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Heartwarming tale of respect for a WW2 Veteran

It always touches me when a random act of kindness is displayed to one of America’s veterans.

Especially when the veteran in question either spent his time punching Nazis in the face or shooting Kamikazes out of the sky.

In this case the veteran in question was one of the latter.

From Sons of Liberty:

A 92-year-old World War II veteran Robert Niemen was just wanting to have a meal with his son and a couple of other people for his birthday at Outback Steakhouse. However, what he experienced was an incredible display of respect and honor for a man that provided an incredible service for his country in time of need.

Bob Niemen, the son of the World War II veteran, wrote to Opposing Views about what happened at the Sebring, Florida Outback Steakhouse.

“I did 27 years on the Police Dept. and people never cease to amaze me in bad & good ways,” Nieman wrote in a message to Opposing Views. “My Dad is my hero & this was I think more of a happy moment for me than him, seeing someone appreciate him in this way actually brought a [sic] tears to my eyes.”

So, what happened that touched him so much?

When the bill came, which totaled $58.59, it was paid in full and some anonymous patrons wrote, “Thank you for your service!!” signing it, “Very Grateful Americans.”

Bob Niemen recounted the story:

“I wheeled my dad in & sat him down as I usually do,” Nieman explained. “I noticed this 1 couple across from us watching [and] 10 minutes later they were gone. Thinking no more about it we started offing our food with the waiter as we were doing so he said to all of us, ‘Don’t Worry about the bill it’s already been taken [care] of because of this man service to our country.’ My dad was at the time wearing his Lexington Hat like he always does started beaming from ear to ear. My mom asked who did this & the waiter said, ‘Don’t worry they already left but they wanted to make sure you all were taken care of.’ Me being the ex-cop I am had to know and pressed him some more. ‘It wasn’t the couple sitting at that table?’ I asked, ‘the couple I noticed earlier?’ He told me yes, it was…how did I know? ‘Just a good guess, I said.’” 

You can read the entire article and see a photo of the gunner of the USS Lexington here: World War II Veteran Gets Unexpected Respect from Outback Steakhouse

The sad truth of it is that the generation that defended this nation against the insanity of the Nazi’s and the imperial ambitions of the Japanese are dwindling in number as they enter their final reward.

There will come a time when they are no more heroes to salute from the largest war in mankinds history.  If you get the chance, pay it back because they sure as hell paid it forward.

I don’t mean you have to pick up their tab (though a good and generous notion) but a simple thank you is nice.  They earned it.

  • 0hiojoe

    I tried to do this same thing for a B-17 door gunner that I met at the cash register of Cracker Barrel a few years back but he would not hear of it.We had a nice conversation about his tours and my time in the Air Force.

    • infadelicious

      Everyone should thank a veteran when they see one. If they want to talk about it, let them and have your kids listen. What fascinating history lessons and stories they have. You have no idea how much they appreciate it yet are so humble. When I went to see America by Dinesh D’Souza, It was an afternoon showing and there were only about 35 people in the audience and an elderly veteran was there -one man stood up in the middle of the theatre afterwards to thank him and all other veterans-everyone applauded The veteran, James stood by the door and shook hands with everyone in the theatre as they left..His wife beamed proudly and he told me how he had been so disheartened with the way America was going recently but he was assured by the people he met that day that there were indeed patriotic Americans that would preserve everything they fought for. God bless America
      BTW Joe…………Cracker Barrel? yummy- ask for grandmas breakfast…. not on most CB menus but they will make it for you

      • 0hiojoe

        That sure looks better than what I had for dinner in the chow hall over here. My trips to Cracker Barrel are down to whenever I do get to go home for a vacation. They need to have one set up in downtown Kabul and give free samples of Bacon. I am sure the locals here would feel better about the world in general if they ever ate some real hickory cured Bacon!

        • infadelicious

          Sorry Joe, I forgot you were in the belly of the beast . There must be a way to drop ship some bacon for the folks serving over there? . I do believe bacon is as vital to life as air and water and i hope you get home soon to have a slab or two- . 😉

          • 0hiojoe

            Oh they feed us pretty good in the chow hall, they even have bacon on occasion. That is one thing they do feed the troops decent.

          • infadelicious

            Great. I am glad to hear that Joe. It’s nice to hear from someone over there and i like reading your posts, thanks for your service and your thoughts. . 😉

          • 0hiojoe

            Well I have met some great people plus this is great sport tormenting trolls and it does pass the time.

          • infadelicious

            It certainly is interesting and tormenting trolls can be fun. It’s like verbal whack-a’re pretty good at it- . 😉

          • 0hiojoe

            I need some practice let me go find kyro!

          • infadelicious

            Morning to you Joe. Don’t be too hard on kyro, he’s pretty much done. Stick another fork in him

          • Yadja

            Hey my friend, in between this and that since the ceremony this AM for medals.

            Things went well and had a good time speaking with my Congressman. He is an honest, humble and filled with grit and fights for Vets and his Constituents. Talks to everybody. It was a small affair for Vets and I loved it.

            Wore the red stilettos and really glad I dressed to the nines. You know the other situation he is handling with the big nasty government? Just found out today the Bill when it passes will be named after my last name….me. I teared at that one.

            You see my friend something good always comes from something bad with me. It is like my Daddy in the Sky says OK kid here comes, gonna hit you so hard it knocks you over and you get up and figure out why. LOLOLOL

            I am bruised from head to toe. OK gotta run later.

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