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Suicide Guns For Sale: Bad Kharma or Just Discounted Firearm?

In honor of the Halloween season, I bring you a story touches on the macabre.  In Greensburg, PA, a place a little to the east of Pittsburgh, the county coroner is auctioning off 97 guns used in suicides and accidental shooting deaths.

The sale is to take place on November 8th and will be the first governmental gun sell back in Westmoreland County since the 1980’s.

Corner Ken Bacha says state law requires local governments sell off unclaimed property. While they have often have sales auctioning off property and vehicles this will be the first gun auction since Bacha’s fater Leo, was coroner back in the 80’s.  Proceeds will help fund county government.  The coroners office takes possession of weapons during death investigations.  Family members have a year to claim these weapons before they become county property, but under the nature of which they were last used, it is understandable that many families refuse to claim them. As such, some of the weapons that are going up for sale have been in the coroners possession for decades.

To clarify, the guns for sale will only be those used in suicides and accidental shooting deaths as the ones used in homicides must be kept for evidence; basically forever.  This is due to there being no statute of limitations on murder.

While I don’t have a list of the firearms for sale, the sale will include pistols, shotguns and rifles.  But when asked about the state of the firearms Bacha stated:

“Some are expensive, and some are very good quality. And some would be considered collectibles.”

So, if you happen to be in the western part of Pennsylvania next Saturday you can always swing by and see if there is anything that catches your eye.

As for me, I’m kind of torn.

On one hand, I think it’s great that Pennsylvania has a law that  doesn’t give local governments the ability for gun control zealots to just melts down guns in the misguided notion that doing so would somehow make people safer.  Since it is an auction there is a great chance to pick up a firearm at a great discount.  And with proceeds going to the county’s general fund it seems like a win win.

But on the other hand, it just seems a bit too macabre.  Like buying a couch that someone died on.  Am I saying that the suicide gun would be haunted by the tortured spirit of the person who used it to end their own life?


Am I saying that the gun WOULDN’T be haunted?

Mmmmm….I’m not saying that either.

But there is something to be said for not seeking out trouble.  Guns aren’t evil, but they can be used in evil ways, and maybe that juju leaves an air around it.  I don’t know, but do I really want to find out.

I guess that’s not too surprising when I think about it, I have a firm policy against going and raiding mummies tombs too.
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  • Hop

    My father and grandfather were funeral directors and I assisted them on many occasions, suicides included. I would not hesitate to but one of these guns if I found a good deal. A gun is just another inanimate object.

    • Bullets First

      Perfectly reasonable Hop. But let me ask you this: Would you reuses an engagement/wedding ring from a failed marriage that ended in divorce?

      I wouldn’t. For an inanimate object it just has a bad track record.

      • Hop

        Sorry, but an inanimate object has a track record, good or bad, only because of someone’s perception. If a tree falls in the woods, and there’s no one around to hear it……

      • papamccain

        Don’t be absurd, the ring didn’t make the marriage fail.

        • Bullets First

          That’s true…but if your new wife finds out you gave her your old wife’s recycled ring, that ring might end the 2nd marriage.

          • Pam Dunn

            And another load of BS better suited to the garden.

          • Bigman

            I guess I was lucky! Marriage #2, 42 years this June!

          • Bullets First

            Congratulations bigman. She didn’t mind the slightly used ring?

    • Oneyeopn

      Heck yeah, there are a couple of guns on my dream list and if one came up at an auction, even if it had been used like this. I would jump all over it.

    • Bigman

      After 52 years in the retail gun business, I know of 8 that were used either in suicides, bank robberies, etc. I tried to buy them from the BRPD but to no avail. I’m sure some cop has them now! LOL

    • Kathryn

      I had a friend buy some Recaro seats from a car that was in a fatal accident. He got a good deal on a seat someone had died in. Seems creepy until you really start thinking about it. People die in the hospital all the time. They don’t get rid of those beds. If you go to the hospital, chances are somebody died in your hospital bed.

      • Bullets First

        Good point Kathryn, but then again there are a lot of people who HATE going to the hospital because they view it as a place of death and disease. And if you think about it, with MRSA on the rise, maybe they should start burning beds once they are used.

        • Kathryn

          And what about the house the person killed themselves in? I can see the family not wanting to live there because of the bad memories, but it would be silly to burn the house down. Oh wait, I guess they did do something similar to the school in Newtown. I remember thinking it was ridiculous to bulldoze a fairly new and fully functional building.

  • MontieR

    If I had the money I would definitely be there.

  • What the difference between these guns and continuing to own a gun with which you killed a criminal or buying a gun with which someone else did. Or buying a rifle that’s a curio relic surplus war rifle that may have been used to kill. When does the superstition bell curve put a firearm on the wrong side of the line between light and dark.

    • Bullets First

      I would think it would be like moving into a house where the family was murdered compared to moving into a house in which a home invasion crew was shot and killed by the home owners. I see a difference there and I would prefer to move into the 2nd one.

      • I think I’m playing devils advocate and I lean towards your argument but the argument of rational gun owners to anti gun nuts is that they (the anti gun nuts) irrationally imbue guns with animus, an evil spirit like they will jump off the table and kill someone, while gun owners generally dismiss those irrational fears as childish, guns being neither good nor evil just objects when trying to reason with anti gun people, now we are doing it ourselves, albiet only in This article in a very narrow way.

        • Bullets First

          I’m picking up what you are laying down rumcrook. And you’re right, too many gun hating zealots want to think that guns are inherently evil. As you pointed out that wasn’t my intent, just like a murder house doesn’t cause the murder, the gun isn’t to blame when it is used poorly.

  • ElderAmbassador

    Sure wish I lived in the area. I’m betting there will be some real deals there.

  • Some Rabbit

    Any blood or brain matter plastered on the muzzle? I don’t mind cleaning the residue myself if it’s stainless, but a blued finish might have rusted.

    • Bullets First

      hahaha…well said and practical point.

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