How the Russians Hacked the Election (video)

Ever since Donald Trump won the election I have been hearing about how the Russians hacked it.  There are two things that kind of bother me about the witch trial that the Progressive Left and their complicit henchmen in the media have stirred up.

Democrats and the Progressive Left have no proof that Trump had anything to do with it yet they continue to throw around buzzwords like “treason” and “impeachment”.  Hell, I have read online some down right crackpots on the Left who have full on Trump Derangement Syndrome who think that HILLARY could STILL become President based off the election.

The second thing, is HOW exactly did the Russians “hack” our election?

I discuss the answer to the question in the following video and ruminate on the REAL reason that Hillary lost.


In short, Russians hacked some emails, revealed the truth about what a horrible human being Hillary Clinton and Trump wins the election.

Instead of the Democrats accepting the results and acknowledging that they lost because Hillary Clinton just the worst kind of person they instead they focus on the messenger (the Russians) in order to bury the message.

At the end of the day, if the emails weren’t chock full of sabotaging and rigging the Democratic primary, Hillary’s true feelings towards a country without borders then maybe she pulls it off.

But to try and cover up the truth with lies in order to discredit the lawfully elected President is pathetic and I, for one, am happy that #shesnotanyonespresident.



Yet the plot thickens as my friend and colleague Jeff Dunetz over at wrote an expose’ blowing the lid off the “Russian Connection”.

An excerpt:

All four of my grandparents were born in Russia and I voted for Donald Trump. It gets worse.  My Dad of blessed memory who died a week before election day had already voted in Florida. As dad also voted for Trump it means that at least two people of Russian background helped Donald Trump win the election. And that’s not all!

As many of you know last week I was in Washington, D.C. for CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Committee. The last night of CPAC I joined some friends at the hotel bar, there I saw a table of four CPAC attendees. I asked all four if they voted for Donald Trump and they all said that they had.  Just then I noticed what they were drinking, a mixture of Kahlúa and vodka topped with a layer of cream…that’s right all four were drinking White Russians.

Why didn’t I speak out about my dad and me? Why didn’t I mention the 4 Trump voters drinking white Russians? To be honest I didn’t think it was important or relevant. But since last night’s Washington Post story, and watching the Democratic Party leadership have a cow about the unimportant, irrelevant Jeff Sessions meetings, it is prudent for me to provide my story now just in case it come up.

You can read that article in it’s entirety at:

Jeff Sessions News And My Indisputable Proof That Russians Helped Trump Win

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