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President Trump to Review Ban on Military Personnel Carrying Firearms

“So we want to protect our military. We want to make our military stronger and better than it’s ever been,” Trump continued in the speech, in which he also renewed his call for allowing trained teachers and military retirees to carry concealed weapons in schools.

Mattis Wastes No Time On First Day; Bombs ISIS Thirty-One Times

On his first workday, Secretary of Defense James Mattis wasted no time by dropping the bomb on ISIS. Well, actually it was 31 sorties of bombs and he was droppin em like they was hot.

Obama tells WW2 Vets to “Get Over It” when Japanese PM visits Pearl Harbor

If they want to be bitter more power to them because frankly, they deserve the right to feel however the hell they want and Obama can go to hell if he wants to try and strong arm these heroes into feeling anything different.

Tip of the Cap to SAS Sniper on his 100th ISIS Kill

He is a sniper with Britain’s Special Air Service (SAS), the UK’s equivalent to the US Delta Force. This sniper is a veteran in both the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but has been planting ISIS fighters by the dozens in recent months.

General Petraeus? More like General Betray-us. Anti Gunner Considered For Trumps Cabinet

General Petraeus has teamed up with Mark Kelly and his radical anti gun wife Gabrielle Giffords to co-found the “Veterans Coalition for Common Sense.” Namely an organization that tries to use this country’s love and respect for its veterans to shred and disregard the Bill of Rights that those same veterans sacrificed so much for in order to defend.

UNACCEPTABLE: One-third of calls to the VA Suicide Hotline go unanswered

In February of this year, the VA Inspector General report found that some veterans who were in desperate need of help called the VA Suicide Hotline only to find that their calls went to voicemail or never received immediate action

The Bloodiest Day In American History – Antietam

Over the course of 8 hours, the Battle of Antietam was over and around 23,000 soldiers lay dead or wounded or they were missing. The Battle of Antietam was the bloodiest single day battle in American history.

Air Force Gets It’s Head Out of the Clouds Concerning Guns On Base

Earlier this month the head honchos of the Air Force sent out a letter to all base commanders informing them that they can allow service members to carry their own personal sidearms while on base, whether on duty or not, in uniform or out.

PROOF that Wounded Warrior Project uses less than 52% of donations to help vets

I wrote an article at the end of 2014 “Stop Donating To The Wounded Warrior Project – They’re a Fraud” discussing how little of the donations that the Wounded Warrior Project gets actually goes to helping veterans in need. From the hundreds of comments that article received, a vase majority of people echoed their own personal frustration in dealing with the Wounded Warrior Project and how they were made to feel more like stage props for fundraising campaigns than actual human beings in need. Of course, there were a few vehement, “head in the sand” supporters of the WWP who accused me of being anti veteran (even though I am a vet myself) and of anyone who said anything bad about the WWP as being ungrateful or having a nefarious ulterior motive. Even when I engaged these blind followers and told them about how the breakdown of money is spent they...

The Military Doesn’t Win Wars with Flowers and Peace Signs

In today’s article I’m going to enlighten you on what it looks like when a group of politicians have their heads crammed so far up their fourth point of contact all they breathe in is their out fetid absurdity. In Milford, Michagan, a suburb of Dertroit, a planned monument dedicated to the memory of fallen military personnel is currently up in the air because heaven forbid, the monument had a RIFLE in it. To be more specific, the sculpture of a battlefield cross at the end of the walkway of the memorial. For those of you who may not be familiar with the battlefield cross, it is a miltary helmet adorned with dog tags atop the stock of a rifle, the rifle pointed down to the ground into a pair of combat boots to memorialize fallen soldiers.  The photo below may give a clearer idea:   It is a tradition...

Heartwarming tale of respect for a WW2 Veteran

It always touches me when a random act of kindness is displayed to one of America’s veterans. Especially when the veteran in question either spent his time punching Nazis in the face or shooting Kamikazes out of the sky. In this case the veteran in question was one of the latter. From Sons of Liberty: A 92-year-old World War II veteran Robert Niemen was just wanting to have a meal with his son and a couple of other people for his birthday at Outback Steakhouse. However, what he experienced was an incredible display of respect and honor for a man that provided an incredible service for his country in time of need. Bob Niemen, the son of the World War II veteran, wrote to Opposing Views about what happened at the Sebring, Florida Outback Steakhouse. “I did 27 years on the Police Dept. and people never cease to amaze...

Brown University Student Spews Hatred Toward the ROTC

Misunderstanding the term  “Liberal” Arts, Brown University student Peter Makhlouf ’16 took his own biases and hatred to the extreme in a column he wrote for the University’s paper, The Brown Daily Herald.  The target of Makhlouf’s ire…the ROTC program. Basically Makhlouf’s column calls for the University to ban all ROTC activities from campus.  So much for the notion of the free exchange of ideas and freedom to choose.  Makhlouf is of the liberal ilk that believes that everyone has the right to do as they please, so long as they agree with him. From his article: “It’s a bit disillusioned to think that Brown students should be exposed to every potential career — even more unthinkable to assume that they should be exposed to all potential military careers.” So yeah, according to Makhlouf, if you want to be a Community Organizer, a Communist Philosopher or a lawyer defending NAMBLA...

Phoenix Patriot Foundation – Everything the Wounded Warrior Project Isn’t

As you may have recall I wrote an article at the end of last year exposing the Wounded Warrior Project for the minuscule amount of donations that actually go to programs meant to help veterans.  I also highlighted a number of veterans who felt like props and fundraising tools rather than actually getting help. Plus there’s the fact that the Wounded Warrior Project is against the 2nd Amendment. You can read all about it here: Stop Donating to the Wounded Warrior Project – They’re a Fraud Among the hundreds of comments from other veterans who agreed with the article and shared their own stories of being pawns in the WWP’s end game of making money, a number of people asked “what is an alternative organization I can give to in order to help vets?” A reader emailed me directly and told me to look into the Phoenix Patriot Foundation.  ...

The A-10 Warthog Faces Scrapyard Despite Successes in War Against Terror

For those of you who don’t know what the A-10 is, it is the only United States Air Force production aircraft designed solely for close air support, including attacking tanks, armored vehicles, and other ground targets.  In short the A-10 Thunderbolt is a an up close and personal angel from above that has bailed a lot of troops out of hairy situations over the years. The A-10’s reputation for toughness and getting down and dirty with the enemy has acquired it the moniker the “A-10 Warthog” which it is almost universally referred to as. While F-16’s, F-15’s and the new F-22 Raptor are the Porsche’s, Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s of the sky, the A-10 is a bad ass, hardcore, suped up dump truck made for the zombie apocalypse. Let me explain the previous sentence.  The planes I mentioned were built as the premiere flying machines that could be used for war.  The...

Response To Michael Moore’s Mouth Drooling Idiocy (Video)

Michael Moore really doesn’t matter.  He’s a slovenly obese, anti gun, America hating, soldier bashing piece of filth whose been irrelevant for years. The fact that I have to spend any time discussing him turns my stomach. But I’m not about to give him a pass on bad mouthing snipers the entire US Military with his asinine comments that he is trying like hell to back away from. In case you missed it, Moore, after seeing that American Sniper was going to pretty much put to shame any movie that Moore ever “created” in terms of people actually going to see it and that it was based on a true story rather than the set ups that Moore’s “documentaries” take decided to lash out. Take a careful look at what he said.  Seems most people are focusing on him calling the brave soldier and marines, who go alone (or...

0 for 29 Women Have Passed Marine Officer Infantry Training; Why That’s A Good Thing

Two more female officers dropped out of the Marines Infantry Officer Course after day one, taking the total of females who attempted and subsequently failed at 29 total.  I think this is great. Now, some of you may think that I am against women serving in combat roles.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I think if there are women who are capable and are willing to put their lives on the line in order to defend this country, more power to them. What I am AGAINST is the endangering of Marines and Soldiers due to political correctness that would have the standards lowered just so some feminazi can put a feather in her cap and crow about how women can do everything a man can. By and large though, that is just not the truth.  Men and women are created differently with different strengths and weaknesses.  Are...

The VA Tries To Trick Veterans Into Adding Their Firearms To A Federal Registry

Any rational minded person understands that the reason you have a firearm registry is in order to make it easier to confiscate those weapons later.  I mean, a registry doesn’t stop crime, it doesn’t help solve crimes either unless someone actually LEAVES the gun behind, and it doesn’t make anyone safer. What it does do is give the Federal Government an EZ Pass on the highway of tyranny.  This is of extra import when it comes to military veterans as the Obama administration has all ready made it clear that  it views veterans as a terrorist subset of Americans. Case in point, Operation Vigilant Eagle, a program launched by the Department of Homeland Security in 2009.  Military veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are being characterized as extremists and potential domestic terrorist threats because they may be “disgruntled, disillusioned or suffering from the psychological effects of war.” How easy is it to...

Stop Donating To The Wounded Warrior Project – They’re A Fraud

Update at the bottom During this Christmas and New Year’s season the gift of charity swells in the hearts of many.  And who better to benefit from that charity than those who have literally given life and limb for the freedom and liberty we possess today than the veterans who stood tall when their nation called on them? When people donate money they expect that the majority of it will go to the actual cause and not line the pockets of some corporate hack or grease the wheels to enable extravagant parties.  Unforunately, when it comes to the Wounded Warrior Project, the people who have been so generous with their donations have been bamboozled and the veterans in need have been placed, as one veteran put it, into a “dog and pony show.” For full disclosure, I have been against the Wounded Warrior Project ever since they came out...