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The Sunshine State moves to fortify the 2nd Amendment against Federal infringements

There was some worry that Florida, after the railroading and demonization of  Peruvian-American Jorge Zimmerman when he defended himself against alleged homophobe and gay basher Trayvon Martin, would crack down on the right to keep and bear arms.

Fortunately, there were enough clear eyed people in the sunshine state who saw through the media’s fog of bias and racial pandering.  Not only did they leave “Stand Your Ground” alone, despite the media’s continued assault that SYG had anything to do with Zimmerman being found not guilty, the legislators and people of Florida are pushing for more freedom from tyranny in the form of the “Florida Second Amendment Preservation Act.”

For the most part, this Act follows in the footsteps of other Firearm Protection Acts in that it reasserts State Sovereignty in the protection of rights granted to the people by their Creator and Natural Law.

To wit:



STATEMENT OF INTENT – The intent of this legislation is to reject any and all power or influence or interference of and by the federal government regarding the right to keep and bear arms (including ammunition); and to prohibit federal actors from infringing on these rights within the borders of FLORIDA; and to prohibit state employees in aiding the federal actors from infringing on these rights; and to provide felonious penalties of such.


(a) The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads as follows, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

(b) The Constitution of the United States does not provide the federal government with the authority to impose acts, laws, orders, rules, or regulations relating to civilian-owned firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition.

(c) All federal acts, laws, orders, rules or regulations regarding civilian-owned firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition are in violation of the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution and the 10th Amendment of the United States Constitution.


It continues on with what specificially Florida won’t permit the Federal Gov. to do as well as penalties for federal agents who try to enforce federal anti gun laws in Florida.

The Act has recently garnered a resounding endorsement by my former colleagues at Gun Owners of America.

Why are such Acts as these important?

Because the 10th Amendment is important and yet has been ground under heel for more than a century.

The 10th doesn’t get all the sexy press like the 1st or 2nd but it is still an important one that states:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people

There are SO many laws that are doled out by the Federal Government that have been usurped from the states.  Among these include every single gun control law passed by Congress.

But you may say, “States like California love gun control, does the 10th give them that power?”

Not really.  While they have more claim to pass gun control in their state than the Federal Gov. has, they also have to ensure that the rights in the Constitution are upheld.  Hence the reason a state can’t give slavery another go.

The problem is that the only ones who can keep the unfettered tyranny in check (besides voters removing politicians from office) are the courts.  And with the courts too often they decide on their own biases and not on what is right and Constitutionally protected.

That is a matter for another time though.

For now, if you are a Floridian, contact your legislative rep and tell them that you support a Florida free from the squeezing grip of a rights’ infringing Federal Government.

If you are in a state that has yet to pass a form of the Firearms/2nd Amendment Protection Act, contact your representative and get the ball moving.

If enough states reassert their sovereignty then we can change our path from it’s current direction towards a Federally run tyrannical dictatorship.

To quote Rep Edward Rutledge from 1776:  A nation of sovereign states, Mr. Adams. United for our mutual protection, but… separate for our individual pursuits. Now, that is what we have understood it to be. And that is what we will support.


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  • don

    Obama an his menions have to stample the 2 an 10 admendent to futher their marixs ideas an WE let them–you see whats really wrong? US that’s what

  • Old_Gringo

    I am seriously considering moving back to Fl from Mexifornia. This is definitely a factor weighing in favor of my consideration.

    • Beach Dawg

      Add to that no Personal income Tax and only 6% Sales Tax. Thank yo uOrlando and Teh Brits for funding most of our State coffers.

    • ADRoberts

      Careful. There is a HEAVY population of people who WANT POWER AND CONTROL. Latins and Jews. Both think that they should be TOTALLY IN CHARGE.
      Look at what you have in California. Feinstein and Boxer are both Jews and the state mainly speaks spanish.

      • Guest

        We are getting invaded with the real people that want us dead and you worry about people that share and honor the God of you own faith??? Unless lack “FAITH”!!!

      • Rafael

        We have been invaded by the people who really want to kill us all(the muslims) and you worry about the ones that share our own FAITH??? The ones who believe in the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob??? Or you also lack in FAITH???

      • Jerry Rhoda

        Please be advised that most Jews now realize that if each Jew in Germany had a Mauser with a 20 round clip of ammunition that Hitler would be nothing more than a footnote in history. So, there may still be a few dummies who are ignorant of history, but whereas there is no cure for stupidity, we should educate those who are just ignorant and not hold a fixed opinion of Latinos and Jews as you espouse above.

    • Joe Mauro

      Kalifornia is most DEFINITELY THE MOST “FUBARED” State in America!!!!! The NEXT “POPULACE” Is INDIA, Then!!!Several Cities
      Obummer has only ONE CONCERN……….He’s GOT JUST ONE SHOT to IMPREGNATE AS MANY “CRABBY MICHELLES” as he possibly can!!!!!!

    • sunhawg

      I lived in Southern California for more than ten years back in the 60’s and 70’s and loved it. But now the crazies run the entire state. They can have it. I moved to Central Florida in the late 70’s and never looked back. Florida is great, low taxes and it is very gun friendly (over 1 million concealed weapons licensees).

  • Steve Harmon

    I love this state now, as I’m retired, I may take myself and my 15 guns and move away from “California North” otherwise known as Oregon. Good Job Florida, I salute you. Common sense in America, huh, who’d a thunk it.

  • Karll

    Good for FL. I’m a little surprised though, considering the number of lefties who’ve relocated there.

    • Betty4440

      yeh and they need to relocate again. if they are a dem. and want to take our guns. leave the state.

      • Egullsklaw

        They need to take Allen Grayson with-um when they go.

        • namvet382

          Grayson is a joke that’s not funny.

    • Beach Dawg

      Well we residents of Lower Alabama aka the Panhandle try to keep em in line

    • kkkahn

      The real dumb lefties fall into sinkholes, or gator pits, then we use their Prius’ for target backstops . . .

      • ArtBrownSr

        Bad idea as “BACKSTOPS” they don’t stop anything! Maybe use them to help fill the sinkholes.

    • Steve Harmon

      Lefties must be outnumbered, just like everywhere else in America. Problem is, too many lazy,whiny damned conservatives (so called) won’t get off their asses and do what Florida has done. Shame on you “fair weather” conservatives. Truth hurts, someone has to say it. Defund the GOP. Give only to and/or, make all of the US a little more like florida. VOTE!!! Whew, this soapbox is making me tired.

      • kkkahn

        Investing in the OTHER precious metal, (lead w/copper jacketing) seems like a wiser use of capital. I just prefer to “hold” my investments, while never missing a VOTE!

  • Jessi

    Any Conservative Pro Second Amendment supporters are welcome to join us in the Sunshine State. If you are a liberal tree-hugging progressive fascist you are not welcome – so don’t darken my State line with your Prius and tie-dyed t-shirts.

    • A. Levy

      Does that mean you folks will build a wall around Boca? 😉

      • axmickl

        If we have to.

      • sunhawg

        I think that might be a great idea. Should we include Palm Beach as well?

  • Beach Dawg

    If they are really serious they would make open carry legal

    • ADRoberts

      That might scare some air head liberal chick at the local Starbucks. (That happened in San Antonio and the POLICE CHIEF decided that since ONE WIMPY woman got scared, the carriers of long guns were COMMITTING disorderly conduct.
      Time for another police chief.

      • gatorbait51

        San Antonio’s Mayor is being groomed as the Hispanic Obama. It stands to reason his Police Chief would want to be Laventri Beria lite.

    • daniel oconnor

      Florida used to have open carry. It went away when the Disney Corporation decided that it might scare their customers.

    • axmickl

      During every state election, I make it a point to ask the state legislator candidates why Florida is one of only 6 states that require concealed cary. I have yet gotten an intelligent answer other that “I don’t know” when I ask why we don’t change it, they say nobody seems bothered by it. I guess I am the only one asking them.

  • Joe Mauro


  • cmjay

    Way to go FLORIDA. Next move – get rid of the BIG MOUTH and OBNOXIOUS Allen Grayson.

    • kkkahn

      His own party’s gonna do that. This was his STRIKE TWO!

    • Steve Harmon

      Well ya know…………”If I had a son………”. Greystoke has to be a Barry fav.

    • sunhawg

      If Obama had a son, he’d look just like Allen Grayson. It’s okay though, no one down here pays any attention to Grayson-he’s on his way out.

      • Don Merriam

        If Obama had a son, he’d look like a freaking manatee.

  • grannylake

    All State citizens should understand “nullification”.
    State citizens can nullify any unconstitutional Federal law, rule or regulation by exerting their authority by enforcing them.
    When enough citizens refuse to allow Washington to usurp their State’s authority by over-stepping the Constitution, Americans will start to regain our liberties and freedoms.

  • Chris McKenna

    I’d like to see Florida become an open-carry state.

    • Bullets First

      As an open carrier myself, so would I chris. Of the 5 non-open carry states left NY, Illinois, Florida, Texas and South Carolina, the last three just seem out of place on that list and the most like to change their stances.

      • daniel oconnor

        I believe that you may have left out Pennsylvania in that list. We recently had a gentleman arrested by the Philadelphia Police who ended up winning a lawsuit against them because the only charge that they could bring against him was that he was carrying openly. It seems that is not only legal here, but, the Philadelphia Police have a special directive to prevent false arrests like that!

        • Bullets First

          Daniel, not only am I an open carrier, but I am a Pennsylvanian open carrier so I know about Mr. Fiorino’s situation and was glad that he received some financial recompense. But that incident was some years ago with the trial ending in the spring of 2012. With the efforts of Fiorino, myself (in Pittsburgh I was unlawfully harassed by the police too) and others, the police finally amended the Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission Handbook.

          You can read the updated bit about OC here:

          You see, given enough people doing the right thing change will happen.

      • gatorbait51

        The last three are holdovers from the D legacy and there are still enough Dolts to slow the progress. Not to mention the entertainment media’s consistent anti-firearm drum beat in prime time. I think Texas will return to sanity first, possible Florida next. SC has to decide whether or not it wants to become Massachusetts with nicer weather.

        • Bullets First

          I like your breakdown gator and I think you are right on the order. Mass with nicer weather ha…i hope not.

          • gatorbait51

            Well, there are enough Dolts in Charleston and Greenville who’ve descended upon the Palmetto State from the Socialist Paradises in the Northeast so retard reality there. It’s sad .

            My state is considered too poor, backward and hot for them to infect. SC has been blessed/cursed with the nice balance of warm and cool.

    • axmickl

      Florida has a governor and Attorney general that created the travon martin fiasco. The local police didn’t want to file charges because they saw the act as self defense. Our Governor and AG sent in the hounds and created the biggest goof up in lrgal history. Thank god for decent jurors.

      • TPM4

        you got that right the as-hole showed his real colors he is a traitor and he has to go and we need to dis allow any others like him or worse to replace him including former gov’s

        • axmickl

          I presume former governor means Charlie christ. I wouldn’t vote for him for dog catcher. He is a joke that switches positions and parties as often as we switch underwear . I would like to see Allen West or some other real patriot occupy that office.

          • Bandit

            Maybe you can use him as a gator catcher or maybe even a snake catcher.

          • Ralph

            Thanks too nice and dangerous a position… Gator/snake catchers have the guts to catch gators and snakes. These weasel politicians have no backbone to stand for right thinking policies or for confronting the lies of Constitutional deconstructionist.

      • roscoe bob coletrain

        I think the gov was forced to allow an investigation into the martin shooting EVEN though everyone here in fla. knew it was self defense. he did not want any cloud of impropriety surrounding the shooting——–and of course the blacks were being riled up that dumb assed pair j Jackson and al Sharpton (two PIMPS for the black minority). as for the people that want to try to change OUR laws I say come on the swamps near where I live need more gator food——i’ll take ya’ll out there but u won’t come back!!!! have a nice day!

        • axmickl

          The governor wasn’t forced to do anything. He simply crumbled before the noise of the gun grabbers and the blacks. He forgot that there are a lot more whites here in Florida and we can be riled up just as easily as blacks.

          • roscoe bob coletrain

            I disagree with your point of view—–but that is what AMERICA is all about the rights to disagree and have different points of view!

    • FBAshplant

      I have been a Florida resident and have had a license to carry for many year. I believe our founders would approve of universal open carry but for me I like the element of surprise afforded by concealed carry. I think it should be optional.

      • axmickl

        I don’t mind the concealed concept all that much. What I hate is if any part of your weapon shows accidentally some thug cop will go ballistic and turn it into a disaster. I don’t want to give these blue suited jackasses any excuse to bully the public.

    • namvet382

      The problem with open carry is the criminals know you are armed. If I was a criminal and saw someone with a gun, I would walk on by and then shoot you in the back of the head. If they don’t think your armed, they are more likely to do a face-to-face confrontation. You would have a better chance face-to-face.

      • Chris McKenna

        That would be true if, and only if, the criminal intended to shoot regardless of any other concerns. If he planned only to rob, he would be more likely to pass you by rather than engage.

  • Larry Cowden

    Too bad the “Nanny York” state doesn’t understand anything about the Constitution and Bill of Rights. All those gutless Damocrats care about is passing more and more controls over every aspect of its’ citizens lives and rights. Led by Cuntmo and Boobberg, they (Damocratic polecats) march to their own agendas and don’t give a dam about what anyone else thinks. They even export it to other states as seen by Boobberg’s campaigns on everything from gun control to how schools should be run.

    • Ernest Borowicz

      When we get a conservative Attorney General, instead of one who ignores the Constitution, they should sue New York and California for violating the Constitutional Rights of their citizens!

  • vicki

    But you may say, “States like California love gun control, does the 10th give them that power?”
    But you may say, “States like California love gun control, does the 10th give them that power?”
    But you may say, “States like California love gun control, does the 10th give them that power?”

    • Bullets First

      You’re correct VIcki, that is why I mentioned that States cannot “give slavery another go”. The part you quoted was just a rhetorical device to expand on the point.

  • SapientHetero

    Here’s a thought for you… the US Constitution doesn’t give the courts the power to determine whether laws are constitutional or not; the fact that this happens today is the result of a power grab by then-Chief Justice John Marshall in the case Marbury v. Madison.

    I see absolutely no reason states could not claim the same power based on the authority granted them by the 10th Amendment, provided that they pass a law explaining the mechanism(s) to be used and the basis on which decisions are to be made.

    This would cancel out the tendency of liberal federal judges to legislate from the bench. It would also have the effect of redistributing the power that has been dangerously accumulating in far too few hands in Washington DC back to the states. Socialists love centralized power, especially when it is not effectively restrained by the rule of law.

    • Phrank stein

      How shocking to see on these blogs. Someone else that knows some case law and has read and understands the Constitution. In fact Jefferson threatened to remove the Marshall court from power using the army if necessary

      • Herschel

        Yes and that’s why 11 founding father’s did not sign constitution they wanted more restriction’s on the gov. body

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  • setemfree

    Looks like you are making it very appealing for us Damn Yankees from upstate New York to move to Florida.

  • doug

    comrade zero said “my [commie-care] is a law, you can’t touch it, leave it alone”, I say “the 2nd amendment is a law, YOU leave it alone” !!!

  • GrumpyOleMan

    It is unfortunate that the Lib-turds keep the words of the U.S. Constitution from our children and grandchildren. Then again, I’m not sure Lib-turds have enough grey matter to be ABLE to read the simple, short document our country was founded with.

  • James Foley

    This is still in the Citizen Petition stage and nothing has been enacted in Florida’s legislature. Copies of the citizen resolution have been submitted to legislators but as of this moment, there is no record of any movement in the Florida legislature. See the following link for a list of Florida Reps and Senators who received a copy of the petition.

  • Rafael

    C’mon Indiana, just follow suit and do what a “Patriot State” should do!!! Hopefully all states will follow!!!

  • Vince Fox

    This is how laws in regards to rights should be written. It doesn’t impose anything upon another, it simply limits the government from imposing on another. Compare that to the laws we are seeing in regards to the supposed “right” to healthcare and it’s easy to distinguish rights from mandates.

  • Steve Harmon

    Now there is a State Government to be proud of. Good for you, you lucky bast*rds. I’m envious.

  • CaptTurbo

    I’ve never been more pleased to be a Floridian!

  • Medic01

    I am a Texan and live in a county where the Sheriff has warned that he will arrest and jail anyone who tries to confiscate legally-owned firearms. But the State seems to be sliding left and is toying with Obamageddon-style gun controls. We’ll see.

  • Pride as a Floridian is OK but please remember: It ain’t law yet. There is a pile of work to do betwen the drafting of an act and it’s passage (without being adulterated!) Better get busy!

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  • mudslide

    Doesn’t the 2nd Amnt already cover our rights?
    How sad is this!

  • MontieR

    WOW, Absolutely correct.

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  • Don Merriam

    You have to love Florida! They’ve been proving the liberals wrong for over 25 years with their pro-gun legislation. When they pioneered “shall issue CCW” legislation back in 1987, all the liberals clained the “Sunshine State” would become the “Gunshine State” overnight. Didn’t happen. What did happen was was rapes dropped 50% in the first year alone in Dade County once the law went into effect. For those of you who don’t know, Dade County’s DA was Janet Reno at the time and she had the lowest conviction rate of any Florida DA. That “accomplishment” sure made her worthy of being appointed Bill Clinton’s Attorney General, didn’t it?

  • HDMD1992

    The Sunshine State moves to fortify the 2nd Amendment against Federal infringements
    This is the way it should always stay

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