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PROOF that Wounded Warrior Project uses less than 52% of donations to help vets

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I wrote an article at the end of 2014 “Stop Donating To The Wounded Warrior Project – They’re a Fraud” discussing how little of the donations that the Wounded Warrior Project gets actually goes to helping veterans in need.

From the hundreds of comments that article received, a vase majority of people echoed their own personal frustration in dealing with the Wounded Warrior Project and how they were made to feel more like stage props for fundraising campaigns than actual human beings in need.

Of course, there were a few vehement, “head in the sand” supporters of the WWP who accused me of being anti veteran (even though I am a vet myself) and of anyone who said anything bad about the WWP as being ungrateful or having a nefarious ulterior motive.

Even when I engaged these blind followers and told them about how the breakdown of money is spent they turned a deaf ear or even worse, claimed that only spending 47-52% of donations to ACTUALLY use for the purported cause was GOOD, because other charities were worse.

Unsurprising they became obstinate when I rattle off a number of veteran charities that spend over 90% of donations directly helping vets.  Places like the Phoenix Patriot Foundation or Fisher House.

Organizations, by the way, that I have no connection with whatsoever, save for my admiration on how much they are TRULY dedicated to helping vets.

But I digress.  As they say, seeing is believing so I went to the Wounded Warrior Project website and took their tax return from 2013.  The year I initially cited in my previous article and will show anyone who reads this where the money actually goes…and where it doesn’t.

First, how much money comes in to the Wounded Warrior Project:

wwp 1



As you can see at line 1b, total revenue, the money that the Wounded Warrior Project brings in is $234,682,943.  Over 200 MILLION dollars in a year.

Now, how was that money spent?  Let’s first look at what goes toward helping vets:

wwp 3


If you look at 4a thru 4d you will see what the Wounded Warrior Project does for vets and how much it spends on each program.  Now, I have heard some complain that the alumni association is really just a fundraising booster program, which would explain why over $30 million dollars is directed towards that, but if someone would like to support or refute that claim in the comment section I’m sure everyone would like to hear about it.

But let’s look passed that for a moment and actually look at the numbers.

Alumni:                                $31,466,113

Combat Stress Recovery:  $16,127,622

Soldier Ride:                         $8,824,978

Other Program Services:    $60,780,024


Remember, the Wounded Warrior Project pulled in $234,682,943 in donations.

That means only 49.93% of money that the WWP raised actually went to helping wounded vets.

Where, pray tell, did the rest of the money go.

Let’s head to page 10 of the tax form, the expense report:

wwp 11


Now we’re getting somewhere.

Compensation and benefits for WWP employees and directors: $26,182,966.

Employees and directors get MORE money than all of the services provided except for the alumni association.  The program that people complain about is all about making money…ironic.

$15, 218,191 for office space?

Nearly $2 MILLION for I.T?

Just under $5 MILLION for occupancy costs?

$6,377,443 in way of travel expenses?  And those travel expenses are NOT for sending wounded vets around the country because that expense would be listed in the program expenses.  No, these travel expenses are WWP employees jet setting around the country.

But now we get to the most egregious of the costs.

Consulting costs: $33,081,349

They spend more on consulting than they do on any one program service for vets.

Not to mention their meeting and events in which they blow through nearly $17 MILLION of your donated money to through themselves parties.

You can read the rest for yourself, but all in all the total expenses for “running” the Wounded Warrior Project total $158,073,943.

As you may recall, the WWP, by their own admission, spend less than $118,000,000 on the actual programs and services for vets that people donate money towards.

The following document gives a nice summation to the true intent of the Wounded Warrior Project as well as, in my eyes, giving a nice slap to the face, to all veterans they claim to support.

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  • durabo

    Bastards feeding off veterans’ spilled blood!

    • don

      cut funding quit feeding the rats

      • Yeshuafriend

        I will from here on! Shabbat shalom!

    • canis_Lupus

      Get up, stand up and stop being a nigger to those who use patriotism to use vets.

      • durabo

        “Wolf,” take a look at their salary schedule, and at how little a percentage they devote to wounded veterans. No, I was not wounded, but I served 7 years, and left as an O-3.

        • canis_Lupus

          I enlisted and I served during Vietnam. I have seen veterans being exploited. Vets are like a lost child looking so hard to be loved they can’t see they are being used when people toss cheap superlatives their way.

          We have vets living in our streets. You never see Fox News advocating for them. As I wrote, disabled vets are in the 47%. Obama sought more funding for VA than the conservative congress gave.


    I say ‘shut it down’…..

    • don


  • brownbill

    From Charity Navigator: Program Expenses
    (Percent of the charity’s total expenses spent on the programs
    and services it delivers) 59.9% Administrative Expenses 6.0% Fundraising Expenses 34.0%

  • Lizardlouaz

    Send this Bill ORiely he’s a big supportrer

    • GI Joe

      O’Reilly’s no objective reporter. He’s totally “in the tank” for this group. In fact, he said on his program that he has “investigated” WWP and they are on the up and up. I guess this article and the associated tax documents somehow missed his “thorough” investigation.

      Don’t waste the time sending this to him. He’ll only deny the facts.

      • Lizardlouaz

        No more donations from me

      • don

        mr oriely is not what he wants you to think he is

        • George Block

          I had a go around with this guy some time ago. I researched and and debunked his claims. He replied a couple of times but stopped when my replies were provable and was changing the minds of the folks that actually believed him. During all of this research I found out that he is supporter of foundations he would rather have you donate to.

    • Yeshuafriend

      And a know-it-all blow hard full of hot air. Shabbat shalom!

    • Fed up!

      So is Neal Bortz, his wife work for them.

  • PT

    Is WWP being administered by Bill and Hillary?

    • don

      nope but crooks just like them

  • Roy Clingenpeel

    Take a look at the United way was worse than that. The American Rd Cross has similar record. Donate to an individual you know can use it. Those that advertise and solicit for money are usually more criminal than benevolent. Go to a mega church an take a look at the minister’s car or cars and home, a good measure on the money thing.

    • ConnieJ

      Major exception — Billy Graham. He lives an open and frugal life. He puts all the others to shame.

      • Paco

        Billy Graham may be frugal.But he might aswell be stealing with some of his false rhectoric. He was a guest on Robert Schuller’s.he announced that there are other way’s to heaven other than Jesus. You could probally find this sound bite on you tube. When he had his crusades,he traveled with a Catholic preist.Any Catholic drawn to be saved,would be refered to the preist. Grahm has been to the Vatican to pay homage to the popes a number of times.He organized the world wide meeting of faith’s and religion’s in Luzern,back in the 60’s. Fast forward that same group is pushing one world religion.I don’t know Billy Grahm.But when folk’s put people on pedistals it open’s the door to being decieved. I’ve heard him speak,before and it was sound stuff.But there is much unanswered about that guy.

        • Rhonda Hunt

          Paco It is unfortunate but I have heard this interview with billy graham,and you are correct in what he spoke about,he seems to be a Universalist,who believes all people will be saved in the end,I believe this is why Billy visits Catholic’s,it is the universal Church you know,and despite their claims that they don’t follow the Pope,the protestants still by and large follow the teachings of the Catholic Church,after all the reformers were all former Catholic’s,Christianity was formed around 135 AD as a Greek based all gentile Torahless(lawless) religious system,by men who claimed to be disciples of John although they had never met him or even seen him,they threw off the Torah of Yahweh(his laws.statues,and judgments)and invented their own religious laws,just as Judaism had, and became by the forth century a religion that the Apostles would not recognize, the western Church of today, is the Child of the Marriage of religion and paganism,they claim to be under persecution,but I believe they have come under Yahweh’s judgment,because Christians have not Harkened unto Yahweh’s voice to keep his Commandments Deuteronomy 28:45.——–Jim Hunt

          • Grandhuff

            Post a link to this video.

        • BDnSC

          The real major exception is the Salvation Army.
          As for those here casting aspersions on Catholics, you are as guilty as your accusations for it was Jesus himself that stated “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”

          • silvernotes

            The SA generally has a good reputation for spending donations wisely.

          • Larenzo1

            The Salvation Army is superb and that is why we donate to them.

        • Geneva miller

          You are an idiot, I just watched the video and he does not say that Jesus isn’t the only way…..he says they may not even know His name, but they know He is drawing them near……Before Christ was born, did all people go too hell no, they went to Paradise….they were saved, they didn’t K now He’s name was Jesus, as Jesus, wasn’t born yet, but they knew a Savior, was coming and they accepted Him into their hearts without knowing His name, Im talking old Testament…..I live in North Carolina, and worked for a family that know him personally, and he does believe Jesus, is the way and the truth and they life……

        • william g munson


      • wattsupstupid

        Frugal if you think living on a multi million dollar gated compound and drive around in limos is frugal you must be rolling in $$$$. Oral Roberts lived in an apartment, drove inexpensive cars and built a University. What has Billy Graham done but fill his own pockets? Just sayin. I don’t follow any minister that gets paid.

        • Sevenmag

          The preacher that makes my skin crawl is Joel Oosteen. He sweats corruption, and he’s a master manipulator.

          • Idadho

            Joel Osteen is not a preacher. He is just an uglier version of Tony Robbins. He has learned to use the Bible as a prop to manipulated the low information christian.

          • US Army (retired)

            I live in Houston and my skin crawls every time I hear him speak, which in not often. He reminds me of a used car salesman! Apologies to “honest” car salesmen!

        • Idadho

          I suggest you look into Billy Graham a bit more. Despite his connections to Catholics and any Universalist tendencies, I bet the money he lives on comes from the books he has written. Many in a similar situation receive large royalties for the books they write. Some even support the ministry with their royalty income. And anybody who things book royalty income belongs to the ministry needs to understand “A workman is worthy of his wages.” They write the book. They get the royalties.
          Billy Graham lived on a gated compound so he could keep his privacy. He was in high demand.
          Scripture says that ministers deserve to be paid. Many deserve double honor (1 Tim 5:17) But, hucksters deserve none.
          Oral Roberts was an egotistical fraud. He may not have kept much for himself but he put his name on everything. That is dead wrong. Plus, there was a time that he lived pretty high on the hog. Then, his predictions failed to come true and his donations dropped off. So, he had to sell his expensive properties.

        • Larenzo1

          You are a deceiver.

        • mtman2

          Should not talk about what you obviously don’t know or understand ~!

        • Grandhuff

          I was a devoter follower of Oral Roberts until he made that outrageous plea for $8 million in 3 months or he would die. It broke my heart when he did this. I had read all his books. and watched him every time he was on TV. After he received the $8 million, he said it wasn’t enough and begged for more with no goal amount given. He lost all credibility to me then. Billy Graham is the real deal. I knew him personally, though I haven’t seen him in the many years since he’s been ill. Here is a link to an article about Oral Roberts. This is the least unflattering story that I could find.

      • Traveller62

        YES!! I remember one time that someone accused Billy Graham of misspending money he was given through the collection plate. He faced his accuser with his books open and told said accuser to get an accountant and go through the books, and then get back with him. The man never got back with him, as the accountant that went through the books could not find anything out of the “norm” of running a church. Billy Graham is the ONLY preacher I would donate to, as he is the ONLY honest preacher out there!

      • David F.

        His Son Franklin doesn’t though.

    • Fed up!

      I went to mega church for my grand daughters baptism and the place had ATMs in the lobby for giving tidings. What a world we livin today. My wife wonders why I prefer to stay at home and enjoy my 6 dogs and potbelly pig. All they expect is two squares and a butt scratch and they are happy.

      • Marc E.

        I believe you mean giving TITHES. The ATM in the lobby is definitely abominable. You of course remember what Jesus did in a similar situation? Check out Mt. 21:12-13, and Jn. 2:15-16. It’s exactly the same situation, with the exception of the animals, and most people today who call themselves “Christian”, yet don’t worship or rest on the Day that Jesus Christs COMMANDS us to keep: THE SABBATH(see Gen. 2:1-3; Ex. 20:8-11; Mk. 2:27-27). Even worse is they’re allowing themselves to be deceived by these same “ministers of Satan” today with these emotion filled “social gospels”. Somebody show me where these “messages” are Biblical. Ain’t happenin’.

        • Fed up!

          Two things
          One I do not need a building or other people to validate my worshiping of God. I do not practice Sunday Hour worship. I practice it all week long.
          Little things like being nice to people first/ second reaction is up to other person reaction

          I give my clients 110% of my God given talent.

          If I see some one in distress, if I have the means and/or ability I help

          It does not take these mega Bussiness/ Churches for people to follow God’s teachings.

          • MatrixHater

            Reminds me of the Pastor I once heard say “If you can’t make it to church on Sunday then you won’t make it into Heaven either.” I should have confronted him after the service and told him he totally invalidated Christ’s sacrifice with his statement. I’m with you- I worship God 24/7, read scripture daily and I don’t need others or a big staged production to do so. I am sure we will get replies chastising us.

          • Carla Miller

            I have believed in Him since I was 5 and known Him personally since I was 12. Something holy happens when those who love Him gather together, and He is moving among them. The closer each one draws to Him the better off all are. Praying for all to draw closer to Him together is not something He will be displeased with, really. <3

          • Fed up!

            Good for you, that’s why where individuals and we all have the right to worship him differently. I just think you do not need to spend the the money on these grandiose buildings to worship God. Glad we are all able to state our opinion.

      • Combat Veteran Seabee

        If someone sratched my butt I’d be happy too! haha

        • Fed up!

          I ask my wife, she told me scratch my own butt? if you saw the two squares I cook for them, you would might want to be my dogs. My wife think I am crazy. I might be but spending time with my dogs beats PIA humans. Have a safe 4th July and God Bless!

      • Fed up! I agree with you! I’d rather spend my time at home with my 6 dogs, my husband, and my son. I do NOT go to church, but I still pray and talk to God on a daily basis. I don’t NEED a church to talk to God, he listens to me daily no matter where I am when I pray and speak to Him. We have had a bad year, I was hit by a drunk driver in April, my husband had a motorcycle accident 4 weeks ago, and my son was rear-ended in the drive-thru at a Taco Bell. All 3 of us are SURVIVORS thanks to God. I could go on and on here, I have a very inspiring life story, but it’s too long to tell here. BUT anyway because of everything I have been through in life, my passion is to HELP OTHERS. I do so through my 2 home businesses. Hippy Knits (my new business) and Bikers Buzz. I help bikers after a motorcycle accident and I help women in the USA to work from home. I donate my time and money from my “own” pocket to help others. I LOVE what I do. God has guided me and given me a purpose in life.For that I am very thankful. As far as WWP and any other big non-profits they’re ALL nothing but rip-off’s in my eyes. I no longer DONATE to ANY non-profits nor churches. I spend my money “HELPING OTHERS” right here in the USA helping our own people who NEED it most. Through Bikers Buzz we have helped several Vets over the past 2 years. Vets who “ride”. We’ve even designed and donated personalized cremation urns for some who have died from a motorcycle accident or illness. This is OUR WAY of helping Vets.

        • Carla Miller

          Carla Miller Fed up! • a few seconds ago
          I have believed in Him since I was 5 and known Him personally since I was 12. Something holy happens when those who love Him gather together, and He is moving among them. The closer each one draws to Him the better off all are. Praying for all to draw closer to Him together is not something He will be displeased with, really.… <3

    • Rhonda Hunt

      Roy Clingenpeel Most (not all)of these so called charities are like this and even worse,Bill and Hillary Clinton’s so called charitable foundation only gives about 10% of the more than 2 billion that is given to it,I would love to know where the other 90% goes,these figures are from Bills on mouth and he is proud of this he says,It doesn’t have to be a mega church before this occurs,In our town in all of the bigger churches their pastor live like Kings,big houses fancy cars and expense accounts,all because they have conned their members into believing they must give 10% of their income to the church,the church teaches we don’t go by the old testament unless it is giving of tithes,the new testament never uses the word tithe so they must revert back to that hated Old testament,which they say is legalism to get people to give to their wonderful church,this country and it religions is going to hell in a hand basket along with its people,but people are so ignorant of the bible they don’t no any better.Jim Hunt

    • autrypma

      That is exactly what I found out. I only donate to my local churches, The Foundry (B’ham, Al) who rehabilitate kids and adults to a Christian way of life, get them jobs, and the Animal
      societies (Prevention of Cruelty)..The Sheriff Associations are the same way…more goes to corporate….for all of them than the real funds
      ever get…And some churches are greedy also…check out where your donations go..

      • As long as the law allows collections to be made in the names of charities when anything above *three percent* of the money collected actually goes to The Cause (whatever that may be), we can expect people to have a lot of fun with the money they collect in aid of charity. International aid programs are the worst–some friends checked, twenty years ago, and found that less than half of what’s donated to even the best charities actually goes to feed orphans or build schools or whatever.

  • Haywood Jablomi

    I was donating monthly until a vet showed me the light. It seems that a lot of charities are just a piggy bank for the directors, like the Bill/Hillary/Chelsea Clinton foundation. Rob a 7/11 for $10 and go to jail for 10 years. Rob the public for $200 million and you get to run for president…..

    • don

      when it comes to dealing with lots of money its hard to find a honest person

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      You said it so eloquently!

    • canis_Lupus

      All this prick does is troll and blame democrats. He must be a conservative operative, a whore of the GOP.

      Fox News promoted this group many times. This organization like so many that try to appeal or vets are really ran by conservative who use patriotism like Nazis in
      Germany used patriotism.

      I’ve seen this prick all over the net. I wish I could get this coward out of his hole and show him vets don’t need his kind.

  • Lucambrian

    To make matters worse, WWP won’t accept donations from churches, feeling (for what reason I don’t know) that the donation is tainted because of its association with Christianity. Yet, I’m sure many Wounded Warriors believe in the God of the Bible and have entrusted their lives to Him.

    • Fed up!

      There a easy solution, STOP giving to the WWP. Hell they get the message real fast when their life style comes to a halt

  • ¡El Poder De Cristo Te Obliga!

    I either mute their BS commercials every time it airs or just change the channel altogether.
    I remember the original article and the author stated he believed much of the disappearing monies ended up greasing the palms of politicians….democratic politicians!

  • MadMax

    sad to hear that this is happening

    • don

      yep sad–but not surprising

  • Chuck Cooper

    That’s why I quit my automatic monthly donation. Couldn’t believe how difficult it was to stop…many hoops until I threatened to stop payment.

    • don

      i don.t under stand your statement –hard tostop? just stop payment–how the hell hard can that be–you give them power of your pay accounts?

      • Chuck Cooper

        Could not stop autopay

        • Yeshuafriend

          It’s called crooked banking regulations, the banks want to continue collecting their kick-back percentage. Shabbat shalom!

  • arno

    While 50% used for veterans services is ridiculously low you misread the other program services line which is $60 million, not $13 million.

    • Bullets First

      Thanks arno. Slipped up on that one. I corrected it in the article. I appreciate the heads up.

      • TexasJester

        Something else to add to your excellent article – WWP annouonced a couple years ago they are anti-gun and even anti-knife..

  • ConnieJ

    Every charity that solicits money from the public should be REQUIRED to state, with EVERY request, exactly what percentage of that money goes to the purpose of the charity and how much is spent on “administrative expenses”. They should also have to list the salaries of all the CEOs who run the ‘charity’. I’m sure many people wouldn’t be so willing to open their wallets if they knew where the money actually goes.

    • Paco

      As wth Goodwill,it front’s as a charity.It has a Billionaire owner who lives in Beverly Hill’s. Ever speak to the worker’s there? they have plenty to grumble about.Give to individual’s in need,dont count on someone else to do the right thing.Share the gospel and help when you can. We live in a fallen world,never assume any organization has clean hands.It’s run by people,we all are corrupted.

  • Andy Ruby

    I’ve been donating to Paralyzed Veterans & believe they are an honest organization.

  • Media Scrutiny

    Another Veteran scam charity is the Paralyzed Veterans of America. Their record of monies going directly to benefit veterans is comparable to WWP.
    Before donating your hard earned dollars, go to a website like Charity Navigator which shows what percentage of dollars go directly to the programs they purport to serve. The best are around 90%.

  • myfordtruck

    I was going to start giving to them but not now

  • gram78, which has proven to be very accurate, gives the Wounded War Project an overall score of 84.52 out of 100. They get 4 out of 4 stars in accountability and transparency. Unlike the 52% you claim, they show that 59.9% of funding goes to the services to vets that it delivers. I’d like to see a higher percentage going to actual services, but they do have a very large advertising budget. I’m just not buying what you’re selling.

    • Juan TwoTree

      Then put your money there, Grandma! We’re sure as hell not….

    • Texas Mimi

      They spend way too much money on advertising, and giving away those WW wraps, which are probably made in some third world country! I believe it they were on the up and up, the celebrities who make the announcements would have a disclaimer that they are donating their time. My husband, who is a disabled vet, had heard some time ago that the WWP didn’t use as much of the donations on the vets that they claimed. Fisher House would be one good place to donate to, but to really help the vets, there are other groups, like those who build accessable homes for disabled vets who need special bathrooms, kitchens, wider halls if they’re in a wheelchair, etc. I believe the Salvation Army is also a good organization to donate to. My parents said that during WW II, the Red Cross would charge the soldiers for the coffee and doughnuts, but the Salvation Army didn’t and that’s why they never gave to the Red Cross, and neither have I.

      • GramE

        This is a misunderstanding about the Red Cross and their coffee. The government told the Red Cross that since the American soldier was the best paid in WWII, they had to charge for coffee. The Red Cross protested. Government would not yield. Gen D. D. Eisenhower wrote a letter after the war that was published

        • VT Patriot

          My uncle, a WW11 Navy Lt Cmdr came back injured from the south pacific. He had to BUY the tooth brushes and othe BASIC needs from the ARC. The same stuff my mom (her brother) had DONATED. I wouldn’t send the ARC a single dime.

      • Ericsr

        As a Vet I only donate to 2 organizations, St. Judes for what they do for children and the March Of Dimes, They spent over $ 200,000 Trying to save my Baby daughter who was born with a major heart defect. They paid all of our medical expenses.

    • George Block

      Unfortunately too many people believe everything they read on the internet. This is the second time I’ve run into this guy spouting his claims which can be debunked in a few minutes of research. He gets upset when you put the facts before him.

    • GramE

      Charity Watch – another organization watching organizations – states WWP spends 54-72% of its income on the named project, and 14–26% on raising funds.

    • TexasJester

      How about this? WWP announced a couple years ago that they are anti-gun and even anti-knife.

  • Tomcat01

    52% is far better than alot of charities. The United Way and Goodwill are two of the lowest with as little as a dime out of each dollar donated going to those in need. The Salvation Army ranks at the top the last time I checked. I wouldn’t give to the Clinton Foundation as I’d be funding her campaign and their house on Long Island.

    • jayyuma

      Maybe better than a lot, but look at your ‘faith’ charities, like Associated Catholic Charities (simply as an example, <3%). Might we even consider that one of the main reasons to take out religion, is to remove the competition.

    • silvernotes

      If at least a demonstrated 80% of donations does not go to the ascribed services, you should not be donating to the organization.

      • Fed up!


    • thestormy

      You are right about United Way,they give money to the NAACP another scam and hate group. They go to company’s where employees have to sit through their film. I refused to donate because a veteran I worked with went to them trying to save his baby from death. Army Dr.’s couldn’t help the child when he was active duty many years ago. United Way reused to do anything for the baby & the baby died. Another thing about United Way. If the a company & gets a 100% donation the plant manager gets rewarded. In this case it was an all expense payed family trip to Hawaii. They made me sit through the film again & I still declined. The Union chairman then came to me with a threat so I took the donation card,taped a penny to it & gave it back. Being a single mother with 2 children I couldn’t take chances on the repercussions I knew would come if I further refused to comply.

    • rtresp
      • Tomcat01

        The references you cited I have seen before. They do seem to validate the foundation, but I still question ANY charity where the sponsors become wealthy as a result of either “founding,” or attaching their name to it as the Clinton ‘ s have done. With the money figures in question their “meeger,” “salaries,” would and could be explained.

        • rtresp

          I can understand how you feel; I’d agree if there were not sources of revenue from other sources but both Clintons make or made money from publishing books and giving talks. And Mrs. Clinton got a salary as Secretary of State. So I don’t know that they got wealthy as a result of founding the foundation.

      • Tomcat01

        BTW, are your facts just for Goodwill of Denver or as a charity as a whole because there are other fact sheets to dispute that chart.

        • rtresp

          If you go to the Charity Navigator site, each Goodwill site is evaluated separately. I did not check all of the different Goodwill sites, but the ones I saw got a decent rating. I did note at least one charity named Goodwill that wasn’t a part of the overall Goodwill umbrella so I am assuming that we are talking about the classic Goodwill.

    • Carrie

      Camp Valor Outdoors is a non-profit organization that has and will continue really helping our warriors and will continue to do so through a 100% volunteer force without a payroll.

  • autrypma

    I also found out about the Red Cross, and MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association)…Jerry’s kids and the telethons to raise millions. Is a good cause, but the same deal…too much goes to corporate offices, not enough to the kids, and both the Wounded Warriors and the Kids really need all the help they can get. Many of the Kids do not survive to a long life…and many of the Wounded Warriors need this extra care for the rest of their lives…it is a shame that so many people are so greedy…

  • frankie”da scarf”

    I only give to the DAV…..

  • Brian Bishko

    My donations to military service organization go to: INJURED MARINE, SEMPER FI FUND and USO.

    • Shadow_58

      My donations go to the local Veteran’s Organizations be it Army, Navy Marine or Air Force.

  • herdzcatz

    Was seriously considering giving monthly to WWP. Timely article for me.

  • AL from VT

    It’s hard to beat the VFW for real veteran support !

  • tp54

    These types of organizations have only gained momentum because people have turned their back on God and their local churches. They use to be the ones you went to when you wanted to help or get help now stats show their are less and less people joining churches and the Governments are always trying to put roadblocks or distractions, (aka..The Afordable Care Act) in the churches way. History teaches this, go back 50-60 years and see where people went when they needed help now all they do is use their free cell phone to call their local politician and complain and hold them hostage simply by complaining. You can complain to God, He will listen and believe it or not He will help but you have to be willing to take the time and talk to Him.

  • TexasJester

    A coouple years ago, WWP announced they are anti-gun and even anti-knife. What started as a good idea has quickly morphed into a bad practice. (And what’s even sadder is that such an organization is needed to support wounded vets in the first place. We should be supporting these folks 100% – this is one of the few actual mandates of the federal government: To raise and support an army and navy.)

    Another organization to look at is Horses For Heros in Santa Fe, NM. They take in wounded vets – mentally as well as physically – and have them work with horses, to the point of having cattle drives with local ranchers. The sense of working with a horse, along with others in a common purpose, is INCREDIBLY fulfilling.

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  • Just An Old Coot

    Inglorious Bastards!!! there will be a special place in Hell for these cancerous assholes….!!!!!

  • ErnieLane

    One prominent guy who does work for and promotes the WWP, and I think he means well, is Bill O’Reilly. Does he know this?


    I hate to nitpick, but the $15 million-plus is not for office “space,” it’s for Office Expenses; which typically cover such things as consumable office supplies, postage, staplers, etc. The Occupancy category covers office space. I suppose postage would be a huge number when you’re soliciting donations from Timbuktu to Bumphuck, Egypt, but to me, that seems even more outrageous than if it were for office space.

    • Bullets First

      A fair criticism I suppose, yet in the vernacular of my area, office space implies all the things that go with making an office. Like saying you’re a restaurant and you spend $250,000 on the kitchen. No one assumes that you spent that simply to make a room that could be used for a kitchen. The implication is that the supplies to make it a kitchen are included.

  • dean29685

    Where there is a need the is a greed to take advantage of it. These PT Barnum devotes are a prime example greed at work in the US today from Washington to California sin and avarice rule. my the people who run these sham charities get their just rewards soon.

  • Nunnyah Biz

    Why are these POS’s so damn greedy?

    The VFW and American Legion take no money for the work the do for Our Vets!

  • Col. Grampaw

    A very simple solution to answer your questions can be found by going to Charity Simply Google it and it will open to the web page where you can find their evaluation of any 501(c)3 charity Some have excellent/outstanding ratings, others, like WWP, not so good. Then you can decide to donate or not, based on factual information.

  • Dodie1990

    WWP is also anti 2nd amendment

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  • mtman2

    The people “working in+for” the program should always be separate from those that set up the financial perimeters. Salaries etc should preset and expenses dispensed going thru that separate financial board. Otherwise any org become a self-serving cabal.
    So any donations WE generous American give should ALWAYS first be after properly vetting them ~!

  • American ex-Pat

    I have heard the rumors about Wounded Warriors Project being nothing more than a slush fund for the directors, managers, etc. Looks like the proof is on the IRS Form 8879-EO, and facts are a tough thing to dispute. There are a few other veterans support organizations that do some good work, and whose donations go upwards to about 80% for the charities. However, The Salvation Army is by far one of the most, if not the most trustworthy nonprofit in the nation, and works with any and all, no conditions other than sobriety from whatever addiction. The WWP burns more in a few commercials than the Salvation Army’s director takes in salary for a year, if that’s any indication of where the money goes!

    • VT Patriot

      YEp, the salvation army gets MY donations. Never pass a ‘kettle’ without cleaning out my pockets. The CEO makes about the same as my SS payments get me. This is a real charity.

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  • US Army (retired)

    I found out two years ago that the WWP was a complete waste of my money. I wrote to them twice asking questions and was given the runaround typical of asking a politician to answer truthfully. I quit donating anything to them.

    • Carrie

      Camp Valor Outdoors is a non-profit that has and will continue really helping our warriors and will continue to do so through a 100% volunteer force without a payroll

  • LJ

    Bill O’Reilly is a huge WW supporter. He seems too smart to be taken in by a disreputable organization. He must have investigated it thoroughly before becoming an advocate for it.

  • Mort Leith

    I too used to give monthly to these scam artists who pretend to be patriots…
    When I called to cancel after an earlier article showing how little of a percentage they actually put towards our vets,, along with confronting them about refusing donations from gun and knife manufacturers, not to mention AGAINST our 2nd Amendment ! !

    They LIED and said they never refused donations and were not against our 2nd Amendment,, etc etc etc
    I told them to p155 0ff and cancel me because I knew better..

    You could tell they were losing donors when they upped their Stars they use for bogus commercials like Bruce Willis and dipchit libT ard Ben Affleck (turd)…

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  • canis_Lupus

    Flag waving draft dodging conservatives in politics and the media have been lying to and using veterans for years. In fact, they start needless wars to create disabled vets who fall in to the 47% conservative call parasites and leeches.

    Conservatives are holding up funding at VA. You never hear the homeless vet being addressed on Fox News or by Limbaugh and other chicken hawks.

    Vets conservative see you as being their niggers. All they must do is wave flags, make shallow patriotic pronounments and they have their niggers chained to the conservative plantation.

  • Carrie

    Camp Valor Outdoors is a non-profit that has and will continue really helping our warriors and will continue to do so through a 100% volunteer force without a payroll.

  • Eric Van Wagner
  • Matt Robertson

    Their office here in Overland Park, KS is a huge facility. Its rent must be $50k per month. The staff is rude and phoney. I could see through the lies as soon as they spoke. Do not give/donate to these bafoons.

  • Kra Kar

    If you donate to a charity, that donation is in someone Else’s pocket now.
    So while donating feels good, make sure that your not buying some fat cat’s drinks and dinner.

    Look at the previous years returns under that years management before you drop a dime for them.

    (I use to donate to Red Cross until I realized their scam)

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