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God and Sam Colt come together to protect Pastor

As the old adage goes: “God created man, Sam Colt made them equal.”

It’s with this in mind that I take you to the Church of New Beginnings in Baytown, Texas where Pastor Benny Holmes utilized the Lord’s protection in the form of a .45 pistol to protect himself from a church robber.

At about 6:15 in the morning while Pastor Holmes was asleep inside, a would be robber breaks through the door of the church.

Pastor Holmes hears the noise, arms himself and then goes to see who would defile his church.

He found career criminal Lee Marvin Blue Jr (27), whose rap sheet dates back to 2005.


Upon finding Blue stealing the churches laptops Pastor Holmes commanded him to stop twice but Blue ignored the Pastors words and advanced upon him.  It should be noted that Blue is built like a linebacker who busted in the door with one hit of his shoulder as seen on surveillance footage.

It was at this point that the Vietnam Veteran, Pastor Holmes shot Blue once, the bullet striking him in the shoulder.

Blue was flown to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and fortunately, thanks to being armed, the Pastor was not injured at all.

This isn’t the first time that the pistol packing Pastor Holmes has been hailed a hero.

Last year in September, Pastor Holmes apprehended a 52 year old woman who had been stealing packages off the porches of homes in his neighborhood, including his.

Just blocks away at Ferguson’s home the police found 28 packages stolen from the Pastors neighbors.

And this is a Pastor who preaches what he practices.  After detaining the package thief, Pastor Holmes prepared his next Sunday service in which he will tell his congregation why God said to arm yourself.

No gun-free zone nonsense at the Church of New Beginnings.


Keep your faith strong and your powder dry.


  • Bob Honiker


  • durabo

    Remember that the Sixth Commandment reads, “Thou shall do no murder,” and not, “Thou shall not kill.” Next time, Pastor, DOUBLE-TAP the VCA! Under stress, it is hard to hit center mass, even within 9 feet.

    • BigOleHarley

      And double-tap with a 230gr jacketed hollow point. May God BLESS this fine pastor – and Sam Colt & Mr. John Moses Browning!!

      • durabo

        Just think: no-one has improved upon Mr. Browning’s 104 year-old design! I load mine with Cor-Bon DPX 185-grain JHP. Zippy! Try it out on feral hawgs.

        • BigOleHarley

          Good choice!! I keep my Combat Commander loaded with Remington 185gr Golden Sabre JHPs. IMHO, J.M. Browning was the finest firearm designer of all time and the 1911 has always been a favorite of mine. Sadly, I only own three of them when I’d love to own a safe full…

          • durabo

            One of my two 1911s is an Argentine Air Force one, manufactured post-WW2 under Colt’s licensing agreement, with one difference: let-hand twist. Will eat all ammo.

          • BigOleHarley

            Outstanding! That’s a REAL prize you’ve got there! Believe I’d hang on that one for sure! A left hand twist is quite unusual!

  • TeaTephi

    We have way too many pastors who don’t believe Christ is the Son of God…..nor do they believe that there is any reason what so ever to resist evil. Thank goodness Pastor Holmes gets it correctly.

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