huntington Beach Police Department Lt. Mitchell O’Brien tried to both assure that it was not stolen by some citizen but also offered some tepid defense that it may have been melted down.

“Probably, [it was] one of those things where we used it for parts and the spare parts probably got discarded at some point — but again, it’s inconclusive.  But we are pretty confident nobody got into our armory and took it.  Bottom line is the gun is not here and we were suspended from the program”

Well i’m glad he’s PRETTY CONFIDENT that nobody got into their armory and took it.  But from his wording he is referring to a break-in…not somebody who had a key.

Huntington Beach is not alone.  The 1033 program of the Pentagon that gives surplus military weapons to local police departments have suspended 145 local departments from the program so far for “lost” weapons.

The Daytona Beach Police Department was suspended after reporting a lost M-16 in January.

“We still have not been able to find it,” Daytona Beach Police spokesman Jimmie Flynt told Cox.

The Napa County Sheriff’s Office was banned after someone stole a rifle from an employee’s personal vehicle.

“If I knew where it was, I’d go get it,” Undersheriff Jean Donaldson told Cox. “It’s equipment we can obtain at no cost to our budget, so the taxpayers don’t get taxed twice.”  I’m not really sure what taxes have to do with it but it sounds like someone boss is running for re-election.

In Arkansas, three departments have been suspended for losing the military weapons.  The response from James Ray who oversees the 1033 program was…interesting:

“…if we don’t know where they are then hopefully we can get them back. I mean they’ve been reported stolen by the law enforcement agencies….”


Anyways, the list goes on and on.

Now, either there are nearly 150 police departments around the country that are run by Barney Fife and the Keystone Cops or the more likely scenario is taking place and cops are stealing their own weapons.

Here’s some food for thought as well.  Imagine if YOU “lost” a weapon and gave the authorities the same lame excuses these police departments are offering up.

Do you think they would be as understanding and forgiving for you as they seem to be for each other?

Yeah…me neither.

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  • IHateFatChicks

    Most LE is comprised of narcissistic sociopaths, pathological liars, violent psychopaths and troglodytes with double digit IQ’s.

  • Brian Roth

    Thats typical goverment can lose sh/t, but let me not fill out the paper work on my ffl record form or account for every reciver and i lose my FFL.

    • LEHensonPROAmerica

      yep the ATF are more worried about a zip code 4 rimes, on a 44733 AND minr violations – so “they” can claim 1,0000’s of “saves” from illegal gun sales! OUR GCA IS from NAZI GERMANY!! WAKE UP! LOOK UP “FAST and DURIOUS:

  • stationone123

    Cops need their big bad guns. Heros like Dog the Bounty Hunter arrested over 7,000 fugitives and never used a gun. AMAZING!!!! This shows you that cops only use guns to kill black people.

    • LEHensonPROAmerica

      Bull crap Racist statement, STATIONONE123
      Noticed that you have heath problems – SEE what the DEMON-rats have DONE to ALL of the USA! SEARCH “Complete LIVES Chart/System” DEATH CARE, Based on age! Since YOU are “chronically ill” when the ACA, illegal delay on implementation – The health care “system” REQUIRES the doctors to give YOU “palliative care” = DEATH!
      Democrat Party is NOW the “Progressive Party = racist Woodrow Wilson, then hitler, Obama, Hilary, demon-rats! Lookup the racist the Jackass party symbol was started, the party who brought you Margret Sanger (who said; “abortion would be a great way to control the negro population), the KKK, the 1968 Gu Control Act – Forced MLK (Michael NOT Martin) to become a Democrat! (yep JFK and RFK put 6,000 FBI Agents on MLK’s ass until they had enough to put himand his entourage away FOREEVER. MLK made a deal with the devil and became a demon-rat! The “I have a dream” speech was TELEVISED 10 years BEFORE MLK gave it! Where and Who? The REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE!
      The MORON racists in the white house, illegally delayed the ACA AKA “obamination care” until AFTER THIS NOVEBER Election! WAKE UP! “They” (DEMON-rats) EXEMPTED themselves from this great heath care! Why? If YOU vote democrat – YOU are enabling the REAL HATER Party! Murdered 51,000,000 AMERICAN Babies!
      The self-segregating peace officers (something dash American) ARE 10 times more racist than the so-called “white cops”! Whick, by the way NO ONE is “pure” enough to survive a race war!
      WAKE UP! America IS drowning to FACISM – ESPECIALLY from the “progressive” model of Woodrow Wilson! Eugenics and Propaganda. READ, STUDY, LEARN – stop the ignorant “feelings” that teachers (spent 7 years becoming one and din NOT even know what they would get paid! = smart?) propagandized YOU with.

  • Up Huff

    Surprise, surprise! Not. When these weapons show up at a crime scene, and they will, guess which side of the crime scene the law-abiding gun owner who still has HIS weapons secured, is going to get blamed for it by the gun-control nutsos?
    And for once they’d be right- the crime was committed with an “assault” rifle.
    More than likely just another of Holder and Obama’s ploys to seize legal weapons.

  • garysvent

    Maybe they’re taking them for their own use WTHSHTF. Maybe … just maybe … they’ll be on OUR side.

    • Bryan Blackburn

      probably this is true and we would then see that police officer participating with us in a local militia to prepare for that day when we have to rise up and take back this country. For making me think that this is a possible I have renewed faith, thank you. I have to think that our military and police are waking up and prepping right along with us. They know what kind of evil lurks in government and if conspiracy theorists can determine that the government perpetrated 9-11 and other false flags it could potentially do much worse and evil such as that could lead us to taking up arms against those who think they are our rulers and then with the masses of freedom loving tyranny hating patriots they would stand shoulder to shoulder with us and risk it all along with their fellow citizens to take back America from the new world order.

      • LEHensonPROAmerica

        We can only HOPE they are “prepers” AND “PATH LEEPERS”! look it up and tell your local PEACE OFFICERS – not law enforcement (as in Marshall Law) nor Police (as in Viet Nam and Korea” = Police Actions) DAMN READ THE LAW! IE: CA P.C.832

        More often the illegal LE guns are passed on by the racists enemy WITHIN the Agency.

        Exception SBSD California 980 stolen from t

        EVERY Department STEALS the “turned in for destruction” guns!

        • axmickl

          Very true, I was once offered any weapon I wanted by a police officer as payment for a little job I did for him. His source was the confiscated gun locker at the station.

        • Bryan Blackburn

          as long as they sell them to hard organized crime criminals. I trust the drug dealers a lot more than I trust the government so that is cool at least they are anarchists and not statists but then again they do work for the CIA so maybe that is not a good idea LOL. We need to give the armies surplus to people we can trust like the patriots in the militia and ex military. These are the people with the balls to use these things against any rogue criminal elements that attempt to take over our government. Actually going to a gun fight with a guy that has his button on the nukes is dumb as well we need scalar electromagnetic weapons and according to the dick act we should be able to build our own because any weapon the government has is legal for us to have.

          • LEHensonPROAmerica

            The freak in this white house couldn’t fire ANY weapon. His cook could do more to HIM….

    • axmickl

      I guarantee you, they will be on their own side.

  • BoydSharp

    Is it just too simple? Search every policeman’s home. Check his financials. Either someone has the weapon. Or a large deposit that comes with an interesting story. A lot of rich uncles have crossed over.

    • LEHensonPROAmerica

      Billions of bribes/extortion have gone through obumer’s half brother’s “Charity” – signed into existence on a SUNDAY, by LOIS LEARNER, IRS!!
      The “enemy within – racists -. STOP the illegal FEDERALIZATION of everything. Legalize the CASTLE DOCTRAN Crime will nearly stop overnight!

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  • Conrad Gabbard

    Red Jacket Firearms, of Discovery Channel fame, in Baton Rouge, LA somehow “misplaced” 10 Class 3 weapons and the (then) owner got his license to sell guns revoked. From their TV show, “Sons of Guns,” it soon became apparent that the managment style at RJF invited sabotage, an the guns walked. Are all the cops where military weapons walked away happy campers, or are they just thieves, or perhaps righteously striking out against overbearing police chiefs, sheriffs and local politicians? knowing more than a few cops, I’d be inclined to suspect the latter.

    • LEHensonPROAmerica

      No, I’d say an “overreaching FEDERAL” Fascists – so far away from the MEANING of the US Constitution! Hitler said of his Gun Control Act; “the world will follow Germany’s example”!
      Did “great things come of it?
      yep demon-rats Kennedy, and other dems, had the 1939 German GCA converted from German to English – as OUR 1968 GCA!!!!
      Crime AND Deaths has increased due to it!

  • Lowell

    They were probably e-mailed to Lois Lerners hard drive.

  • Lowell

    The real answer is that the military should not be militarizing the local police forces in the first place.

    If they are arming anybody, it should be the militias!!

    • LEHensonPROAmerica

      Wait until you see who has been militarized; given H.S. BADGES, Machine guns: black panthers, crips and bloods – complete with Our tax payer paid patrol cars! After all a CRIMINAL, Drug dealing, Burglar could be obamas son . . . SEARCH Utube “Obama civil police force with the power and funding of the US Military” to USE ON US Citizens!

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