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School Moves to Become Big Brother and Ban Off Campus Activities like Squirt Guns

Once again a educational institution is taking it upon themselves to promote the irrational mouth breathing stance against guns OFF campus.

As you may have recalled I wrote an article some time ago about 3 high school students who recieved year long suspensions for playing with airsoft guns AT HOME.

You can read the article here: Playing with toy guns AT HOME gets 3 students yearlong suspension from school

It looks like Cumberland High School in Rhode Island is looking to hop on the Big Brother bandwagon and ban what students do on their own time off campus.

The activity in question is called “Senior Assassin” and is quite simply a cat and mouse squirt gun fight.

A group of students get squirt guns and hunt each other (I reiterate, OFF CAMPUS on their OWN TIME), the last kid dry wins.

This is a game I played when I was younger too both in High School and College.  It’s FUN.

But leave it to some school administrator who, instead of focusing on the failing of public education, is more concerned about a harmless game that in no way disrupts the school day.

This is just a further example of how inane the gun control crowd has become, even something in the shape of a gun that shoots nothing more harmful than what the Surgeon General recommends we consume at least 2 liters worth a day must be stamped out by these kill joy biddies.

What does said biddy, Cumberland Principal Alan Tenreiro, say  on the matter?

His quote to the local newspaper:

“It is something that the administration does not condone or endorse in any way.”

“Given the safety issues and the amount of violence taking place at schools across the country, particularly with guns, Cumberland High School takes the position that the game is inappropriate and we strongly discourage participation.”

But he doesn’t stop there.  Chicken little who equates squirt guns with the end of the world sent a letter home to every students’ parents saying this:

“You have situations where students may be driving too fast or neighbors may see someone hiding in a bush aiming what looks like a gun at someone else.”

“These incidents have officers and the school administration concerned that someone may get injured.”

School administrators should be worried that they killed a number of trees and wasted taxpayers money by sending these letters in the first place.  Big Brother types like Tenreiro need to learn to get his all seeing eye out of peoples business and get back to keeping his radical leftist nonsensical blathering between the first bell and the dismissal bell.

Outside of those hours he can keep his asinine opinions to himself.

Unfortunately this mindset doesn’t only exist in High Schools but even in placers of higher education.

From Godfatherpoltics:

In 2008, the University of Nebraska placed a one year ban on their students participating in the Senior Assassin squirt game. The University of Texas and Loyola University has warned students that they will take disciplinary action against any student who participates in any game of ‘assassin, killer or variations thereof.’

Once again, the indoctrination against the 2nd Amendment comes at all levels and in many forms.  This is just another example of the gun control radicals trying stamp out any fun or enjoyment with anything even remotely related to guns, squirt of otherwise.

The ultimate goal?  To continue the mental manipulation of trying to equate all things gun related as bad, scary or dangerous.

It’s as insidious as it is sickening and the line must be drawn to stem the madness.  Lest we find a day in the near future where background checks are needed for a squirt gun.


  • Numb3rTech

    Those people are sick, mentally ill and should be placed in an institution for the criminally insane. What kid does not like to play with water guns with their pets and other kids just to get them wet! Maybe these idiots are planning for a future when water is too scarce to use to play, swim or wash with. I’ve never heard such ridiculousness!

    • pleazzer

      PCC (Politically Correct Crap) gone entirely to far.

  • durabo

    Soviet Union and Nazi Germany redux.

  • I have seen articles where the institutions of learning claim that they are responsible for your child from the point where they step out your home in the morning until they get home after school. To me this is utter BS but lets play that game. The next time that your child is injured due to a fall before getting home take them to the school and tell the principal that HE or SHE is now responsible for the care of the injury. I am sure that this could be used in many more ways but long story short if they want to take responsibility and control what your child does before or after school they can deal with all the other things that happen as well even if it’s off school grounds.

    As far as the article goes, I would get a good attorney and SUE the PANTS off everyone involved in the decision making in the incident as well as the district for being such @22hats to hire the people who made those decisions.

    The “Higher Learning” institutions can easily be put to rest by holding any events off campus and without posting as being supported by a school related organization. Invite the public at general and have an even better time in a city park.

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