Man Saves Friends by Fighting Off 5 Attackers With His Firearm

Fortunately the good citizens of Milwaukee are heeding the advice of their Sheriff and arming up.  Sheriff David Clarke has long been a voice of reason within his county, made ever so evident in his public service ad he ran last year:

“I’m Sheriff David Clarke and I want to talk to you about something personal: Your safety. It’s no longer a spectator sport. I need you in the game. But are you ready? With officers laid off and furloughed, simply calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option. … Consider taking a certified safety course in handling of firearms, so you can defend yourself until we get there. You have a duty to protect yourself and your family. We’re partners now. Can I count on you?”

The entire city of Milwaukee can thank a 30 year old West Allis  man for “partnering up” with Sheriff Clarke and carrying his sidearm with him when he was out.

A group of at least 6 gang bangers had been terrorizing the streets, on a 3 day rampage, committing dozens of armed robberies and thefts.  That all came to an abrupt end early Monday morning when the five approached the armed citizen and his coworkers as they closed up the tavern they worked at and were leaving.

Upon leaving work the CCW permit holder and his friends were approached by the gang and were held at gunpoint in an attempt to rob them.  The CCW holder didn’t care to much for that notion and in response produced his sidearm and fired upon the thugs.  Shooting and killing one before the rest could flee like the cowards they are.

Thanks to the identification of the dead robber, a 15 year old with a long arrest record despite his age, his 5 cohorts were arrested shortly after.

Their crime spree and reign of terror over thanks to a law abiding citizen with a firearm.

Of course, now that we live in a hypersensitive, “but he was just a child”, blah blah blah world, the hero of this story was still brought into the station and detained for a while.  The DA has ordered for him to return and will conduct an investigation to determine whether the shooting was in self defense.

Not for not, if a group of friends and I are getting held up at gun point, self defense mode has been activated.  I’m not sure what the DA is thinking here but hopefully it’s just the song and dance of covering his own ass.  With luck it won’t put the hero citizen out too much.

Even the cops don’t seem to be too worried about it as Lt. Mark Stanmeyer of the Milwaukee PD said the shooting victim was a 15-year-old boy that he called “a known gang member” who had a lengthy arrest record including armed robbery and auto theft.

It was only a matter of time before the little gang banger grew up to be a big gang banger and killed some innocent person.

This all proves that once again, the law abiding are better armed with a gun in the hand than 911 on the line.


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