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The Military Doesn’t Win Wars with Flowers and Peace Signs

In today’s article I’m going to enlighten you on what it looks like when a group of politicians have their heads crammed so far up their fourth point of contact all they breathe in is their out fetid absurdity.

In Milford, Michagan, a suburb of Dertroit, a planned monument dedicated to the memory of fallen military personnel is currently up in the air because heaven forbid, the monument had a RIFLE in it.

To be more specific, the sculpture of a battlefield cross at the end of the walkway of the memorial.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the battlefield cross, it is a miltary helmet adorned with dog tags atop the stock of a rifle, the rifle pointed down to the ground into a pair of combat boots to memorialize fallen soldiers.  The photo below may give a clearer idea:

battlefield cross respects


It is a tradition that dates back to the Civil War.  But apparently, that isn’t good enough for some politicians in Milford who got their panties in a bunch because their irrational hatred of all things firearm related is making them cause a stink and try to get the sculpture tossed out.

Some members of Milford’s Village Council’s parks and recreation commission think that the icon is not “appropriate” for the park.

Milford Village Manager Christian Wuerth spoke on those anonymous concerns stating:

There was some concern from a couple of members regarding the specifici memorial that’s proposed.  Specificially the gun.  They understood the history and meaning; they just didn’t feel it was appropriate for that specific location.

Fortunately, the entire council aren’t a bunch of sniveling gun hating idiots as councilwoman Jennifer Frankford levied out some good sense:

If it wasn’t for the boots and the gun and the helmet, we wouldn’t have all the freedoms we have.

This sentiment is echoed by Bear Hall, a veteran Marine who heads the local chapter of Friends of American Veterans and who propsed the battlefield cross to begin with:

Everyone’s thinking the same thing we’re thinking: We didn’t win the war by throwing sticks and stones.

The scuplture will be debated publically on April 20th and Hall plans on bringing a number of people who will try and talk some sense into the council.  I recommend to any of my readers in the area to stop in and lend your support.


  • usncb

    You know that the pats during the Rev. War used rifles and in all wars since. I guess if you have a memorial to Gen. Mtrs it would be a bowl of oranges in a woven basket. Because cars and trucks kill people driven by nut cases so you must not show a motor vehicle in the memorial. Rifles made this nation great, hence the 2nd Amendment. The Fathers were not stupid.

  • 0hiojoe

    They always display an M-4, boots, a helmet and dog tags for the fallen Military men. I went to a memorial service on FOB Spin Boldak in southern Afghanistan, four Soldiers died in an IED attack when their MRAP was destroyed. During the service the First Sergeant did a roll call for his Platoon, calling out each members name. The men that were present shouted out “here First Sergeant” in reply, but when he got to the names of the Soldiers that were killed, and received no answer, by the time he got to the last name, everyone was openly weeping. I am so sick of people who know nothing of how the Military functions trying to force their ideals upon us. If you don’t understand something that is tradition in the Military just stand by quietly and be respectful for the Fallen as they gave their lives for you.

    • Numb3rTech

      May God bless us all. The fallen, the surviving and the idiots that do not know better. The Military swears to follow the Constitution and many lives are lost to preserve our freedom. Thank you, 0hiojoe, for such a respectful reply. It truly brought tears to my eyes and a prayer in my heart for all.

      • 0hiojoe

        Yes that was a sad day that I do not think I will ever forget, The Platoon theme song was “Low Rider” an old hit from the 1970’s and whenever I hear it now I think of these Brave Men!


    It seems we battle all of mans ills from behind the desk of the truly small minded people.

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