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Here’s what Valor and Honor Look like

Cpl Kyle Carpenter only had a split second to make a choice.  He could either think only of himself and flee from a dangerous situation or literally jump headlong into danger in order to protect his fellow Marine.

Cpl Carpenter chose the latter.

On November 21st of 2010, Carpenter and his squad were securing Patrol Base Dakota against the Taliban in  the southern part of Afghanistan.  It was in this push to secure a stronger presence in the volatile region where he and fellow Marine, LCpl  Nicholas Eufrazio, found themselves on a rooftop in an overwatch position.  Around 10am insurgents pressed an attack and started throwing grenades, one of which landed in the middle of Carpenter and Eufrazio’s rooftop nest.

It was in that split moment that Carpenter leapt into action and “distinguished himself conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty.”

Carpenter threw his body in front of Eufrazio and took the brunt of the explosion squarely himself.

His sacrifice included the loss of his right eye, injuring his left, blowing out both of his eardrums, most of his teeth were knocked out with much of his jaw with it. His right arm was shattered, his left arm, wrist and hand had multiple breaks, his right lung collapsed and he had shrapnel wounds in his legs.

Being a hero isn’t all about Hollywood endings and parades.  There comes a cost with being a hero:



Before losing consciousness Carpenter recounts the last things he remembered: The impact felt like his face and body had been hit with a two-by-four, he said, his vision was blurry and there was a loud ringing in his ears. The blood felt like warm water flowing over his face, and as he ran his tongue around his mouth, he couldn’t feel his jaw.

Six weeks later Carpenter awoke at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda Maryland.   For the next two and half years doctors rebuilt Carpenter from the fragments that remained of his broken body.  They rebuilt his face, his teeth and save his arm (photo above).

For his gallantry above and beyond the call, Kyle Carpenter will be presented with the Medal of Honor on June 19th 2014.

During this upcoming memorial day, remember the brave men and women of the US Armed forces who go out day after day and put themselves to the hazard so that we all can enjoy our picnics and cook outs.


Not to steer this article away from Cpl Carpenter’s gallantry but I would like to point out that there are people out there that would hijack the laurels that men like Kyle Carpenter richly deserve and these people would pass themselves off as heroes for personal benefit.

For some reason, our 2nd Amendment rights are ready to be whittled away with glee by some, yet when the Stolen Valor Act of 2005 was passed criminalizing those who would fraudulently pass themselves off as heroes, the Supreme Court ultimately struck the law down in 2012 declaring that being a lying charlatan is somehow protected free speech.

To me, it is about as free of speech as slander or libel is.  In this regard those who would attempt to steal the honor that such medals and accolades represent do damage both the the awards themselves and to the recipients thereof.  Heroes like Carpenter and the other 15 Medal of Honor Recipients of the recent Iraq and Afghanistan Wars do not deserve to have their ranks sullied by those who would claim the honor while never having given the sacrifice.

You want to look a true hero in the eye?  Take a gander at Kyle Carpenter:

carpenter uniform

You can only look him in the eye because he gave the other one to save his friend’s life by JUMPING IN FRONT OF A GRENADE.

Anyone who would diminish that or try and leech onto such bravery is the lowest kind of sleaze.

To all the true heroes in uniform like Cpl Carpenter, who don’t do it for the medals or the recognition but for the guy next to him, carry on.


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  • roadking2000

    It’s a shame that He’s to receive his medal from someone so undeserving to touch it, let alone present it. I don’t believe barry gives a damn about the sacrifices these men make. God bless our Troops!

    • bull57

      Not give a damn is saying it nicely! I believe the man despises these hero’s and everyone else in uniform! Iomega from the Vietnam era. I had close family and friends serve during this time. We could tell the true hero’s for the wantabees pretty easy. Not many vets I knew openly talked much about their time in Nam, but the guy that was loud and bragging about his kills and such probably never left the states. The quite guys when talking about the war were the ones that really served not the big mouths!!!

  • Jose Velazquez

    May God bless and look after Cpl Carpenter. I would have loved to have served by his side. He is as true a hero as they come. many like him have not survived their wounds. God has a special place for him. Thank You for you service Marine.

  • At Odds

    I don’t support the troops because I don’t support what they do. I can’t do contradictions, willingly.

    What this man did was brave, incredible. Should be recognized as such. This is what makes me irritated for a couple of reasons.

    This man did something brave and worked hard (I’m sure) to get where he is. Hard work, work in general, is what makes a man into a man, builds a man up, gives him character, yet this is the least acknowledged, least celebrated, perhaps least sought for. Reward and glory is held above all else. Therefore, I wonder how much society cares about the bravery or are they more infatuated with a shining piece of metal, if they’re even paying attention.

    I, also, wonder at times are conservatives putting sacrifice through war, bodily mutilation, and death above sacrifice through work.

    I don’t trust the people in government, and I don’t trust them leading people into war. You can’t defend what is right or the constitution if the people who are destroying it and turning what is right into wrong are giving commands to soldiers. It’s a contradiction.

    • cherieloren


      I believe our troops deserve to be supported at all cost. They have given more than anyone and yet they have been denigrated by many, disrespected by Obama and many in our government, who also enjoy the freedoms that they have done nothing to deserve. Actually, none of us who aren’t military deserve the freedoms that we haven’t fought for.

      I don’t support Obama, our government, and I don’t trust any of them. This is the most crooked dishonest and disrespectful government that we’ve ever had. But while I don’t and can’t support any of them, I do support our military. Our military isn’t the problem, they are following orders. The problem is higher up from the White House on down.

      God bless CPL Kyle Carpenter and all of our military. May He watch over you, strengthen you, heal your hearts, minds and bodies and bring you home safely to your loved ones.

  • donl

    If it weren’t for We The People obummer would NOT have given him a medal.

  • Marlin208

    Well like Barry said when he first took office, no one told them to join up , when he wanted them to pay for their health insurance.
    One hellova guy.

  • carolskey

    God bless you, Cpl. Carpenter!

  • Betty4440

    shame on you for not supporting our troops. no body likes wars.( except muslims) but some body has to fight to keep this country safe. if you don’t support our troops you must support jihad. ahd this is what our people are fighting and to keep your sorry hide safe. I am glad at this time we have the right to agree to disagree. where do you think this country would be now if it wasn’t for our military? do you not remember 9/11/2001 do you not remember the Boston bombing. can you imagine just what this country would look like? just look at these other country’s what they look like and see AMERICA LOOKING THE SAME WAY. thousands of CHRISTIANS BEING KILLED JUST BECAUSE THEY SERVE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. and the way things are going you may just live long enough to see the same thing happen right here in AMERICA. BECAUSE THEY ARE TRYING TO SHUT PEOPLE UP AND SHUT DOWN ANY THING ABOUT OUR HOLY BIBLE AND ANY THING ABOUT OUR GOD. do you support this happening?

  • Lester

    This man makes so many of us feel a little deficient in the fortitude department. May God bless and keep him safe in His arms, for he certainly deserves all he is bestowed.

  • Shadow_58

    To my Brother-In-Arms, I salute you Brother. May God Bless you richly.

  • BH206L3

    The young corporal has devotion to duty in spades.

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