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Stop Donating To The Wounded Warrior Project – They’re A Fraud

Update at the bottom

During this Christmas and New Year’s season the gift of charity swells in the hearts of many.  And who better to benefit from that charity than those who have literally given life and limb for the freedom and liberty we possess today than the veterans who stood tall when their nation called on them?

When people donate money they expect that the majority of it will go to the actual cause and not line the pockets of some corporate hack or grease the wheels to enable extravagant parties.  Unforunately, when it comes to the Wounded Warrior Project, the people who have been so generous with their donations have been bamboozled and the veterans in need have been placed, as one veteran put it, into a “dog and pony show.”

For full disclosure, I have been against the Wounded Warrior Project ever since they came out as being against the 2nd Amendment.  That is not some perceived imagined slight, WWP has stated that as a fact.  Via their director of public relations Leslie Coleman, the Wounded Warrior Project staked their position with regards to the 2nd Amendment thus after refusing to go on the Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk national radio show:

“While we appreciate the interest in having a WWP representative on your show on Veterans Day we are not able to participate in interviews or activities with media/organizations that are related to firearms.”

So basically, if you have anything to do with firearms, the Wounded Warrior Project doesn’t want anything to do with you.

Every since then I have told believers in the 2nd Amendment to take their donations elsewhere.

But now, I have discovered that on top of being against the 2nd Amendment, the Wounded Warrior Project is a legal scam in which the vast chunk of donations made to them go to executive salaries and lavish parties and the veterans they claim to help, by and large, are given trivial trinkets and used as fodder for photo ops.

During an interview with the Daily Beast, a double amputee veteran of the Iraq war spoke candidly:

“They’re more worried about putting their label on everything than getting down to brass tacks. It’s really frustrating.”

“Everything they do is a dog-and-pony show, and I haven’t talked to one of my fellow veterans that were injured… actually getting any help from the Wounded Warrior Project. I’m not just talking about financial assistance; I’m talking about help, period.”

Another soldier, Sam, an active duty soldier with Special Forces gave voice to what he sees as the problem:

“In the beginning, with Wounded Warrior, it started as a small organization and evolved into a beast.  It’s become so large and such a massive money-maker…the organization cares about nothing more than raising money and “keeping up an appearance” for the public with superficial displays like wounded warrior parking spots at the Walmart.”

A veterans’ advocate spoke their concern stating:

“They’re laser-focused on making money to help vets, but forgetting to help vets.  It’s becoming one of the best known charities in America—and they’re not spending their money very well.”

A second veterans’ advocate echoed that concern:

“It’s more about the Wounded Warrior Project and less about the wounded warrior.”

Ken Davis, a veteran from Arizona says that he is considered an “alumni” of the WWP even though he doesn’t want to be associated with the organization and that the WWP uses him to bolster their numbers fraudulantly.  He questions the WWP:

“I receive more marketing stuff from them, [and see more of that] than the money they’ve put into the community here in Arizona.  It’s just about numbers and money to them. Never once did I get the feeling that it’s about veterans.”

He could have used a ride to a VA facility for health care, he said. But rather than receive practical assistance from the WWP, he got a branded fleece beanie.

“They’re marketing, they’re spending money—but on what?”

Speaking of how the WWP spends its money, how does that break down?

Only 48 to 58 cents of every dollar actually makes its way to wounded veterans and as you read above, that could be spent on trivial nonsense orchestrated to bolster the WWP and not necessarily help actual veterans who are in need.

Think about that though…for every dollar you give them as much as 52% of it goes to their overpaid executives in either salary (the CEO Steve Nardizzi makes $375,000 a year) or their corporate infrastructure that includes vacations, parties and events.

One would expect to find such excess and bloating in the Federal Government but not in a charity that says it is there to help.  More like they are there to help themselves and give only the meanest of help to those they claim to champion.

Let me make a comparison for you so as to illustrate how little of your donation goes to the veterans when you give to the Wounded Warrior Project, because maybe you think that 58% (I’m being generous) is a good amount and that an organization needs 40 plus percent to operate with.

While the Wounded Warrior Project circles the drain at the mid fifties when it comes to percentage of donation going to cause, another veterans charity,  Fisher House has 95% of their donations going directly to help veterans.  Fisher house receives top marks from charity watchdog organizations and is 25 times more efficient when it comes to fundraising than the Wounded Warrior Project.

Transparency, efficiency, nearly all the money going to veterans, no anti American sentiments…this is why, if the spirit of giving has touched your heart and you desire to donate to a charity that helps veterans, give to Fisher House.  You will get more bang for your buck and will help out those in need instead of helping buy Steve  Nardizzi another sports car.

So yeah…stop wasting your money by padding overpaid executives and give to organizations you know will spend the money on those in need.

I encourage you all to look into Fisher House and any money you were going to give to the Wounded Warrior Project, consider sending it them instead.


UPDATE: Apparently its not all about the money…its also about religious bigotry as the Wounded Warrior Project is against Christians who want to donate as Christians.

Wounded Warriors rejects donation from children at Christian school

Seems being a Christian is too partisan to help the troops.  Thanks to my readers for pointing out this story.


Followup/Update: Even though the vast majority of readers support this story and have contributed their own to how secondary the WWP treats vets, some have continued to not only bury their heads in the sand but also challenge the patriotism of those who would dare speak the truth about the WWP.

For that reason I wrote a followup article on July 3rd 2015, going into detail, using WWP’s OWN TAX FORMS, to prove that they use less than 52% of the money they get via donations for the actual program services they provide for vets.

You can read that article here: PROOF that the Wounded Warrior Project Uses Less than 52% of its Donations to Help Vets.

Enjoy.  And remember, there are better places to send your money than an organization who will only use half of it for the purposes you are giving it for in the first place.


  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    This is the 3rd time that I have seen articles about WWP, and how much of a scam it truly is. They need to be both audited and investigated for charities fraud!

    • durabo

      As long as WWP stands firm in its opposition to the Second Amendment, Obola and Heinrich Himmler-Holder will never dream of touching them!

      • Numb3rTech

        I am in agreement with you. Sham upon sham, be it charities or government.

      • CaesarInVa .

        That might actually explain WWP’s seemingly antithical position on the 2nd Amendment. Maybe they felt they had to adopt an anti-gun position in order to avoid being investigated into annihilation by Heinrich Holder’s Department of inJustice and his marionette-owner Obozo.

        • JMWinPR

          Salvation Army and Marine Corps Toys for Tots are always good bets.
          I would like to see comparable numbers for SNAP and some of the other “helping” welfare programs. I would guess they would make WWP look good by comparison. The medical cause charities are another group that spend inordinate amounts on fund raising. Remember these are not telemarketers, but hi end “gala”events at triple digit per plate affairs

          • kaystiel

            Salvation Army is discriminatory, they will not help young single men, as many of our vets are, they also do not disclose how they spend their funds, and their ‘officers’ are housed in mansions. SNAP is a government program run by state and county, so the efficiency and ability to help will depend directly on your local government.

          • JMWinPR

            What is your source for the Salvation Army info?

      • Larry R. Herron

        I feel the same way, Disabled American Veterans looks good to me.

        • Trisha Holmeide

          Doesn’t Gary Sinese also have a non-profit group going? He seems to genuine and real about his support for Vets maybe he has started something too?

      • H. E. DAVIS

        You don’t need the Illegal or his cohort in crime Holder for help. Go directly to the Atty Gen. and Sec. of State for the state they are incorporated in and file a complaint. It might also help for many to write letters to the Editor of every newspaper they get, that will let many know what is going on by them.

        You could also get a good attorney to file a federal class action law suit against them. It would take the signatures on a petition of a lot of Disabled Veteran’s, but it can be done. If someone would collect the signatures at every VA Hospital, this would get it done. TAKE IT ON AND BRING THEM DOWN FAST.

        • snorky neederecker

          Yes. Very good!

      • Saltporkdoc

        IRS is too busy harassing conservative 501(c)4’s.

      • rjones857

        yup, none of my money goes to any organization opposed to any part of our constitution

    • lindajoyadams

      They run that govt office too

    • H. E. DAVIS

      Send a complaint to the Attorney General and Secretary of State for the state they are incorporated in. They can be traced

  • lindajoyadams


    • Pork Fish

      Hard to read. Quit yelling.

      • Mary Hajducek

        It is not hard to read but is attention getting so people will know who to and who not to donate to.

        • Bullets First

          I don’t know…all caps kind of hurts my eyes and loses its effect if it is it is applied to ninety percent of the words.

  • ralphwylie

    I so glad I saw this article because I was tempted to donate to WWP. I’ll find a better place to donate now. “Charity begins at home” has a nice ring to it.

    • Bullets First

      That’s a good point ralph. If anyone knows a veteran personally that could use some help, no one says you have to give money to a third party to give some assistance.

      But like I said in the article, if people are looking for an organization with a good track record of putting money where it belongs, it’s Fisher House.

      • Tony

        Do you know anything about General Singlaub’s organization Coalition to Support American Heroes?
        I, too, am becoming so skeptical about these organizations that I’m inclined donate only to wounded vets I can meet in person and to make my donations directly. The only problem is, how do I find them?

        • Bullets First

          There are a few independent watchdog groups that deal only with charities. and are two of the better known. After a quick search of Coalition to Salute American heroes it isn’t too promising. Even less money goes to the vets. I’m talking under 30%. But perhaps that needs to be tempered by the fact that only 8% goes to admin expenses like salaries. The overwhelming majority, 63% goes to fundraising. In short, I think they are just a terribly run organization. Here’s the rundown if you’re interested:

          • Jay Wagner

            Having started and run a couple of nonprofits over the years, what percentage of donations goes to admin and fundraising is, to some degree, a function of the size, age, and structure of the organization. I have never had more than 10% going to admin, and since my organizations were largely run by volunteers (myself included) very, VERY little went to payroll, but that isn’t possible for everyone. Early on what I considered an unsustainable percentage of donations went to fundraising so people would know we were there and what we did, but my goal any time more than 20% went to fundraising was to lower that percentage as soon as possible. CSAH may very well be poorly run, but if they’re fairly new they may also be busily trying to make their name known (I had never heard of them until now).

            I’m with Tony on helping veterans directly, although if you’re in it for a tax deduction that kind of giving won’t meet IRS standards. Toward that end, and since I haven’t found anything like this, I’m spending some of my scant spare time working up a website that will allow veterans to ask for help and people like Tony to provide it. Donations to support the website will be accepted, but not demanded, and none of the money going to the veterans will pass through the site, so people will know where their money went. By the way, I’m a veteran (Navy, 9 years of service beginning during the Vietnam era), so this is a labor of love for me.

          • jimshaw54

            Have you a plan in place to know if the veteran actually IS a veteran? I think you have a very good idea, but I have seen to many people scam the system to not have a bit of skeptecisim

          • 1TrueAmericanPatriot

            By mid-2015, ALL veterans will receive new Veteran Administration ID cards. By that time, if a person is really a vet, they will have the ID card and so if you think the person is, all you have to do is ask and then say you heard they have all new cards but have never seen one and then ask if they have the new card (there is a slight chance some might be missed and will have to request the card be sent to them directly). But again, if you go to places were vets assemble, you will find vets.

          • LEHensonPROAmerica

            That’s NOT a “good thing” (new IDs)! They’re already 85% RESEACRH (vets ARE being used as test rats)! NOW go search and SEE “Complete LIVES Chart” DEATH CARE, based on AGE!

          • sweetqueen777

            Not True, Sir. As a VA Clinic Director, I can say with surety that there are no limitations on providing care, including Hospice services, based on age. They have ceased doing “routine” tests on veterans over the age of 75, as they have been proven, (by private research,) to not be particularly helpful. If a veteran has special needs, a request can be made through channels, for an exclusion to the limitations. The system is overloaded with veterans, and not enough resources.

          • Mike Galvan

            How can I get a “vet ID” from the VA? I served in the USMC (Jun 1966-Dec 1969), discharged at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, TX, told by Navy personnel that I couldn’t have an ID (that my DD-214 was sufficient). Yes, my discharge was Honorable, I was just back from Vietnam, got an early out…less than 6 mos left to do. Never needed VA hospital services, in State of TX & USG law enforcement for over 40 yrs, fortunate to have State/USG health insurance, which I kept after I retired in Jun 2011. Any assistance in how I can get a vet ID would be greatly appreciated. Email: Many thanks to all who served/continue to serve, and to my brother/sister Marines…Semper Fidelis.

          • Dotcoman

            Get a copy of your DD-214 and go see your the Veterans Affairs officer for your County is the place to start that or go directly to a VA Hospital.

          • Mike Galvan

            Thank you, sir. Much appreciated.

          • sweetqueen777

            You SHOULD be able to go to the VA hospital closest to you, with your DD214. They should take your picture, and then mail the card to you. That said, I know of many vets who have never received their cards. There seems to be a backlog, but as said before, your VA services rep for your county should be able to facilitate this process for you. The system is not perfect, but it is what we have. Best of luck to you. (The LaGrange outpatient clinic is small, and usually more helpful than the big clinics.)

          • Mike Galvan

            Thank you, to all who have been so helpful with this info. I sincerely appreciate it.

          • Angela Thomson

            Mike Galvan: Thank you sir for your service!!!

          • Mike Galvan

            Ms. Thomson, you’re very welcome. As corny as it might soy de, It was an honor & a privilege to serve my beloved Corps, my country, and fellow Americans. Stay safe, God bless.

          • Aubryn

            Are you an oathkeeper?

          • disqus_b6XOqz4VzM

            Go to any V.A. clinic or V.A. hospital and they can supply you with an I.D. card.
            I am registered at my outpatient clinic and do not need to show my card any more.

          • Cheenna Gracey

            The only “system overload” is over loaded by individuals like your self who defend a system that has been proven to be only out for personal gain stealing undeserved bonus’, travel, parties and other perks, not giving a damn for the Vets to the extent of even medically killing them thru denial of care! I can’t believe you have the guts to come on line and brag about your position! Those such as you should be tared and feathered, run out of town! YOUR kind are nothing but a thieving cold hearted Bitch!

          • sweetqueen777

            You could not be more mistaken. I am sorry you have had a bad experience, but NO ONE who knows me would ever consider me a thieving cold hearted bitch. My clinic was a contract clinic. I never got so much as a thank you, much less any kind of a bonus, travel, or other perks. I am now “retired:, as I am on dialysis. The contract company who ran the clinic decided to lay me off on the day I was ready to go back to work. They SCREWED me over, so that I could not even file for unemployment. I now live off my SSDI. Every employee at the clinic was invested in the care of our vets. We all have veteran relatives, and 3 of the staff of 7 were former military as well. So…shut your bitter pie-hole.

          • Melveta

            YOU sound like the one who is bitter, so your pie-hole has erupted spewing something not even relevent to the subject. YOUR CONTRACT COMPANY WAS STILL UNDER THE VETERANS AFFAIRS….they followed from their the directions and rules under the contract for which they signed….so you also got SCREWED OVER…. how does it feel after having such a fine job.? DID YOU THANK VETERANS AFFAIRS…? DID YOU THANK YOUR WONDERFUL PRESIDENT FOR HIS OVER WATCH AND CORRECTING THE VETERANS AFFAIRS…. well, thats okay, because HE DID NOTHING, but go on an expensive vacation….. and will continue to do the same until he is gone from Office….DID YOUR DEMOCRATIC SENATORS DO ANY THING TO HELP YOU….HELL NO…. OBAMA AND HARRY REID….just layed the BILLS aside that the House Passed… they had more $ for their agenda…..and to deny our Military that which was needed on the battle fields of Iraq and Afghanistan.
            HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW….? I DON’T GIVE ONE HOOT IN HELL ABOUT YOUR OPINIONS….. so don’t bother to answer me back….Happy New Year to you in 2015.

          • msLou

            You need to check your facts. Fact is Republicans have voted against or blocked every bill designed to help veterans. They always want to amend it with some pork for their buddies, or some sanctions on Iran, or other bs. Repub Bills passed in the house all contained some unrelated additions that did nothing to help vets.Though I don’t agree with much of what POTUS has done, he has done MORE for veterans than any other modern president.

          • VNVet

            Spoken by a true liberal Democrat. Obozo, aka POTUS, has been a total disaster for all segments of the U.S.

          • Clayton Adams

            Facts, please?

          • STFUTWIT

            If FACTS were staring you in the face, you’d just call those lies….you sir, are a lie…

          • Jerry Dolloff

            What planet was that on??

          • Michael Vandenberg

            U really are an idiot if you think he’s done anything that helped our vets

          • Windrider_HD

            You need to check YOUR facts. When Republicans vote against bills that help vets it’s because Democrats have packed so much unrelated crap into the bill.

          • Clayton Adams

            Still more with the capital letters.

          • bella121264

            Sour grapes. They I know are a good organization. Instead of being negative why don’t u do something positive instead. How rude to those they help.

          • Mackojr35

            While I understand your anger towards the VA, I couldn’t disagree more with the way you have described it. You seem to have so much hate in your heart that you can’t see how irrational you are. I have declined on getting health insurance due to the cost. I use the VA as my health center. The Doctors and nurses there care very much for the patients and are there because they want to give back. Every single one of the doctors or nurses could be making double the money is if they went in to private practice. In my extensive experience i have found that most of them have family who was either killed in war or Vets who got screwed out of what they were promised by our government. You can’t blame the workers for the actions of corrupt administrators. The “system” as you put it has not been proven to do anything. There are long wait times at the VA because most medical professionals want the money and don’t really care about our country or
            people. There are ten times the number of vets than there are doctors. The Doctors and Nurses at the VA around the country do care. They even care about disgruntled delusional blowhards like you. Take your anger out on what is really bothering you and join reality.

          • Cheenna Gracey

            Spoken like a true liberal lapdog!
            Why don’t you try reading the news you idiot and then you might understand my anger, frustration as well, that of others. Dedicated Dr.s that are Vets themselves? Well, maybe so but you neglect to mention for what country! Try going into Dallas, for one, and I defy you to find more than a handfull of fine doctors who speak English as a first language, who you can’t understand and “they” have the audacity to get pissed with you when you press for better understanding! I dare, venture to say, that many of these docs wouldn’t even be here if not for the fact they made a deal with the devil to pay their education in exchange for ??? years of service. One is extreemly lucky to see the same dr or nurse more than 2-3 times before they move on, so don’t you dare speak of the dedicated medical personnel.
            They DON’T exist! You Sir, are the one that needs to join “reality” …

          • zed

            Please show me even ONE hospital that does not have a plethora of physicians and ancillary help who are foreigners. . . Had it not been for some natives who speak English as their first language, I would have had a very serious outcome of a recent hospitalization here in my small city, with a total of about 300,000 citizens (counting surrounding small towns) where we have two hospitals, both rife with non-English speaking help. When I could understand them and they could understand me, I found them to be very well-qualified in their field of practice. It isn’t only the VA that has a staff of foreign-born individuals. . . and we need every one of these folks, for we are woefully short of doctors in our country. My treating physician was from Ghana, and my specialists were from India.

          • Melveta

            The doctors, nurses and staff are all very nice… Not putting them down, it is the directives and red tape under which they are ordered to work….THIS IS WRONG……THE USA HAS THE MONEY FOR THE VETS…. it just is not appropriated properly in the US BUDGET…. and the oversight is rotten.
            Hidden records, hidden files…. but as long as the High Ranking Officials get theirs that is all that matters….nothing else can be traced…and no one wants to…..

          • Melveta

            I totally agree with you and I might add, that Vets are also tied to Medicare, now known as Obama Care…and Yes, under Obama Care…there is a “jury” of persons,not even doctors, who decide on your age and health that you no longer need nor deserve the medications recommended for your need, AKA, the death panels….THIS IS TRUE… Even after 20-30 years of loyal and honorable service…

          • frankshrink

            I am a volunteer psychotherapist for the WWP, have been for 3 years, and will continue to do so, if only to provide a counterbalance to the lunatic rants above. An army captain to whom I provide my services just read this thread and threw up his hands in despair. “THESE are the folks I went to combat for???” (He gives permission to me for that quote.)

          • Doc

            Do you just help officers or do you also help enlisted personnel also? Two more questions. What is the amount WWP pay for your services. Cause if you make anything from a nonprofit organization you’re one of the problems. I’m sure you can make plenty of money in a private practice and help veterans in a volunteer capacity. Oh. For most Paychotherapy most veterans with a VA disability rating the VA will pay you. And no one gets rich from using people who sacrificed everything and are having problems living with what they’ve seen and done. My facts are based on talking to the disabled veterans who will never be rich financially. They have a hard time paying their mortgage each month. They don’t live in an extravagant gated home and never have to worry about being one paycheck away from homelessness. I asked a question about two months ago for any WWP employee; What charity, how much, and how long have you given to your charity? I give $20 a month to DAV. And has given time and money to veterans when I can over the years. I’m a disabled Veteran and right now that’s all I can afford. I do want to say Thank You for helping veterans. Plus I want to thank WWP for the help they do give to veterans. I and many others feel their charity can give so much more..

          • Ernie Bilco

            Popy cock – The system is top heavy and most of you who have time to post on message boards while making more than those whom you “serve” is a kick in the face of reality. Why don’t you go to work instead of trying to defend a pitiful system built on red tape and refusal of services. GIVE ALL VETS, 100% OF THEM MEDICAL CARDS THAT WORK ANYWHERE AND i MEAN ANYWHERE WITHOUT HAVING A PAPER PUSHER LIKE YOURSELF HAVING TO “APPROVE” ANYTHING………… SIMPLY TIME TO STOP THE GRAVYTRAIN AND KICK ALL THE DEAD WEIGHT OFF THE TAXPAYER’S DIME.

          • sweetqueen777

            The VA is top heavy, like all beaurocracies,, but, they are trying desperately to hold down costs. There are many who would abuse the system, just like in the private world, and would avail themselves of every service they can think of. Someone has to control the efficiency of the system.

          • cajun girl

            All this is very interesting. I was on the phone with Harley Davidson in Wisconsin today filing a complaint and the guy said oh I’m sorry the veteran was treated so bad but let me send him some goodies because we are big supporters of wwp. I stayed at the fisher house in Houston last week and they are great.

          • Mackojr35

            The refusal of service is a myth. One VA in Arizona has troubles because of
            some administrators corruption and you think the entire system is that
            way? I’m so sick and tired of ungrateful Vets who think the Government owes them everything while at the same time bitching about people living off the government. Take care of yourself!!!! Being a disabled Vet doesn’t give you the
            right to have everything in life handed to you and all your bills paid. Stop taking it out on someone who had decided to help Vets as a profession and try thinking for yourself instead of what the news tells you to think. Stop with the anger towards anyone who disagrees with you due to their vast experience working with the system. Your idea isn’t only ignorant but it’s irrational. The idea you claim is yours was used by John McCain as a political campaign talking point. It would never work and if you think it would then you are a very unintelligent person.

          • Wendy Watsaw-russell

            Oh please, I am sure you believe that every tunnel rat that is here illegally to squat and have their brats here deserve everything handed to them though right? Or better yet, lazy asses that just breed kids to get more money and sympathy from jack wad’s like you. If ANYONE deserves to be taken care of it the very people that help you retain the right to sit on your little Mountain of ego. It is people like you that have let the bureaucracy grow to this problem.

          • you’re in the wrong profession.

          • mos8541
          • mos8541


          • Bruce Smith

            I am a vet and agree with your comment. Well put. My ex was a nurse at the VA and I know that some vets are very bad a milking the system and playing on sympathy. A very large % want as much$$$$ disability as they can get-without deserving it and a large % want drugs. This is from experience not opinion. This pisses me the hell off. It takes away from the vets that ACTUALLY need help, especially those who need help and have trouble getting it. I have ‘acquaintances’ I know that get a large$$$ due to ‘service related’ but they are healthy and tongue-in-check admit they are fine, but like the money. Or others who WERE injured, but now are fine-ie xxxxxx was wounded by fragmentation in Iraq. Messed him up for a few yrs and had lingering issues for a few more. However, 11 yrs later, he is fine and hasnt had a problem in 5+ yrs even though he goes in routinely to get checked. Does he deserve 1500/month in payments? While wounded yes. Recovering, yes. Now, NO. When it comes to PTSD, this pisses me off more. Its hard to diagnose. I know of at least 2 in the past that faked it-and bragged about it, so they could get the 2k a month in disability(thats how much it was back then). We all know there are thousands that do it to this day. The problem is, the VA cant push that hard for fear of backlash. Many VA hospitals did horrible/bad for yrs/decades, so there is a stigma when they say no/deny benefits. There needs to be a better system to weed out the treacherous/fraudulent and the criminal who milk/steal from the system.

            I have much anger for those who disrespect the uniform/service, and more importantly, those who actually gave all/need the service.

            Signing a contract-a pretty decent one-doesnt mean the government owes
            you everything, especially for your ‘generic’ contract where you spent your 3 years on base running the gym and you have an injured foot due to being stupid and horsing around with weights. Its what you do with your service. ALL vets should have access to the VA, but at different level based on their situation and service. DONT disgrace the uniform with your arrogance, self-pity and self-entitlement attitude.

          • hawaiiguy32

            Don’t forget about the philly VA and that one VA conselor that was teasing suicidal veterans. Sounds like a trend in the system and not just Phoenix.

          • Gerald Kimbley

            I live here in Houston, I have been fighting for benefits for 3 years. I was diagnosed with PTSD back in 1992 by a NAVY Phsyciatrist. I retired in 2012. I see people getting 100% who served 3 years and were not in combat. I am in pain all the time, I have not cartalidge left in my knees and they gave me 0%, I have arthritus and severe pain in my shoulders 10%. I have been puking blood due to heavy drinking caused by PTSD for years. The VA gave me a counselor who said that I suffered from depression! How can a counselor override a military doctor. I have to keep submitting for benefits. I have a hard time coping with civilian life after serving for 25 years. I have been through many jobs and on my 4th marriage. You are right, I didn’t earn anything.

          • William Mavis

            no vet is asking ANYONE TO PATHIER BILLS,we are asking for what we were promised,we dont get it,the va wharehouses vets till we die.oh and did i mention they send us many at the va,are top notch,medical proffessionals.thy re blocked countinually by the army of burocrats,that syphon off most of the funds.just a few months ago had a heart attack.some paper pusher,told the ambulance,to take me to the civiliam hosp.normal channels hosp. sent the bill to va.refused because they didnt bring me to the va,sent to medicare,refused because it s the va s responsibility.guess who got the bill.obviously you are not a vet.

          • STFUTWIT

            And sick and tired of idiots that don’t have a clue, but feel obligated to rant on a topic that they are utterly fucking clueless about….and that includes you

          • Jerry Dolloff

            The real Bilko would roll over in his grave. What the employees make ius a matter of public record, and it isn’t as much as you seem to want to make it be.

          • Buck Sergeant Copper

            The veteran care system in the VA is a joke at many locations, and the healthcare for us retirees in horrible. I just had to pay a FULL bill to go to see an urgent care doctor because he wasnt at the V.A. I bet the prisoners have better healthcare then me.

          • hawaiiguy32

            So do the illegals. They never pay for anything.

          • John

            Well what do you know? You seem to have time to post on a message board ROTFLMAO!! and nice choice of names. A crooked conniving gambling foul up………………

          • Doc

            Hey John. If your a Veteran. Thank you for all your sacrifices. You’re right. What do I know? I have no idea which comment I message to get you upset or disgusted at. I do have time to message on a comment board. I have already said my piece about WWP. I haven’t been on here for a bit but your comment showed in my email today. So I felt compelled to read and answer your comment you must have taken personal.
            First of all. I have the time to message and answer people because of my meds. The medications I take to keep me from blowing my head off has caused me to be constipated and causes severe IBS. I manage my pain from a TBI I sustained in Panama. I don’t take opioids or self medicate for I don’t want to be an ass to my family and kids.
            My life right now consists of chronic pain that’s gets so severe I pass out. I’m on the toilet maybe an average of 3hrs a day(my cell time). Usually emailing my daughter who is teaching music in China for two years. My son graduates high school this May. If I’m not at the VA clinic I’m at my therapists trying to make sense of everything. Since when I joined the military. I witnessed and was a part of some sh**y and f**k up things. 12 yes 12 of my close friends have died, either while in the military or have taken their own lives because of the pain and torment.
            I was a Christian at one time until all the crap woke me up. If there is a heaven and hell? I’m headed to the latter.
            As far as DOC. You’re right he was a crook and not a very nice all around guy. But he never claimed he wasn’t. You either take him or leave him. That’s me. Plus, I’m smart, handsome and lethal with weapons.
            Your opinion and everyone’s I value. Remember 24.
            What I have to look forward to is by 55 my TBI will assist with Parkinson’s and dementia. 2 good things about that. I’ll be on the toilet most of the time. I’m not a fall risk. I’ll forget all the bad things I hope
            Better me than somebody else. I or no one should feel or be sorry for me. I see older and younger men every week at the VA who I feel is worse off than me. My crap is almost done.
            If you would like to have an educated discussion sometime with me. I’m up for it. If not my motto in life for all the asses out there;
            “What doesn’t kill me, BETER BE F*CKING RUNNING”. Have a good day John. ?

          • Daniel

            No limitations on providing care? NOT TRUE… The new VA director has a new way to deny care… If you no show 3 times you are dropped from the clinic, you would say, that’s ok because there are so many vets that need the care and if any no show it means they don’t want the care, right?… WRONG… The way he’s setting up the new system is completely wrong, it doesn’t even matter the reason why you no showed to an appointment, I had a family emergency and I even called 2 days in advanced to let them know and cancelled my appointment AND THEY STILL NO SHOWED ME, so what’s the point of telling you that if you need to change your appointment to do it 24hrs in advanced if they are gonna no show you any way…

            The second time, I had an accident on my way to my appointment and I was NO SHOWED even after I explained what had happened to me.

            The 3rd time I was trying to make an appointment at the front desk, while the lady was asking me if a certain time and date was ok and I was checking to see if it was ok, she had already selected the slot for the appointment, and when I finished checking my calendar and said… NO I already have another appointment (not VA) that’s not gonna work, she said… “ok but I have to NO SHOWED you in order to change that appointment”… I went crazy and asked why if I hadn’t even said yes to that time and date… her reason was… “because I get in trouble with the director if I use cancelled by clinic, I have to use cancelled by patient”… so how is that my fault when I had never agreed to a time and date in the first place?…

            Needles to say I was dropped from that clinic… it took a long waste of time, and a lot of fighting so that another doctor would pickup on my care again.

            So you say… no limitations to care… I say that’s a LIE… so every vet out there, if you are getting care now please be careful and try not to miss an appointment.

          • William Gaudet

            Why not donate to your LOCAL American Legion or VFW as they now what LOCAL vets are in need. These associations have NO admin costs and all money donated go to the vets.

          • Jim Mauney

            All organizations have admin costs. They have buildings they work out of and maintain and pay utilities on.

          • Doc

            Thank you for all your years of service jim

          • Christine Adams

            I am a vet and will licensed as a Professional Counselor this year. Do you know if the VA System will hire LPC’s? In the past they only hired LCSW’s (Tricare Issue?) and so I just wondered if it’s changed yet. I’d love to work with vets at some point in my career.

          • mos8541

            ONLY HIRING LCSWs is a god damn STUPID IDEA, letters dont mean shit, caring , experience, ability to empathize does! jesus whats with those people

          • LEHensonPROAmerica

            Go SEARCH “Complete LIVES Chart” and You are in the middle of a RESEARCH, using our ex soldiers as test subjects and fodder.

          • mos8541


          • Clayton Adams

            What 40 dead?

          • mos8541

            the 40 VETERANS who were LEFT TO DIE while on a waiting list that was kept hidden from the VA in DC. they kept 2 sets of books, one real, the other cooked, its why the head of our VA here in PHX was FIRED and the HEAD OF THE THE VA was resigned

          • mos8541

            at the VA IN PHX the head had to resign as did that asrammer shitseki the Secretary of Veterans affairs, because the phx VA, HID the the deaths of 40 Veterans who DIED WHILE AWAITING TREATMENT

          • Clayton Adams

            That’s a lot of capital letters there, patriot.

          • also a veterans spouse

            Not all will receive cards from the VA-not all Veterans are eligible for VA benefits. So that won’t work.

          • DollarBill

            Places like American Legion,also VFW(Veterans of Foreign Wars).Or to one of the many VA Hospitals.

          • mos8541

            ima VET and Ill NEVER get one of those fuccin cards, you get one, and im still REALLY A VET EVEN THO I DONT HAVE THE CARD dippy

          • mos8541

            i have a VA card and just got it a month ago, finally went in cuz im loozin my mind!

          • ksvet06

            Dd214 and or a v.a. letter of disability

          • Lee

            Correct DD214 which by the way we have seen ones that were fraud taken from other veteran and whited out and retyped, or altered . ext and letter from VA of disability Very easy !! Lee Horowitz M.Ed, CAGS Veterans Advocate /Civil rights advocate

          • Mike Galvan

            Thank you too, sir. I’ll look for the VA office in my area.

          • also a veterans spouse

            The problem isn’t always if the Veteran is a Veteran as the say. Many use Veteran status to scam organizations also. Many lie about their income or magically “forget” to include a good portion of their income! My husband is a Veteran and I am very involved in the Veteran and spouse community-I’ve seen it first hand!

          • Aubryn

            Including most of those standing on street corners with a cardboard sign begging for money and wearing a mis mash of uniform pieces often from various branches! Infuriating. Earn it or don’t wear it!

          • kaystiel

            WWP only spends 5.7% on operating expenses.

          • Polly Brake

            How can you prove that?

          • mos8541

            YOU ARE WRONG, THEY spend MORE on TELEVISION advertising than BEER companies, i think you mean ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS

          • Kenyan Mocker

            Tax law changes make it hard for most to actually deduct money given to charity. You’ll need to go way above the standard deduction levels.

            Like your idea of direct payment to “qualified” veterans.

          • Tony

            I don’t really care about the tax deduction. I just want to help out these guys and their families.

          • jimshaw54

            Frankly, I am tired of getting so many “begging” letters, so when I hear of an organization I want to help I sometimes slip some money into an envelope and send it off. I only hope it will not be slipped into the pocket of the person who opens my envelope. But, how else can you give without a good portion of your money ending up coming back to you in the form of another begging letter, while so little of the donation goes to actually help. I have found that once an organization gets my name and address I continually get begging letters. If I am going to waste my money on more “junk mail” why donate?

          • 1TrueAmericanPatriot

            OMG – DO NOT SEND MONEY/CASH in any envelop. You can send some money orders that will not identify who you are. Check with Post Offices and banks but for God’s sake don’t send cash.

          • Angela Thomson

            Money Orders do require the purchaser to fill in their name, address and signature, otherwise they are considered to be non-negotiable by most financial institutions. At the very least you HAVE TO sign them. they are NOT anonymous.

          • LEHensonPROAmerica

            That “independent” group WANTS us poor charities toPAY them to list us.!

          • nynetguy

            Wow. You are an amazingly duplicitious cunt. You cite CtSA as being bad based on Charity Navigator’s review but don’t bother to mention the scores that WWP received from the EXACT SAME SITE!


            Total score – 86%.

            Financial score 80%

            Accountability & Transparency – 96%!!!

            But let’s really top it off. In your farce of an article above you stated “But now, I have discovered that on top of being against the 2nd Amendment, the Wounded Warrior Project is a legal scam in which the vast chunk of donations made to them go to executive salaries and lavish parties and the veterans they claim to help, by and large, are given trivial trinkets and used as fodder for photo ops.”

            Really? Well, let’s examine what Charity Navigtor says about them, shall we?

            Program Expenses – 56% (That’s how much of the received donations goes to the actual cause.)
            Administrative Expenses – 6% (That’s how much goes to things like salaries)

            Oops. You seemingly have the investigative reporting skills of a turnip.

          • rjones857

            This directly from Charity navigator web site/ Program expenses-This measure reflects what percent of its total expenses a charity spends on the programs and services it exists to deliver. Dividing a charity’s program expenses by its total functional expenses yields this percentage. Your statement does not address the the issue of them being against the 2nd Amendment.

          • Aubryn

            Your first line renders anything else you said as irrelevant and ignorant. You would not use that language if you were not hiding behind a keyboard. Keyboard warriors are cowards.

          • Donny Daughenbaugh

            Tony, thanks for the article to point out what everyone should know about WWP. I’m listed as an alumni also and agree, when they gave me a backpack in Landstuhl Germany while recovering from a GSW to my face in Iraq, they aren’t the same group. I proudly represent the Coalition to Salute Americas Heroes as the Vice President of our field operations. The Coalition of today is still paying for the mistakes of previous leadership and I’m proud to say that we do more for veterans than what You see. Our biggest issue with Charity Navigator is that nobody watches the watcher. There is no oversight and the standards for rating aren’t applied equally among veteran vs non veteran charities. They gauge an organization based on an all volunteer group and the scale is less favorable for each additional employee. Not only that but most of our staff are combat wounded OIF/OEF/OND veterans. We also have over 30 employees in our work from home program that are ALL wounded/disabled veteran families. Our current year for 990’s will show a great difference for our ratios from years past. I’m happy to answer any other questions and discuss who we really are.
            Keep up the great work!
            Donny Daughenbaugh

          • John Michael Hutton

            Expenses is just another way to scam people out of their money being used for the intended charity. 63% for fund raising? You mean paying someone to do the fund raising. Something stinks here, don’t you think?

          • John Michael Hutton

            ^^NOT BEING USED^^

          • Indy Pendant

            Charity Navigator leans strongly to the left. Other than not allowing the WWP logo on guns, WWP is pretty much a right-wing group. So… ya think that Charity Navigator has a hidden agenda? And I’m wondering if the bitchers and moaners here also have a hidden agenda.
            As a point of clarity – I didn’t serve. There was not a lot of opportunity in the military for women when I was of the right age, so I went to college. However, my awesome father was an USAF lieutenant during WWII; two of my uncles were in the Navy, and another uncle was in the Merchant Marine. So I am a rabid fan of the US military.

        • 1TrueAmericanPatriot

          If you really mean that, go to any larger size VA (Veterans Administration) building, hospital and so forth, but VA facilities. Most hospitals have large lobbies and you can set there and pick you own. ALL patients of VA facilities must be veterans. However, understand, a veteran does not mean a person has been in combat, nor do crutches or wheelchairs or other moving aids indicate a combat injury. There are some groups that represent veterans trying to get their disability compensation that would be a good place to start among them are VFW. You can look in the phone book for these organizations. Al;so, nearly all counties in the US. have veteran services offices. Those people will be more than happy to point you to someone needy of your help. I would recommend visiting the facility and talking with some of the guys and gals you find that who do not necessary work there. Some of these offices you might find people you don’t necessarily wish to meet where sadly, an employee might be tempted to take the money and run but if you visit the facility, you will most likely find some vets around there who can steer you in the right direction and the vets will do that, and you can also watch news reports for activities involving vets and you will find some vets there.

          • Bill McCauley

            Very well said and thank you for a good derection to follow T.A.P. But by my Farther and Grands taught me it is much further to go and give to some that don’t know how to ask but go out and find a better way to donate and like they said there are crooks everywhere ! Nuff said!

        • Candy Lovett
        • ksvet06

          The coalition to salute American heros helped me this summer and also sends out gift cards for thanksgiving and Christmas. They also sent out secret santa checks for Christmas to rhetoric vets that got help that year. You have to prove your disability with either dd214 or VA letter. Then show them proof of need of help. They are a great program

          • also a veterans spouse

            We have never applied for any type of help from them and my husband was sent a gift card and personal thank you note for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Which brings me to the point that they don’t just help those in need they strive to make sure all Veterans are recognized for their service and sacrifice. We donated the giftcards to others who were in need and we will absolutely donate to CSAH in the future!

        • Susan Bautz

          Try contacting your local American Legion post. We have one that offers help to vets every Friday morning and puts them in touch with people who can give them real assistance.

          • Bill McCauley

            Wow x wows there’s some heavy hitters out there and I’ve learned alot from this column of gung ho comments that deserves a Commandaunt to lead them and tells me even even back home on our God given turf no one is doing what’s exspected of them. I was gonna challenge myself to take control. But thanks to the columns I’ve read it does need a leader. There’s alot of greedys out there and I’m gonna do more looking into it.It seems to me another civil war is happening on this matter and in the end may Justice win.God Bless us all but keep in mind what General Douglas McCarther said ,the war world war will be an interplanetary war so learn from… BlackHawk McCauley…..

        • Mikebark

          I know one personally, my girlfriend’s brother-in-law, a marine vet whose family of six is struggling to make ends meet as he is suffering from severe diabetes and mental instability from his medications.

        • Gwynn Clark

          I had written Gen Singlaub several years ago, asking why he would lend his good name to such a poorly run organization, and never received a response. According to Charity Watch, there are only a few veteran organizations worthy of supporting, with Fisher House being the best of the group.

        • chuck

          thank you for asking this question. to find out how much it costs to protect this great nation one only has to visit a VA hospital. there are service members who would love your company.

        • Craig Mceldowney

          Tony if you want to donate to disabled vets go to one of the private pages on Facebook affiliated with the military and message one of the admits and tell him what your wanting to do. Their are quite a few vets that are hurting and people like yourself make a huge difference. An example: my private group is named Airborne . There are many and I’m sure there’s a disabled vets page as well! Good luck

        • Cody Kittleson

          I am a wounded vet and my best advise is get ahold of local VFW’s and DAV’s and the American Legion they all help vets (with the disability claims and also look for help with getting vets to there VA appoinents) you can look into veteran resource centers they help vets and are always running short on grant money at times there are stuff out there i been out and homeless a few times and i am still learning of things out there that veterans are not even aware of at times. Since i been out i try my best to get knowledge out there to help my brothers and sisters.

        • burlofearl

          Go to any VFW in your town they can help you, if you don’t know where one is look in your phone book.

        • mimibird

          Exactly. You can’t find them, and you would only be able to help a bit. Collective efforts are more effective, which is why these orgs. exist. And despite this article, Wounded Warriors turns out to be a good one. It is really easy to see the author’s bias against them. He’s A 2nd Amendment single issue thinker.

        • Brock

          Go to a V A hospital and walk around you will see everything from physical wounds to mental wounds. There are V A hospitals all over the country.

        • John Michael Hutton

          Seems that organization got an F. Judged to be a scam. Guess just because you call yourself a general doesn’t mean you aren’t a fraud.

      • Dinah54

        Fisher House is one of my charities of choice. I also love St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital. I feel blessed that my family has never needed the services of either one, and am glad to help those who do.

        • KSGirl

          As a Wounded Combat Soldier wife and Bereaved Childhood Cancer mom, we will NEVER give to WWP, as my husband has the silly beanies, shorts, tshirts, oh and don’t forget the black backpacks…he has 10 of them. But when we were in desperate need of financial assistance, we could not get it from WWP or VFW (some VFW’s are great, some are not). We were not looking for a ton of help, just to get us through what ended up being a horrendous 3 month period. Thankfully we were able to get an AAR loan.
          I also want to say, there are far more charities than just St. Jude’s. They don’t help all kids with cancer, no matter what they say on their sob commercials. I can’t tell you how many of our friends children were rejected from them. They do NOT take any child under any circumstance with cancer. There are some excellent charities that goes strictly to research with less than 5% overhead, such as St. Baldrick’s!

          • Dinah54

            Wow. Thanks for the information.

          • WVgirl

            Shriner’s Hospitals are my choice of children’s charities. They do not turn down anyone.

          • kaystiel

            check out Shriner’s hospitals, they are non profit and do not turn anyone down.

      • borgerboy

        I totally agree with your article but find fault at you singling our one organization, Fisher House, as the only one you find worthy. Please look at the Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the American Legion. Of the ones I mentioned, none of their leaders are paid, it’s all volunteer. I’m not faulting Fisher House, only pointing out other worthy groups.

      • Jim Mauney

        Fisher House looks like a great charity, and if that’s where you want your money going then by all means do it. But let’s look deeper. Fisher house spends $37,496,704 on programs, while WWP spends $148,641,215 (latest data from Charity Navigator in both cases). That’s a huge difference. They’re not even in the same zip code. If Fisher house was as big as WWP their efficiency would go way down too due in large part to fund raising. 60% of WWP’s money goes to programs. Of the 40% left over, 34% is fund raising costs. Administrative expenses for WWP are 6.1% and for Fisher House 6.6%.

        Nothing wrong with Fisher House and what they do, but you are comparing grapes to watermelons. Watermelons cost more, but they feed a lot more, too.

      • John Michael Hutton

        Sure, donate your $5 to a vet. Wonder how far that will go. Shame some of you are so simple minded and can’t think any further than the end of your noses.

      • John Michael Hutton Do you even know what this charity does? It doesn’t seem like you do. They are not doing the same thing as the WWP does. So what difference does it make if a WW and his family have a place to stay if they don’t get the help they need to deal with their injuries in the first place. Both are good charities, but I think a wounded vet would rather have good care and help with their injuries as opposed to a nice place to stay while getting that service AND those houses must be near a VA in the first place so you are placing your trust in the VA which is exactly why the WWP was started in the first place.

    • aschark

      Ralph, is this you from Somerville? Alex

    • Candy Lovett

      I would recommend or their Facebook page It is run by Garren and Kim Cone. Garren is a disabled veteran and also runs Warrior Radio. Neither Garren or Kim take a salary from any donations made. 100% goes to the veteran. They do retreats and so many things. They are located near Patrick Air Force Base here in Florida.

    • Candy Lovett is a great organization and 100 percent of the money donated goes to the veteran


      Can I suggest (if you don’t already) giving to the DAV! Been giving to them for over 40 years, and they do good work, and all the money goes to the VETS!

    • DollarBill

      Fisher House is the better choice.

    • durabo

      The Border Patrol Foundation, PO Box 15851, Arlington, VA 22215 funds college education for the children of USBP Agents killed in the line of duty. These are heroes in the line of fire, in a battle to the death that takes place within our borders, not in the ME sandbox. The enemy is here, including the White House, which, BTW, furnished the weaponry that killed, among others, USBPA Brian Terry in Nogales, Arizona. The BPF is a worthy organization which funnels funds to the proper recipients, not its board of directors. Give it a try!

    • Donate, this article is nothing but bullshit, do your own research.

      • Hard to argue with such an eloquent summation of the article Josh…but just for us simple folk…what part exactly was bullshit? Or are you just one of those deniers who mouth of with expletives in order to blast an argument you do not agree with yet cannot defend against?

    • Guest

      I looked this up on their site and they list that about 20% is used for 16% fund raising and 4%administrative. They have there financial amounts listed. I question this page and its agenda. If Wounded Warriors would not be able to falsify that information or there would be major repercussions. Is this something that was posted to get Fisher House more donations? huh? I have no affilication with Wounded Warriors, but I always question motives and do my own research. Do not always trust what you hear or read

    • mimibird

      The author has an ax to grind. I just decided to check them out, and they are a very highly rated charity. This guy knows nothing about non-profits. The bad ones, like United Way and Red Cross get about 2 cents on the dollar to their intended beneficiaries. So even if he was right about 48%, that would be good. But he’s wrong, it’s 57%. And that may shock you, but that is a really high amount.

    • bella121264
    • Ryan Marberry

      I’m trying now too directly for a Vet with PTSD

    • s1974x

      This is terrible. The WWP seemed to appear out of nowhere and had become huge very quickly. It’s a shame that they are promoting anti-American far left politics and working mainly to collect money for their execs. I’ll make sure I do my part to ensure donations do not make it to this organization.

    • Windrider_HD

      Do you believe all the BS people write or just what suits you? This article is pure BS

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  • FyrBal

    Help a Combat Vet with a HYPOCRITICAL KRoger co. At least I don’t get called a PATHETIC CRIPPLE when I am at W.W.P. Alumni events !!! tm_campaign=recruiter_link_inviter_copyable&utm_medium=recruiter_link&utm_source=causes

  • JenniferP

    Due to my age, most of my veteran friends were Vietnam era. I have given them odd jobs, food, clothing, etc. Some of these guys are doing OK. Holding jobs, married, etc. Some of them are truly hurting. Go help one vet, instead of giving to charity. I was a CPA for 30 years. Most charities that I audited or prepared taxes for spend about 50% on administration, and the CEO always gets a great salary. Investigate your charities well before contributing. Help out one hurting person by your own hand. Your dollars will be better spent and will actually help

    • CaesarInVa .

      Jennifer, quick question. How does one go about checking out a charity? Where would one go to get the real dope on who is getting paid how much or how much the charity us spending on administration and overhead? I’m just curious because, having worked for a former telecomm whose execs were convicted on numerous counts of fraud, I don’t believe anything that comes out of the company, or even the auditor’s report on the firm’s financial statements.

      • JenniferP

        I used to audit non profits. They are mostly checked for “compliance”. Classification among various activities is difficult to discern. I wish I could tell you how to get good info, but generally, I think they do what they want once they have the money, and report it to suit what they said they would do. Getting info like individual salaries is a bit more difficult for the average person. Financials must be publicly available, but as you said, can you trust them?

      • sunshine308

        I went to their web site and they post their info.. how much admin gets for salaries etc.. not sure if it is still there ..this was last year..

      • Snidely1

        Go to the charity’s website, and don’t just read the statement by the auditors; they say what they are essentially said to say. Go to the section where they have their latest tax return, they have to have a section that lists “Highly compensated employees” (and directors, etc.) and you will be amazed at the amount on money these administrators have the balls to rake off from the charity’s funds. I always do this, and that is how I saw almost $400K going to a retired director of the Susan B. Komen cancer group. Check out what the guy at Smile Train was paying himself. Or look at the Father Flanagan’s Children’s Home, that has an endowment fund now closing in on a billion dollars – saving for a rainy day? – while begging you to send money to “help the children”. Really? Tax returns say it all.

      • snorky neederecker is one

      • kaystiel
    • Scarbender307

      Excellent Jenifer!

    • londontubes

      While this charity does not deal with veterans directly, it uses 100% of the donations for charitable work:

      How can that be? you say. Here is how it is done. LDS Philanthropies is, as you may discern,
      operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormons). As you may know, the LDS Church owns some ‘for-profit’, tax-paying, entities, including newspapers, TV and radio stations, insurance company, etc. It is from the profits from these companies that the officials of LDS Philanthropies are paid. There are also many hundreds of volunteers around the world (Service Missionaries they are called) who volunteer their services for 18 months to run the ‘on the ground’ operations.

      Because of these two facts, ALL of the money that is donated to the organization goes directly to the people who need it. Zero percent overhead from the donations. If you feel like you would like to find out more about this amazing organization, just click on People of all races and nationalities and religious beliefs around the world would appreciate
      it. (Yes, I donate every month.)

      • Trisha Holmeide

        Yes, I’ve heard of them and I believe they go way out to provide much, much more than even the community in need even asks for–I think I remember them collecting and donating wheelchairs all over the world to people who would never have been able to obtain them without their help. We need more of these types of benevolent organizations.

      • hatchet87

        i am not Mormon but the local LDS church helped me greatly with food and transportation as a disabled vet, when I really needed it. They will always have my respect.

    • Trisha Holmeide

      Yes, I agree, Jennifer and we have the added benefit of making some new friends.

  • Chiefbuck

    Spread the word, let other vets know about this fraud. I’m sending the article to my entire email list.

  • Bar0Ranch

    I have received several solicitations from WWP over the past year. I have NOT donated because I give to the DAV often and WWP seems to be redundant. I know the DAV’s efficiency to be 90%+. Thanks for the info on WWP.

    • Bullets First

      That’s great. 93.5% of what the DAV recieves goes to helping vets. They are one of the most respectable charities out there along with Fisher House at 94.7%. When you look at numbers like these how can the WWP look people in the face and say that 48-58% is good enough?

      • Candy Lovett

        I have been a life member of the DAV and VFW since 1998 or so and not once have I ever been helped by them when I asked for it. And I only asked for small help. So here in Florida, they are not that great

  • theshadow

    That’s a pretty crappy donation ratio. I think 75 pct is the bottom rung.

    • Bullets First

      You hit the nail on the head theshadow. Organizations cost money, no one is arguing that, but if your operational costs are more than 25 cents on the dollar you are a bad businessman and need to cut overhead. The CEO’s can start with their salaries.

  • JJ

    Bill ORielly who is a major contributor to WWP has looked into these numbers, and disputes them, calling it a slander job. They may be against the second amendment, I don’t now, but their real numbers are 78% or more go to help people. They have a good track record.

    • Bullets First

      There you go right there JJ…”Bill ORielly who is a major contributor to WWP”…well, Obama is the President and he says he looked into Benghazi and there was nothing to see there. Obama is the Commander and Chief and said that the Bergdahl exhange for 5 terrorists was on the up and up.

      No, I prefer to look to independent watchdogs like Charity Navigator and Charity Watch…not a tv personality whose motives are suspect since he, as you say, is a major contributor to WWP.

  • LEHensonPROAmerica

    ONLY 2 Charities that are really worth anything good: Salvation Army and Neighborhood Revitalization Committee (dot org) (all volunteer, zero pay)
    Red Cross pays up to 6.1 million dollars a year (IE: Elizabeth Dole)

    • MsRR

      National Commander of the Salvation Army (since 2010) is William A. Roberts. The Salvation Army is not required to file a Form 990 with the IRS because it is primarily a religious organization, but according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Roberts’ last reported total annual compensation was $126,920! Forbes rates this organization’s efficiency at 82%, a fair bit lower than the 93% figure claimed

      • LEHensonPROAmerica

        Red Cross = mass CORRUPTION!
        Salvation Army = superior organization, “doing the most good”. What should Roberts according to YOU make? Now go read and understand STOP Coveting!

      • Palrak

        I read that the cash you put in the red kettles at Christmastime doesn’t necessarily get to the organization. This doesn’t surprise me.

    • Palrak

      March of Dimes, Goodwill, and United Way are 3 more to stay away from, according to statistics. ASIDE: I remember when I was teaching in the late 60’s, the faculty was forced to go to the library after school and sign up for a monthly payroll deduction for United Way after listening to some hype. No one was allowed to leave until they did so. I refused to sign up, but we were finally allowed to go home. Any charity which uses such coertion raises a red flag. I should have spotted it with WWP.

  • Rick Van Horn

    I cannot determine if the original article is truthful or not. BUT my sister-in-law, who was stationed in Afghanastan, applied for assistance through the Wounded Warrior Project, to get her home after a serious bout with a very traumatic experience, which left her unfit for duty (due to a near-death experience with a bomb attack which almost cost her her life). The wounded Warrior Project was there to provide her with complete air transportation from Afghanastan to Germany, and then back to the United States. Zthis is a plus for the WWP, and to those who state it is a scam, I wonder how much actual deep seeded research they have actually done ? or could this be an attack on a true veteran assistance program by another Obummer supporter ?

    • gfr

      Why wouldn’t the military have taken care of her flight back to the US?

      • Rick Van Horn

        Military “Red Tape”. With Obumer’s rules and regulations, it takes almost an act of Congress to facilitate immedate return to the US

        • Mica_Vim_Toot


    • Bullets First

      Rick, I appreciate your sister in laws service and am sorry she was injured. But to answer your question allow me to make this analogy. There are investors who make money in ponzi schemes, doesn’t mean that people aren’t getting screwed over in the process. Not to say that WWP is a ponzi scheme, only that there are a lot of injured vets out there who feel betrayed by the organization. I’m sure they do help SOME vets…but donators aren’t opening up their hearts and wallets to help “SOME” vets.

      I do hope though that you were referring to someone other than me as an Obummer supporter because that is a pretty ridiculous statement.

      As I responded to another poster who asked for research I offer you this:

      Charity Navigator has them recently spending 44.8% of their incoming donations on expenses and salaries. Based on their 2011 Form 990 their revenues were $154.9mil with total fundraising expenses of $20.5mil and total admin expenses, including outsourced services at $95.5mil. As total revenue goes they have an admin expense of 61.63% with a fundraising expense of 13.2% leaving a paltry 38.36% going to the vets in need.

      Around half the money donated goes to the vets? Vets who haven’t been in contact with WWP for years are being factored into present numbers as “alumni”? There are better organizations to donate to and I will continue to advise people to do so.

      Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Mica_Vim_Toot

      “…a serious bout with a very traumatic experience, which left her unfit for duty (due to a near-death experience with a bomb attack which almost cost her her life)”

      This part rang alarm bells for me. What a load. I know truth when I read it and this aint it.


  • PatriotVet

    Has anyone informed Trace Adkins of this?

    • MsRR

      Does Trace do the commercials for free, or is he compensated??

  • blair152

    Bill O’Reilly disagrees. Where’s your proof?

    • Bullets First

      Charity Navigator has them recently spending 44.8% of their incoming donations on expenses and salaries. Based on their 2011 Form 990 their revenues were $154.9mil with total fundraising expenses of $20.5mil and total admin expenses, including outsourced services at $95.5mil. As total revenue goes they have an admin expense of 61.63% with a fundraising expense of 13.2% leaving a paltry 38.36% going to the vets in need.

  • DrRisk

    How about helping the troops who are still on the front line? They need all kinds of things they can’t get in Kandahar and whereever. Look into It’s a family-run operation organized by an retired MP and his wife; their son is on active duty in the Army as a sniper. They take no salaries. I’ve met them, they are honest, hard working people who maintain the web site and organization. All they get out of it is the satisfaction of knowing that other people’s sons, brothers, husbands or fathers are being helped. I have helped many of the troops registered with Any Soldier—they are all immensely thankful for the help, even if it is just a note of support.

  • Mort Leith

    I started donating monthly to the WWP about mid last year,,

    and canceled it last week after I heard what their % of money actually goes to the cause,, and the topping came after they showed their Liberal A5S toward the 2nd Amendment…

    When I called to cancel they asked me why and I told them their liberal stance against our 2nd Amendment and they of course LIED like liberals DO and told me that they are NOT against the 2nd Amendment.
    Then I asked them if they accepted donations from Gun or Knife manufacturers and they refused to answer..
    Good riddens.

    • lenawee2012

      Same with me on the monthly donations Mort. Calling Monday to cancel.
      I checked WWP on and they gave them a 3 star rating with 4 stars being excellent.

    • Palrak

      I donated $140 online the day before all this information came to light. I feel duped. I had no idea they were against the 2nd Amendment. I’d been thinking about signing up for the $19/mo. for quite some time, so I’m glad I “only” lost $140 and didn’t have to try to cancel the monthly.

  • Jim McCormack

    THEY’RE HEADQUARTERED HERE IN jACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA. I’ve been aware of this for a while and tried to get the word out.

  • gtm615

    To me, this is just another reason to not donate to this project. As lagit. as they sound, I got turned off over a year ago when they rejected donations from a 6 year old who organized a program in her Christian school. They refused it because of her Christian affiliation. (

  • jimmimac

    I hate to tell you this but a vast majority of so called charity for Veterans are a scam, especially the so called give a car donation, as a Vet I tried to get help from them after my car broke down, they never got back to me none of them, they just want to get rich crying wolf all the time and sobbing like the ads you see for wounded warrior!!

  • Mys77

    Unfortunately, there are multiple organizations like this one. Starts with good intentions, grows, profits, and in order to feed the beast…morphs into an evil, money grubing animal. The animal activist and enivironmental organizations work the same way…show pathetic animals and places, have mournful music in the background, send out stuffed polar bears, bags, or flags for a donation….what the hell ….how does that correlate to helping or solving anything or anyones life? Instead look closer to home and your community…pay directly to the person in need.

  • samswede

    I chaired a charity golf event for several years. In the beginning the proceeds went to WWP. When we didn’t get so much as a thank you from them, I knew something was amiss. We switched our support to USA Cares- a truly worthwhile and much more efficient organization!

  • “Every dollar you give them as little as 48% of that goes to their overpaid executives in either salary” Actually, ‘m surprised that that much of it makes it to the wounded soldiers. I’ve studied lots of “charities”, and most are scams. Lots of them are government approved. Legally, most “charities” only have to give a small portion (say 1%-5%) to the cause they represent. Therefore, the owner of the “charity” keeps up to 99% and nobody is the wiser.
    Still, you’d think that WWP would be more helpful considering their popularity and our soldiers.
    The Salvation Army is one of the few good charities out there. I’m sure there are others, but SA is one of the best.

  • MikeO48

    I have never donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, and now never will. Before this article the reason I wouldn’t donate is that I HATE their stupid TV commercials. I hope this article serves to destroy the Wounded Warrior Project.

  • Doc

    As a disabled vet I am soooo happy to see the truth come out. They are not only fraudulent but a poorly run group of liberal con artist. When they first started I started a monthly donation. Two months after I started the withdrawals they stopped withdrawing money. I tried three times to get it started but after going through several incompetent people I quit trying; but got very suspicious. I contacted several vets and vet groups but no one ever heard of anyone ever getting any help from the WWP. A few had cheesey made-in-China “blankets” and I came to the conclusion that the only ones they help is themselves.

    • Palrak

      I just posted questions about the blanket before reading your post. Sorry for the redundancy.

  • I have donated to WWP several times – Won’t no more! Also, I hope I never hear of anything close to this regarding HHV (Help Hospitalized Veterans) because I’ve given to them a lot of times and had cards sent to hospitalized vets. Sometimes they give you a chance to win a contest.

    • Bullets First

      I didn’t look into HHV as deeply but a quick check at Charity Navigator is less than promising. In years past about 70% of money coming in went to those in need but apparently they have been operating in the red for the past couple of years and instead of limiting staff or otherwise lowering overhead they have been shortchanging the vets. Only 43% of the money when to the vets last year yet the CEO still makes $255,000 a year.

      Charity Navigator is a great site to see where the money REALLY goes. Give it a look.

  • 724willy

    Any so called charity that advertises on every channel you turn to can’t be efficient. An efficient
    charity will have 10.% or less in expenses. We have a vets home 10 miles up the road, we’ll bless them.

    • Bullets First

      Fantastic point 724willy. I have seen WWP commercials ad nauseum over the Holidays and it was one of the reasons I looked into where their money was going. The Charities I know doing the good work and giving the most to the people in need don’t have million dollar ad spots. Between that and the majority of upper management making over a quarter MILLION dollars in salary, its a suprise ANY money makes it to wounded vets.

      • Palrak

        I’ve often wondered how they can afford to send out a WWP blanket to everyone who signs up for the $19/mo. program. Have any of you gotten a blanket? Is the quality poor? Is it made in China? I’m just curious; I won’t be signing up.

  • What a crock of crap, just another example of using combat veterans as a sham so they can “BILK” the caring public out of money so some bureaucratic fat cat can collect his $350,000.00+ salary and go to functions paid for by these donations!!!! If you can afford to help the combat veterans give thru the Fisher House which is a legitimate organization that actually helps veterans or check with your local American Legion and they will put you in touch with combat veterans you can help! This crooked organization needs to be investigated thoroughly by the Florida States Attorneys Office and the appropriate Federal Government entity that handles “FRAUD”! It’s a dirty shame that there are despicable people out there who would do this!!!! The perpetrators of this scam should be put in prison and throw the keys away!!!! JUst Saying…. :o((

  • chvietvet

    It is hard for anyone to refuse assistance to veterans, especially wounded ones. People contribute large amounts of their income taxes to the DVA, make contributions to groups claiming to help veterans, contribute to homeless shelters, and provide food for the homeless. Where does the money wind up? The DVA finds excuses not to provide the benefits veterans earned and its supervisory personnel pocket massive bonuses from the money they do not give out each year. Do the private charities make up for what the DVA employees steal? Not if the people running the charities help themselves to the money. The mayors and councilmen of some cities have turned giving food to hungry veterans into big profits for themselves. They pass laws making it a crime to give away food to the hungry and fine those to do. As a veteran, I cannot be scammed. I do not have enough money to give to anything.

    • Made_in_the_USA

      I’ve never understood the federal gov’t complaining, fining, and shutting down true charitable organizations and soup kitchens who try to feed the poor and homeless. I understand some of the homeless made a choice about their situation, others are homeless due to gov’t meddling, recession, jobs going to illegal invaders, etc.

      Then I remembered the real reason: if charitable organizations are helping those people; i.e., if charities are helping the poor and homeless, the gov’t can’t control them through entitlement and welfare handouts to keep them subservient (and all the future dem voters they anticipate). Not only are charities being shut down by our out-of-control rogue socialist gov’t, but in some areas it’s illegal to have a vegetable garden, or to sell raw milk, dairy, eggs, or food to local customers.

      • chvietvet

        For many years after the Vietnam War, veterans constituted about 40% of the homeless in America. Now, veterans of more recent wars are taking their places on the street as the Vietnam vets die off. I really doubt whether even one of these veterans made a choice to be homeless. The “new left” runs our many federal agencies, the courts, our universities, and other federal contractors. Most Americans seem to be completely ignorant of the effective blacklisting system in the United States. Service in the armed forces is being discouraged by making examples of those who served before through employment discrimination. The

        • Made_in_the_USA

          BTW, thanks for serving our country!

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    Most so called charities are in the 50 percent (or much less) range of help. Very large organizations spend fantastic amounts on salaries and advertising with sometimes only a pittance going to the purported recipients. Direct donations to local charities are usually the most efficient way of getting the help to those whom you wish to assist.

    • Bullets First

      Well said and aptly put. As others have mentioned, charity begins at home and I’ve no doubt that there are local charities helping vets that could use the donations and since it is staying on the small scale the lion’s share will go to the intended targets.

    • Palrak

      United Way is a prime example.

  • rrd67

    As a co founder of the Tip of the Arrow, a non profit who has placed more than 1,000 Veterans in good jobs (at no cost to anyone), we wanted to partner with WWP. Every Veteran that we referred to WWP for assistance never received a return phone call, let alone any help.
    Their NYC offices looked like a high tech facility that had to have been very expensive.
    Their ads are totally misleading, and the money they raise truly does not ever get to supporting Veterans.
    And, initially, the blankets they gave for donations were made in China!!
    Do not donate to WWP.



  • H. E. DAVIS

    Thank you for the information pointed out in this article. I hope many will read it and make a donation to Fisher House instead of Wounded Warrior’s.

    I learned the same thing was happening years ago with the Red Cross. A Senator’s wife was the head CEO and her salary was roughly the same as the one you mentioned. I did everything in my power to let everyone know what I had learned.

    It’s not about their salaries, it’s about helping those in need. You might also want to check out the salaries of the big wig’s with the Salvation Army too. I did!

  • OldCorpsEd

    WWP is distinctly different from the Marines’ Wounded Warrior Regiments. WWP is a scam; WWR actually benefits the wounded veterans.

  • Duz2600

    Though I will check the records (if they disclose them, per laws), for ‘new’ places to donate, we donate to known charities, like established ones, that have been in existence for decades, and
    free of scandals.

    But, being a veteran, I don’t have tons of money to toss… so, the Red Kettle gets some.

  • M.J. Marsalek

    We know that the WTC attack of 9-11-01 could have more easily been prevented than developing into the astonishing success that it was. George Bush was so possessed with invading Iraq and removing
    ( killing ) Saddam Hussein that he completely ignored Osama bin Laden’s announced intentention to launch a major attack on US soil. We also know that the Bush invasion of Iraq was unnecessary, unjustified & illegal. So the best way to honor our fallen & injured vets is to severely punish Bush / Cheney for allowing 9-11-01 to happen and for unnecessarily and illegally invading Iraq. The problem for most Americans has been & still is supporting our vets when we didn’t support their missions in Iraq & Afghanistan. That said, if Bush / Cheney were made to stand trial for their crimes, most Americans would be more eager to support and assist our wounded & fallen vets.

    • Who is this imaginary “we” you keep speaking of? Cuz I and a whole lot of other people know supported the missions. Second when will holder and Obama go on trial?

      • M.J. Marsalek

        ” We are people in search of the truth.” There is one word that has stuck in my mind that I keep hearing over & over for more than a decade. That word is ” irrefutable ” as in ” we have irrefutable evidence that Saddam Hussein has WMD and intends to use them against the American people.” That statement was a bold faced lie and was the only justification for the Bush invasion of Iraq. So you supported the Bush invasion of Iraq which was completely unnecessary, unjustified and illegal under internatkional law. The Bush invasion & long term occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq were ill advised, unaffordable and unsustainable. There is ample credible evidence that indicates the WTC attack of 9-11-01 was to have been part of a much smaller false flag attack that was foiled because Osama bin Laden managed to launch his attack before Bush got his planned false flag event off. Because ground zero was not treated as a crime scene and the evidence deliberately destroyed and or declared a national secret, some people did & still do believe the government’s narrative.

        • No wonder you speak like the queen of England. Your nuts.

          • M.J. Marsalek

            People who have nothing constructive or intelligent to say often resort to name calling.

          • Ok here’s something constructive. Your a paranoid delusional thinker who needs to seek help get therapy and take meds.

    • Larry

      “We” also know that you take every opportunity to slam Bush/Cheney, right. I notice you have not said a peep about Clinton who, for his entire 8 years in office had chance after chance to take out OBL & would not do it. Then Bush comes in & during his first year, we are hit. But it’s all Bush’s fault, right? You’re a partisan fool. Crawl back under your rock.

      • M.J. Marsalek

        Larry: you are absolutely correct about Bill Clinton. He was a womanizer, a sexual predator, a disgrace to himself, his family & this country. Clinton had good opportunities to capture or kill bin Laden but couldn’t or wouldn’t pull the trigger. That said, Bush entered office knowing that bin Laden announced his intention to launch an attack on US soil. Bush ignored all of the intelligence in favor of creating an excuse to invade Iraq to remove ( kill ) Saddam Hussein & then drop by Afghanistan to deal with Osama bin Laden while US troops were in the neighborhood. Bush said 9-11 changed everything. What changed were the order in which Afghanistan & Iraq were invaded. Now because of what Clinton & Bush did or didn’t do, we have Obama who is the absolute worst president the American people ever put in office.

        • Larry

          MJ, I don’t know that Bush “ignored all of the intelligence” or not. I tend to think that Bush was & is an America loving patriot who always thought he was doing the right thing for America & for freedom around the world. He certainly is loved by the vast majority of the troops while Obama’s latest approval rating among the troops stands at 15%. All the evil that you put onto Bush, I assign to Obama &, right or wrong, you are not going to change my mind.

          • M.J. Marsalek

            Larry: Bush entered office with an agenda. He was possessed with invading Iraq and removing Saddam Hussein. While still governor of Texas, Bush admitted during a televised interview that if he were ever elected president, he would invade Iraq & remove Saddam Hussein.

          • Larry

            I would have done the same thing.

          • M.J. Marsalek

            …. and you would have been charged as a war criminal and possibly executed. Not to worry – to err is human and to forgive is divine. I don’t like to admit it, but I’ve mad a few mistakes myself a few years back.

          • Larry

            I’ve made lots of them. I would also go after that little fool in North Korea, several in Iran, Pakistan, and all those thugs in Gaza too! More would come to mind if I decided to think about it some more.

          • M.J. Marsalek

            Larry: It’s a shame that people are so full of hate and especially at this time of year. I’ll say a prayer that you have a change of mind & heart.

          • Larry

            Oh pios one, please do,as I need all the prayers I can get.

            I believe but I am also of this world & logic tells me that there are lots of very evil ones out there that need dealt with.

          • M.J. Marsalek

            Please let this be the end of our conversation. FYI, the correct spelling is pious not pios. ” Vengance is mine ” said the Lord. I’m not a religious person but I have enough common sense not to make life & death decisions without all the facts.

          • Larry

            I agree. This should be our last conversation. FYI, the correct spelling is vengeance, not vengance. And, not being a religious person, you should really quit quoting from the “good book” as you obviously do not have all the facts & you look quite foolish.

  • avnrulz

    I heard similar statements a couple of years ago, so I now donate at the end of the year for the program through KofC that pays for vets to travel home for Christmas if they are in the hospital.

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  • londontubes

    I posted this below as a reply to JenniferP, but felt that it was important enough to post again here:

    While this charity does not deal with veterans directly, it uses 100% of the donations for charitable work:

    How can that be? you say. Here is how it is done. LDS Philanthropies is, as you may discern,
    operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormons). As you may know, the LDS Church owns some ‘for-profit’, tax-paying entities, including newspapers, TV and radio stations, insurance company, etc. It is from the profits from these companies that the officials of LDS Philanthropies are paid. There are also many hundreds of volunteers around the world (Service Missionaries they are called) who volunteer their services for 18 months to run the ‘on the ground’ operations.

    Because of these two facts, ALL of the money that is donated to the organization goes directly to the people who need it. Zero percent overhead from the donations. If you feel like you would like to find out more about this amazing organization, just click on People of all races and nationalities and religious beliefs around the world would appreciate it. (Yes, I donate every month.)

  • I’ve heard this about wwp for a while and had my suspicions becuase ive always seen them talk a good game but never seen them tout anything concrete, like hey we gave this vet an all terrain wheelchair this is an example of where your money goes. Instead it’s all super vague bullshit. I’ve heard very good very concrete things about sempre fi fund and they help more than just marines, they have helped wounded air force and army vets too. I’ve heard vets from various branches say sempre fi fund pay for plane tickets to get loved ones to the hospital they are in and pay for hotels and buy very expensive wheelchairs and many other expensive necessary adaptations for homes and vehicles. That’s the kind of evidence I need to see from a charity and I have never seen anything like that from wwp.

  • irish7_1sg

    WWP offered to help me with my disability claim with the VA. Despite insisting 4 times that their assistance would be in addition to my work with the VFW, Wounded Warrior Project took over the case, THEN DID NOTHING. Two WWP representatives lied to me.

  • Trisha Holmeide

    I know “Mercury One” (Glenn Becks Charitable organization) spends 100% of all donations for whatever contributors say to earmark the funds for. Beck’s company pays the overhead. But, you are right about “Fisher House” being a great organization for donating to also.

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  • Judyann J

    I just can’t imagine that Bill O’Reilly would be involved with a scam charity. I do know, as LEEHenson states below, one of the few genuine charities I know of is the Salvation Army. As a young teen, I did volunteer work at a Salvation Army hospital and could see first hand the dedication of those people. There are no “fat cat” executives, just pure hearted, dedicated people who themsleves, live like paupers vs Red Cross execs who are transported in stretch limos and private jets.

  • DUSTOFFdoc45th

    I must say the WWP has done very well in exploiting our wounded for their greed. They have very catchy lyrics “…From the fields of Vietnam to the hills of Afghanistan…”.

    That would give the impression they assist ALL wounded warriors which is definitely not the case. How much assistance can a disabled sailor from the USS Cole receive from WWP? What about a Vet wounded in Bosnia, Panama, Vietnam, Korea, what assistance comes from WWP?

    Nada, Zip, Zilch, zero, absolutely nothing.

    WWP actually discriminates and only provides cursory assistance to disabled Veterans wounded post 9/11. WWP charter states in effect if you were severely wounded pre-9/11 you don’t exist. Providing assistance to ALL Veterans would severely limit their bottom line.

    Couple years ago Congress passed the Care-Giver Act which provides assistance to families of severely disabled Veterans who need extra in-home care. The WWP lobbied hard to get this legislation enacted and went so far as to have their lobbyist proposed the legislation been titled “The Wounded Warrior Project Care-Giver Act”. Congress got this one right by naming the legislation the Care-Giver Act of 2010.

    The problem being was some of the provisions WWP wrote in their initial legislation made it into the Care-Giver Act of 2010 – specifically only disabled Veterans injured POST 9/11 were eligible for this assistance.

    Now not only does WWP discriminate, some of their lobbyist (former VA Secretary Anthony Principi) convinced Members of Congress to pass the bill to see what’s in it.

    How would the Nation react if only male, white, or some other such discriminatory nonsense criteria were a prerequisite of the legislation.

    Senate Veterans Affairs Chairman Bernie Sanders knew this was wrong as rain and introduced legislation to right this wrong. During Senate hearings the WWP adamantly opposed extending Care-Giver assistance to ALL disabled Veterans.
    Again would passage have a negative impact on WWP bottom line? You betcha.
    The legislation died in committee after some intense lobbying. So now Congress joins WWP in discriminating against severely disabled Veterans.
    Stop supporting this scam.
    Then call your Members of Congress and demand they stop this blatant discrimination.
    Just my 2 cents.

  • disqus_3CD2NkZqPo

    Why do we even need WWF? The governments commitment when you enlist is that they will provide these services through the VA. So, we have a government who forgets it’s responsibilities and a massive money mill who ignores its commitment.

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  • asknod

    I wrote the original WWP scam article for my site in August 2013 when a fellow Vet apprised me of their IRS 990. I moved it over to Veterans Today in December where it received broader coverage. Since I don’t have a 501(c) or other legal entity, WWP can’t figure out how to sue me. Boy howdy they’ve tried though. I’ll probably be room temp. before they succeed.

    Fisher House is priceless. When I lay dying in ICU at the Seattle VAMC in 2009, Fisher House let my wife and sister stay for almost a month until I was out of danger. I focus all my giving on them. I would ask others to take a long look at the Big Six VSOs before considering them as a viable alternative to the We Want your Pesos charity. Read this: . Veterans are simply a vehicle for avarice and greed by some who have no morals. Giving is easy. Giving responsibly to an outfit who drops their financial ordnance on target requires forethought.

    Alex Graham
    USAF/Air America

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  • ArmyAviator

    I was bamboozled into donating to the WWP but found out that they do little anymore to help. Oh sure, they have their poster boys and girls, but in reality it’s a whole other deal..We’d all be better off, as would our veterans, if we focused our donations to those who will clean-up the VA mess!

  • snorky neederecker

    I’m very sorry that I didn’t see this sooner, we’ve been giving every month even when unemployed.

  • ron44


  • Idadho

    Check out WWP’s employment opportunities. They talk about building careers, not helping wounded verts.

  • Made_in_the_USA

    I decided that I couldn’t support this ‘charity’ when I saw mooshell
    in a TV ad promoting it. If mooshell is for it, it has to be a scam.

    I used to have a list of many charities, the percentage of donations that
    actually helped the individuals they claimed to be helping, and the
    CEO’s salary. I lost the list, but the Salvation Army was at the top for
    actually passing the donations on to the needy. Most of the popular
    charities keep a large percentage of the donations to support their own
    overhead, and also pay their CEO’s a massive salary. Who does that help?
    I suspect most of those CEO’s support the liberal PAC’s and charities.The
    CEO of the SALVATION ARMY only makes a pittance of a salary, I believe
    only $13k/year. That’s why I seldom pass one of their kettles without
    dropping something in. If you

  • George Block

    I have researched WWP and have just done that again. I am not finding the rating or figures as described in this article. I’ve used a charity search, our State listings and reviewed their tax forms and financial statement.

    here is one site to look into:

    • Bullets First

      Yes. Did you actually LOOK at their data. From their research they state that only 57.7% of donations go to help veterans. That’s 20 points lower than what WWP claims on their own website. For some reason I tend to believe the independent watchdog group that has nothing to gain than a bunch of high priced execs looking to continue riding the gravy train by skewing numbers and taking advantage of charitable people.

  • George Block

    I would like the author of this article to produce verifiable evidence to back up the claims here. Quotes from people are not verifiable facts.

    • Bullets First

      Ken Davis for one. for another. The 2011 Form 990 for a third. I’ve responded to these questions throughout the comment section. Feel free to browse.

      I also invite you to read through these comments for you will find other veterans who have had similar experiences to those in the article.

  • George Block
    • Bullets First

      Really, their website? Shocker that they put their % of program expenses higher than all other independent watchdog groups put it. Yet even by their own numbers they are still only at 78% of donations going to help the vets. Compared to other more reputable charities that is still abysmal.

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  • USARetired

    I have been suspicious of these people from the start! The fact I could not locate much information about them made me ultra suspicious!

  • Michael E Clayton

    I am glad I saw this because we do donate to wwp

  • Jeff Dyke

    I would like to share a veterans organization that has helped my family tremendously. The Semper Fi Fund after hearing that my family was going through financial difficulties and verifying my service and that I was combat wounded sent us a check in our name to pay 2 months of our mortgage. And on top of that sent us 200 dollars in gas cards. You don’t have to ask for help. If they know you need something the either help you with it or take care of it. They with out hesitation will pay for you to get transportation to appointments, if away from home will help pay for your family to stay with you. They have offered (in the middle of appointments) to pay for treatment that the VA is not offering (I have multiple TBIs) and then there is Team Semper Fi that you can join and spend time in sports of all kinds with other vets and they will help pay for travel to events ect… they don’t have to be asked they reach out to you. Thank you Semper Fi Fund for all you do for us.

  • G Stephen Manning III

    Give to Special Operations Warrior Foundation.. They have a 98% rating from Charity Navigator compared to the 86% that WWP has..

  • Josie

    To late to do anything about 2014 but I will hold back on donating to them in 2015. There are many more worthwhile organizations that need money to help our Veterans and those in the military than to waste on some sham. Pity with all the money that organization collected they couldn’t do some good for our military.

  • greyhound44

    I don’t contribute to any!
    They are all a scam!
    fmr LCDR MC USNR NUKE resigned 4 July 1978 after 8.5 years active/4.5 as a LCDR NUKE
    retired expatriate (11.5 years in Conde Nast’s 2013 “World’s Best City”) MD: NBME; ABIM; ABNM; ABR w/spec comp NR

  • AL from VT

    I’ve been tempted to contribute as well, but like UNICEF, the administration takes much more than goes to the deserving. It’s much better to keep the support on a local level. If you know of vets in your area and they need help, help them.

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  • Glenda LaHaye

    The writer offers no links are verifiable sources. Simply calling would be veterans by their first names. Even the “veterans” stories are without facts or substance. I know many vets, my husband included, who have received nothing but support and respect from WWP. WWP also offers a look to their audited financials at and any other information shareable by law and pertaining to their organization can be obtained through freedom of information requests. The FoIR’s take some work and effort and that may explain why this writer chose to pull his story out of his ass.

  • This really surprised me.

  • kasper-ghost

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been trying to tell people this organization is fraudulent for a very long time. But alas, since there are “movie stars, country western singers, etc., that promote this fraud upon the public, most believe it just must be a great charity. People, you can Google various charities and find out just exactly how much is going to the CEO’s and what percentage is used to truly help the people/animals/towns etc., that this money is intended for. You’ll be amazed! There are many scam artist out there lining their pockets.

  • Pingback: Quick Hits | bobsbox()

  • Texas Belle

    I often wonder about giving to any charity because it is difficult to know what happens to the money. Too bad some can’t be trusted.

  • Kyle This entire article is why Republicans get bad names. Please do research before reading the Internet…. Whole article is complete nonsense.

    • Bullets First

      First of all Kyle I’m not a republican. Secondly, did you actually LOOK at the charity navigator findings or were you simply attracted to the yellow ball that by itself would make it seem that WWP was a good charity?

      You see, the placement on the chart indicates that the WWP is a profitable organization, but one needs to look at the findings underneath the chart to discover where the money goes.

      57.7% of donations goes to the vets. The rest goes to salary, parties, travel etc. On a scale from 1 to 10 the fundraising efficiency of the WWP is a FIVE…out of TEN.

      Maybe it is YOU who needs to do a little research Kyle.

  • Bill Morgan

    Just canceled my monthly donation and am diverting my money to a Lakota Indian group that helps children and teens on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota.

  • Bill Morgan

    Take a look at groups like the old March of Dimes Lung Assn.) and the American Cancer Society. I’ve been told that they have kept fundraising boiler room operators in luxury suits and cars for decades.

  • Tony, You were able to give the organization far more credit than what my researched uncovered a little over a year ago and I didn’t even take on the approach of addressing the executive pay. I addressed all the other unnecessary and inflated waste within WWP.

    Here’s what my research uncovered:

    • Bullets First

      That was some great information Trent. Even more reason why WWP should be avoided.

  • Pingback: Wounded warrior project get negative reviews()

  • RLK

    Check it out on Charity Navigator before you judge.

  • Greg Hanks

    I am a Proud Father of two Sons that were both enlisted & deployed at the same time…That was a Double Edged Sword for me sometimes, but also made me a ‘Proud Army Dad x2… I spend all my time on Facebook supporting My Sons & All The Other Extended Sons and Daughters that are among the PROUD 1 %… I support DAV, PVA, and almost donated to WWP, but had 2 surgeries and ran out of funds… I plan on looking into what Trace Atkins comments show up in my research about this Charity… It’s kinda funny I ran across this post, because I have seen about 5 times more WWP commercials in just the last couple weeks it really lit my thoughts up when I opened this link… I do know the Fisher House does get high marks… Bottom Line…Shake A Hand ~ Say ‘Thanks’ ~ Show Your Support By Posting & Sharing Military Related Stories & Ask Around Your Community For Any Local Military Related Charities That Actually Puts Our Troops First…Enough Venting… ‘HOOAH TROOPS’

  • Greg Hanks

    This is to the response by the WWP CEO with some links to sites to see records. I haven’t made my conclusion yet but will look more into it.
    Just thought I would share the info with ya all…

    Happy New Year To All …

  • John Joseph Hall

    Glad I have yet to donate to them my father even claimed that the donations do not go out to help my fellow veterans. So sad… Those tshirts ect. dont matter.

  • MsRR

    like this article better if he didn’t recommend an alternate charity..
    but I do all my donating to local groups, and there is a Veterans group
    among them. I like to be able to participate.

    • Bullets First

      I understand your concern MsRR. The reason I point out Fisher House is because they are gold standard of charities helping vets. I use their 95% donation to program as an example to show how utterly unacceptable WWP’s 58% (at best) donation to program is.

      I am in no way affiliated with Fisher House but do urge people to donate to local groups where the money stays with the people of the community. But if someone is looking for a national group alternative to WWP then I believe Fisher House is among the best and I have no trouble recommending them.

  • vetswife

    In addition, they DO NOT help any veterans prior to 9/11, Yet they don’t hesitate to play the background music “from the fields of Vietnam” when they could care less about them. A lot of Vietnam veterans are just now starting to deal with the long term damage Agent Orange did to them. Just check out the VA web site for “presumptive conditions, Agent Orange”. There is a long list and those veterans are just now having to deal with them. Wouldn’t give them a bent penny!

    • Bullets First

      Very true vetswife, but they DON’T advertise that they won’t help earlier vets. So people who think that Vietnam era vets, or even first gulf war vets are going to get some needed help are bamboozled into giving money via the lie of omission.

      If WWP were to expand their program to cover earlier wars it would cut too greatly into their profit margin so the execs would lose money. It’s simple economics. By not disclosing publicly which vets they “help”, WWP all ready pulls in the highest amount of donation capital they can. If they were then to expand their program past their limited scope of post 9/11 they wouldn’t get any more money because people think they are doing that all ready. So the only place the money could come from is salary cuts for executives and lavish expenditures.

  • 1AUdentist6

    I am a veteran and have no disabilities. The Tamp Bat Times reported on them in 2013 with a full investigative report and looked at all their tax returns and accounting practices. They earned a C+ and gave 58% of all funds directly on veterans. Some are better and some are far worse. In the end…better than most charities. Try doing some of your own research!

    • Bullets First

      Actually the Tampa Bay Times was one of the first articles I found that tipped me off to this who scam. 58% is NOT good. Its not acceptable and as you can see from the other comments it is NOT the proportion that people think their donation is going towards. It’s a failing grade at best and to say, “well…others are worse” is a lame excuse to try and float a sinking ship by pointing out that other ships are sinking faster.

  • DaveinUtah

    Thank you for this article. I have known much of what was written but did not have the reference material to make the point to others. Now I will send the link to people you believe WWP is great and want to argue.

    • Bullets First

      Glad I could help dave. Even if you know the truth it’s always good to have the facts in order to convince people who think “that COULDN’T be true, “they” wouldn’t let that happen”…of course who the “they” are is never quite clear.

  • Gino Montague

    That’s why I only give to Active Heroes and Carry the Fallen out of Kentucky for the past 3 years. They are truly helping Veterans and you can see the results. Our family has even helped them at their Veterans Family Retreat along with room make overs. Check them out you won’t be disappointed.

  • cabman86

    I donate to my local veteran’s charities like the VFW. They take care of the guys when they need it.

  • Christina

    I always check with Charity Navigator before I donate to a new organization. They don’t look good, IMHO.

  • Douglas

    I wasn’t aware of this. I question why Sean Hannity is a big supporter of this if its a scam.
    Is he part of the scam or unaware??

  • Woundedvet

    I tried to seek help form the WWP and was turned away. Seems they will only help post 9/11 veterans. Not combat veterans of all wars.

  • Mustang

    My first concern about the Wounded Warrior group is the manner in which they depict our heroes … as psychopaths, and while I know that there are a few veterans who are self-defeating by their nature, most are not. Most of our returning war veterans are absolute American heroes … and so I have wondered about the political agenda of this organization. The second concern was the amount of donations these people keep for themselves. There are other veterans’ organizations that give most of their money to help our wounded warriors. One that comes to mind is the Semper Fi Fund; another is “Operation Finally Home.”

    Kudos to you for getting the word out; I will do my part by sending your link to everyone in my address book.

  • Bill

    ANY Vet that needs help, or if you know of a Vet that Needs Help Find a Local Chapter of Combat Vets Motorcycle Association. Our Motto is “VETS HELPING VETS”!!! You may have to hunt the chapters out a little but you will get the help you need!

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  • teejay

    The ceo of wwp makes 375k with annual donations of 90 million. The ceo of fisher house makes 335k with annual donations of 10 million. Anyone want to do the math. Yes wwp is selective in who they help. They need to be. If you don’t know why you have never served. WWP has helped to very close friends when the VA put them on hold. Meanwhile the fisher house was full as always and currently unable to assist. So cast stones all you want, I will support the wwp.

    • Bullets First

      Fisher House puts 95% of their donations to benefit veterans. It’s not about the salary…its about the amount of donations going to actually help vets. The highest percentage that WWP has been shown allocate to program expenses is under 58%.

      The way I see it, the CEO of Fisher House EARNS his money if he can put almost 70% MORE of his donations to actual use than the CEO of WWP does.

      Would I have a gripe if Fisher House execs were raking in dough while only giving half to vets in need? Damn right I would. But I never said that these people need to be volunteers. You can make a living but don’t do it by depriving vets of services in order to funnel more funds to your own bank accounts.

      If WWP wants to reorganize their operation and make 95% of the donations available to helping vets, they can pay themselves whatever they want out of that 5% that still works.

      So yeah teejay, compared to the CEO of WWP, the CEO of Fisher House looks like a business wizard. Is your point that he doesn’t make enough? Im sure if he wanted to take advantage of the kindness of donors and shortchange the vets he could make more like the CEO of WWP does.

  • Mike Shilling

    I am a retired vet. I spent months setting up and coordinating a motocross race in West texas for WWF. We never got a confirmation…..we gave the money ourselves to the vets. What a sad story. This happens every day. THose folks need to get thier shit together.

  • Daniel

    It’s sad but I’m one of those VETS that when I need it the most (still do) haven’t seen any results. I’m having a hard time finding a job so I went to them for help. Their “employment assistance” consisted in connecting me with a third person to help with my resume and that was all the help. To this day I haven’t been able to find a job and have only received one email in the form of LinkedIn from them to see if I had found a job, which was over 3 months ago.

  • Dianna Hughey

    CHeck them out on Charity Navigator. The above figures are off.. A LARGE part goes to Fund Raising efforts, Administrative costs are fairly lowProgram Expenses
    (Percent of the charity’s budget spent on the programs and services it delivers) – 57.7% Administrative Expenses – 5.7% Fundraising Expenses – 36.5% Steve Nardizzi’s salary as Executive Director IS $375,000 but it is only 0.23% of total expenses.(That is less than 1/4 of 1% of expenses)

    • Bullets First

      I’m not sure what you are trying to defend Dianna. 57.7% goes to help the vets. That’st the issue. What do you think Fundraising Expenses cover? Yeah, sure the TV and advertising but also the travel expenses, gala events, all the per diem that it includes. Employees of WWP aren’t paying out of pocket for plane tickets and hotels rooms. “Fundraising Expenses” is a big top tent in which a lot of perks are hidden in.

      Furthermore, Nardizzi’s salary is $375,000. Now factor in the board members along with the Executive staff and that 1/4 of 1% starts getting a little bigger.

      On top of that, with so many hands in the kitchen and such a HUGE amount of money going to fundraising, how does WWP have such an abysmal Fundraising Efficiency rating?

      On a scale of 1 to 10 they rate a FIVE. I don’t know of any school that views that as a passing grade.

      So overall, WWP is a poorly run charity where less than 60% of the money donated goes to help the cause it claims to fight for, and the executive staff and board members still make out like gang busters even though they have the efficiency of the federal government.

      That’s what the site you pointed to tells people.

      • Dianna Hughey

        I wasn’t trying to defend anything, just posted actual facts from Charity Navigator. I STRONGLY urge anyone donating money to any charity to check them out there first. Fundraising expense is an easy way to bury/hide a lot of expenditures. Charity Navigator lays it all out there for easy comparisons so you can make sure you get the most benefit for your donations.

  • asknod

    If you donate to any of the big Six (DAV. PVA, AmLeg, VFW, MOPH, AmVets) be sure to do it locally. That will ensure the majority of your contributions actually help a needy Vet in your own community. Donating to the National entity does not percolate back to your community. And if you think Steve Nardizzi and his merry WWP band are smoking the public, take a gander at this:

  • DemocratDiseaseControl(DDC)

    Nice to learn their approach to the Second Amendment, now they can kma. Fisher House in Palo Alto is a fine set up for vets and their families.

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  • Dave Randall

    Doesnt Mark Wahlberg do a commercial for them ??? If so , he’s as an idiot if he didn’t do some research and ask some questions about it !!! OR they probably paid him a big fat check to do that commercial ???

  • brenda l

    oh, please, say it ain’t so. i’ve given donation to this organization. if it’s true they will be punished in the end. i feel so sad for the vets they were the ones cut short.

  • Dodie1990

    Did not know they were anti 2nd amendment. Odd since their veterans are all defenders of that right and proficient in the use of the very firearms they would eliminate from law abiding tax paying citizens. Will not support them any more.

    • Bullets First

      That’s exactly why I was so surprised when the issue first came up a few years ago.

  • jaydee

    Another place to donate may be to homeless vets in your state. There are organizations that provide shelter, food, clothing and guidance in getting a job or some form of retraining for work. Here in my state, there are approx. 600 homeless vets and I have donated to the local shelter directly. I also read somewhere that 4% of homeless vets are women. So look local first.

  • blackhawk132

    I gave money to them twice before I found out that they were fakes . How do those celebrities promote this farce ? Just look at all the constant TV commercials they pay for with our donations . These people are scum bags and deserve to go to hell when they die.
    Just search for Is WWP a fraud on your computer. They must be assisted by Satan himself .

  • Don Gushurst

    Go figure American greed strikes again

  • chief1937

    Most all charities that advertise on TV are more about themselves that they are about the charity they claim to represent. WW plays more on peoples sympathy than anything else and if this article is correct they should be investigated and if found guilty loose their tax exempt status and leadership spend some time in prison. Simply put looks like fraud by deception. If this article is incorrect they should come out and explain their actions.

  • Lee

    I am a 100% disabled Vietnam Era Veteran As a veteran for veterans of all era’s we need help from a legal group that needs to take WWP to court. They are so fraudulent they have in fact sued a Berks County Warrior project and are seeking money damages for name infringement …That is just how cutthroat they are and fraudulent In addition they are bringing in millions of dollars because people and groups are fraudulently led to believe the bulk of the money goes into helping disabled veterans directly when in fact it does not. In addition a d what lawsuit should also bring and its why we need lawyers to take them on is that this group makes a pitch that the fund people give are in facet for all disabled-wounded veterans Such is in fact a lie and fraudulent they serve exclusively only post 911 era veterans and any wounded warriors before 911 are left behind by them and their greed,. Furthere, they were the ones whose lobbyists poured great amount of money over the objections of pre911 traditional veterans groups i.e. DAV, VVA, VFW, American Legion that got the VA Family Caregivers Program passed which only includes post911 veterans and families only Thus as a, such wives and family mmebers can receive for attendant acre or homemaker services of severely disabled veterans up to $2500 per month plus free trio care while us pre911 veterans get nothing That is age discrimination and also discrimination based on on veteran era by a group who pushed for the legislation against the objections of many . Investigative reporters and reporters need to investigate this As always the WWII, Korean Era Vets , and Vietnam veterans are forgotten as walys and kicked to the curb as if our age means our death and disability and financial problems to our struggling families . Please give us lawyers and reporters to investigate this at Please give us reporters to investigate this and also lawyers to stop this fraud and leaving our veterans of pre 911 behind by organizations such as wounded warriors !!

    Get us at

    Lee Horowitz, M.Ed, CAGS
    Vietnam Era US Navy disabled veteran

  • Lee

    if you want to give you can help our disabled veterans directly by giving to Berks County , Reading Pa.,VAA-Vietnam Veterans of America chapter 131 on the internet so we can directly give to our disabled veterans

    Lee Horowitz M.Ed, CAGS
    US Navy disabled veteran Vietnam era

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  • OldSully

    Samaritan’s Purse run by Franklin Graham has a ministry called “Operation Heal Our Patriots”. The
    ministry gives wounded veterans and their spouses the opportunity for spiritual refreshment, physical renewal, and marriage enrichment. The setting is in their Alaskan Wilderness Lodge. Samaritan’s Purse has a Charity Navigator Rating overall of 95.9% They have an “Accountability and Transparency” rating of 100%.


    All that TV advertising costs a bundle of money and that’s not here say. I know of companies that have advertised on TV and it is a very expensive endeavor. TV networks don’t give a damn about how good a charity is. They are only interested in the money, so even this “charity” is paying big bucks for the nationwide coverage they are getting. I had my suspicions about WWP way back. This just confirms them.

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  • a_goodtarheel1

    For the love of Pete. I have given to them in the past. From now on, I will continue to give to The Mission Continues and to Fisher House. This is a terrible record.

  • Alan Pierce

    Total B.S. if this website created this crap they need to educate their inbreed uneducated asses, WWP has done more for vets than any organization

  • kaystiel

    Hey, I can see your agenda here,if you go to Charity Navigator, WWP gets a really good rating, they only spend 5% on operating expenses, they also have transparency in their operations. Your issues seem to be over gun control and your idea of Christianity, which frankly, is incidental to helping vets.

  • Jack Listerio

    Heck the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY is the biggest for profit non profit out there and always has been………..They pay the highest salaries and buy their folks summer homes for retreats……….

    Besides being grant sponges and breaking federal lobbying laws


    Illicit Lobbying
    Report: Local health departments illegally used federal stimulus money to lobby

    April 16, 2013 2:15 pm

    At least seven local health departments illegally used stimulus grant funds to lobby for greater taxes and restrictions on tobacco and unhealthy foods, according to a report released Tuesday by a nonprofit watchdog group.

    The stimulus-funded Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) program disbursed about $373 million intended to educate the public about tobacco use and obesity. Federal law prohibits grantees from using the funds for lobbying activities.

    According to the group Cause of Action, local health departments from Alabama to California used the funds to devise or promote legislation designed to curb tobacco use or combat obesity.

    The report detailing the allegations is the product of a 19-month investigation into the CPPW program.

    “[Cause of Action’s] investigation revealed that CPPW money went to support lobbyists and public relations companies who used taxpayer dollars to push laws and agendas that would lead to tax increases on tobacco and high calorie products,” the report said.

    The report said illicit uses of CPPW grant funds “essentially transform[ed] the CPPW program into a conduit for lobbying for higher taxes and bans on otherwise legal consumer products.”

    Federal law prohibits grant recipients from using federal grant funds to influence “an official of any government, to favor, adopt, or oppose, by vote or otherwise, any legislation, law, ratification, policy, or appropriation.”

    Internal guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which administers the CPPW program, clarifies that the law applies “specifically to lobbying related to any proposed, pending, or future federal, state, or local tax increase, or any proposed, pending, or future requirement or restriction on any legal consumer product.”

    Cause of Action executive director Dan Epstein criticized the CDC for faulty oversight in an interview with the Washington Free Beacon. He also said specific CPPW grantees may have “committed not just violations [of lobbying prohibitions], but fraud.”

    According to internal communications from South Carolina’s Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) obtained by Cause of Action through public records requests, DHEC officials altered meeting minutes in order to hide the involvement of officials involved in grant fund disbursements after CDC expressed concerns about the use of grant funds for lobbying activities.

    “The DHEC stated outright that the purpose of altering the minutes was to hide the fact that its CPPW program coordinator had directed illegal lobbying in the pursuit of smoke-free ordinances,” according to the Cause of Action report.

    The DHEC did not return a request for comment.

    DHEC grant activities, like those of other state health agencies examined in the report, were explicitly geared toward specific legislative goals. Its application for CPPW funding said it would use taxpayer funds to “increase the support for and adoption of comprehensive smoke-free laws.”

    While that proposal and similar ones from other states appeared to violate laws governing the use of federal grant funds, Epstein says the CDC has made no effort to effectively oversee the CPPW program.

    “It’s not just a sign of misuse of taxpayer dollars,” Epstein said. “In fact, there’s some indication that the CDC encouraged this to occur.”

    Previous investigations of the CPPW program have produced similar findings.

    According to the inspector general for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), CDC’s parent agency, federal guidelines for CPPW grant recipients “appear to authorize, or even encourage, grantees to use funds for impermissible lobbying.”

    Members of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce cited that report and apparent violations of the lobbying prohibitions in multiple communications with HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius regarding the CPPW program. The committee’s investigative panel examined the program during a 2012 hearing.

    Annual CPPW disbursements are scheduled to grow to about $2 billion in 2015. When expenditures increase six-fold, Epstein said “we’re in a serious situation, because we’re going to undoubtedly see six times the fraud.”

    Florida’s Miami-Dade County Health Department, one of the agencies singled out in Cause of Action’s report, denied any wrongdoing in a statement emailed to the Washington Free Beacon.

    The Department “did not utilize any of the CPPW funding for lobbying activities, nor does the Department have any reason to believe that any of its contracted providers did so either,” said spokeswoman Olga Connor. “The Department of Health’s contracts specifically bar any provider from utilizing the CPPW funds for any type of lobbying activities.”

    The CDC did not return request for comment. Miami-Dade County was the only local government highlighted by Cause of Action to return a request for comment.

  • Wizard123

    Check your facts. According to, WWP fund
    raising costs were 11% of related contributions. (Related contributions, which
    totaled $123,047,070, are donations received as a result of fund raising
    activities.) WWP incurred joint costs of
    $12,282,672 for informational materials and activities that included fund
    raising materials. Of those costs $7,422,046 was allocated to program expenses
    and $4,860,626 was allocated to fund raising expenses.

  • molsonmich

    You forgot this quote from the Daily Beast post: “The Wounded Warrior Project is certainly not a scam, nor an ill-meaning charity. Even its fiercest detractors admit that WWP has the right motives, even if they believe WWP can be a lot more effective.”

  • Liberty1941

    These “charitable” organizations are as phoney as the wars they ask our soldiers to fight for the NWO United Nations. Americans have become ignorant fools, and allow their government to spend us intoi perpetual debt, all for contrived and nefarious enemies. These traitors to America caused these wars, and all of them are lining their pockets with gold, all on the blood of our young men., Wake up, people, these wars are not about Freedom and Liberty; these are controlled by the voters, so far most voters appear to be stupid, just as the Obamacare architect, Gruber has stated.

  • Dotcoman

    This kind of sounds like the American Legion too.

    Joined those guys and they claimed that all my veteran’s benefits came from them. But then they told me they don’t talk politics at their meetings. That was right before it came out that the VA was murdering something like 42 vets this last year. AL just started hammering me with spam mail to pay my dues even though I was paid up as I had just joined.

    Same goes for the useless NRA and even NAGR. Dudley Brown is constantly begging for money, yet his home state of CO heaved over to the gun grabbers on his watch after the false flag that was Sandy Hook.

    When I got out of the military and moved back home the AL never contacted me, local members who knew I had just gotten out never invited me to join, and they never once offered to help me get squared away with the VA. Never once. But they are big into public shows, marching in parades and saluting each other as if that was all the military was ever about. Baseball is ok but any politics is verboten. So then what was the use of joining the military and fighting, and then coming home to join the AL if the first thing the AL tells you is the 1st and @nd Amendments are out in their organization? And they can’t even be bothered to welcome you home.

  • Conservative Mark

    Thanks for this post. I, too, was about to write them a check. I was just thinking the other day how we need a Federal law that DEMANDS that at least 80 cents out of every dollar of a charity goes to its cause or it loses its 501 or 503 status with the government.

    • woof

      great idea

  • Keith Grill

    I too sent a little money to WWP at first. Then it became obvious by all the swag they were sending me, as well as the money they have to be spending for TV commercial time, that there was no way most of the money could be getting to the vets. Thanks for the heads up on Fisher House!

  • John

    I have been thinking about donating to wwp for a while now but just couldn’t for some reason so now I know why, I will be looking into this Fisher House, thank you for the info. God Bless.

  • Anne Walker

    I’ve been making a monthly donation for 2 years. Sick at heart that the hard earned money I sent did not go to the vets.

  • Mark Hansen

    Yall tealize this isnt the original story right? another “news” outlet already hot themselves sued because they didnt check the facts. WWP’s fonances ste on their website. Go look for yourselves.

  • ort

    Glad I read this! WWP can cram it sideways.

  • Ron

    Jeese, these people sure pulled off a great scam, wait till the word is out about the 2nd Amendment!!!!

  • dingy

    When I first became aware of WWP, I started investigating. I went to their website and discovered that all they do with their money is fund projects. But who applies for funding? local groups who have feel-good ideas, such as block parties, etc., meanwhile siphoning off most of it for their own director, staff, office, local publicity, etc. So here is how it falls out: WWPO siphons off 52%. With the rest it funds local organizations that also siphon off most and play with the little money they have left with little do-good projects that sound good to bureaucrats but don’t really help the vets.
    Here’s what they COULD do (but don’t!): Pay for handicapped converted vans; renovate their homes for total handicapped usage (not just ramps to the front door) with electronic control of lights, thermostats, door locks and openers, media, etc. Provide wheelchair replacements (The Govt only pays for one wheelchair, so if your changed needs require a different one you are out of luck.) This is REAL help.

  • rycsailor

    By my calculations this “charity” delivers $91 million on an income of $234 million, which is 39% for 2013…….too many of these charities are really shills for the advertisement businesses making me wonder about feedback in the form of payola…………..

  • James Pollock

    *****THANK YOU ! I have been pointing this out to Florida media, Social Media, the National Media & even several members of BOTH Congress & the leadership of the DOD Wounded Warrior Programs since 2008/09. The GREAT Scripps Newspaper reporter EVE SAMPLES did a 2 year interview & research piece (2 part) that outlined everything about my experiences, turmoils & the “Wounded Warrior Project” up until the point of her article release (2012). If ANY major TV news (60 minutes, The Oreiley Factor, The Hannity Show, 48 hours, etc….) wants to do a detailed, ON-AIR piece with me, PLEASE HUNT ME DOWN ! ………………… Here are the ‘links’ to the (2) 2012 syndicated articles on myself & the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). After my persistence, the WWP began giving a pitance to a Texas WW charity for direct aid…only after years of me riding their back!!



  • Eagleclaw 1

    I’m glad I saw this article! In 2009 I sent a check for $1,000.00 to WWP and never received so much as a thank you. Not that I expected anything for it (it was for the WW) I guess that also went down under. I am disgusted with the organization not the warriors.

  • Robert Janicki

    Always go to Charity Navigator ( ) or a like site before donating to any group. WWP has the worst ratio of expenses to revenue in its class. Expenses are advertising and administration costs. The top officers of WWP do very well as compared to say Disabled American Veterans or Fisher House, which have nominal salary expenses. If you have a charitable heart, just do your homework first, in order to know that your contribution is going to a real charitable organization in support of their published mission statement and not to support an organization with a political agenda that may differ from yours or to principally support the officers of the organization.

  • James Pollock
  • steamrollers61

    I had been wondering about them, as I did contribute in the beginning, but they “stalk” you once you give them money. I did check them on Charity Navigator and they got 3 out of 4 stars! And, a score of 86.11, which isn’t bad. But, if some of the other things you state are true … 2nd Amend., and not accepting gifts from Christians … then I need to switch it up with Fisher House.

  • ICEE444

    If anyone wants to do good, go to the VA and volunteer or just spend time with the wounded vets. Or, go to local organizations that help them and you can see it. These guys as well as other orgs like ASPCA pay themselves first and donate to democraps. I knew about these crooks years ago. Research before donating and don’t trust their commercials.

    • I have found through the years that donations do most good when offered to smaller, local organizations, like a local SPCA or humane society, that remain more loyal to their original reasons for being rather than some splashy national identity.

  • wfwilson6

    I give to WWP. Please verify this ASAP. What is the REAL truth?? I can see a little room for mischief here by other organizations mentioned in the article. Rush, Bill O’Reilly, please weigh-in. What is the REAL truth??

    • Dotcoman

      Like you’ll get the real truth from a hack like center left O’Reilly or a Neocon shill like Sean Hannity?

    • scottman22

      If you’re asking O’Reilly and Limbaugh for the truth you will be sadly disappointed. If you believe what they say without doing some research on your own then you are the problem. These two are the antithesis of real reporting and don’t know what the definition of truth is.

  • rank

    Always ask if those asking for donations are paid professional fund raisers. The 48% to 58 % while outrageous is higher than many organizations receive from “professional” fund raisers. Always ask what their take is, as many times it exceeds 90%. My advice is proceed with caution there are too many out there making huge dollars under the guise of helping what appears as very worthwhile causes.

  • Sha Moses Jack

    Most ALL charity orgs. spend about 10 cents of every dollar on the actual charity some less than that even, everything else is overhead(aka…salary) Feed the Children, Red Cross, to name a few. I’m not aware of this WWP but look into it for yourself, don’t believe what people write about. I give nothing to charity unless I goo take a look see first, except Salvation Army, they do good work. Don’t believe everything you read, this is what happens when our gov. turns their backs on our beloved military, you really wanna help our returning injured military? Go find one and see what he needs help with…

  • Michael Cooper

    Okay people, heads up. This is a complete scam fabricated by some jackhole a while back. He is trying to defame the WWP, and has been proven to have lied through his teeth on this.

    Straight up, check out stuff like, the WWP directly, and other sources…don’t just jump on the first bandwagon of lies to come around. Do your research!

    • I have every intention of doing the research, but it’s good to have a heads up that research might be needed.

    • Dotcoman lies like Total tools and shills for the Usurper.

  • axmickl

    I never trusted them from the start. They spend so much on ads, its hard to believe there could be much left.They are pretending to do the job the Army and/or the DOD is supposed to be doing.

  • Dowhatsrigh

    This is BS. Wounded warriors use less the 15% for administration the rest goes to do their work. This is less the Paralyzed Vet and many other organization. I think this guy is just pissed because the Charity would not go on his radio show and advocate gun rights. That is not th purpose of Wounded Warriors and I believe that is why they refused. Did they ask the Red Cross to come on and push gun owner ship?

    • What about all the actual vets who are speaking out? They have nothing to do with his radio show. This is disturbing.

  • Jane18

    You know GOD does work in mysterious ways…for the last couple of days I have seen the ads for WWP, and was contemplating very seriously about signing up for the $19.00 a month donation. Actually, I saw it again this morning and was going to look them up on the computer. I am always leery about donations, and was wondering some about this one. But, what do I see after getting on the computer? This article! Thank you! I have always given to the DAV, now I will give them more! Again, thank you!

  • melodyburns

    In the Albany NY area, we have the Veterans Miracle Center where all funds go directly to helping Veterans in need. Veterans receive at no cost household items, clothing, bedding, warm clothes, interview clothing, diapers for their children, everything you use in your home. It is not based on income but based on need.

  • Lee

    Many moons ago I noticed that the WWP spent more on administrative cost than almost all other organizations. As the article says donate to the Fischer House project where your money is spent on the veterans. MAG Leon Myers, USA Retired

  • James Pollock

    !!!!!! ****THANK YOU ! I have been pointing this out to Florida media, Social Media, the National Media & even several members of BOTH Congress & the leadership of the DOD Wounded Warrior Programs since 2008/09. The GREAT Scripps Newspaper reporter EVE SAMPLES did a 2 year interview & research piece (2 part) that outlined everything about my experiences, turmoils & the “Wounded Warrior Project” up until the point of her article release (2012).If ANY major TV news (60 minutes, The Oreiley Factor, The Hannity Show, 48 hours, etc…) wants to do a detailed, ON-AIR piece with me, PLEASE HUNT ME DOWN

  • nynetguy

    This is such a horseshit “article” it’s nauseating. If anything it’s a deliberate smear attack. First off all, the WWP is NOT a Second Amendment Rights organization so to get all pissy that they didn’t go one some unknown gun show is like accusing the ASPCA of being anti-gun because they don’t tour with the NRA. It’s fucking stupid and childish. Second,, watchdog of the charity world gives WWP a shining review. In fact, WWP get’s 4 stars, the highest possible, for accountability and transparency.

    Yes, the WWP does spend more on fundraising expenses than a more well-known organization such as the Fisher House but Fisher House has been around for 25 years and has their annual beneficiaries pretty much locked in whereas WWP is barely half as old and growing.

    “Only 48 to 58 cents of every dollar actually makes its way to wounded veterans and as you read above, that could be spent on trivial nonsense orchestrated to bolster the WWP and not necessarily help actual veterans who are in need.

    Think about that though…for every dollar you give them as much as 52% of it goes to their overpaid executives in either salary (the CEO Steve Nardizzi makes $375,000 a year) or their corporate infrastructure that includes vacations, parties and events.”

    This is so laughingly wrong it’s almost quaint. If 58 cents of every dollar goes to the stated cause and 52% goes to their “overpaid” execs then that sums up to 100% genius. Ignoring this mathematical impossibility, if half of all funds went to the cause and the other half went to salaries then how can they afford to continue with things like, oh I don’t know, FUNDRAISING EFFORTS”?

    Sweet bearded baby Jesus but whoever wrote this is a complete moron. What makes it even worse is that their financials are openly available, as required by law, so if the hack who wrote this even had a shred of journalistic integrity they would have at lease been able to publish the truth.

    The truth is that 58% of the fund goes to program expenses where as only 6% goes to administrative expenses which are things like “overhead, administrative staff and associated costs, and organizational meetings”. So in other words, less than $0.06 goes into their pockets you insipid cow.

    As of FY10 the WWP balance sheet reflected these three expenses:
    Program Expenses $91,220,626
    Administrative Expenses $9,134,900
    Fundraising Expenses $57,718,417

    Whoever wrote this farce of an article is a complete hack and clearly has an agenda.

    • oldurkey

      And, even worse, the guy or group who put out this piece, allowing profane tirades like yours to appear, unexpurgated, deserves to have their ears boxed. Why don’t you take your foul mouth to an adult site NYnit(wit) guy?!

  • powhatan1

    My son told me about this after he came back from Afghanistan…I have not given to them since.

  • oldurkey

    I will certainly research this some more. If what is stated turns out to be true, I will post it on Facebook and every other place I visit. However, as is the case in the vast majority of “columns” I receive from various Conservative websites, when I see errors in language use and punctuation, I lose faith in the author. I mean, HOW LONG does it take to have a proof done on a column? Example? How about 2 in one sentence!
    “Every since then I have told believers in the 2nd Amendment to take their donations elsewhere.”

    It is “EVER since” and a comma should follow “then.” Too picky? I think not. Act PROfessional people (and I’m certainly not referring to anyone in the comments section!).

  • nynetguy

    I should also add the horseshit posts of this nature only further serves to reduce the amount of money available to our warriors. Clearly idiotic charges of this nature need to be combatted and clearly that requires legal expenses. This was the case with that moron Dean Graham and his Help Indiana Veterans group. It required a court order to get him to admit that his claims were pure horseshit but again, no one cares about the truth.

  • oldurkey

    I found other complaints dating back two and a half years. (BUT, I also found numerous links to the video purported to be Michael Brown pummeling an old man, but wasn’t.) Trace Adkins has been singing “Say a prayer for peace” for three years or so, now. Assuming he’s a straight-up guy, who accepts no money for his efforts, why on earth hasn’t he stepped up to the plate and exposed this outfit, while apologizing to the untold number of folks who have, basically, blown a ton of money to allow these shysters to live in luxury under the banner of a “NON-profit?!

    • Dotcoman

      That guy beating up the old man sure looked like the justifiably dead thug, Mike Brown.

      • oldurkey

        OHHHH, well, guess it must’ve been him, then, Dot. I mean, if it LOOKED like him! Don’t spread that crap unless you are CERTAIN!!! Bet you’re one of the MANY who forwarded the false info without vetting it. Only takes a couple of minutes to do an online search.

        PS The guy in the video was not 6’4″ and 300 pounds. AND, it happened in Dallas.

  • vaeevictiss

    I suggest donating to lone survivor foundation. They are so much better than this piece of shit organization.

  • Wow I did not know this! Thanks for the info!

  • Horned Dolphin

    We’ll see how they respond to this attack. I have been a donor for many years. 85% is the target amount to go to the cause, with 15% to administration. Before jumping on this bandwagon – which contains mostly anecdotal evidence – I’ll check for the truth of the allegations myself.

    • Bullets First

      Please do Dolphin. But even by WWP’s own admission, only 79% of donations go to helping vets. And they are the ONLY ones giving a number that high. All other independent watchdog groups have a lower number by factors of 20 pts or greater.

  • Hipshot

    I am sorry to learn this. I donated nearly $40,000 to WWP, Florida. If I had known I would have done it different. I just wanted to help

  • rikker45

    If you want to donate give to the salvation army..they spend .94 cents out every dollar helping people. good will on the other hand spends less than a dime to help people.

  • fungusamoungus

    Have supported Paralyzed Veterans America for years. I would be highly suspicious of any charity that spends donations on multiple TV adds.

  • Pingback: Stop Donating To The Wounded Warrior Project – They’re Frauds – Conservative Byte | Irbys word()

  • Gramps43

    I had my reservations about WWP and was going to do a little research into their percentages, now I don’t have to. As far as using Fisher House as an example that is a non-starter, Fisher House is a privately run charity, the Fischer family runs it and they don’t take pay for doing God’s work.

  • jdgrn01

    I can’t believe people actually believe this bullshit that you post.. I guess maybe you’re not really a vet and you really haven’t done your homework… Quit making up lies to try and get the Fisher House some backing.. it’s unbecoming and makes you look like an ass.

    • jdgrn01

      PS Thank you for putting the Charity Navigator link up there though so people can see that it’s one of the “HIGHLY RATED” charity programs.. How stupid are you??

      • Bullets First

        It’s tiresome to repeat myself to troglodytes like yourself but since I can’t expect you to read over the 275 comments to find out where another one of your like minded readers tried to point that out as well, Charity Navigator gives them 3 out of 4 stars for being a profitable company.

        Now, you may be satisfied, like a child, with simply seeing a shiny yellow circle and stop reading afterwards. No doubt that is what you did or else you would have seen that Charity Navigator clearly highlights that only 57.7% of money donated to WWP goes to help vets. Also, despite the huge amount that they funnel into “fundraising” their fundraising efficiency is rated a 5…out of TEN.

        So perhaps the question is, since you like casting stones before looking at what you are sticking your hand into, how stupid are you?

        As for me trying to help Fisher House, I have no ties to them and have repeatedly, throughout the comment section, encouraged people to find charities that are local that they know where the money is going to. I used Fisher House as a foil (its a literary term I won’t be surprised if you didn’t know it) to show that not all charities need nearly half of donations just to operate.

        Any other asinine concerns you may have or shallow barbs you’d like to sling my way?

        • jdgrn01

          Wrong again on so many levels but I don’t expect an soothsayer like yourself to tell the truth at all.. . so, because they wouldn’t give your marketing a thumbs up on some radio show, you immediately try and drum up some propaganda saying they don’t provide enough for their cause… . as a member of the Liberty Alliance you lost all credibility, as if you had any. . Your numbers, like all statistics, are skewed for your own purposes … Fortunate there are plenty of Wounded Vets out there who solidly support WWP and there will be more to follow… . I think you’re just upset because your facebook scam to. denegrate The WWP isn’t working and its not driving enough people to that pathetic Fisher House…
          You should go back to scam your facebook followers in your multiorganization, multilevel management scheme of a corporation

  • thunderbob

    I have been skeptical about “all” the Wound Warrior programs out there! Everyday I get something for someone new. I stopped donating, for one thing; when you put a minute and a half commerical on TV with highly visible entertainment people, and you get an envelop with money in it, you know that money is being pissed away, that could be used to help our wounded! I also don’t understand why all of these organizations don’t come together for a common cause. There are too many people making money off our Warriors!

  • mexxet

    The best thing to do is locate a vet who needs help and give that person a donation. No middlemen, no administrative costs, no hidden political agenda.

    • Bullets First

      As they say, charity begins at home. If you want to make sure your donation goes to the people who need it keep it local. The farther your money travels the less you can be certain of its efficacy.

  • Fred Lesinski

    “One would expect to find such excess and bloating in the Federal
    Government but not in a charity that says it is there to help.”

    I’ll agree there are plenty of imperfections in the federal government. And I’m biased as a VA employee that runs a program I’ll mention here, but I’m speaking here as a decorated combat Veteran: One of the best kept “charities” is your own local VA hospital. While most of the direct patient care needs are provided by tax dollars, every VA hospital has a Voluntary Service program which includes a donation program. These programs accept donations to purchase needed items and services for Veterans that cannot be purchased with tax dollars. Things like “dying wish” trips for Veterans in hospice care, transportation to distant places when Vets get stranded, meals, clothing, utility assistance, mirrors for tracheotomy patients, bus passes, rehabilitative recreation programs, iPads for Vets during their hospital stay, fuel, coffee service, and so much more. Best is that, by LAW, 100% of donations to VA MUST directly benefit Veterans and their families. Nothing is deducted from a donation to VA for salaries, rent, utilities – all are paid by tax revenues. And VA donation programs have no paid advertising or fundraising costs (of course, with no fundraising/marketing, that’s why it’s not well known.) Expenditures of donated funds are ridiculously scrutinized by VA auditors, primarily because these odd purchases catch auditors’ attention (there’s no VA healthcare category for $1000 worth of bus passes!) Further, most of the expenditures come at the request of VA social workers, nurses, and case workers who cannot find any other community resource to help his/her Veteran – expenditures meet real needs and needs are screened by real clinicians to make a real difference – and these donated funds are often the “last resort” or safety net. Since each VA has such a program, your donations can help LOCAL Vets (or donations can be made to big VA to be distributed among other VA’s, which support many programs, too, like Welcome Home events and Caregiver Support.) Tax deductible? Caveat: consult your tax advisor, but like non-profits, donations to VA are donations to the federal government and are tax deductible. Donations by cash, check or credit card are required to be acknowledged in writing by VA within 30 days.

    Big VA is and you’ll find volunteer and donation information for your local VA. I won’t hide anonymously – I’m Fred Lesinski, 963rd AWACS, Desert Shield & Desert Storm, and my VA website is

    “He could have used a
    ride to a VA facility for health care, he said. But rather than receive
    practical assistance from the WWP, he got a branded fleece beanie.”

    Nearly every VA also has a Volunteer Transportation Network operated primarily with vans donated by Disabled American Veterans (DAV – another great organization.) At my VA, 100 dedicated volunteer drivers transport over 4,500 Veterans to and from VA health care appointments. About half of these Veterans could not access the health care they have earned without this generous community support. (Not to mention the other 800 volunteers at my VA, and the 140,000 or so who help Veterans at VA’s across the country.) But if you find a Vet needing a ride to VA care, have him or her contact the local VA and ask for the Volunteer Transportation Network (sometimes called DAV Transportation) or the Voluntary Service program to see if a ride is available.

    Please save any VA bashing for some other post – the VA Voluntary
    Service program is about doing good: our mission is to engage community in caring for America’s Heroes, and acquiring and deploying donated time and treasure to help Veterans under VA care.

    • Bullets First

      Fred, you misunderstood. My comment regarding the federal government was not directed at the VA. My reference was to the Federal Government as a whole. The federal government that pays $436 for a hammer, $640 for a toilet seat cover and $7600 for a coffee machine.

      With that being said, unfortunately the VA is grossly underfunded because the government can’t seem to get its collective head out of it’s fourth point of contact and take care of its veterans.

      That unfortunately allows organizations like WWP to swoop in with some good photo ops and fleece people out of money they think is going to help veterans…or at least fleece them out of over 40% of it.

      • Horned Dolphin

        As I said I would, I checked. I reviewed their audited financials for the last five years, and bullets, I can say with surety that you sir are a fucking fraud.

        • Bullets First

          It seems like you have made up your mind then. Please share what you discovered so that I may be enlightened. There’s a difference between saying you did something and actually showing the results of you doing it, afterall. I’m curious as to what you discovered. Feel free to cite numbers and sources.

          • Horned Dolphin

            Easy to find, so look it up yourself. Go to their site or FB page. You have an agenda. They are anti-Christian and 2nd Amendment. You forgot that they hate Mom and apple pie.
            This will be my last post on this bullshit site.

          • Bullets First

            I figured as much. So you basically found nothing other than their press releases. Like I have told others, I prefer independent verification. But you seem interested only in vulgar name calling and hyperbole. At least that was you last post, so this day is turning out pretty good.

  • Samuel Clemens

    Us veterans have know this for some time. VFW, DAV, MOPH, AL, VVA, etc.

  • Dave

    Hey writer of this article! If you make these accusations, document their source publically, just don’t give quotes without their provable sources. I don’t like innuendo reporting.

  • J thaddeus toad

    Just think ? Bill O’Reilly has been pushing this organization actively over the years…

  • Ross Evans

    I strongly urge everyone to use as one of many credible sources of information in order for you to become informed and make a decision about donating to WWP. The writer of this article provides no credible evidence of anything unusual about WWP, yet lists as a source of credible information, so use, review their analysis of WWP, then make your decision.
    Now for the personal part of my post. WWP is an awesome organization that provides a variety of programming for vets and their families. That is not my opinion, that is easily corroborated fact. I have noticed a smear campaign on social media from some groups and individuals trying to steer money donations away from WWP ad generally painting WWP in a negative light. None of this sources provide any credible evidence, none of them corroborate their assertions with proof and none of them provide any specific examples of the abuses and problems they are asserting. But don’t take my word for it…research the issue. WWP’s financials are public information and are available for you to review. WWP’s programming is available publicly for review. WWP’s infrastructure and administration organization is available for public review. Review WWP then review these anti-WWP articles in social media, then make your own decision. Ask why the anti-WWP folks don’t provide facts. Ask what their reasoning is for printing the stuff they are printing.
    If you don’t like supporting vets, like the WWP and many, many groups do, then don’t support them. Do it your own way…but you must show integrity when you publically assault an individual or group. The people and groups assaulting the WWP on social media have no credibility because they provide no facts.

  • jack

    Biased bullshit, check your facts please, while it is true around .48 per dollar goes to project most is spent on fundraising not salary and it is still one of the only charities of its kind rated online if you actually donate a considerable amount of money not 10 bucks annually do your research .40 per dollar and up is about the best you can expect from some of the most well known charities. A Soldier should still seek help don’t burn the only bridge leading you off an island before at least checking it out.

    • jack

      Are there better ones, absolutely but let’s focus on the cause, and draw attention to wwp in such attention way that just maybe they can find better ways to serve

  • John H.

    I think that examining charities and making sure their money goes to the proper beneficiaries is a good thing, but question your article a little. Aside from the firearms issue (they should support gun owners), you state that about half the money goes to salaries. According to their financial disclosures, this is wildly incorrect. It’s about 9%, with 57% to programs and 36% to fundraising. I don’t know the details under any of these categories, so it bears some scrutiny. I find this article long on stories, and very short on actual data.

  • john droz

    In 2012 I contacted the W.W.P. in Jacksonville Fl. and was connected with a Lady who said she was the director, I wanted to know if she could connect me with a returning Veteran that would be willing to come to our Veterans day Tribute in Lake Placid Highlands County Fl. to speak and let people know what we could do to help the troops in country, also to inform the W.W.P. that out Highlands Tea Party was in the process of putting together a donation of .25 cent from all members at each meeting This hopefully would be comprised of 60 Tea party’s and 912 the state which would raise possible thousands of dollars a month. I was told that W.W.P. would never accept any amount of money from the Tea Party

  • Robert Andrews

    Im a disabled vet served after 9-11 injuries from Bosnia in 1996 did not get a medical discharge until after being injured in s Korea 2006-2007 in country I was sent to 10th mountain ft drum ny after a minor surgery on both legs at Bethesda national naval med center 10th mtn command decided that I couldn’t deploy and was sent up for medical discharge… I have not received any assistance from wounded warrior and was told because I was in Iraq or Afghanistan they cant help. Getting shot at and defending freedom isnt just about those two locations and never has been.

  • Kaspar_Goering

    They are not so much anti 2nd amendment as they are pro 1st clause 2nd amendment – the one that most gun nuts leave out. You know? The one that says “A well regulated militia…”

  • marine43

    I was just going to renew. Not now. And will be passing this on!

  • Bouncerquinn

    This article has been dispelled by Fox News. I believe John Stossel was the one who investigated it, but it may have been Steve Ducey. I wish they would devote more attention to these things. This article doesn’t give reference, it shows quotes. Who are these people really?

  • Kevin Holland

    The independence fund gives 99% of donations to help the soldiers. Every employee is an unpaid volunteer. They truly help the soldiers and have helped me immensely. I will also state that the wounded warrior project has spent thousands of dollars to help me as well.

  • Kenyan Mocker

    Since changes in the tax laws make it so you most likely can’t deduct funds to charities unless you go way above the standard deduction giving it directly to a veteran may be the best solution.

  • Guest

    Sweetqueen777, LEHensonPROAmerica, Cheenna Gracey

    No limitations on providing care? NOT TRUE… The new VA director has a new way to deny care… If you no show 3 times you are dropped from the clinic, you would say, that’s ok because there are so many vets that need the care and if any no show it means they don’t want the care, right?… WRONG… The way he’s setting up the new system is completely wrong, it doesn’t even matter the reason why you no showed to an appointment, I had a family emergency and I even called 2 days in advanced to let them know and cancelled my appointment AND THEY STILL NO SHOWED ME, so what’s the point of telling you that if you need to change your appointment to do it 24hrs in advanced if they are gonna no show you any way…

    The second time, I had an accident on my way to my appointment and I was NO SHOWED even after I explained what had happened to me.

    The 3rd time I was trying to make an appointment at the front desk, while the lady was asking me if a certain time and date was ok and I was checking to see if it was ok, she had already selected the slot for the appointment, and when I finished checking my calendar and said… NO I already have another appointment (not VA) that’s not gonna work, she said… “ok but I have to NO SHOWED you in order to change that appointment”… I went crazy and asked why if I hadn’t even said yes to that time and date… her reason was… “because I get in trouble with the director if I use cancelled by clinic, I have to use cancelled by patient”… so how is that my fault when I had never agreed to a time and date in the first place?…

    Needles to say I was dropped from that clinic… it took a long waste of time, and a lot of fighting so that another doctor would pickup on my care again.

    So you say… no limitations to care… I say that’s a LIE… so every vet out there, if you are getting care now please be careful and try not to miss an appointment.

  • Aliana von Richthofen

    Can this be? – We need better oversight over non-profits!
    It is beyond criminal to abuse an important cause for personal gain.

  • soondog
    WW is not nearly as bad as this guy is trying to make it out to be. It is actually rated fairly high. 94% of all their donations go to the programs for wounded warriors or to additional fundraising. This guy appears to have an axe to grind with WW. I have actually met some of the people helped by this organization. Dramatic benefit to these heroes.

  • Flower

    ANY “charity” that offers a gift to get you to donate, is not a charity!

  • Paul Bahre

    I give to the American Legion run charity, Comfort Warrior. All goes to the vets with that.

  • Grits.N.Jowls

    A tipoff should have been Bob Nardelli on their board; I always wondered what happened to him after Glock and Home Depot.

  • David Haggerty

    Ride2Recovery is another good organization that gets 90+% of donations to vets. What could be better than riding a bike!

  • Rejecting the children’s donations because of there Christian faith is when I said “hell no. WWP is off the list” thankfully up until that point. I had reservations about how fast this group grew. And we did chose Fisher House.

  • Melveta

    Donate to Gary Sinese Foundation…..ALL goes to the Warriors.. 100% —-Gary takes nor keeps any of your donations…. PASS THE WORD….

    • Bullets First

      Gary Sinise is one of my favorite actors. Not only for his skill but his dedication and commitment to the troops, be it through his foundation or his tireless efforts with the USO.

      • Melveta

        Thank you. I made comments…and commented to others that were posted. Thank you for that opportunity.

  • hausman69

    I agree in donating to the Fisher House. I live in Kaiserslautern, Germany and Landstuhl, Germany is near by. It is where the American Military Hospital is located and there are two Fisher House’s on the post in walking distance from the hospital

  • Timothy Childers

    And this is why myself and a few of my fellow vets started a not for profit organization that is for the vets and we are not lining our pockets. We have decided that there are to many organizations out there that say they can help and you get nothing in return. So if you want to check us out go to The Legion Gaming Network and The Legion Veterans Support Foundation and see what we are about. We are in start up phase but we do everything in our power to help and if we can’t we have people that can.

  • James Pollock

    QUESTIONS THAT I WOULD LIKE TO ASK THE WWP CEO TO HIS FACE : 1. How did this $300 K + “CEO” obtain the WWP in the first place? Guess what, I & many others KNOW the answer. 2. Has the proposal to let an EXECUTIVE WOUNDED WARRIOR be “CEO” …for FREE/NO PAY ever been discussed in the WWP Board Meetings? I guarantee you that I could do a BETTER JOB at running the WWP in EVERY WAY………no doubt……..& would do it for FREE (ZERO PAY, NOTHING, FREE, PRO-BONO……), along with MANY other executives/CEOs that I PERSONALLY know who are VERY experienced in all aspects needed. 3. Is the WWP “CEO” a “VETERAN OF ANYTHING DOD, OR EVEN RELATED TO A WOUNDED WARRIOR”? (Before anyone answers, I know the truth & can post VERY, VERY detailed info if you wish). 4. Are “Pro-WWP” posters on this article (or any other article) connected to, work for, ever went on a trip sponsored by or affiliated with anyone in the WWP in ANY WAY? (be honest) 5. How do so many “posters” in support of the WWP know MORE detailed accounting information than probably the WWP’s best accountant? NOTE: the mission statement is to “empower” Wounded Warriors to help themselves/others……..Hell, I can do that by driving by the nearest homeless shelter and yelling out my window “Meet me at the lake to go fishing, cheer up , look for a job & empower yourself !!!” . 6, Has the WWP ever traveled or called any other WW charity & either offered them something ($$, items, etc…) to do something? 7. Does the WW Project have any form of Internet “scrubbing” mechanisms in place…such as counter-IT people, etc…? 8. Does the WWP have “IT Experts” constantly working against negative news reports or their “competitors” in the charity business? 9. Has the WWP EVER contacted PEGGY BAKER (CEO of the major & GREAT charity Operation First Response) for ANY REASON? …………If folks don’t know the answers to ANY of these questions, PLEASE send them to the WWP CEO for “answers”…PLEASE . I am asking everyone else reading this to please do the same, along with 60 minutes, 48 hours, the Chief News Editors for the major media , the lawyers for those putting their face to the WWP, etc…. I would like some DEFINITIVE ANSWERS FROM THE WWP CEO, as would a LOT of Wounded Warriors who were turned down for financial help when they were in the ditch (metaphor). Also, PLEASE…..ask the WWP CEO if he will step aside and LET ME TAKE OVER AS CEO WITH FULL CONTROL, NO PAY, ETC… FOR TWO (2) YEARS, THEN HE CAN HAVE IT BACK……Ask him; I am VERY curious what his response would be….very… LOL 🙂

  • Rainman

    Stop the madness. Only conspiracists would NOT recognize this article as anything short of a hatchet job. And many of the 300+ comments testament to the educated readership of Bulletsfirst’s site.

    The writer of this article and the readers must do their homework. Transparent information that refutes this article and allegations or other program endorsements is only a click away at the Wounded Warrior Project’s website, charity navigator, or guide star, as an example.

    I’m a disabled veteran who is married to a disabled veteran. Both of us have been empowered by wounded warrior project to improve ourselves and our family. I do not and have never worked for Wounded Warrior Project. However, I’ve worked extensively in this area for the last 15 years (DoD, Federal service, now national business) and personally know many of the organizations endorsed in the comments. Some are good and some are criminal. Wounded Warrior Project is an excellent organization that provides a service no other organization in this nation can provide. They can’t and don’t do it alone.

    There is work to be done. The government, national nonprofits, local non profits, churches, neighbors, but mostly Veterans need to be accountable for themselves and accountable to others. Stop blaming everyone else, stop believing the trash in this article, and decide how you – the veteran can empower another veteran.

    Wounded Warrior Project is about empowerment. They have a great program and more could benefit and more would if they didn’t believe the garbage written by small minded people.

    I encourage you to learn who spear headed the creation of Traumatic Serviceman Group Lide Insurance for our wounded, ill, or injured – WWP

    I encourage you to find the non-profit that set up a life trust that will grow to 1/2 Billion dollars so our most serenely wounded, ill, or injured never go to a nursing home when their parents or spouse are no longer by their side – WWP

    I encourage you to learn who through legislation secured caregiver support from DOD and VA to those who now give their lives to care for those who sacrificed for us. – WWP

    I encourage all to research appropriate executive salaries of multi-million dollar non-profit…businesses… And determine for yourself. Compare other like organizations.

    I encourage you to learn more about other non-prodits – mentioned in the comments that have been found in contempt of congress.

    I encourage you to research the hundreds of community nonprofits supporting veterans that have been funded through grants by WWP.

    I encourage you to stop complaining and perpetuating lies about someone else and find a way to empower a veteran to improve their life.

  • American ex-Pat

    If this is true then it puts Wounded Warrior Project in the same boat with some of the Tea Party groups, who are now suspected of spending 80-90% of their donations on ‘corporate’ expenses, minimally supporting the candidates they claim to support, and they will not answer requests for comments.
    Send your donations to Fisher House, the USO, the Salvation Army, and any of a number of children’s hospitals such as St. Jude’s, or even the Shriners.

  • GrizzlyIX

    Thanks A LOT, Tony! I bothered to post a comment on your article on the WWP Farcebook page, and NOW I’m beset with Rabid Wolves, like I”M the Fukin’ BAD GUY! ! ! I’ve had to double up on my carry guns & hire a Brother to watch my back to keep from being LYNCHED! Just shine a little light on somebody’s Sacred COW. . . . (and I really wonder how many of these naysayers even bothered to READ the article before starting their jihad? ! ?) NEVERMORE!

    I guess we should all get out our little blankys and have ourselves a CRY! ! Baa! Baa! ! BAA! ! !

    At least I still have the SECOND!

    Semper Fi!
    “In Liberty!”
    Brer Grizzly

  • Allan Cunningham

    I signed up for WWP a few months back and received a blanket made in China. When I pointed out having a blanket made from the country that most likely makes the weapons that are causing these injuries in the first place WWP choose to ignore me….WTF JUST ANOTHER CASE OF MONEY TALKS

  • Chic Magnet Bailey

    Is it that hard for people to actually contact a Vet PERSONALLY and offer help? Gesh people, get off your asses and do more than try to sooth your conscience by throwing your chunk change at issues. Makes you feel good to throw money but how many will actually go shopping for them, wipe their rears if needed? You do this THEN you have the right to feel good about yourself!

  • Cecelia Henderson

    Bill O’Reilly does great work for the injured vets and he also contributes heavily. Maybe he could give us the names of good charities.

  • chrisfrommactown

    I wonder if Trace Adkins and the other celebrities are aware of this or are they only interested in taking the money?

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  • dc matthews

    Fischer house is for med care stays only ( lodging to family members since the program originated in 1990.) Not doing the same work as WWP . My only beef with WWP is they are post 9-11 and we need more pre 9-11 orgs .

  • Seth Johnson

    How can an organization that is for wounded Veterans be against the 2nd amendment? Its a complete oxymoron and smells of Democratic stenctch like that of the ALCU. If you really want to help out your fellow veterans, help out at the V.A, join the legion. Any charity, and I mean ANY takes a % out of the coffer for “adminastrative costs” – salaries. If the CEO of a charity brings in 300K, it is not a charity, except for the CEO.

  • Pingback: Donate to Phoenix Patriot Foundation Instead of the Wounded Warrior Project | No Lapdog Media()

  • asknod

    December 2014? I wrote this up back in August of 2013 at but it pays to reiterate it again and again. There are more dollars being wasted on overhead that anyone can imagine. It provides a cushy job at the expense of our Vets who are needy. One does not need a $350 K lawyer to sign the checks.

  • Ken Schweizer

    It’s interesting that both organizations (WWP & PPF) spend about 4% of their funds on administration and Fisher House spends about 3%, according to this article and WWP’s & Fisher’s financial statement on their WEB page.

    So there must be another reason to slam WWP. I am pro 2nd amendment, BUT if that is the reason to slam them be upfront and don’t point to something that isn’t different between the two.

    Or could it simply be because they wouldn’t come on your radio show?

    • Bullets First

      WWP spends a great deal of their money on self promotion that they put under “fundraising.” Yet “fundraising” is a catchall for expenses that could entail almost anything from throwing parties to plastering their name on anything they can.

      With Fisher house and other reputable charities the more important number is to look at program expenses. That being the money actually going to the troops. WWP fluctuates between high 40’s to mid 50% range. Fisher house for example is in the 90%+ range. So for every dollar I give WWP as little as 48 cents goes to helping troops while at Fisher house more than 90 cents per dollar goes to helping troops.

      And uh, I don’t have a radio show.

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  • Letscheck

    If you want to investigate a real scam try looking into where the millions donated to Haiti went after it was handed over to Bill Clinton’s organization…Haiti is still suffering and Bill and Hillary have a lot of money that was never sent to the country that people donated to help.

  • FlamingLimousineLiberal

    All WWP is, is the middle-man between donors and the actual programs that help our veterans. shows that fundraising and admin expenses eat up 42.3% of cash. That leaves 57.7% for the program (aka helping vets). Oh, and as of 2013, their executive director siphoned off $375,000 for himself.

    Worst thing you can do is donate money to any national charity, especially ones that constantly advertise and use celebrities as spokespeople. Donate your time or tangible goods on a local level instead of money which can easily be redirected to a place other than its core purpose.

  • Buck Sergeant Copper

    I used to live in the Fisher Houses at Brooke Armed Medical Center. Great staff and a great cause. They helped me though a lot in my recovery for 2 years

  • they never said they were against the 2nd amend. – seems they just don’t want to get involved in politics – and as for how much actually goes to vets directly i’d say 48-cents on the dollar is much more than many other charitable orgs. – they need to promote after all – i will keep on donating and not be mis-guided by this slanted article.

    • Bullets First

      How exactly is this article slanted? I made known the numbers of how much of peoples donations actually go to helping troops (a surprise to most donors) and highlighted vets who have received the short end of the stick when the WWP does get involved. A sentiment that is repeated and backed up by a great many of the 300+ comments.

      Again, if you are a charity and more money goes to you than those you claim to help that isn’t GOOD…unless by good you mean a good scam in order to benefit off peoples ignorance of the facts.

  • David Bixler

    Adopt a Soldier platoon has done a lot of work for me and my brothers & sisters in arms. They send snacks, games, hygiene products (axe etc) and TRX (workout system for almost any environment) to guys overseas, and to wounded warriors at Walter Reed in Bethesda and many other places. They came to my bedside after I lost both of my legs in an IED blast. After 4 years of watching over me they have shown me just how far they will go for us to help us in our times of need.

    The organization is 100% volunteer. NO ONE gets a paycheck. 94.8% went to the troops last year, and this year they hope to do better. Please check them out

  • George Block

    Total Bunk!

  • asknod
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  • blbc

    Anyone who knows about how charities are run, knows there is no chance of getting people to devote their entire life to the charity for free. No one can do that unless it’s a nun or something.
    Actually, 48% is not bad at all. Look at the listing of charities for United Way.
    48% is high.

    • Bullets First

      And prison guards at Auschwitz were just “following orders.” My point being what you just said is trying to justify bad actions by saying, “hey other people are worse.”

      If you are any charitable organization that spends more money on itself than on its intended beneficiaries you are a scam. 48% is high? Nonsense. If you spend 52% on promoting yourself but call yourself a charity that is a scam because you are really spending most of the donations on yourself.

      Unless your post was just a facetious satire, in which case, absolutely. 48% is good…wink wink.

  • irish7_1sg

    Wounded Warrior Project offered to help me with my disability claim with the Veterans Administration. They lied to me, promising that their assistance was “in addition to, above and beyond” what the VFW was doing for me. Despite agreeing to this 4 times, WWP took the case over from the VFW, then did nothing. They never contacted the VA, lobbied for completion of my decision or ever called me back. I have distrusted them ever since. A counselor from the VA told me that the Veterans Administration is prohibited from dealing with the Wounded Warrior Project. That did not happen by accident!

    • Bullets First

      Irish7, yours is a story too often told and a reason I wrote the article. While some try to drown out any objection to the WWP on grounds that anyone who is against them is against veterans or other such nonsense, the fact that so many have had similar experiences to yours speaks volumes.

      While I can’t personally verify what the VA counselor told you but I do not find it hard to believe in the least.

  • DontTreadonMe

    My wife just came across some WWP stuff when she was cleaning, so I pulled this article up again to share with her. There are far too many people out there who are getting the wool pulled over their eyes and it’s our job to help spread the word.

    NO head of a “charitable” organization should be making between a quarter and half a MILLION DOLLARS a year. How charitable is that? And being “not able to participate in…activities with organizations that are related to firearms”? Umm, aren’t veterans, by their very definition, related to firearms?

    I support our veterans. I am grateful for them and for what they sacrifice. But I will not support a so-called charity that is more interested in lining its own pockets and being a political tool of the left than it is in aiding those who have given up so much for our remaining freedoms.

  • David

    I am always reserved when I see a lot of tv commercials regarding a charity.

  • Scott Lance

    Great info. I too am worried about Wounded Warrior. If you listen to iHeart radio, there is a commercial for it every single time you switch stations which is annoying. I imagine that costs lot’s of money for advertising.Fisher house is proven to be legit, which I will donate to.

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  • You do realize how full of falsehoods, lies, and twisting of the facts your little blog is, do you not?

    I do not know what Wounded Warrior Project (or someone affiliated with Wounded Warrior Project) ever did to you to cause you to be so “butt hurt”, but you should have the intellectual honesty and just plain common decency to not fabricate and circulate such complete and utter propaganda tripe for whatever purpose that motivates you.

    If you ever want to have an honest debate on the matter, please feel free to contact me, and I will help you out of the fog in which you seem to exist.

  • Armywife713

    As a person who is said to be one of those “helped” by WWP, I have not received any, nor do I know of any others who have received any help from them. I encourage people to reconsider their WWP donation and perhaps donate to the USO instead.

    • If you need assistance getting whatever help you need from Wounded Warrior Project, please feel free to contact me. I, my family, and many, many other people I know have been helped by Wounded Warrior Project in many, many ways

      • Armywife713

        Can you expound on this? I really want to hear how they helped someone. They were helpful while still on Active Duty with their transition programs (which is not paid for with donations, by the way, the military branches pay for this),but after retirement they do absolutely NOTHING, even when asked for assistance. Upon disability retirement, we came home in the dead of winter to a furnace that didn’t work and when they called, we asked if they could help. Their help was to suggest we ask the Legion or VFW. So, apparently those are better orgs to donate to if you want to actually help WW families struggling to readjust.

        • Wounded Warrior Project assists post 9-11 Wounded Warriors in their healing. Their primary focus usually is not in the form of direct financial assistance to Wounded Warriors. There are many, many organizations that provide those sorts of services and assistance. The problem is not with Wounded Warrior Project. The problem is with people not comprehending the mission and scope of Wounded Warrior Project.

          • Armywife713

            Please detail how they helped you. They have offered us zero help in attaining needed medical care or any other area. They called once and asked about finances and whether or not there were any VA medical appointments scheduled. That’s it. The fact is, they didn’t offer any assistance with healthcare issues, either.

            I think you’re right, people don’t comprehend the mission, and if they did, they’d be less likely to donate because the impression is they do more in practical terms for WW than they actually do.

          • I do not agree with your premise. People who donate to Wounded Warrior Project fully understand they cause to which they donate. However, in the event they do not, that is not the responsibility of Wounded Warrior Project, as they are completely transparent as to their mission, which is to “Honor and Empower” Wounded Warriors.

            I suggest you begin your journey of understanding how Wounded Warrior Project has assisted not only me, but thousand of other Wounded Warriors, through the following link:


          • Armywife713

            So again, I’m asking for you to cite a specific issue WWP has helped you with. I understand if you just want them to be effective, but I’m asking you to name a specific service they provided you that has earned your apparent dedication to the organization. They claim to be helping me and my family, and I’m telling you honestly they’ve done nothing at all for us or for anyone I know.

  • Tim Chambers

    Very sad. Awareness does not save lives Action does. I have learned so much by volunteering over the years for nonprofits. I am known as the Saluting Marine and I finally bit the bullet and filed with the IRS to do more as a nonprofit. No incomes and my goal is to help Vets with out of pocket dental expenses and inspire kids to honor military, stay in school and respect themselves and authority. I speak at events and it breaks my heart when I see people wanting me there and it is for wwp. My charity is called Stand4Vets. It is brand new there are so many Vets that are letting their dental go to the wayside. Look for me at Rolling Thunder in DC Tim Chambers

  • Aimee

    I suggest donating to the Dave Roever Foundation instead. He has an awesome personal testimony and does amazing work with our veterans!

  • Donald Clarke

    Does anyone know how to stop them from taking the $19.00 a month I signed up to donate a few years ago? I think I will donate it somewhere else.

    • a_goodtarheel1

      My husband and I quit letting them draft from our account and then about 2 weeks later, we found out that this story was a hoax when it was featured on FOX business.

  • mayiamiles

    I have found that a majority of charities do spend on salaries etc., etc., they get the non-profit exemption, and then they feel entitled to pay over-the-top salaries to so-called executives. My friends came up with a great idea, and it would be wonderful to see more people apply what they did. As a gift from them, he gave a service-dog to a veteran. His thoughts were, the wife is out working all day, and having the dog would give him comfort and a reason to get out of the house.

  • Warren

    WOW what the heck i am one that have been sending monthly amd i get a letter asking for more money.I just this morning sent another check before i read this so i of corse went to the mail box and i beat the mail man and it was for 50.oo after reading this i will be stopping my donation to the Wounded Warrior Project. I want to Thank You for outting this sorry to say Rip Off.I will look else where to give my money away.I also stand pat for the second Amendment.

  • ronin1973a

    If a charity is a scam, then it’s a scam. However, for the author to EXPECT any charity to take sides and positions on 2nd Amendment debates or controversies is asinine. “No anti-American sentiment.” What an a-hole. Perhaps Toys-For-Tots should be all about the ammosexual as well? BTW. I support my 2nd amendment rights. I’m just not pompous dick about it who wraps himself in a flag.

    • Exactly. Not only is this guy is a pompous dick who is not doing anything for injured, ill, or wounded Post 9-11 veterans – he is actually attempting to do harm to an organization that does a great deal for those veterans by honoring and empowering them – by twisting the emotions of well-meaning but misinformed 1st and 2nd Amendment advocates.

  • Stephen van Scoyoc

    I had my own experience with them recently, I contacted them because my landlord notified me that he was selling the house we have been in for the last 10 yrs. we have built a home here and my 3 kids are all honor roll two on the football team and one in beta club. we started looking in the area and were unable to find anything that didn’t want a huge down payment. we would buy but because VA took 4 yrs to complete my claim then played games and worked it so they didn’t have to pay me all of the back pay my credit took a beating. VA wont help because they say i need at least a 620 i explained it was due to them taking so long that i didn’t have it, they didn’t want to hear it. so i contacted WWP to see if there was anything they could help with, first thing the woman on the phone said is WWP does not provide any monetary support they only guide to outside sources, but i would need to send all my info and become an alumni for them to do that. all of the “resources” said sorry we cant help. im now at a loss and really not sure what im going to do. thing is i didn’t ask them for money, but it got me to thinking if they don’t provide monetary support last yr they got close to 400 million in donations what is it being used for?

  • LOU Montana

    I very much figured they are a scam. When I see a big creepy looking country singer plugging for VETS I knew instantly it is a scam.
    Keep in mind, WWP does not give financial aid to our vets. Money is always what helps people in their time of need.

    • I hope this sets you straight as you are extremely off the mark.

      • LOU Montana

        Brian Kolfage – A Wounded Warrior- is one of the few that have received assistance from Wounded Warrior. For the most part they supply buses and program and not a lot to people in dire need.
        People need to know that Wound Warrior is not the best program to donate to.
        I pay over $50,000 a year in taxes, that is my donation!

        • Care to explain this in light of your comments?

          • LOU Montana

            I am in full support of our troops. I am not in support of phony outfits making money off people and then not coming through for our soldiers.
            My father is a Korean War Marine Vet. After the war he bought an old Indian Motorcycle and hit all the rodeos he could in Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming, and Colorado. That was his recovery, drunk and riding saddle broncs, he made enough to get drunk and make it to the next one.
            After his second heart attack at age 75 my brother drug his ass into the VA and made him file for benefits. That is when we learned he had been shot in the chest, blown off a tank and broke his arm riding rodeo for the Marin Corp. He never said two words about his service. All he ever said was “It was a job and I did it to the best of my training.”
            I took a couple of weeks off my job to run his construction company. When he was well enough to bitch and cuss at me I went back to Montana. At 81 he is finally calling it quits and selling his equipment.
            My position is protective for Vets and people who get sucked in by chicken shit outfits that don’t actually help anyone. They may help a few here and there but their overall objective is to help themselves first.

  • lmoday

    Donate to the Pennsylvania Veterans Trust Fund.
    It is a true non profit and benefits Pennsylvanias veterans and families

  • lmoday
  • For all of you out here reading this anti-Wounded Warrior Project propaganda based upon misinformation and outright false information, Please read the following:

    • Bullets First

      Or they could look up the tax returns from the wounded warrior project, from with these numbers are derived at…from the WWP’s OWN website.


      I bring certain note to the $225 million raised and only $116 million that went to provide services for wounded veterans.

      That’s 51% in case you didn’t want to do the math Carl.

      And as you see, these numbers come from the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT themselves.

      Thanks for playing, but you are wrong and I stand by my article and will actually be writing another one soon that goes through the tax returns more in depth so that ignorant defenders of the WWP who simply say “shut up your wrong” to anyone who shines a light on the truth of how the WWP operates can learn a thing or two.

  • Qwert517

    The CEO has a salary of $311,538 Charity pays pretty well I’d say.

    • Bullets First

      Or they could look up the tax returns from the wounded warrior project, from with these numbers are derived at…from the WWP’s OWN website.

      I bring certain note to the $225 million raised and only $116 million that went to provide services for wounded veterans.

      That’s 51% in case you didn’t want to do the math Carl.

      And as you see, these numbers come from the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT themselves.

      Thanks for playing, but you are wrong and I stand by my article and will actually be writing another one soon that goes through the tax returns more in depth so that ignorant defenders of the WWP who simply say “shut up your wrong” to anyone who shines a light on the truth of how the WWP operates can learn a thing or two.

  • Melveta

    Gary Sinese (sp.on last name)…is a good foundation to donate to… 100% of his donations coming in go to the VETS….he does not keep one cent…Check it out. Much better than the Wounded Warrior Program….yes, they too help, but only a small percentage of the donations are passed on to VETs….not even 50% goes to the Vet….. GARY SINESE gives it ALL….his time and efforts plus expenses are donated by him from his own dollar. We all know how the current administration doesn’t help…..nor does the new currently appointed Director… it’s a money game to enrich themselves.

  • bella121264 Check out the wwf ranking. THIS SITE IS WHO’S WRONG. and they aren’t Anti Christian. I am a Christian and I support them without issue.

  • 345566

    This is a bare-faced lie. The facts are easy to check. Only a complete moron falls for click-bait svam baloney like this.


    Wounded Warrior Project
    Gives Nothing To Vietnam Veterans


    Wounded Warrior Project
    Gives Nothing To Vietnam Veterans

  • Glen Fetzner

    Yes, you are right. Now a days these online scam affect every second internet marketer.


  • Don Gross

    The fact that they are using a lot of the money is beyond sad! that being said any money that is going to our vets is better than what most people are doing and that is nothing at all!

  • lindajoyadams


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  • hawaiiguy32

    They definitely have exhorbanent administration fees and when they came out against the 2nd amendment I stopped donating to them.

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  • Ryan Marberry
  • Ryan Marberry

    That is why I suport vets directly. I trying to now for PTSD GOFUNDME>

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  • MaryJS

    What’s the latest on this organization? It sure would be helpful to the general public if the networks had a policy of FULL DISCLOSURE…What a bunch of network whores

  • Jeff Heeszel

    They must spend a FORTUNE just on advertising. To ME, that is a red flag. I see the ads constantly on many different TV channels. I suspect the Gary Sinise Foundation is exactly the same. I hate being cynical but apparently guilting you into donating is all the rage. From helping vets to saving poor kitties and dogs from abuse, there’s no shortage of con-men out there.

  • Pingback: PROOF that Wounded Warrior Project uses less than 52% of donations to help vets - Bullets First | Bullets First()

  • Ricky Ross

    The real kicker here, is that the Troops do not Protect American Citizens, nor do they fight for our Freedoms and Liberties! Hell, with the Patriot Act 1 & 2, the NDAA, the Militarization of the Police, etc we were a more Free country before 911. Furthermore, most folks know that the US Government was involved in 911 … so, it appears to me that the Troops have been fighting the wrong enemy!!! No one in the Middle East has done a thing to the American people … the Government of the United States is a clear and present danger to the American people and as well, they are the REAL Terrorist! This is the REAL message that needs spreading … maybe then, young men and women would not volunteer to fight for the American Government Terrorist organization and therefore, they would not need any greedy corporations to do for them what the American Government should already be doing!!!

  • Tracy

    You may not see the benefit of the “end user” or wounded warrior and their family personally, you may just see what they show you on tv. BUT how else could anyone demonstrate to you the benefit of WWP unless we open our homes, open up and tell you our stories, share with you via television or media how our lives have changed, and what Wwp is doing for veterans AND their families. WWP provides immeasurable help to our family on a daily basis through their independence program, their caregiver support program (for me, who cares for my quadriplegic husband daily), their events and activities, and most importantly the wounded warrior community and the the support of all the spouses for my husband, myself and our children. We are given the opportunity to do things we would never otherwise be able to do without the assistance of WWP. Maybe meet a wounded warrior and their family before you cast stones. Their are so many times over the last almost 9 years since my husband was shot in the neck that I have felt alone, and WWP is always there for me as the spouse/caregiver, and also for my husband. Also, he is an avid hunter, and supporter of the second amendment, we also understand that not every veteran is stable enough to hold a gun anymore, and it’s about the safety of the veteran, volunteers, their families and all participants. It’s not only about raising money!!!! Reading all of your comments, I think you all forget about the American sniper being killed while trying to help a veteran in need. If this happened at a WWP event, you all sound like you would be the first ones to throw stones! You can’t have it both ways. WWP has countless programs to help injured vets. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank WWP and its donors for the assistance provided to my family. I just don’t know where we would be today without them. You see a lavish party to raise money, we see donors and volunteers standing up to help us!
    google my name, you will see that WWP has been helping my family for over 8 years! They were the first ones to come to me at Walter reed and say, “it may not seem this way now, but everything will be okay” and they were right. With the support of WWP my husband has worked to get his independence back…..
    Maybe roll a mile in a veterans wheelchair, or walk a mile on his prosthetics, or maybe walk a mile in their caregivers/spouse/children’s shoes before you throw stones. You may not agree with WWP’s politics, but the assistance being given to veterans is undeniable!!!! Want to learn more directly from a veterans or caregiver? Call me/email me or text me! Maybe come spend a day in our home learning how to take care of a person that can’t use their arms or legs, or doesn’t have arms or legs……only then should you be allowed to publicly shame an organization that has helped so many families and countless veterans!

  • John Eagle “Recon Doc” Smith

    Tony, check how much money they have spent on law suits stopping other Veteran organizations from using the words wounded or warrior in their fund raising efforts.. I’ve been telling this to everyone I meet who supports Veterans.. keep the money in your community by supporting the American Legion, VFW, etc. They all have unpaid volunteers and do a lot more for those in need than the WWP.

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  • Sirgravesghastly

    Appreciate the info… Dialed Fisher House liked what they had to say. 95% goes where we want it too. I too was watching a WWP TV ad went to there site saw yours did my due diligence

  • hunt4hogs

    I just bought a WWP hat from Academy. Under Armour MADE IN CHINA. Never again.

  • Shaun Smith

    I am a disabled OIF veteran and struggle daily with TBI as well as physical injuries. I have looked into WWP services available for me and it looks pretty useless. I have gotten two hats from them though! Oh they sent me an event list to sign up for things like dances, parties, parades, and ball games. Dog and Pony show BS to use us as an advertisement for them. No thanks. I’ll throw my WWP shirt away now.


    I am a VET, and I disagree. WWP was there when we demobilized, and I have used their services several times. This rant is bullshit; they are hard working people who really care about veterans when they come back.

  • KID
  • Shane Atchison
  • Paulette Cogshell

    Hi, I would suggest contacing the Veteran Administration and Veteran Hospitals if you would like to meet wounded veterans in persons and to make donations.

  • Donald Morrison

    What does the second amendment have to do with this? Why does that factor in?

  • Donna Capps Takenaka

    The organization probably doesn’t go to events with guns or gunfire because that could be a trigger for someone. It’s the same reason people are asked to be mindful when they shoot off fireworks.

    If you want to be charitable, look for small local organizations. Many large organizations (Goodwill, Locks of Love, etc.) function the same way.

  • Norm Galliett

    if you don’t care about the charitable deduction, but just care about helping our veterans in need, look up organizations in the community that can get you personally in touch with a vet. then, while no deduction, you have 100 percent going to a vet of your choosing in need. no fluff salaries, no fluff expenses. I believe personally it will be much more rewarding. any time an organization turns into a fundraising machine, it loses what it was all about to begin with.

  • Scottab36

    Do your research first. Almost 60% of what’s donated goes right into the programs they support.

  • Doc

    Everyone who is standing up for the WWP charity program, listen up! I am a disabled veteran and if you want to give charity to any veterans, donate your time. If you are too busy. The best thing to do is show gratitude. A “Thank You” goes a long way. As far as charities and a monetary donation. Give to organizations Like St. Joseph’s Children Hospital or Make A Wish Foundation. These charities are run strictly on a volunteer basis. 100% of the donations raised by communities go to help disadvantaged and dying children. Ask any veteran and their families and I guarantee you almost all would say to donate to the children. If most don’t know by now. Veterans and their families for the most part are selfless individuals. That is who we are. I’m not saying that there are not many veterans who can use the financial help. There are. But donating to some of these charities are hit and miss. It’s a crap shoot. It would be no different then to take your money and go to vegas and gamble it away. You may even win.
    Why I wrote this comment. Is not just because I have heard the WWP may be a scam but to let everyone in on this detail that I got from my disabled veteran best friend. I was talking to him one night about the WWP and how much publicity they are generating. He told me an old friend called him up. This person worked in the VA Program for years. He quite the VA and was employed with the WWP about five years ago. He was gloating to my buddy how much he made per year. This is what my friend told me. This is just an employee of the WWP project and he makes a little over $70,000.00 a year. That point is not what made me literally sick to my gut. What hurt the most was my friend telling me this guy works about three days every other week. His job is to go around to different charity events in the country. The WWP pays all expenses for his travel. He participates in WWP running events. Like 5 and 10 K runs. That’s where .40 cents of a charitable $1.00 goes.
    I’m not saying the WWP is not doing good things for our veterans. But they could be doing so much more. Checks and balances need to be enforced in the organization.
    So I will leave it up to you all on how you donate your money. You are all good moraled responsible adults. I just thought you should know the information I know. To all my veteran brothers, sisters and their families; “THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SACRIFICE AND SERVICE TO US ALL”. Everyone have a wonderful Veteran’s Day and shine a green light.

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  • tpeterson

    I’ve looked at the 990 tax report and the charity watch (60% goes to services, 34% to fundraising, 6% to admin. Mostly to advertising) and did the math on each salary (<.0013 for any) for all paid executives and found this article full of SHIT and untrue. FULL OF SHIT!

    • Bullets First

      60% goes to services. I have it listed at 52% and I do a breakdown here:

      How exactly, by your own admission, does an 8% difference render this article “full of shit”?

      The point is that the execs are making 6 figures while the vets that people are donating their money to help are getting a less than 60 cents on the dollar. And thats being generous using your number. If you are comfortable with barely half your donation going to actually help vets then by all means keep giving. But people have the right to know where their money is going and how it is being spent. And a lot of people are not happy with the sub 60%

  • Justin Mounce

    The WWP webpage lays out all of their financial information showing clearly that they donate 80% of everything they receive. The law only requires that they donate 10%, so I’d say they are doing just fine.

    • Bullets First

      That’s just untrue Justin. Not sure where you are getting 80% from but if you go here:

      I detail, from THEIR documents, where the money actually goes.

    • Doc

      Justin I read most of your comments you have posted. You think like a veteran. I like that. I know how hard it is have a person say thank you for things you never wanted to do and live with it every moment for the rest of your life. No one in my area knows me. I wear a green generic Army hat. I never talk about most of my memories in the service. It brings up mixed emotions and still question what I did. It sucks. I want to tell you a quick story though. June 1st 2014. I went to a STAIND concert and got my picture taken with the group. A once in a lifetime moment so I couldn’t pass up making a comment prior to the flash. I Said out loud “At the flash smile and say we love our veterans”. The band failed miserably at the instruction but I heard all of them mumbling it even five seconds after the flash I shook each of their hands and thanked them for taking the photo. When I shook Aaron Lewis’s he asked me “Why did I want them to say that?” I said I wanted to make the moment special and to honor all past and present veterans. Mr. Lewis exhaled smoke from his cigarette (in a basement at a hotel casino by a no smoking sign over a fire extinguisher) and said to me. “Hell! That’s the first thing I do every morning when I roll out of bed.” Per Badum. The concert was outside at it was pissing rain. About 3/4 through the set Lewis before a song commented to the crowed and said a statement to this effect. Last week was Memorial Day. It’s to remember all who died. I want all of you to give a shout out to all the military men , women and veterans who made this country what it is. The whole place erupted. I was glad it was poring rain because I shed a tear and got choked up. Not because I might have had something to do with Lewis’s statement., but because for the first time in years I felt so proud to be called a veteran at that time. I think people tell a veteran “thank you” because they may understand a little about the sacrifices we made when we chose to join. But I totally get your opinion and I’m proud to call you my brother. Keep using that first Ammendment.

  • Kevin Holland

    I am an OIF/OEF veteran who has received alot of assistance from the WWP. I understand lots of folks hate in them, but I have personally had a wonderful experience with WWP. I go to monthly counseling groups, have attended project odyssey events, gone on wwp retreats, wwp honor rides, been to braves games, Talladega, golf scrambles, and receive phone calls to check on me and my needs. If you ask for help you receive it. If you sit back and don’t engage of course you will have a bad experience. I was met in langshtul at the medevac point by a rep who gave us clothes to wear and bags to carry our kit stateside. I get the impression they care.

    • Doc

      I guess you’re not one of the double leg amputees WWP gives socks to. I think before a WWP employee could make sure before walking into a room where a Wounded Warrior has feet for the socks they give. Oh! That’s right! They’re not thinking about that. Their thinking about the round of drinks their going to pay for with their WWP credit card. Also, what research has been found that going to fun crowed events help with any mental anguish like PTSD the veteran feels in a crowd of people with loud sounds. I’ve been through two PTSD programs where they took me and other veterans to crowded events which at least three or four in the group “Freakout” due to them feeling confined and having flashbacks because of the loud noises. Don’t you get Ansy in a place you can get out of right away? Or having someone is invading your space or having someone standing behind? If not you’re a lucky one with any mental anguish or TBI. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to have veterans shown respect by getting tickets to an event. As far as I’m aware if you head to an American Legion. A VFW. Or even a coffee shop/bakery at Six in the morning. You will find combat veterans From all generations. They’ll be more than happy to give advise on how to cope with PTSD, battle fatigue, shell shock or whatever they call it. Or are you afraid you’re not being treated as the most important in the room? Don’t worry, you can where your WWP shirt. I’m sure that will give you plenty of notice and love. And the WWP charity can go to another veteran in need. All you which call yourselves Wounded Warriors and not veterans because you feel for some reason you joined the military or were put in harms way due to the events of 9/11 that you all are better or deserve more then the veterans who served before that tragedy. Trust me. You don’t.

  • anthony muto

    don’t forget wwp also attacks and sues other vet charites

  • Laura

    I read about them not taking money from Christian organizations. I had also read somewhere that they receive money from Planned Parenthood. I believe this is done by charity organizations funneling money to other organizations. Be careful who you donate to.

  • Charles Russell Hansen

    This article should have never been released. I wish people would quit getting their information from social media. First, I have participated to 3 shooting tournament’s in which WWP had their name on just about everything. Yes they did stop putting the logo on firearms but on only because it was not as profitable as other products. WWP representative Alya Hay stated WWP is a non-profit organization and it will not take a stance political agendas. WWP allows and promotes shooting tournaments, especially ones that veterans are participating in. It is therapeutic for many combat veterans. Now don’t even think about calling me a liberal or anything close to it. My grandfather enlisted into the Navy and did 2 tours in WWII. He was a Carpenters Mate aboard the US Willoughby APG with the PT Boat’s. He was the Carpenter Foreman at Todds Shipyard in Galveston, Tx and the Navy came to him. If you research the Willoughby you will discover it was the first of its kind. Originally built to be a plane tender with two dry dock slips on the port and starboard sides. The prototype didn’t work out and it was redesigned for PT Boat’s. My Dad, after Graduating from college joined the Navy in 1969 and was in the 7th fleet. He was overseas for 2 tours also. He has never talked about it much and I was raised to not ask him or other veterans about the war. So back to the topics. When I showed this article and the comments to my Dad he shook his head in disbelief. I have never seen him cry before but right then I saw him tear up. When he retired I helped him and my mother with filing for his retirement funds. With his insurance from the company only covering 80% now I asked him about using his VA benefits. Big mistake on my part. He looked at me and said that his country did not owe him anything, if anything I still owe it. My dad has been deaf in his left ear all my life. My mom later showed me his discharge paper and his medical examine at his discharge. He had a 90% disability rating for his hearing in his left ear. He never would file for benefits or payment. So him seeing all of this bull on here pissed him off. He doesn’t get on computers so he asked me to write this on behalf of him and Veterans he knows that have received great amounts assistance from WWP. I have read the comments on hear from other Veterans who stated they got little or no help from WWP. During the events I have attended with WWP and Veterans who have been assisted by them I know when you contact them for help they interview you and request information about your disabilities or the hardships you are going through. Wounded Warrior Project is exactly what it says. Wounded Veterans either physically or mentally. They try to assist with other hardships such as, assisting with getting Veterans adjusted to life after Combat but the main objective since the start was assisting this who sustained serious life changing injuries. Not I lost my job and I am a Veteran so WWP or any other organizations and the Government owe me. As for all of this article’s information on the percentages of how much goes where is completely false. Instead of taking my word or his do some research on your own and I mean real facts not things posted on the Internet by social media. The IRS statements from the first years to now. As the project got bigger the percentages had to change because of the growth and overhead. Sure you will see the percentage change. But say for instance the first year they raised $10,000, now this is just a scenario and not the exactual amounts, and the this year $300,000. If 90% of $10,000 went to the Veterans it is $9000 right. Ok now if say 50% of $300,000 went to the Veterans it is $ 150,000. I am no rocket scientist but I believe that is a lot more than $9000. Webpages like this one is one of the main problems with society today. People feed of journalists who give false or opinionated comments for their own benefit. They know they are protected by Freedom of the Press and will write things that will get people to come to their page. The more people that visit their website the more money they make. One more thing, if people would respect other people’s opinions things would go back to the way it should be. Quit calling people names and belittling them for their beliefs. A true Christian won’t judge their brother’s and sister’s.

    • Doc

      I could care less if the WWP to be an organization who worships Satin. The point is people are getting rich by heartfelt giving donors that their donations are going to some veterans who don’t need it or in civilians pockets. All charities need to be held accountable for all decisions so the donors can easily see where the money is going.

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  • Julie Garro

    Did you know that the top exec at Red Cross makes over 500K per year? it does take a good salary to attrract top talent to help people. Just thought you should know.

    • Doc

      Julie. Don’t care about other charities like Red Cross. Every charity should be 100% transparent and be required to be audited so the donors know exactly what funds go to. WWP charity deals exclusively with all my brothers and sisters in arms after 9/11. I suffered prior to 9/11. And I’m doing fine. But when I see civilians getting rich due to my families sacrifices and suffering. I’m tagged into the ring automatically. I call BS on an anyone making a profit from others suffering and misfortune. To me that’s the greatest causality. If veterans are forgotten at least we could all sleep better at night that sleeze bags aren”t taken advantage of through loophole of charity laws. That’s worse than being a con artist. At least a con artist knows he making money illegally and not believing their making money because of the kindness in their hearts they feel they are doing for others.

  • Randy Francis

    As a disabled vet myself I had considered donating to WWP but after reading this story I’ll find a better place to send my money.

  • Mike Arienti

    COMPLETELY FALSE! WWP debunked this.

    • Doc

      Read what others are saying. WWP ARE NO BETTER THAN THE SOUTHERN AND NORTHERN FAMILIES IN THE CIVIL WAR who took their soon to be lost money and bought into coffins so they could profit in the agony and sorrows of others. Everyone who has stood up for WWP basically say it’s a business and needs to be run that way. As it has been proven they take millions and invest in the stock market. If so! Why do they still file income taxes as a charity. It’s called a loop hole. If they switch to a corporation income tax most of their profits prior to investing would be harshly taxed. Talk to Charity navigator or even a rep from WWP. They will both confirm this charity has sold personal information to third parties and made close to $2 million in fiscal year 2014. It’s not illegal for a charity organization to do this especially without a privacy disclaimer. I have never said WWP is a scam. It’s a scheme to make as much profit and get so large they don’t need to worry about public charity to fund their wealth. WWP has an obligation to veterans everywhere to help as many of them that they can. Please read some posts here about Wounded Warriors who weren’t helped. It’s a growing number. The WWP is such a money making machine they could give $.90 to the dollar to go to veterans and still for wages and costs. They choose not to. That’s why I have asked Some simple questions to any WWP employee or alumni; “What charity do they give to? How much and for how long. I’m a disabled veteran. 100% irated through the VA if you need to know. I have finally gotten into a position financially to give to the DAV $20 dollars monthly since November of 2015. When I get even more financially stable after paying off collections and medical bills prior to my VA rating, I will give much more. Now the DAV CEO makes quite a bit of money from his salary. But 96% of all donations goes to help veterans. I looked into, studied and made up my own mind on what charity I gave to. WWP has the most awesome concepts to help veterans but I think the need to put in much more money which they have to help more Warriors out there. Thank you to all military, veterans and their families for their huge sacrifices. I and many others will never forget.

      • Mike Arienti

        The point is, the entire article is offbase. WWP donates far more than they get credit for.

        • Doc

          You’re right Mike. They do quite a bit. It took me 12 years for the rating I received through the VA. I worked until I couldn’t anymore. The VA process is long tiring and frustrating. I totally understand Veterans sorrows. But mike you are very right. The WWP does help veterans and it was never conceived as a scam. So you’re right about the article much of it is harsh and unfounded facts. Everyone can state an opinion. 1st Amendment is awesome. I really would like to a forum created by the WWP, donors and concerned veterans. To communicate the truth about WWP. It’s needs to be serious and everyone needs to be open minded and not judgmental. There is much I don’t know or understand about the charity. I also have questions which can only be answered by the WWP. I totally agree with you Mike. Thanks for your point of view.

  • Bob Setliff
    • Doc

      Hey Bob! I basically called you out a couple of days ago. You took your picture away. I tell you what. How about if I come to Ft Bragg. Went to PLDC there. And we set down and allow me to video tape our conversation about what the WWP did for you and your family? I would like to bring a buddy who has been crippled now for about twenty years. He was a Green Beret in Panama. Let a fire team in pre Dessert Storm Kuwait and Iraq for over 18 months. He was severely wounded and his fire team all died but him. Recipe ant of a Silver Star and Purple Heart and is now fighting savers back pain and MS. I myself wasn’t in combat. So I wouldn’t want you to tell me I can’t comprehend PTSD or TBI because I wasn’t in combat. So I’ll bring him. He called WWP in 2012 for help. But he was pre 9/11 and they could not help him. Basically, they said he didn’t qualify to be a Wounded Warrior. What a huge kick in the nuts to a veteran suffering from severe PTSD at the time. I have countless other brothers and sisters that had to deal with the same issues. I think Carl Wheless Jr. Could set down with us also to tell his experiences with WWP. Who I could tell has the same condition I received ion active duty. I want to know how to get tickets to pro football, Baseball, talledaga and amusement parks. Being flown all over the country for the Alumni. My question is the only crowed place I can even stand to be in is a music concert. I don’t know but the music helps me forget where I am. If I can set down with both of you and have an adult conversation on charity and why so many veterans can receive it but so many don’t. I’ll pay for my own travel. The set income I have monthly gets budgeted over and over so I can afford it. Oh hey Mike Id love to see you there also. Just respond and I’ll make the arrangements my brothers. Peace

  • Bob Setliff

    Charity Navigator says you are lying! Only 6% of WW goes to Administration costs!

    • Doc

      No one is lying. Read all information including words you click on. Charity navigator states in part of their charity revenue they use charity fundraising for overhead expenses. Watch the CBS investigation starting last night, into the wounded warrior project and their lavish spending donation money for what they call team support when all they are doing is partying. Colorado Springs Resort bill for 500 members over $3 million. To include bar tabs. This is stated by former employees. Over 40 of them. People have been saying this for years. Now it seems to be true. Go figure

    • Doc

      Let me put it in leman terms for you. Remember Lance Armstrong? You know the bicyclist who got tasticular cancer and then won the Tour De France so many times. He was a hero. He even took a stand on doping in cycling and other sports. A friend who was a wife of one of his best friends at the time, stated that she was lying under oath about his doping because she was jealous of his success. He ruined her and her families lives. Then he not only condemned his fellow perfessionals even teammates of doping. Then finally when the federation of cycling and our own government was set to here new evidence of his doping. He called in some favors to high friends to drop it so he can win one more Tour De France. A year later after all this he could not deny overwhelming evidence that proves he was doping the whole time. Plus it stated it was his early on doping that could have caused his cancer. Lance Armstrong was was asked by the charity he founded to step away silently.
      Look at charity navigator reviews on the WWP. How come since this charity started getting financial wealthy to give so much. They are keeping half of all revenue and not give to the veterans they say they help. (Check the blue and red bar graphs). Honestly I could give a crap about .19%, 6%, 60% or even 80%. I don’t give a rats ass about other charities and what the execs make. This is about my brothers and sisters in Arms to include you my brother. That puts me on the playing field and I feel all charities should show exact amounts, receipts on where the money comes from and every dollar who benefits from the donations. Debunked or not the Wounded Warrior Project Owes its supporters some answers.

  • Doc

    Hey Robert. That was January 2015. Look at http://www.CBSnews/wounded-warrior-project. Then let’s debunk the proble. Steve Nardizzi repelling down the side of a building. He’s an attorney. Never in the military. Pay attention to when CBS cutting to Steve Nardizzi look at his well tailored suit. He doesn’t even where a lapel pin with a WWP logo on it. Think about it. I’m not a right wing nut. I am a veteran who has been invoked state and federal law for well over twenty years. This isn’t a D**k measuring contest. You’re a veteran brother. I truly thank you for service. Especially how each and everyone of the Vietnam military era for all the civilian crap all of you experienced. You truly are the definition of warriors. If it wasn’t for all of you. You and I wouldn’t be having this conversation. All veterans since that era need to thank all of you for that.

  • Given the most recent “blow the lid off” for WWP, this previous conversation was very interesting. I didn’t know about the anti-Christian, anti-2nd Amendment stuff. Makes me more convinced than ever. Investigations pending, as we “speak” (or write, whatever the case may be).

    • Doc

      Me also. The WWP wants CBS to apologize for misquoting the 80% and Not 60% goes to warriors. They’re throwing a tantrum. That’s the least of their worries. Donald Trump is notorious for using “giving to veterans and wounded warrior” interesting that last night while Trump was on the O” Riley factor. He only said the money would go to veterans. No mention of wounded warriors. The rats are abandoning ship. I think they should hire Lance Armstrong for a celebrity speaker now. LMAO

  • Doc

    Last night I wrote some very harsh things about the people who are supporting the WWP. I don’t think I posted them. I couldn’t find any posts on disqus or charity navigator I wrote. If for some reason they were posted. “I am so very sorry”. I disrespected donors and my military and veteran brothers and sisters. I was so upset but that is no excuse for a man to act Like a child.It did get me to think a bit. So, to Anyone I offended “I’m Very Sorry”

    Everyone who is posting comments about the WWP all have one thing in common, WE ALL WANT TO HELP. At least I hope so. There has been WWP haters and supporters for years arguing over what many people have just been exposed to a couple of days ago on a national level.
    As far as I know the Pros of the Wounded Warrior project is they spend millions of dollars every year for our disabled veterans. It’s a wonderful charity. I hope no one can disagree with me. Facts are posted everywhere. I am so grateful to WWP for helping out my wounded brothers and sisters in arms. So, Wounded Warrior Project “Thank You”.
    Supporters for and people against this organization, I feel and my logic agrees, should be thinking like this; In our Justice program people are innocent until proven guilty. So, if we judge this charity, make sure they’re not persecuted until proven otherwise. For me it’s this; I donated my time and money to charity last year at I would say a price tag maybe $900. $342,066,114 is what the WWP Paid for programs and helping disabled veterans in 2014. I will say the WWP kicked my butt. So persecuting and destroying the Wounded Warrior Project for misappropriation would be a bad move for everyone. So, let the huge numbers sink in to everyone’s thoughts.
    Pro supporters and anti WWP individuals are fighting over percentages. Particularly, in the BULLETS FIRST article and comments of “Stop Donating To The Wounded Warrior Project – They’re a Fraud”. We shouldn’t care about 0 .19%, 6%, 60% or 80%. Veterans and other Veteran’s Organizations need to be concerned about the veterans who the WWP has helped and not helped. So, sorry folks if I make you feel like children in school, But I feel a teaching moment coming over me. Let’s do some Charity 101. For this I put webpage addresses so as to you as adults can decide what to read and not to read. “I leave total control with you” I will explain each webpage prior to posting the address:
    Definition of charity by the Cambridge Dictionary online;
    Wounded Warrior Project Official Site;
    Charity as described by the IRS; Section-501(c) (3)-Organization;
    Charity Navigator site for rating the WWP (Note Mission Statement is different from WWP website Mission Statement.) I would like everyone to pay attention to the bar graph visual aid on total revenue compared to Funds spent on charity to Wounded Warriors. “Remember this is in millions of dollars”;
    The New York Times report on the WWP lavish spending WWP SUPPORTERS IF YOU COMMENT, PLEASE GIVE OTHER WEBSITES WHICH SUPPORT THE WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT. This discussion should not weigh heavier on one side or the other. Thank You;
    Finally. Charity versus from the Bible. (Not because of religious reasons but because it’s one of the oldest books which teaches right from wrong) Please, don’t go to this site if you are offended by any religions;
    What I want from my comments is to bring everyone together with an open mind and agree on one thing:
    I think the WWP should allow an outside source to come in, along with possibly Charity Navigator and whoever the WWP chooses to be present and go through all spending the program has done since its presence on the big stage to see exactly where the money is being spent. I feel the Wounded Warrior Project should keep doing their programs which are in progress right now.
    Give the rest of the employees’ time off (Paid or unpaid leave. That is up to the organization). The men and women who work for the WWP is probably their only source of income.
    I know many would say “THAT’S UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!” It may be. But that’s up to WWP to decide.
    I say if they turn out to be justified in their spending of funds then they should be fine with the request and many will owe them a public apology including me. The WWP has plenty in excess funds to keep going during this time. So, the overhead will be about the same.
    I know there will be people who say “Other charities don’t have to do this!” You’re right. But, maybe all charities should. Why WWP? For one-They are dealing directly with my family; all my brothers and sisters who have taken up arms and made huge sacrifices to protect this country’s way of life. And I have never seen a charity under so much scrutiny and negativity. There are many supporters of WWP jumping ship and distancing themselves. Case In Point. Donald Trump and other presidential candidates have used Veterans and Wounded Warriors in the same phrases. Before the news broke, Donald Trump was on Good Morning America and said the phrase “Veterans and Wounded Warriors” when he was talking about speaking at a fundraiser for veterans since he wasn’t going to be in Iowa’s last Republican debate. I’m not a huge Trump supporter but the fundraiser was a huge success in the contribution for Veterans in need. Trump was on the O’reilly Factor hours after using the Veterans and Wounded Warriors phrase on GMA. Neither O’riley or Trump ever used the words “Wounded Warriors” in that whole discussion. Just the word Veterans. I know everyone who reads my comment on here knows Bill O’reilly is a huge WWP supporter. So Please let’s agree on this or another logical solution. The Only ones who will really be hurt either way will be our veterans. Haven’t they suffered enough?
    One last thing “I want to thank all my Veterans, military brothers and sisters and their families for the commitment and sacrifice you all have made. I am so proud to be called your brother. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

  • Mike xxx

    Check out the Semper Fi Fund. Last time I checked, said that 92.7% of its total expenses go to the programs and services it delivers.

  • imispgh

    I have been extremely critical and vocal of WWP. But I fail to understand how is this any better than the bad acts WWP is committing? What is the point of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The vets are far better of if WWP is fixed than put out of business. Deal with the leadership and the policies that got us here but leave WWP intact.

    • Doc

      I totally agree. WWP isn’t a terrible charity. Look at the millions they give with their charity. Charities need to be 100% transparent and at least 90% needs to be put towards everything for the wounded warriors. Research, therapy, new concepts and even generosity for wounded veterans to fulfill a dream. Like Make-A-Wish for a handful of veterans picked by their peers. If WWP is half of successful as they have been 10% is ample to even pay employees well. Though, I do think charity means a sacrifice of time and they’re own finances given towards their passions and have a career which they work for their own future.

    • imispgh

      solution here is not technically difficult. You find the bad actors and
      remove them. Work with Charity Navigator, probably the IRS. a reputable
      accountant,maybe a forensic tax expert and a good PR firm and turn this
      thing around. I do not believe the damage to the brand is past the
      point of recovery.New leadership, processes, an ombudsman board, public
      disclosure of the issues and fixes and a earnest apology from the new
      leadership and this thing turns around. The fund raising and assistance
      networks they have are too valuable and hard earned to throw away.

    • imispgh

      You don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. You throw the water, the tub and the owner of the
      tub out. The solution here is not technically difficult. You find the
      bad actors and remove them. Work with Charity Navigator, probably the
      IRS. a reputable accountant,maybe a forensic tax expert and a good PR
      firm and turn this thing around. I do not believe the damage to the
      brand is past the point of recovery.New leadership, processes, an
      ombudsman board, public disclosure of the issues and fixes and a earnest
      apology from the new leadership and this thing turns around. The fund
      raising and assistance networks they have are too valuable and hard
      earned to throw away.

  • imispgh

    other charities and anyone who wants to get involved please consider
    contacting me. As I have already been contacted by various I figured I
    would see if I can’t muster more of the troops. Please feel free to
    Google me first and do your due diligence on me first. I am a vet. I am
    also a whistleblower who took on the world’s largest defense contractor
    and their lead counsel – a Mr. James Comey – who is now head of the
    FBI.That effort was to help the US Coast Guard after 9/11. I was the
    first person to use YouTube as a whistleblower, appeared on 60 Minutes,
    was the lead witness at a congressional hearing and am in the
    documentary War on Whistleblowers. I am listing these things so you can
    verify I walk the talk. As am sure you are aware regarding battlefield
    courage – what we say and think we will do is not necessarily what
    happens when we are tested. If you contact me please make sure you
    understand that you need to be objective and correct. Two wrongs do not
    make a right. My goal is not to end WWP but fix it and ensure the right
    folks are held accountable. While you can trust me you need to know
    that things like this are not easy. And in spite of our best intentions
    and care – things can go wrong. There is no such thing as risk free
    here. My ordeal ended my career, my family and I had to move and we
    filed bankruptcy. If you decide to come forward, whether you want to be
    an unnamed source or a named one make sure you are all in. Strength in
    numbers, data and momentum are what will carry the day here. You can
    contact me through Facebook Messenger or on LinkedIn

  • Doc

    I’ve been very critical of the people who support the WWP over the last couple of days on different sites and I will keep on being that way until I get overwhelming good reasons civilians need to make the money they do off of my injured brothers and sisters in arms. I had a come to Jesus moment a couple of days ago on what most charity organizations are. And it really pissed me off! They are cons to manipulate and prey on the very good intent people of our nation and the world just to make a buck off of others suffering. But what really is sickening is it’s completely legal under the nonprofit charity laws. I’m also tired of most every comment on any website commenting any charity organization to where people justifies or condemns their views with numbers and %s. Everyone but a few who comment for or against charities are missing the whole point of what’s going on. Real human beings are suffering while most of these “Charities” use way too much of the donations for their own overhead costs and salaries. Plus why would these charities sit on so much donation money every year When there are people in need out in the world?
    Here’s my numbers and %s. All charities need to be 100% transparent. Any donor should be able to contact any of their charities they support and find out exactly how their donations are being spent. No more than 10% of donations for any charity, whether or not they get donations totaling $100 or $1,000,000 a month from all donors, is more than ample enough for all overhead including salaries. 0% soliciting. People give because they want to give. If a charity wants advertisements for their cause, then make a free website. Get businesses to donate the money for advertising. Let celebrities do fundraising for your cause on their own dime. Get others to volunteer for the charity and they can use their time to spread your charities mission to the public. Very, very simple and cost effective. This all means more donation money going to the people in need,
    I can care less about a charities values; for or against U.S. Amendments, religion, ethics or race. The donors can look into a charity and all their beliefs so they can decide to donate to the charity’s cause or not.
    When it comes to the people the charity really helps. Donors need to see all who are helped, and what the charity pays for with donations. A recipients, family member, friend or caregiver can give a testimony on how the charity helped their lives to become better.
    What I’ve seen with charities (I’m going to pick on the WWP) is they show the worst of the worst individuals they with their advertisements but quite a few “Warriors” in the alumni and many who post support comments for the organization, to include putting individuals down with their comments are “Warriors” who still possess the capability or resources to find or get their own help and not take needed donations away from the injured veterans which are truly at the end of their ropes and really needs outside assistance.
    THESE VETERANS, WHOM I JUST CALLED OUT KNOW WHO YOU ARE. I did my own homework on some of the veterans whose comments try to belittle others opinions and some alumni who are employed and voices there positive opinions for the WWP.
    Lastly, These huge charities needs to spend donations on real studies on cause and affects of their therapies, to help support the specific needs of each individual they help, The positive affects need to be documented and published for other to view so they could help themselves or others in need. I fail to understand how any “Wounded Warrior” gets empowered or benefits from the WWP supplying tickets to entertainment events and have most of their and family’s travel expenses paid for by the charity? The “Wounded Warrior Alumni” and their families call these getaways therapeutic and healing for the injuries these “Warriors” have. The donors need be informed with better and more specific facts then “Thank You WWP for the fun and exciting trip. I got to meet someone important and that changed our lives for the better.” All this is, is false hope and gratification for the WWP. ANY “WOUNDED WARRIOR” READING THIS COMMENT. PLEASE, ENLIGHTEN ME DONORS AND OTHER INJURED VETERANS HOW THESE “ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIPS AND OUTTINGS” HAVE IMPROVED YOUR OR YOUR FAMILY’S WAY OF LIFE. If I hear anything about “Team Building or comradery” with other “Wounded Warriors”, I will call “BS!!!” If all you post 9/11 “Wounded Warriors” feel you need help to deal or cope with your problems dealing with your. Just go to your local American Legion, VFW, State Veteran Nursing Home or any type of VA medical facility. I guarantee there will be at least one if not more veteran(s) who would be glad to tell you a story of how he or she has coped all these years with their injury(s). Don’t worry. You can wear your logoed “Wounded Warrior” products if you want to bring attention to yourself. I fail to understand why most of you post 9/11 veterans feel you are the only or the first ones to deal and cope with your problems and injuries you sustained in the armed forces. Read some history books or internet articles on past wars and conflicts. Talk with some older veterans. It will help you understand your own issues. Remember, regardless of age, color, religion or ethnicity we are all part of a huge family (brothers and sisters in arms) who made sacrifices. Put some trust in this family. Because in the end family members are the only ones you can depend on.

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  • carybrus

    Does anyone know how to Unsubscribe from Wounded Warrior? I cannot find a way.

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  • wererabbit

    THIS ENTIRE ARTICLE IS GARBAGE. The people who this idiot is referring too not only apologized for their B.S. statistics, but admitted they lied. It’s pretty pathetic. Shame on anyone, who would not bother to check out these accusations before posting them. You’re lucky you weren’t sued. I suspect you probably have been by now. A-hole

    • Doc

      Really wererabbit. Go back into your hole. WWP has been under investigation for years. It’s been used as a legal scam since before 2012. Myself, being a disabled veteran have met Wounded Warriors and Veterans (the ones WWP did not help}. There has been many Veterans(WW) I called out without a response after looking up background information of just how really wounded they are. PTSD gave the WWP so much help in 2012. It wasn’t Nardizzi. It was the so called therapy for PTSD veterans. Most of the physical disabled went to the way side. I suffer from severe PTSD and I have seeked help and received much therapeutic help through the VA since 2002. You need to read the book about Lance Armstrong.He destroyed everyone who really knew him and knew his secrets. He became his own demiGod. Charities like the WWP feed of off others very real Pain and anguish and all employees profited from it. Why did it take so long? it was all legal. In 2005 when the WWP sued an Omaha based veteran”s charity because of having the same name but helped a different type of wounded veteran. Even though the charity which was sued had the name overseas first. WWP claimed they were accepting charity under false pretenses. Maybe they did. No matter how you sliced it they were a veteran charity which helped veterans. who really should have really cared. at that time they stopped being a noble cause and became a greedy demiGod. These WW alumni, many still in service or making a fairly good income are taken on these elaborate getaways for comradery or having the family flown to great vacations. that’s great! These guys Wounded Warriors could join a group like Buddy Check or Volunteer in a VA hospital or nursing facility. They would get much more therapeutic calm and find out Post 911 wasn’t the only conflicts out there. All I know is when the Wounded Warrior alumni get together 22 to 26 (on Average) of their brothers and sisters in arms take their life. If you are claiming to have PTSD and are a veteran you know damn well why. They let Nardizzi and another go but not before they were well compensated for their dismissal. The last I heard they were cleaning house and putting more charity funding towards the wounded warriors. That’s awesome!!!
      No get me wrong. WWP has put in countless hours and donations towards injured veterans. Much more than I ever could. They should be applauded for their everts. Do the right and humane thing. Thank you and your family for your sacrifices.

      • wererabbit

        Ya really. The article is stiil B.S. What you say may be true to a point, but this article is still crap. “Not a single veteran I know has ever gotten help”. Total bullshat. One of many statements made here that are. Irregardless if WWP has gotten too big or not or that more money should be spent on Veterans, isn’t the point. It’s the mindless, baseless statements made by people like this. I sat in many holes in Afghanistan, and I have no problem crawling into one buddy, but I at least will back up and show my accusations.

        • Doc

          Well sir. Back it up. Give the readers some facts on why your opinion needs to be taken seriously. You say all the veterans you know we’re not helped? Why? Didn’t know where to be helped. Nobody willing to help? Did anyone try to establish a buddy check at your local American Legion? Self medicating? Being pissed off at the world?
          The thing is when you have prepared and looked death square in the face. You’re not scared to die at all. Plus, any type of faith you have is nonexistent. You won’t ask for help because of your pride. You don’t want a psych. Doc or a therapist whose only sacrifice is their college bill. We know everything about why wer’re the way we are.
          wererabbit. I mean you no disrespect. This is what I know and I’m sorry for the “Go back in your hole”. The WWP has concentrated less and less on physical injuries. Getting together with others are great for bonding and finding someone to understand you. Where’s the research, the family counseling. The safety plan. Veterans are totally misunderstood. Civilians who here mental disorders like PTSD, Severe Depressive disorder., flashbacks, and countless others get scared. Rejection comes to play with the veteran now. Stripping us of our second ammedment rights. Just think about it. The founder of of WWP was oust in the first part of WWP success. I guarantee he was served with a gag order. These civilians who knows so little about sacrifice and regret. Are making so much off of your fellow veterans. You work because you have to make money to survive and be apart of society. You join a charity because you want to make a difference in others lives for the better. 6%, 52%, or 70% doesn’t matter. I looked and calculated the numbers. This guy isn’t blowing smoke. In fact, he’s almost spot on. I wasn’t biased in running my numbers. Pay very close attention to the wording. That’s why the 8% difference in the others who calculated.WWP has sued for far less. This article is ancient by now.
          I hope WWP bounces back. It’s a wonderful mission statement. I’m sure has wonderful people for the most part. My opinion still stands until someone can present a very good rebuttal. I will be open minded. Thanks for reading my opinions wererabbit.
          I wish you and your cohorts a good life.

        • Doc

          waiting for a reply. to back up your accusations on your investigation, sites or calculations on your claims of this article is wrong. This isn’t sarcasm. If you give me some leads I’d like to investigate further. If you’re right? I not only owe you but WWP Alumni and WWP charity a huge apology but also become an advocate. I don’t take veteran issues lightly. I want truth.

        • Bullets First

          Back up my accusations? Fair enough.. But firstly, there are the statements that you outright dismiss because you disagree with them. Let me address that. If you go Vegas once a year and win every time you may be under the impression that Vegas just gives out money. When other people criticize the place because they lose money you, in your thought vacuum, may just think that they are full of it. This is a similar situation. There is a loud and vocal group of vets and their families that argue against the dog and pony show that the WWP has become. They are too often shouted down by WWP apologists like yourself with great rhetorical brilliance such as “this is total bullshit”.

          But you asked for proof, as did many WWP apologists and sycophants. So I wrote the following article in July of 2015 proving my claims with WWP’s own tax returns and a thorough breakdown of them.

          Please, be my guest and take a look

          I had included that into the update section of the article you bashed but it seems like most likely you read the title, passed judgement and then skimmed the article to cherry pick a line or two in order to bash the premise. By all means, take a moment to read over the proof you so desperately decried me lacking.

          And as if you needed further proof, I was actually proven right in all I have written when in March of 2016 the top execs were fired for for the misuse of donated funds for their own lavish expenses.

          It took a year and a half from when I wrote this article but the mainstream media finally jumped on board. Here’s one example:

          So…I write a series of articles…bring evidence to verify my claims…bring the corruption to the light of day and in turn am publicly proven right by the firing of those I named in my articles and it is reported independently by third party sources.

          How exactly is my article BS…and why oh why would I need to worry about getting sued?

          I never made accusations…i highlighted the truth.

          Just because YOU don’t like it doesn’t change the facts.

          And thanks doc for exposing the WWP apologist for the shiftless internet troll that he is.

          • Doc

            Hey bullets first. I have followed the WWP for many years. When they first started suing other veteran’s charities. Especially the veteran with a small charity exposing some of the poor management of funds not going to the veterans. You got me to check and proof your calculations. You were right. Others crunched numbers but didn’t read what could possibly be claimed as charitable contributions. That was the 8% difference comes in. WWP blatantly lied about the %. I have called out many of these WWP Alumns who wouldn’t back up their foul mouthed facts. Plus, more than a couple alumn makes so much income yet takes WWP charity money for sporting events, family vacations and flying every place promoting the charity. My brothers and sisters in arms are suffering so much emotionally and physically and we’re could not get help from WWP. I lost a family member and countless friends to suicides. These advocates for WWP not only would not answer my call outs but stopped posting all together on your article. Especially, after the first part of 2016. Look sir. I keep an open mind and don’t give opinions unless I know their factually based. Most of these WWP advocates are ignorant individuals. The moment their personal opinions are factually challenged they shift fire with other figures like 6%. Who cares. It is what it is. I’m very opened minded and am humble enough to say ” I made a mistake or I’m wrong.” No one can challenge your calculation. What people forget is this article is almost 3 years old. Excellent job “Bulletsfirst”

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