When Comedy Meets Wrestling You Get Stone Cold Gold

I love Pittsburgh.  In truth I love the whole region of Western Pennsylvania.  Unlike our liberal eastern half of the state with the “might as well be part of New Jersey” city of Philiadelphia and its gun grabbing, liberal insanity, humorously illustrated by Mayor Nutter (his real name), Western PA is not actually “East Coast.”

That is a misnomer that many people outside of Pennsylvania buy into.  Western Pennsylvania is a midwest region.  We cling to our Bibles and our Guns because we are not brainwashed by the liberal east coast centers into thinking that faith and the 2nd Amendment are things to be ashamed of.  We love country music, pick up trucks and good whiskey.

Why am I illustrating the mid west vibe that Pittsburgh has?

Because we also love wrestling.  Some of you may recall seeing on twitter where the Bullets First family was for Wrestlemania…among friends, at a BBQ, playing corn hole and watching wrestling.



And recently at the Pittsburgh Improv comedy show, Matt Light, reigning “Best Comedian In Pittsburgh” for the past two years by Pittsburgh Magazine gave the crowd a little something extra.

While most comedians end a show with “Good night, thank you” etc.  Light decided to pay a little homage to WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin when the MC sought to fire Matt Light.


I don’t see this getting the same roarous approval in the East Village or Soho…do you?


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