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Instead of Mercedes SUV, Carjacker gets bullet to the chest from Armed Citizen

In one of those feel good stories that the lamestream media assures you never happens, a carjacker was stopped dead in his tracks (literally) when he decided to jack a car in the wrong parking lot.

In a Macy’s parking lot in Orem, Utah, about 40 miles outside of Salt Lake City, Taulagi Matafeo thought it would be a good idea to carjack a woman that he saw in a Mercedes SUV.  Matafeo forced his way into the car with the woman inside and the woman began to scream.

Unfortunately, the woman was unarmed and Matafeo was getting close to success until a good Samaritan (WITH A GUN) decided to intervene.

Matafeo leapt out of the car to attack this unnamed savior and was shot once in the chest.  He would later die at the hospital.

To me, the unnamed 31 year old man is a hero who probably saved this woman’s life.

The police of Orem, UT agree.

Police Capt. Ned Jackson had this to say:

“He’s trying to assist this lady whose car is being stolen.  He was fighting with her. He was trying to protect her. Then at the point the suspect comes to him, and he’s trying to take the gun from him, then he’s trying to protect himself.”

Of course, the carjackers family is pissing on everyone’s leg and trying to convince them its raining saying that Matafeo was a “defenseless victim.”

Here’s a statement from the family:

“He was scared and panicked and just trying find a way to get home.  Taulagi was not perfect, he struggled, but he was surrounded by many loving individuals who were trying to help him. He wanted to be happy, and for the most part he was. He loved unconditionally.

He cried a lot with us, because he hated having pain and creating pain.”

So the family is basically trying to canonize him.  Let me tell you a little about “Saint” Taulagi.  The carjacking wasn’t his first violent act…OF THE DAY.

On top of the felony warrants all ready issued for him, earlier in the day he assaulted a woman and drove to the Macy’s in a stolen pickup.  That is when he tried to beat and carjack ANOTHER woman.  Oddly enough that doesn’t seem like the truth gels with the fantasy that Matafeo’s family would have us believe.  It doesn’t seem like he had to much trouble causing pain to others at all.

Not only does the family want to buck the blame to the innocent party and not on their low life criminal relative but of course so do the mouth drooling knuckle draggers at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

Director of Communications of CSGV, Ladd Everitt said the shooter could have pulled the woman to safety and reported the crime to police.  Because of course, the good Samaritan should put himself and the female carjacking victim in MORE harms  way to ensure that the criminal gets away safely.  Once again proving that gun controllers care more about keeping criminals safe than they do about law abiding citizens.

Everitt would go on to say: “This just seems like something that got escalated unnecessarily. We don’t execute people in this country for stealing cars.”

Unnecessary? A woman is in danger of not only being carjacked but also beaten, raped and murdered and Mr. Everitt thinks its hunky dory so long as we don’t shoot the criminal committing these acts.

All right, enough about Everitt and his simple minded sycophants.  The unnamed Samaritan is a hero and not only saved this woman’s car but also saved her from a savage beating or worse.

This is a story with a happy ending where the maiden is saved, the bad guy is slain and the hero rides off into the sunset.  Anyone who doesn’t see it that way would have us canonize evil, leave women to be rape victims and would jail those who stood up for what is right.

In other words criminals and gun controllers.  It’s amazing how every day those two groups seem to be getting closer and closer to being synonymous.


  • Broz

    GFR!!! to bad rubbish such as Taulagi

  • Michael Riley

    Criminals and gun controllers are synonymous.
    There is an old saying ” Criminals and politicians both love unarmed victims”.

  • durabo

    Taulagi should have stayed in Tonga, or Samoa, or wherever he was from. He might still be alive.

    • usncb

      REALLY ?????

  • foxtrap

    Sometime, justice IS served!

    • Jackie Morrison

      guess this helped clear the court docket a little.

  • dgc

    …couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

  • brenda l

    have you seen a low life yet that wasn’t a poor helpless soul. cry me a river.and farewell.

  • ralphwylie

    Street Justice once again prevails!

    • The_Domo

      Thanks to the man who saved the lady and likely many other ladies like her. For the anti-gun crowd. Were it your Wife, Daughter, Mother, Sister, Cousin, Friend or any other person dear to you I suppose you would be giving the trash a medal if he did something bad to those above. Well rest easy, possibly you yourself be the victim of a piece of vermin like that. Good luck. To the hero in Orem Utah, again I say “Thank You.”

      • ralphwylie

        Hey Domo- You’ve obviously misunderstood my brief comment. I fully support “taking out the trash,” at the time of the crime. I could have said it better such as, “Another armed citizen proves that the only medal the bad guys are getting is lead.”

  • Larry R. Herron

    One more dirt bag down, so many more to go.

    • Evan

      Getting rid of the lowlifes one at a time!

  • 8355378

    he want jack anymore cars or beat anymore women,and the tax payers won’t have to keep his but up

  • 0hiojoe

    I guess in conjunction with the family’s statement, about matafeo just wanting to be happy, he probably thought he would be really happy if he was driving a Mercedes. Thanks to the good Samaritan that stepped up and saved the Lady from at the very least being raped.

  • Evan

    The lowlife got what he deserved! This is exactly what it is
    going to take to save America! Good job!

  • Jackie Morrison

    I think that the shooter showed a lot of restraint if it would have been be I would have put more than one round into the thug.

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