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Wife Uses Gun To Stop Gang From Beating Her Husband To Death, “Mom’s Demand Action” Point To It As Reason To Ban Guns

As if one needs anymore proof that gun control zealots couldn’t care less about safety and their real objective is the complete dismantling of the 2nd Amendment, Mom’s Demand Action illustrates that truth perfectly.

In Wichita, Kansas a group of men began mercilessly beating a youth football coach because one of the men’s son wasn’t allowed to play in a game.  And why wasn’t the kid getting playing time?  Because he and his family STOLE the football equipment from the previous year…or rather that they didn’t return it.

As Jerome Crawford, director of the Wichita Titans (a team in the league) puts it:

“It’s kind of a mutual understanding between teams.  The only way to maintain our stuff (equipment) is to not allow them to play for another team until we get our stuff back.

Seems perfectly reasonable to me, especially with the price equipment.  So the child wasn’t allowed to play in the game with his new team.  It just so happened that the game in which he was benched was against his old team that is still owed equipment.
At the former team’s, the Tigers (remember he no longer plays for them), practice on Monday, his mother shows up and takes issue with the policy.  She starts hurling obscenitites at the coach during the practice, all in front of the children.  Class act.  She was such a commotion that the police were called and witnesses gave statements.  The mother was gone by the time the police arrived though.  And she stayed gone, yet 20 minutes after the police left a group of men related to the woman came to the field and asked to see the coach who the woman was yelling at.

When the group of men found him they started to beat the coach, some were wearing brass knuckles so they came with premeditated malice, and they very likely would have killed the man had not his wife pulled out a gun and fired a round in the air.

(Note: I am usually against warning shots for a number of reasons but if she feared hitting her husband as this group swarmed him I’m willing to give her a pass on this one.  But warning shots should be made into soft ground for when shot in the air they have to come down somewhere.)

The shot was enough to halt the attack, at which point the Coach broke free, ran to his car and got HIS gun.  To which he held back any further assault.  The group of thugs turned tail and ran like cowards always do when faced with armed resistance.

By the time police finally arrived it was over except for one gnawing issue.  Though not charged, the Coach and his wife’s guns were confiscated as “evidence.”

The Director of the Team’s football program, Jeremy Burris, has said the Coach has been relieved of his position and his wife has also been dismissed from any involvement with the team.

While Burris stated that the coach has been “a great role model” and that “he’s really helped”; he then went on to stick his foot squarely in his mouth by stating the following:

“You can’t take weapons out around children.”

“We pride ourselves on zero tolerance for anything that goes on.” –hence the reason the coach was removed.

Not even to stop yourself from being BEATEN to death?

For the coach it’s probably a better thing that he is no longer affiliated with an organization that would prefer you be beaten to death than defend yourself.

Speaking of asinine organizations, crackpot group Mom’s Demand Action For Gun Sense in America came out to say that THIS is a reason why we need to ban guns in parks.  That lawfully carrying a concealed firearm or doing so openly is something that made the aforementioned situation WORSE.  From their Facebook page:


Once again proving that gun control zealots think it is morally superior to be murdered, or raped, or be a victim of a beating than to use a gun to defend yourself.

As if a no gun sign is going to stop a gang of men with brass knuckles from beating another man to death.

I mean, no one was even SHOT, just the mere presence of a gun was enough to save her husbands life.

All in all, this situation is a case why people SHOULD carry guns in parks and playgrounds.  You never know when your life or the life of you child may be at risk.  It is better to be prepared to defend yourself against a roving band of brigands than to be at their mercy…of which they may very well not have any of.


  • stuvantine

    IMHO, Moms demand Action is just a front for BHO’s gun grab apparatchik. They don’t give a rodent’s rectum for Moms who are raped and murdered, or for their kids who thus become orphans. Their demand is simple: nullify one of our Constitutional rights. Just like NOW, which has admitted that it’s for liberal women only, and beholden to the DNC. Taking our money and our freedom is OK if “it’s for thr children.” Of course, it never really is. Just my opinion, based on their actions, rhetoric, and common sense.


    I often wonder how they find these many people with the inability to think. It seems they dont believe in guns and they dont believe in god. Who do they call when someone is a threat? They call a man with a gun and pray they get there in time.

  • jadegreen_eyz

    This is an artil regarding the head of the OK chapter. I realize this assault coThese are the people that belong to this organization.

    • Bullets First

      That’s an eye operning link jade. Thanks for sharing. And you are right…ticking time bomb yet Moms Demand Action are more than willing to keep her on board…hypocrites.

  • J. Cozad

    Absolutely correct: Grampa; and Stuvantine; When the good Lord was passing out “common sense” some people were just to busy with their cell phones.

  • Chris Mull

    ammo is too damned expensive to give warning shots anymore…….someone would have had a very bad day and a hot injection of LEAD!!!!

    • shamu9

      Plug one of ’em in the knee cap! They’ll remember THAT the next time !

  • Harry_the_Horrible

    The organizations like “Moms demand Action” and “Everytown” are evil.
    They are fronts for people who have such awful intentions for us, that they need us disarmed before they can proceed.

  • Grumpy Guy

    Jeremy Burris needs to be beaten to death while no one with a gun intercedes. Same for the MDA twats. It’s the Principle of the thing, after all.

    What assholery.

  • colsooonscoorner

    Frankly I’m surprised that the coach & his wife got the shaft. What was she supposed to do with thugs, with brass knuckles, were beating her husband, wait till they killed him. Then the cops taking the guns as “evidence”, what a bunch of bologna. Now they were left as sitting ducks. Unreal!

    Of course moms demand action…….(looney lefties) . They always have something to say. Like them what they have to say is looney!!!

  • Humble

    I agree with the anti gun people. The coach and his wife should have waited until the gang beat him to death. Once dead and bleeding, he would have had every right to pull out his gun…but not his wife, because she was not personally threatened.
    I hope I have managed to end any confusion.

    • Gold Stars

      Pretty much! 🙁

  • mathis1689

    Can’t decide which one is the stupidest-the idiots from MDA or the idiot who fired the coach.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    The motto of imbeciles everywhere …
    “We pride ourselves on zero tolerance for anything that goes on.”
    This may be translated as …
    “We take great pride in our intolerance and stupidity”.

  • eddyjames

    Don’t let the children play with wild animals.

  • monacall

    Like I’ve said before Until the Constitution of the United States is completely gone, there are no laws To make me stop carrying my gun.

    • southern by choice

      Then that will be the time you will really need a gun.

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  • Barbaree

    Your absolutely correct, Amanda. I am so sick of seeing “could care less,” and it rankles me every time. I don’t know where that came from. We used to always say “couldn’t care less” for years before that.

  • Steven Swanson

    One Shot , One Kill ! ! !

  • reggiec

    What happened to the thugs? Seems to be there was a conspiracy to commit a felonious assault or even an attempted murder. Were they arrested?

  • ADRoberts

    Basic rule that was violated.
    If you have to take out a gun and a person is being BEATEN, shoot to kill. Shoot straight. Shoot often.
    If your guns are taken illegally, (they did just save your life) file CRIMINAL THEFT charges and civil charges against the LEOs who violated your rights.

  • Ross R Blankert

    If you are looking for common sense, do not look around liberals. In this case I would have put a bullet in the leg of one of the attackers. At least this guy would be bleeding.

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