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Missouri Legislature Overrides Veto, Gun Rights Expand In The Show Me State

The States within our republic are built so that one faction, one section or one man does not have the power to exude tyranny.  In Missouri, the expansion of gun rights was allowed to come to fruition because the checks and balances ingrained in the system stopped Democrat Gov. Jay Nixon from being a gun grabbing dictator.

After two years of effort the legislature amassed the two-thirds majority necessary to override the vetoes and have allowed the peoples’ gun rights to expand which reflects the will of the PEOPLE…the will which Gov. Nixon so desperately wanted to grind under heel.

Beginning next month Missourians with CCW permits will have the ability to openly carry their firearms throughout the state without having to worry about some small town or big city prohibition against it.  Full pre-emption of firearms laws now rest with the state and cannot be undermined by local jurisdictions, which has in the past resulted in a patchwork or different laws and prohibitions throughout the state.

The age to receive a concealed weapons permit (more accurately now a “carry weapons permit”) will drop from 21 to 19.  Old enough to be out of high school but since the government will trust you with artillery, mortars, machine guns and anti tank weapon to defend your country, you will now have the ability to defend yourself at age 19.

The overrides of the vetoes even have something to protect the children while at school.

The new law dictates that the Department of Public Safety establish training guidelines for schools wanting to designate a teacher or administrator as a “school protection officer” authorized to carry a concealed gun or self-defense spray.  While Missouri school boards all ready had the power to allow employees with CCW’s to carry their weapons on campus, since education is a hotbed for anti-gun liberal minded individuals that power was often not used.

The training guidelines may help the liberally infested school boards to soften their stance as they can go to their progressive salon and say that the government has said it’s ok.

You know what?  Sometimes it doesn’t matter how we get there so long as the 2nd Amendment flourishes and the notion and the children are protected.

Missouri is the tenth state since Sandy Hook to empower their school employees to be armed.  A stance that very well may have negated the Sandy Hook tragedy to begin with if Connecticut didn’t put all it’s faith on force fields and fairy dust and “Gun Free Zone” signs.

The new gun rights regulations will come into effect in mid to late October.

Cheers to Missouri for showing it’s people more rights and especially to the legislature that overcame the tyranny of one man to do it.



  • mark

    Go MO!

  • ike036

    Now we’ve got to get the rest of the states to emulate Missouri. Wanna see the US crime statistics plummet?

  • Jim_Macklin

    Every resident gun owner in every state needs to be familiar with the laws of their state that cover the lawful use of arms. The easiest way it to take a concealed carry course, even if you don’t apply for the license to carry. There are many good reasons to get the license, but if you don’t know the laws on the justified use of force [that is how the law lists self-defense] you put your freedom at risk.
    There are good books, there are NRA courses, if you do the wrong thing [and sometimes the right thing] you will damage not only your rights, but te rights of everyone else.

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  • Mel Harris

    Makes me proud to live in Missouri. The liberals in St. Louis and Kansas City must be going crazy over this.

  • JRJ21

    The answer to crime is guns in the hands of good people ,always has been, always will be.

  • The4th

    It is a wonderful victory for sure. But a victory for the second?

    The second amendment does not GRANT you the right to bear arms; it PROTECTS that right from infringement.

    Requiring a license or permit to carry concealed or openly is still an infringement. Rights don’t require permission.

    Here in Texas our “license” system is even more flawed in that the state requires you to give up your right of refusal to identify yourself to law enforcement to obtain your permit. Taking away a right to obtain permission to exercise another right… My head hurts just thinking about it.

    Only when we start seeing headlines like “STATE SAYS PERMITS NO LONGER NEEDED TO EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS” will I consider it a win for the second.

    • Bullets First

      Valid point The4th, and I won’t argue it directly. But I will say that there is something to be said for heading in the right direction. Very few boxers start fights with knock out punches…they set up a combo always working, always chipping away and then BAM…knockout.

      I agree, the right is enumerated in the Constitution, not granted. But we as a nation let it slip away over the centuries and now we have to fight to get it back. If it takes a few comibinations to set up the overhand right to finish it…i still say that is better than the alternative.

      But yes, like you, I will not satisfied until Constitutional Carry is a reality in all 50 states.

  • pepper12

    Another point that will drive the libs nuts (more than they are) is that you are thousands of times more likely to be killed by a cop than by a concealed carry permitee. Oh, and those cops are abetted by ‘fraidy cats that call 911 crying that someone is “brandishing” a weapon or is acting “suspicious”.

  • loran

    I wonder how long it will take these libs to come up with a reason to have a progressive activist federal judge rule this law unconstitutional? Perhaps there is a way to connect gun possession and same sex marriage.

    • Bullets First

      funny you should mention that loran. I actually wrote about that just after a judge in kentucky made a ruling about how states MUST recognize marriage licenses from other states. He inadvertantly laid the ground work for National carry. If they MUST recognize licenses from other state even if they don’t practice it in the home state, logic dictates that New York et al MUST recognize other states licenses.

      • loran

        It looks as if this nation may come apart after all. You know the Progressives/statists/communists will not stand for ant of this. I’m ready for it and I know there are many, many more veterans ready for it.

    • Clay Fitzgerald

      How would that be possible? There are examples of many states that have similar laws on the books for a long time. Washington State for example, allows open carry without any permit whatsoever as long as one is allowed to legally own a firearm. It’s also a “shall issue” state where anyone who applies for a concealed pistol license shall be issued one if they base the required background check; no classes or training are required. That’s in a state which is pretty liberal politically, politics being pretty much controlled by democrats from the more populated counties and cities around Seattle and the state capitol.
      It will be interesting to see the results of two competing initiatives, I-594 that would require background checks for virtually ALL firearm transfers, not just sales, and I-591 that would make the state standard for background checks identical to the national standard. Nearly all of the state’s law enforcement organizations have come out in opposition to I-594 and support I-591.

      • loran

        Yes, but we are dealing with Progressives as liberals. I’m not saying that this will happen, rather I’m saying that I would not be surprised if it did, I expect it. Now it’s pretty well established by the libs historical actions that they have learned not to go through the government for results to their ideologies, but go directly to the courts and get a progressive activist judge to give them an acceptable ruling.

  • coconuisse

    Am I to understand that the governor of this state has the power to INITIATE legislation? Who does he think he is, Obama?

    • Clay Fitzgerald

      How did you come to that conclusion? What I read was that the very liberal, anti-firearms governor vetoed legislation passed by the legislature to allow open carry of firearms for people holding CCW’s and the legislature overrode the veto. How does that become legislation initiated by the governor? And the executive branch often writes legislation and submits it to the legislative branch for consideration in order to at least attempt to carry out the executive’s policies, especially if the legislature is at least partially the same party as the executive branch, like Obama and the democrat controlled senate under Obama’s minion, Harry Reid.

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