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Gabby Giffords Wages War on the Constitution…Gets Warship Named After Her…huh?

Somehow this little tidbit had passed under my radar when it was first released but Gabrielle Giffords, controller and limiter of American Liberty is having an Independence Class littoral combat ship named after her.

Previously it was just a hypothetical name as the Navy had only planned to build 2 ships of that class, the lead ship Independence and the second ship Coronado.  But with the near completion of the Coronado the Navy has announced plans to build an additional 10 Independence class ships with the 5th being named the USS Gabrielle Giffords.

The irony that a ship in a class called Independence would be named after a woman who is making it her life’s work to deny the ability of regular American citizens to be independent of government control is laughable.

Do I have a problem with politicians having ships named after them?  No.  But let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that Giffords deserves any similar treatment to John F. Kennedy, Teddy Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan.

She is a relatively no-name congresswoman who got shot in the face and then decided to wage a campaign against the 2nd Amendment.  If she had decided to become champion of gun rights after the shooting I doubt the powers that be would be naming a warship after her, nor would I be advocating for it to do so.  But this is just another bone thrown to gun control zealots to give their darling of the hour some crumbs, regardless of how ridiculous it is.

Now, if you want an unarmed hospital ship to be named the Gabby Giffords that makes some semblance of sense but in naming an armed warship after this freedom hating gun control zealot is just perverse.  It also reinforces the notion that guns are ok ONLY so long as the government is the only one who has them.

Gabby Giffords stands against everything that the might of the US Military is supposed to be against.  The tyranny and subjugation of the people.  Some 200+ years ago we kicked tyrants out of our country…nowadays we’re naming ships after them.

Anyone else seeing this?


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  • disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2

    Gabby Giffords: Shot by one of her own murdering liberals, now she’s one of their STUPID USEFUL IDIOT TOOLS!

    • bulletsfirst

      Valid point. It’s always funny how liberals love to assume mass shooters are right wingers and will pontificate on that assumption ad nauseam in the press, but once it is revealed they are liberal Obama supporters the left seems to shut up completely about the shooters political inclinations.

  • durabo

    Our next warship will be named after Barack Hussein: the “USS Raging Queen”

  • TexTopCat

    We need to change administrations.

    • Chairman_C

      Ahhh. You do realize that this administration is in its second term–right? And that as a consequence there will be a change of administration, right? Stop sprinkling lead on your cornflakes, brainboy.

  • Chuck S

    Who will shoot the hole in the bridge, so they can patch it up and operate the ship in a degraded mode for the rest of it’s service life? What ship will sail along with it and tell it what to say and do?

    And no, it’s not too soon.

  • ramrodd

    Gabby is a confiscation tool for the regime….treasonous

  • allen

    the Little Crappy Ships are undergunned, underpowered, and useless.

    yeah, sounds about right.

  • BuyAShotgun

    Imagine doing service on this bada$$ and having to tell people it’s called the Gabby Gifford. Might as well call it the worthless whore. by the way, the dude that shot her went through a background check and passed it. Now she’s pushing for universal background checks that don’t work and she’s proof of it.

    • Chairman_C

      When you do buy that shotgun–your mouth is the best place to put it. And hurry up about it.

  • Stephen Bennett

    I have started a petition to put a halt to this heinous injustice. These ships should be named after fallen heros, U. S. Serviceman and Servicewomen, who sacrificed their lives in defense of the nation and the preservation of Libert, not some unfortunate victim of a crime who is using her victim status and public sympathy to restrict, abridge, and violate American’s God-given rights!
    Please click on this link and sign this petition immediately. Promote on our blogs, Facebooks, Twitter accounts, Instagram, etc. We can prevent this! Get moving now.

    Thank you!

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