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Boo Hoo, Cops in New Jersey Don’t Like The Law When It’s Applied To Them

A new story out of the People’s Republic of New Jersey in which the state refuses to give out concealed carry permits to retired police officers of State Universities.

In case your college didn’t have its own police force let me just say that ones who serve as such are not just glorified mall cops but rather actual police officers with arrest powers, squad cars and firearms.

They are in all sense of the words cops whose beat is the Campus and the surrounding area.

For instance, the University of Pittsburgh has over 100 officers, six motorcycle cops, 4 K-9 officers and a SWAT team.

From the University of Pittsburgh’s police page:

The University of Pittsburgh Police Department is the third-largest law enforcement agency in Allegheny County, providing 24-hour protection for nearly 40,000 students, faculty, and staff. We cover the 132-acre Pittsburgh campus, along with University facilities in outlying Pittsburgh neighborhoods, such as the Surplus Warehouse on Thomas Boulevard and the South Side Sports Complex.

The Pitt Cops, as students refer to them enjoy all the benefits of City Cops.

But to our neighboring state to the East, New Jersey, apparently they do not.

A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of two retired public university officers because they were denied a CCW.  You see, in New Jersey, cops are supposed to be special and get a CCW rubber stamped whereas the normal peons of that state must either be rich or well connected to have any good chance of being allowed to exercise their rights.

Thomas Roughneen is the lawyer representing John Kotchkowski, 55, and Robert Dunsmuir, 48, two retired University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey police sergeants who were denied right-to-carry permits.

In an interview with the Star-Ledger Roughneen stated:

“How are UMDNJ police not a state law enforcement agency? By that logic, that makes the entire Rutgers police force — which is one of the largest in the state — ineligible. And that flies in the face of the intent of the law, which is to increase public safety.”

The LAW, added as a subchaper of (TITLE 13. LAW AND PUBLIC SAFETY CHAPTER 54. FIREARMS AND WEAPONS), he quoted is one signed by then Gov. Christie Whitman that gives retired police officers the EZ-Pass lane into carrying a firearm after they retire.

The law, ostensibly, came about from an incident in 1995 when a retired Police Chief, John Deventer, was shot and killed when attempting to help an elderly couple who were being carjacked.

The irony of it all is that gun control is what got him killed in the first place and feeling the pressure the gun control zealots of the time carved out a little exception for retired cops.

If you aren’t a cop though, too bad, if you try to help an elderly couple not being carjacked you will still be disarmed by the state.

So now, two retired campus cops are being treated just like everyone else and they don’t like it.  Hey, I don’t like the fact that the subjects of New Jersey have to have their God given right to keep and bear arms infringed time and time again.  But what I hate even more is that there are special citizens in the state that get to shirk tribulations of normal people and get special treatment.

It could have been ANYONE in 1995 that tried to stop that carjacking and was killed.  But 2 years later they simply focused on the fact that he was a retired cop and so made an entire special class of citizen.

I hope these officers actually lose their appeal and feel what its like to be among the subject class of New Jersey.

BUT, if they win on appeal, arguing that they are state employees then I would contend that all gun owners who pay state taxes in New Jersey are state employees and should be allowed to carry firearms.

The arcane, draconian and downright un-American way that New Jersey is run sickens me.




    • Paul Joseph

      You would have problems in San Francisco and Manhattan too. Both worthless places

  • twldgtr .

    If you think N.J.’s gun laws are disgusting now, wait until Christie leaves office in 2017. Once our next democratic governor is in office, I guarantee they will ban so-called “assault rifles”, and any firearm with a detachable magazine; essentially more than 80% of all currently owned firearms. “Hand them over”; simple as that. These low-lives will turn 100’s of thousands of law abiding citizens into felons overnight. The N.J. legislature HATES the Bill of Rights, HATES the Constitution, and HATES the U.S.A.

    • ted

      Well don’t vote for dumbocrats

      • David W

        The DNC in NJ, CA, CT, NY and MA have a giant pool of loyal voters: all welfare recipients, trade unions, homosexuals, illegal immigrants, government employees, Muslims and college students. There will always be a Democrat Socialist ruling class in these states! And remember, police unions ALWAYS vote Democrat!! Even if the FOP had to choose between a Republican and a Black Panther BLM acivist running as a Dem. ..

        • ted

          And these police unions cry when they dont get 100% support from the public.

  • Alan404

    The headline reads, other parts of the article are interesting too, “Boo Hoo, Cops in New Jersey Don’t Like The Law When It’s Applied To Them”, funny isn’t it, and by the way, they, “they” usually being Police Bureaucrats rather than Line Officers,are most often the ones would would deny Mr. or Ms.Private Citizen their right to arms. In any case, re enacted legislation, whatever happened to the Equal Protection Clause, and Equal Protection Of The Law, or is it Equal Protection FROM The Law?
    Push coming to shove, who would ultimately be to blame, other than John and Jane Q. Public, the ones who elect the boob law makers to office in the first place. They, more often than not, return the boobs to office too.

    In conclusion, and regrading the fact that New Jersey continues to abridge or do you prefer trash the constitutional rights of it’s residents, wither goest the courts is a question that comes to mind?


    It is now common practice for active and retired law enforcement officers to be exempt from gun control restrictions in oppressive states that have passed unconstitutional gun restriction laws. In NY, CT and CA as well as NJ, restrictions for firearms and magazines exempt active and retired LEO’s from limitations that apply to all other citizens. There is now a double standard for constitutional and civil rights in this country that directly correlates to government systems and laws in such oppressive totalitarian states as Red China, The Soviet Union , and Nazi Germany, where agents of the state were ensured a distinct advantage in arms and power to rule over and enforce upon a people who were NOT FREE!

  • Darlene Kettle

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