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The hypocrisy of gun controllers and the fallout

Adam Kokesh

Adam Kokesh (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

I just read an interesting article where political activist Adam Kokesh pled guilty to possessing a gun in DC.

Adam Kokesh, the political activist who posted a video of himself pumping a shotgun near the White House, has pleaded guilty to weapons and drug charges.

The 31-year-old Kokesh admitted in a D.C. Superior Court on Wednesday to charges of carrying a shotgun, possession of an unregistered firearm, and unlawful possession of ammunition. He also pleaded guilty to a separate charge of possession of marijuana.

U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen Jr. applauded the conviction, pointing out that law enforcement officers put their lives on the line to protect national government facilities, landmarks and public servants working in the city.

“Their jobs are hard enough without irresponsible people intentionally coming into the District of Columbia to brandish a loaded shotgun in the heart of the nation’s capital,” Machen said in a release. “There are consequences to anyone who flagrantly abuses our city’s gun and drug laws.”

You can read the article in its entirety here.

In case you aren’t familiar with Mr. Kokesh, he initially gained a level of notoriety in proposing an armed march across the Potomic from Alrington Virginia into Washington DC as a showing of civil disobedience at the draconian gun laws that still plague the Nation’s Capital.  In lieu of the march though, he decided that he himself would go to DC and videotape himself with a shotgun.

And so he did and he posted the civil disobedience on youtube.

While he does come across a bit crazy, sounding crazy does not mean being crazy.

I’m not going to say whether I support his actions or not.  What I will say is that the hypocrisy that the gun controllers in DC have shown and spoken to with regards to this situation is disgusting.

Let’s start with Obama appointed US Attorney Ronald Machen Jr and his statements which apparently only effect normal citizens.

Ronald Machen, United States Attorney

Ronald Machen, United States Attorney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“There are consequences to anyone who flagrantly abuses our city’s gun and drug laws.”

You are a liar, Mr. Machen Jr.  The truth is there are only consequences when you are only a citizen, but politicians and connected individuals get special treatment.

On two separate occasions both Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Meet the Press host David Gregory knowingly broke DC gun laws in order to prove a point.  Much like Kokesh broke the law to make a point.

Yet, while Kokesh faces more than 5 years in prison, neither Feinstein or Gregory faced ANY type of punishment.

To refresh the incidents I refer to, first, when rolling out the new assault weapons bill that Feinstein introduced in January she used so called “assault” weapons as props.  The only problem is that they are ILLEGAL to possess in Washington DC.  After the fallout of this discover…you know, that some people think laws should apply to members of Congress too…Feinstein claimed she got “special permission” and as such didn’t have to follow the law.

Oddly enough, even if “special permission” was a real thing she didn’t get it until AFTER the fact.  Must be nice.

For Gregory, during an interview with NRA President Wayne LaPierre last December, he wanted to make a point and used high-capacity magazines as a prop.  ALSO ILLEGAL in DC.  Yet, did David Gregory get arrested or face any type of repercussion for his wanton breaking of the law?

Just like Feinstein, Gregory’s crime was just swept under the rug a la: “Move along move along, nothing to see here” style.

Apparently, Kokesh faces a marijuana charge from a different incident when a joint was found on him.  While I do not condone the use of drugs myself, he faces an additional 180 days in prison for it.  Former DC Mayor Marion Barry was caught red handed on tape during a drug bust.   Barry was charged with three felony counts of perjury, 10 counts of drug possession, and one misdemeanor count of conspiracy to possess cocaine; total time in prison – 180 days.

I never met Adam Kokesh, so I cannot tell you what kind of man he is.  What I can say is that if he were a gun control fanatic and did his demonstration to show how easily it was to get a loaded shotgun into DC and said that showed how MORE gun control was needed, most likely the entire matter would have been swept under the rug with the help of strong allies such as Dianne Feinstein and the liberal DC media and elite.

Because when it comes down to it, the only real difference between what Feinstein and Gregory did compared to what Kokesh did was not in their actions but rather in their messages.  All three are guilty according to DC law, yet the only one paying for his “crime” is the one who believes in gun rights and not gun control.

Beware when you go to DC, for you are entering The Hypocrisy Zone.


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  • chamuiel

    “march across the Potomic from Alrington Virginia.”

    say what? I see no one proofreads these articles.

    Again, Kokesh is an idiot and more than likely a paid obamabot.

    • David in Dallas

      If he were a “paid obamabot” he wouldn’t be facing 5 1/2 years of prison….

      • angrymike

        Its fine time for the ppl to wake up and start building gallows in down town DC…..

    • rwp24382

      He made the statement to have been with either the Fourth or Labor Day to be the day of the march. It was to have people carrying weapons in the open in a walk to DC and then turn around and go back. While I did agree with the concept of the march, I did think carrying a weapon in the open was a bad idea, because the police would probably be there to confiscate any weapons brought into the city. I said that the people should carry cardboard weapons in protest. I think that most people thought this would be a suicide mission. Shortly before the march, Kokesh said he would not have the march, yet showed up on his own and had his picture taken in a few spots in DC. It was a dumb idea, at this time.

      • bulletsfirst

        Confiscating firearms would be the least of it, I wouldn’t be surprised if some trigger happy cops just open fired or some gun control element lit a firework in order to induce the cops violent reaction.

  • goyaathle

    Also they will put you in prison in DC for just having an empty cartridge on your person or a bullet on a chain. If you really want to go to jail have a knife that looks like a bullet that is good for five years. If we do not stand up to these idiots they will push too far and a bloody civil war will be the outcome. We must either vote these anticonstitutional politicians out of office or the next step will either be tar and feathers and pitchforks or they will put all of us who still believe in the constitution in prison.

  • MontieR

    This is liberal lunacy at it’s best. There is NO law that can legally allow ANY government OR their agents to regulate ANY of our God given rights. ANY and ALL gun laws on the books are ILLEGAL.
    Our constitution prohibits the government, (any) government from regulating ANY of our rights. Shall NOT be infringed, needs NO interpretation, it means exactly that. Only someone with an agenda of control could possibly try to convince us of anything different.

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