Cop Uses Pepper Spray on Innocent Bikers on the Highway Just Because (Video)

Every now and again I have to break away completely from 2nd Amendment and gun issues when I discover a story so shocking and important that it demands my attention.

Such a story unfolded recently in Fort Worth, Texas where Officer Figueroa made a routine traffic stop of a Dodge Ram and upon exciting his vehicle came out spraying pepper spray at passing motorcyclists.

This is beyond reckless.  As a biker myself the thought of getting a face full of pepper spray while cruising along the highway is the stuff of nightmares.  The ease in which that could force me to lose control and spill, not only injuring myself but others around me as well as the possibility of being run over in the process is horrifying.

Yet apparently, six year police veteran Officer Figueroa, could care less about killing innocent people.

Here is the video of the officer using pepper spray on the bikers and local news coverage of the incident:

Once again, a jackbooted thug with a “kill em all because I’m wetting my pants” attitude, decides to take extreme and dangerous action and then hide behind the excuse that his job is dangerous.

Boo friggin hoo.  Officer Figueroa is lucky no one died from his asinine actions but even still he should be immediately stripped of his shield and thrown off the force in disgrace.

As the video shows those bikers were passing at a reasonable speed and had moved to the far side of the lane giving Figueroa ample space and safety.

Actions that were NOT reciprocated by Figueroa as he attempted to blind and incapacitate bikers doing 40mph on the highway.

This is the same disregard for what is right and for life that has been shown repeatedly in the past by bullies with badges, mostly toward our four legged friends:

Out of Control Police Execute Innocent PUPPY That Was Walking Away From Them

Cop Tries To Murder Dog, Misses and Kills Woman Instead

Woman Saves Dog, Video Saves Woman From Lying Cop

I know there are good cops out there.  But until the “thin blue line old boys club” is broken up and officers are actually held responsible for their reckless and oftentimes criminal actions bad cops like Officer Figueroa will continue to tarnish the shield of all.

If you are a biker or if you live in Fort Worth I suggest you contact the FWPD and demand that Officer Figueroa be kicked off the force.

The FWPD has stated that Figueroa has been removed from street duty and that the incident is being investigated saying:

“The Fort Worth Police Department takes any complaint of officer misconduct very seriously and this incident will be investigated thoroughly.”

We the people must demand that the investigation is conducted and not just brushed under the carpet.  The video is damning, Figueroa came out of his car spraying and could have killed DOZENS of people with his actions.

There CANNOT be second chances for such a dangerous officer and Figueroa should consider himself lucky if he only loses his job and doesn’t face criminal charges.



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