Is This Pro 2nd Amendment Ad Inappropriate?

Before we get into it, the following video is for Senatorial candidate Mo Brooks who is running to fill Jeff Sessions vacant seat in Alabama.  I’m not going to delve into my thoughts until after the video in order for you to have a viceral initial reaction.

It’s only a short 30 second clip so feel free to watch it a time or two (with the sound on because that’s where some peoples issue stems from) and let me know what you think.



A very raw video.

Now, for full disclosure normally I would attack any anti gun propaganda that comes from incidents such as this because ghouls like Shannon Watts make a living off exploiting the tragic death of children in gun free zones by blaming guns and not the fantasy and failure of “gun free zones.”

I would normally frown upon a 2nd Amendment advocate doing something similar except in this case and this is why.

Mo Brooks WAS THERE.

Bullets were flying at him.

If there was ever a coming to Jesus moment for a man or woman to rethink their stance on guns is when they are facing down the barrel of one.

Mo Brooks team used the audio that they did in order to ram that point home and just like the ad says the first thing that the gun hating liberal press question him about is whether him being on the wrong side of a gun changes his viewpoints on the Second Amendement.

Mo Brooks gave a pretty sober but resounding hell no the question.

Mo Brooks literally took off his belt to save lives and afterwards reiterated that a tragedy and a deranged gun man does not invalidate the right of millions upon millions of law abiding gun owners to keep and bear arms for both their protection and the protection of the republic.

So, if you are asking me if I found that ad insensitive or inappropriate I say no I did not.  Of course not everyone agrees with me.  Like Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s chief of staff who tweeted:

For his part Mo Brooks had this to say defending his ad:

“It is an ad that makes some people uncomfortable, including me, because it re-visits a very intense, horrific event.  But at the same time, anyone who watches that ad will not doubt my commitment to the Second Amendment right to bear arms.”

“It makes my stomach turn, too.  But it’s what happened and it’s the truth.”

One of Brooks’ oppenents in the Republican Primary, state Sen. Trip Pittman, also released a statement criticizing Brooks:

“The ad released today by Congressman Brooks is disappointing, I was shocked that he would agree to capitalize on the Alexandria tragedy for political gain. The video represents everything that is wrong in our political culture, where common decency is lost in the pursuit of votes at the ballot box.”

Normally I would agree, except when you have a guy who was at the scene facing the danger and saving lives, the notion that he is somewhat lacking in common decency is found wanting.

To his credit Mo Brooks is not wilting under the criticism stating:

“Bear in mind the circumstances. I think this ad very concisely and effectively shows my support for the Second amendment right to bear arms in a very real way. When the media within minutes of the shooting challenges me on whether I still support the Second Amendment, I very candidly and forthrightly in a heartfelt way said yes, I do. And that’s not a contrived statement. That is a real life statement after having been through a gun battle when over a hundred shots were fired while unable to defend myself because of Washington D.C.’s restrictive gun laws that prohibit me from carrying the Glock pistol that I own.

Personally I agree with Brooks and using personal experience and simply stating what happened is not sensationalizing anything.  As a gun owner and 2nd Amendment advocate I have too often seen what wishy washy support of the 2nd Amendment looks like by career politicians who are blown by the winds of politics.

The notion that Mo Brooks stands resolute not just in his office or on the campaign trail but in the immediate aftermath of a shooting in which he was denied his right to defend himself…well…the only inappropriate thing about that is the DC gun control laws that do nothing but CREATE victims.

You know my feelings…what are your thoughts?




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