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A Tale of Two Pizza Delivery Girls: One had a gun, the other was raped

For those of you who may have forgotten I recently covered a story concerning a female pizza delivery driver from Papa John’s who fought off two would be thieves/rapists by SHOOTING one of them in the face.

Papa John’s responded by retracting their official stance of firing this woman but rather giving her a store job.

(The above model is a representation of pizza delivery girls and not either of the women in this article)

Note: Papa John’s still has a rule disarming their drivers and leaving them to the “mercy” of predators.

Dominio’s Pizza ALSO has a corporate policy against their delivery personnel from carrying firearms for their own protection.

Regrettably for one female driver in Antioch, CA who chose to follow Domino’s rules, she found herself kidnapped and raped for two hours.

Let me just state, this wasn’t some middle of the night ambush using the cover of darkness, the 22 year old girl was taken at 11:20AM when a 17 year old scumbag forced her back into her car and made her drive off to a secluded area where he raped her.

Fortunately for her he let her live and she would later identify him as the person who kidnapped and raped her.

Unfortunately, since she had the bad luck of working for a company that doesn’t care about her safety and she followed the rules she was a prime target for a sexual predator.

I don’t want to speak for the Domino’s driver but I find it hard to believe that she would prefer to be raped than to follow in the footsteps of the Papa John’s driver and shoot her attacker in the face.

But until companies like Papa John’s and Domino’s change their corporate policy and allow their employees to go out with some semblance of safety without having to break the rules, there will be more outcomes like the Domino’s driver than that of the Papa John’s driver.

It’s a shame that so many companies follow Moms Demand Action logic and leave women more at risk of being raped, kidnapped and murdered.

As for me?  I’m in the “Shoot rapists in the face” camp.


  • Deepizzaguy

    I worked for Domino’s Pizza for 20 years. The management always said “You can replace money and pizza but not your life.” Thank goodness I am no longer employed by them anymore.

    • Laurie Lynn

      Interestingly put. You can replace pizza and money, but not your life. So send your employees out, unarmed and unable to defend themselves? Doesn’t make much sense.

      • Deepizzaguy

        I know what you mean. Thank goodness I left them for good after Hurricane Katrina hit south Louisiana.

  • Hop

    I’m in the “shoot rapists in the crotch, then shoot them in the face” camp.

    • Jurisdobes

      Outstanding comment.

    • Charles Batchelor

      No, you always double-tap – That would be two to the crotch and another two to the head…sorry scratch that, just two to the crotch and let them bleed out.

    • Richard Luttich

      Because Im an old fashioned .45acp type of guy, one would more than likely suffice.

      • Bob McMahan

        Shoot until the threat is down and out. The perp might be wearing body armor. Google “Shooting at Tyler Texas” for an example.

  • Pete Julian

    Libs would have you it is somehow morally superior to be a vIctim of rape or murder than to defend oneself with a firearm.

    • PaC SGM (R)

      Fact is liberals love to use victims as their soap box.

      Look at the Democrats they continue to use blacks as their “poor and down trodden masses” convince them that they are victims of “the man” while throwing them a few coins of the realm for their votes, meanwhile the blacks who vote for the Democrats continue to be poor while the Democrats politicians continue to get rich, best form of slavery ever invented.

      • zion1king

        Not only that but look at all the black criminals that have guns and use them to murder other blacks as well as whites. But you never hear a peep out of the liberal community. They are too busy persecuting law abiding gun owners for trying to defend themselves from these thugs.
        Absolutely insane is the society we are living in today!

        • PaC SGM (R)

          Less guns for the law abiding citizens more victims more soap boxes to stand on and preach their BS
          Liberals love unarmed future victims of crime, it suits their agenda.

        • JO JOHNSONM

          SHAME ON YOU !!!

          • We’ve all been GRUBERED

            Stating facts is only “racist” to libtards. Smh

          • You believe what would make him a racist?

  • Skip Frates

    Even if Dominos changed their policy, remember this happened in California where getting a permit to carry is near impossible.

    • totenglocke

      And this is exactly the outcome that California / Democrats want, because now they can use this story to promote even more restrictions on self-defense under the pretense of somehow preventing incidents like this.

    • Laurie Lynn

      California differs from County to country. Places like Orange county are near impossible. Stanislaus, fairly easy.

      • Promontorium

        No where in California is “easy”, fees, essays, fees, meetings, tests, fees, buddy up with a cop, have to justify a serious yet nebulous “need”, and then wait wait wait. If one of the few allowed the privilege to bear an arm, repeat the next year. That’s where they don’t just outright say no no matter what.

        • Laurie Lynn

          Oh yes, of course. Because you have been to every single bloody County in the state and visited every sheriff’s dept. Please.

          • Promontorium

            Don’t have to. I know the minimum hurdles, and how rarely the permits are issued.

          • Laurie Lynn

            Like I said.

          • louise

            what facts do you have other than running you mouth ..?Laurie

          • Laurie Lynn

            Wow Louis, are you always a c**t to people you don’t know, or is this something new you’re working on? You should learn to be nice and try to have about intelligent conversation instead of being a bitch to people. You might learn a few new things.

          • Promontorium

            Like you said what moron? The number of CCW permits issued is public information. I don’t have to go anywhere but a .com to see them. From those loooow numbers I can see how rare they are. End of discussion. Like whatever you said is wrong.

      • Dave

        Orange County is different now. Currently it is accepting ALL applications. The hardest part of the process is the long wait to get one; it is somewhere around 12 to 18 months. San Diego county is the same way right now. The last two years has been a big turn-around.

        • Laurie Lynn

          That’s good to hear. I know at one time it was near impossible there. I have family and friends there and it’s like it was on lock down unless you were LEO

  • Mark Malone

    All in favor of boycotting all pizza places that don’t allow their drivers to carry.

    • Barb Trombley Rix

      I’m in

    • Brad Baber

      They both have crappy pizza anyway. Buy local

  • StuCozza

    Face? No. Crotch? No. Go for center mass… this ain’t TV.

  • Vincent Caulboy

    no woman should be a delivery driver in Antioch,obamas children are running wild out there

  • Michael Agosta

    They are afraid of being sued ….. Its not fair being shot just because they raped and robbed an innocent person , right Jessie and Al and ……………

  • zion1king

    I have never bought a pizza from Pappa Johns or Dominos Pizza and I never will.

    • Faye Butts

      You aren’t missing anything

  • Jeffrey Gaudette

    Have pizza delivery personnel hurl canned goods at their attackers, like children are instructed to do at school.

  • USAmerican100

    Should be a $10 million lawsuit against the pizza places for sending their drivers out to get raped without armed protection.

    • Hector J Miranda

      This is 100% a winnable lawsuit. If the company policy is to ban a gun, even when it us clear delivery people are prone to assault and robbery, then these companies must provide a level of protection similar to what they would have if armed. Sue these companies and you see how quick they stop their nonsense.

      • Bob McMahan

        Attorneys working for corporations appear to be strongly anti-gun, either out of unfamiliarity, or from a fear that the in appropriate use of an employee’s firearm might create liability for the company. As implied in previous remarks, the safety of employees is given little or no weight. This situation might instead create an additional liability for the corporation if credentialed twits in the judicial structure could comprehend that effective self-defense serves the interests of everyone except those of the robbers and rapists.

    • Promontorium

      Illegal in CA. You would somehow end up in jail yourself if you sued for gun rights here.

      • USAmerican100

        Wrong, concealed carry is legal in California and the courts have ruled Sheriffs “shall issue”. Me and my brother both legally carry in California.

        • Promontorium

          Well it’s nice that your dad is a cop, but California is as far from shall issue as a state can get. You are flagrantly ignorant of the law. One district court ruled on San Diego County, but even San Diego County has refused to comply. I’m not expressing an opinion. Google the laws if you want. I’ve read all of them and I’ve been keeping track of legislation and court proceedings since I joined the CRPA 15 years ago.

  • Laurie Lynn

    I can’t help but wonder, if the company can’t guarantee your safety in the job, you have the right to provide your own. I’d like to see employers being sued for failing to provide a safe work environment by employees who have been harmed on the job.

  • Mr. Avatar

    These corporations look at you as expendable they are more worried about law suits than you life’s.

  • dmack

    I don’t like the policy to not allow guns, however I believe that having more guns on the streets is the answer. Even i trained hands there are accidents and problems. But I also believe companies should protect the workers. If you work in construction you get a hard hat and safety glasses. I can not understand when in the world today with all the tech we have there could not be a middle road solution. Stun guns? A SOS button on your name-tag with GPS and instant connect to police? There are solutions that businesses can present to mitigate the problems and still enforce the weapons policy. Litigation has made it hard for common sense to shine!

    • duane

      Do you not think that young lady that was raped has one hell of a law suit to file against dominos for taking away her ability to defend herself as criteria of employment?

      • dmack

        I don’t like frivolous law suits. Awarding people 1.3M because they fell down in the parking lot, for example. Because that drives up costs, fear (of litigation) and lack of innovative thinking. But, holding a company responsible is fair. What is fair? that is tough, maybe get the medical bills and physiologist bills covered and a little on top. But don’t go after 15 m just because it has deeper pockets. Would there be a law suit if it were “mom and pop pizza” instead of domino’s. (probably not be an issue because A. the pockets are small. and B. mom and pop would not fear litigation as much as they would have common sense to care for employees)
        If you need safety gear on your job, and the company policy precludes you from using it, then you would have a case I think. If the company response is that people are aware of the “inherent risks” with a particular job that is fine, but don’t make my employment contingent on me not using risk mitigating options. That would be like saying there is a fall risk when washing windows on high-rises, however our policy is that you are not allowed to use a harness. However, if you extrapolate to my original thought. They could say, “you can not use a harness (gun), but you can use any type or rope you want (stun gun, mace), or a worst case scenario a parachute (gps-police alarm).

    • Dave

      So you believe that these people should not be able to defend themselves at the time of the incident? You think that being able to call police will prevent someone from being murdered or robbed? Hey, I know you got raped, but at least the police showed up to arrest the guy. And that is if all this technology works. I don’t understand your reasoning. Why do people insist on removing other people’s ability to defend themselves? The Kleck-Gertz study (and multiple national polls) show that there are about 3 million instances of self defense per year in which a gun was used to save a life. Out of this 3 million, only 8% had to shoot their attacker. Just brandishing the gun stopped the majority of the crime. But liberals would have us believe that the regular john q citizen would turn into Wyatt Earp gunslingers shooting mass citizens across the country.

      • dmack

        I am not saying that people can not protect themselves. I was trying to say that they should. But in all the discussions and news reports there is no mention of any other options. It’s either, Gun or no gun. I thought it would be nice to explore other ideas. And the GPS technology option I mentioned is if the other options are gone. Even you skipped from gun to no gun and assuming I want people hurt. “Why do people insist on removing other people’s ability to defend themselves?” My daughter walking around college campus has mace to help protect her “at the time of the incident?” and we are considering a stun gun. I don’t see a mass of Wyatt Earps, bunch of loose cannons, but not all gun owners are well trained. Some could get it taken from them as they brandish them about. Even trained police have non lethal options. I am just trying to find a middle ground that is not “gun and safe” or “no gun, at risk.”

        • papagrune123

          Ask Reverend Jarrett Maupin, or Quanell X use of force on the option of a stun gun or can of mace. Look up either on and watch the video and read what they had to say about the option of what to use.. Please reply back after you have read about them and see both videos.


    Hmm…Does she carry now! Too bad she had to learn the “hard” way!

  • wildak8246

    What kind of dumb ass group would allow a woman to leave herself open to be a rape candidate. I’m in the shoot em in the face camp as well. You go girl. BLAST THEM!!!

  • Richard Gearon

    I worked in four different 7-Elevens and several pizza places, and I was armed at all times. I figured if I had to use my gun to defend myself, and got fired, I could always get another job, but I couldn’t get another life.

  • Louis Dicapua

    the next time that shit head rapist comes along ,…. shot that fucker between his balls or between the eyes !!!!!

  • Louis Dicapua

    or the next time get a passenger with a shot gun to tag along ,just like the Old West that way she can feel safe !

  • Dieter Gould

    Well, first you cannot compare the two states California, and Georgia! Wait a moment! You can! These two states have different gun laws. California has got the strictest gun laws in the country to let say… New York! Then, you have two different mindsets… The girl in Georgia, learned how to use a gun. Probably got training from her Dad, quite probably daddy told her to get a permit to carry her gun. While, in California, we let the police protect us. Besides, we have Senators Nancy Pelosi, Diane Finestein, Barbara Boxer, Maxine Waters, and a Governor “Moon Beam” Jerry Brown. All of them do not advocate the rights for people in this great state to protect themselves with guns! And, have imposed strictest gun laws, than any other state in this country. Like, if that’s enough to keep predators out of this great state! So, the gal who saved herself, because the police wasn’t there in a fleeting moment, was able to warred off her two attackers! While the other girl in California had to deal with a 17 y.o. hormonal creep, and was lucky to live to tell the tale, and probably now will have some emotional scars, which will no doubt affect her life to having a normal relationship. But, if that’s not enough. Just remember to dial 911!

    • Christopher Koda

      No they advocate for the rights of illegal aliens. Add Attorney General Kamala Harris to you list.

    • Stewart Kelly

      More people need to understand that the Constitution DOES NOT grant us the right to keep and bear arms (i.e. the right to defend our lives). Shred the Constitution, burn it to cinders and scatter the ashes to the four winds, you will STILL have the right to defend your life. No, the Constitution is a LIMITER on what powers the government can take.
      The government cannot TAKE our rights away, because the government did not GIVE them to us in the first place.
      The people of CA need to stand up and take their rights back.

      • Dieter Gould

        Sorry, the people here are too liberal! As long as we have polioticians Finestein, Pelosi, and others running the show here… It’s not going to happen anytime soon!

  • Eric A. Kugler

    Yeah. How about not placing the onus on the victim? She shouldn’t have to carry a weapon for fear of being robbed, raped and murdered. The only persons who deserve blame here are the predatory monster, and the person who wrote this story.

    • cbunix23

      You can choose to carry or not, but you can’t avoid the consequence of carrying or not carrying. The probability of being a selected to be a victim of violent crime might be low, but the cost of being a victim are very high. You don’t plan on having a home fire, but it’s prudent to have a home fire extinguisher and smoke alarm; same thing with carrying a self-defense handgun. Throwing out your home fire extinguisher, or removing your cars seat belts aren’t good ideas. Neither is not carrying a self defense handgun, especially in a crime ridden area.

    • Stewart Kelly

      “Don’t place the onus on the victim”?
      What the hell was she supposed to do, carry a COP in her back pocket?

      I may be a callous S.O.B., but the responsibility to defend and protect our own lives, ultimately, falls upon each of us as individuals.

      That doesn’t mean that I can’t (or don’t) sympathize with the poor girl, I do. But she made herself a victim, just as much as Domino’s Pizza made her a victim.

  • truthbroker

    If I were a delivery driver, especially female, I would sign all the papers saying that I wouldn’t carry, etc. blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada, and then I would treat the policy as if it didn’t exist and I would proceed to go to work armed concealed to my legal teeth. If I had to use my weapon to save my life, and risk losing my minimum wage job, SO BE IT. I doubt there’s not a boss out there in that business that would fire someone for defending their own life and living to tell them about it. That would be a tad, um, ‘toopid?

  • obloodyhell

    I can’t fault the companies until the laws change regarding liability. If a driver is allowed officially to carry a gun and misfires or shoots ANYONE in error no matter the situation … Even missing a legit target and hitting an innocent bystander, you KNOW the attorney is going after the restaurant owner. So at least officially they have no choice.

    • Bullets First

      That’s actually a really great point obloodyhell. I think that businesses that enact a gun free zone should be held financially responsible for any injury or theft that befalls its patrons or staff in case of criminal activity.

      You start passing laws in that regard then you’ll see businesses abandoning the practice toot suite.

      I like to think of it like seatbelts. People don’t always use them but car companies have an obligation to have them present in case the person chooses to wear it. Just imagine GM or Ford trying to make cars without seatbelts.

  • swigrus

    I don’t buy Pizza Hut pizza for this very reason.

    One of their dumba*s managers actually had the audacity to tell me that a ‘bad guy’ couldn’t bring a weapon into their restaurant because they ‘had a no guns allowed’ sign on the door.

    I asked him, “Do you not understand the definition of a ‘bad guy’? He a BAD GUY. He is a CRIMINAL. That is why he is trying to ROB YOU!! Do you really think a ‘sign on the door’ is going to stop him from coming in ‘with a gun’ to rob you?

    He answered in the affirmative.

    Bat sh*t crazy!!! They’re everywhere!!! LOL

  • Phil Mill

    I’m with Mark!

  • jay2010master

    What I would like to know is the owner of both these companies or their high paid executives have protection in public. That just stoops to another level when you tell your employees you can’t be armed but by the way I got this guy protecting me because I’m better than you and have more money.

  • Bob McMahan

    I like Domino’s’ pizza and used to buy it, time to time. Since this crap about firing drivers began several years ago, I have not ordered anything at all from Domino’s. Now, I’ll get my pizza frozen from Trader Joe’s.

    Ladies, consider the efficacy of a nice 1911a1, perhaps in 9 mm. Most have sweet triggers, the secret of accuracy. Carry it in Condition One, and never have to worry about racking the slide.

  • cjohnson44546

    Sadly, almost all companies only care about their money. They have a better chance of losing money by being seen as encouraging carrying guns… and any accidents that may occur… than by having drivers get attacked/killed. To them employees are easily replaceable.

  • Promontorium

    I agree with the sentiment but it’s pointless to blame the company in CA. Carry is illegal here. The woman would have been prosecuted and gone to prison, no doubt in my mind. Cops and their buddies can get CCWs but no one else.

    • USAmerican100

      Both me and my brother legally carry in California, the courts recently ruled Sheriff’s “shall issue”

  • GallifreyFalls

    Why I always carry a knife…sometimes you can’t take a firearm but a knife to the dick will still do the trick

  • George Bond

    Let me ride shogun, me and my GLOCK

  • jersif

    OH COME ON ! – If some pizza delivery driver is a CHL holder, you know darn well he’s armed. What’s the worst Domino’s or Papa Johns do if you save your life with your gun, fire you? – You’re breaking a company policy, not the law. You can always get another job, but not another life.

    • Bullets First

      I wish that were always the case jersif, and I do hope it is…but some people unfortunately feel obligated to disarm themselves in order to follow the rules.

  • Bob G

    Corporate rules be damned. What they don’t know won’t hurt them and the driver, should he or she find the need to defend themselves, and get fired then who needs that job anyhow and the driver is still alive. I carried for 30 years on company premises with a no weapons rule.

  • tpb0918

    Most pizza companies (or any other business establishment) will tell you that their gun policy is driven by their insurance company. Maybe it’s time to take a leaf from Mom’s Demand Action and start seriously shaming these insurance companies publicly over the way they force their clients to endanger their employees. IIRC, their argument is usually that lawsuits over liability when a gun is used are too expensive. Maybe time to shame some law firms as well, and maybe get some actual tort reform going for a really good reason.

  • sage419

    Until there are lawsuits against these companies for depriving employees of their Constitutional rights in conjunction with no provision for safety while doing so, it will continue.

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