Hurricane Katrina aftermath was MUCH worse than Hurricane Harvey. Why? Gun Control (video)

Hurricane Harvey rolled into Houston much in the same way that Katrina did to New Orleans almost to the day 12 years ago.

The result, finding both cities under water, people stranded, property damage etc is similar though Harvey will most likely be the most expensive natural disaster in history.  What is NOT similar is the aftermath of the two hurricanes.

First a recap of Katrina. Here’s a rundown of what happened after the storm.  Looters were running rampant, not just getting survival supplies but raiding the local big box stores to steal tv’s, jewelry, designer jeans etc.  You know, survival basics demand you lug around a brand new flatscreen.

Then there are the smaller family run stores which did not fair any better.

From an NBC report from August 30th 2005:

Around the corner on Canal Street, the main thoroughfare in the central business district, people sloshed headlong through hip-deep water as looters ripped open the steel gates on the front of several clothing and jewelry stores.

One man, who had about 10 pairs of jeans draped over his left arm, was asked if he was salvaging things from his store.

“No,” the man shouted, “that’s everybody’s store.”

I wonder what the actual people who own the store think of that.  But stolen property is only things.  The cost in Katrina came in the form of human life was far worse with the total being an estimated 1836 lives.  Now, yes, it is a hurricane but not ALL of those people died in the storm.

Even when survivors reached the so called “safety” of the Superdome and the New Orleans Convention Center a more terrestrial danger lurked.  I speak of course of humans in the form of roving gangs, rapists, drug addicts and the like preying on the weak and especially on women.

Africa Brumfield told Reuters what it was like in the Superdome:

 “There is rapes going on here. Women cannot go to the bathroom without men. They are raping them and slitting their throats.”

And how did the government, despite what you see on twitter (it wasn’t Obama), this one falls on George W Bush’s lap, respond to the roving bands of animals who were looting, raping and killing innocent people?

They did what I  always said they would do, they confiscated the guns from the law abiding citizens in New Orleans.  And if there wasn’t the above video I’m sure they would have denied that they beat an old woman into the hospital in order to do it.

This was the response in New Orleans.  Ensure that criminals, rapists and looters have easy targets to prey upon.

Now we come to Hurricane Harvey and Texas.

And just to make it clear that in Texas they only bluff in Hold ’em, from Breitbart:

Does this mean that there has been no looting and that everything is sunshine and rainbows now that the storm has gone?

Of course not, only a snowflake would delude themselves with such wishful thinking.  But what it DOES mean is that in Texas, where good, honest, law abiding folk have kept their guns they are not an easy target for would be looters, rapists, scumbags of all stripes.

You’re not going to hear or see a repeat of the absolute breakdown of social order like you did with Katrina.  Because with Katrina and the stripping of law abiding citizens God given right to keep and bear arms, the government empowered the scum of the earth to band together and gain all the power necessary via numbers and physical force.  So the weak, the elderly, the solitary, women were all at the mercy of brutish thugs with no morals and no qualms about rape, looting and murdering.

Well, we can see how well that worked out in Corpus Christi for Mr. “I’m gonna use the storm as cover to rob a house now I have another hole in my head” looter.

The simple fact remains that an armed populace is a free populace.  One can even argue that the need to keep and bear arms during a natural disaster such as a hurricane and a state of emergency is MORE paramount and the act of trying to disarm innocent people is reprehensible and indefensible.

Here’s the video of the ex SWAT deputy holding back looters single-handedly why a pair of women film from their car.  The conversation that they have with him and with each other is actually pretty stunning.  Talk about people who are woke. They hit all the high points in real time, real life.

Outside of the women’s misuse of the term marshal law they pretty much nailed what was going on.

This is my favorite line:

Did anyone call 911 for you? 911 ain’t comin for ya momma.”

Stay strong Texas and keep your powder dry.



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