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Episcopal Bishop Claims Jesus Is an Ignorant Coward

During a panel of the Religious Newswriter Association’s annual meeting in Atlanta this past week, gun hating Episcopal bloward and anti gun zealot Bishop Robert Wright went on a tear, speaking for Jesus, tearing into and insulting the NRA, English speakers and Georgians in general.

The panel was entitled “God and Guns.”

Highlights of what Bishop  Wright had to say:

“Jesus is not from Georgia. Jesus does not speak English. And Jesus is not a member of the NRA.”

“There is no Biblical Scripture supporting gun ownership.”

“You can say a lot about your opinions on guns, but you can’t put those words in Jesus’ mouth”

The rest of the panel was as equally “balanced” in their viewpoint.  Odd that the RNA couldn’t find a SINGLE person of faith who might have objected to the blatant one sided viewpoint offered by the panel.  The RNA actually had the gall to say that they tried but I take that with a grain of salt.

RNA President Bob Smietana states that the RNA is not trying to push an agenda but rather fulfill its mission of “helping journalists across the globe cover religion with balance, accuracy and insight.”  Well, Mr. Smietana, those three elements were sorely missing on that panel.

And there are PLENTY of pistol packing preachers who take their role as shepherds of their flock seriously…and literally.  They aren’t that hard to find.  But no, the RNA decided to pack the panel with gun hating mouth droolers who just wanted to push their agenda no matter how much they had to lie.

Allow me to break down how wrong Bishop Wright was.

Jesus is the manifistation of the Lord God.  He dwells within the heart of all those who are faithful.  That means that the Lord God that I know is one smart enough to be able to speak English.  Who is omnipresent and is therefore from Georgia as much as he is from Nazareth.  And talk about putting words in Jesus’ mouth, who are YOU, Robert Wright, to say what the Lord Jesus Christ would or would not be a member of?

Furthermore, Bishop Wright is probably some psuedo scholar who read the cliff notes of the bible, for his claim that there is “NO” Biblical Scripture supporting gun ownership is a flat out lie. For I say to him, Luke 22:36

36 Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

Now, unless Bishop Wright is going to claim (like gun control zealots are want to do) that Jesus was only in support of swords and not of firearms because he didn’t say firearms, Jesus clearly recognized that defending one’s self was good and right to do.

His Father, the Mighty God has bestowed life upon all mankind, it is a gift that we have a duty to protect against evil, one that we must be armed in order to protect.  And yes, Jesus did not fight the Romans when he was crucified, but that was because he was the lamb.  His was the sacrifice that saved all mankind.

It is a sacrifice that should not be wasted.

All Christians should go forth armed with the fiery sword of the spirit in their hearts and cold steel in their hands.  The sword shall the smite the evil that we cannot and the steel the evil that we can.  Jesus and God do not want cowards as followers.  Let us go forth as lions and in so doing honor the sacrifice of the lamb.

So no, Bishop Wright, Jesus was not a dumb, cowardly weak son of God.  He speaks to all who listen, in THEIR language, and understands wickedness and evil along with the need to defend ourselves from it.  Unlike you I won’t put words in his mouth, but will honor his sacrifice by defending the lives of the good from evil whenever I am called to do so.  It’s just harder to do that when I am unarmed.

Another member of the panel, Professor David Gushee, a Christian ethicist at Mercer University, “It’s hard to articulate a strong Biblical case for a heavily armed society.  That’s not Biblical reasoning; that’s cultural reasoning.”

I beg to differ Professor…I think I did a pretty good job articulating the case right here.

  • pearl87

    Wright again? Why is every Wright so wrong?

    • Bullets First

      Haha, i was thinking the same thing while writing the article. Two Wrights still make a wrong.

  • Anne Walker

    This ignorant, backwards kind of reasoning is one of the reasons we left the Episcopal church so long ago. (Ordaining gay clergy might have something to do with it also.) Mainstream churches have gone as far left as they can go and still refer to themselves as “Christian.” No wonder church attendance is down in so many churches.

    • Bullets First

      You’re right on the money Anne. I especially agree with what you say about ordaining gay clergy. Now, the lefties will say we are intolerant. But i’m not saying you can’t be gay and be a christian. You can be an adulterer, a thief, a murderer etc and still be a Christian…but if you are currently practicing adultery, theft or murder I don’t think you should be in the clergy.

      And the Episcopal Church of England has seen its numbers diminish while the Anglican Church splintered off with most the parishioners. If you are not going to hold your clergy to the standards of the Bible, then why even pretend you are a Christian Denomination?

      • Anne Walker

        I agree with you. We all have sin in our lives, and I am no in a position to start ranking sin. The difference is that gays stand up and crow about their sin, parade it in front of our families, and go on to say that God made them that way. Then they want to drag everyone else into their sin, because then they can say, “See, everyone else is doing it.” Mainstream churches welcome all, and they should, but one still has to take a stand against sin, call it what it is, and struggle against it, not boast in it. JMHO.

        • Linda

          God destroyed 2 cities because of sodomy.

          • Neal Avery

            I think he is destroying Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, DC. Miami, Houston, Dallas, and Austin for similar reasons. I could name more.

        • DavidTUSAF

          Love the sinner, hate the sin. It is one thing to allow gays into the church to learn the truth, because the church is for the sinners, not the saints. Do not allow the sinners to change the church to accept the sin.

          • Anne Walker


        • wildchill

          True…all have sinned. There is a difference in sinning and living in sin. We love the sinner but we hate the sin.

  • jaydee

    I tried going to church (fallen away Catholic) so started attending a Lutheran church with friends but when I found out the pastor and his wife listened to NPR I got leery. Then more than a few times the pastor got his liberal dig into his sermons. I have not been back after the third dig.

    • Jonathon Ruzich

      Need to find a good conservative, holiness church. You won’t find NPR behind the pulpit there.

    • Truthseeker

      Please try to find a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod congregation. We are not influenced by cultural trends or political correctness.

  • Candyman101

    I have always believed that Jesus taught to turn the other cheek, but not to lay down in the middle of the road and get run over. One is about love and service, the other is about being a victim, which I don’t believe was the intention of biblical teachings. Paul is a great example. He was a great servant, but not a victim who acted cowardly in the face of danger.

  • Dianna Zerbe

    Lord JESUS help the people that attend that man’s church!
    Show them the right way Lord JESUS!

  • Linda

    HELLO, JESUS CREATED GEORGIA & ENGLISH ! So Jesus did not own a gun? Did He own a car? Perhaps You should give up your car & and ride on a jack-ass like Jesus. So you think Jesus is a wimp ? He turned over the money-changers tables & took a whip and beat the hell out of them. Should I give up my gun & pick up a whip ? I will do that when you give up your car & start riding a jack-ass ! THIS IS STUPID GONE TO SEED !

  • Neal Avery

    Bishop Wright is the dumb one. I was raised in that church and the ministers I knew would quit it like I did. It split in two when they started ordaining gay bishops. They lost their base like the Republicans have. As pointed out earlier Jesus said to buy a sword. Today he would say buy a flat top AR and put some optics on it.

  • Neal Avery

    I doubt that Bishop Wright speaks Latin, Hebrew, Greek, or Aramaic either. If it is true that Jesus visited the British Isles with Joseph of Aramathia to trade for tin, then maybe he spoke some Welsh to trade with the tin miners. Anyway everyone knows of Jesus. Up to now few people knew of Bishop Wright. Now everyone thinks Bishop Wright is a dummy. Except the morons paying his salary.

  • DavidTUSAF

    Beware of false prophet for they will lead you astray. I am seeing many false prophets in the churches today and many who claim to be Christians, yet ignore the teaching of Christ.

  • CaptainDLW

    I wonder what this bishop would suggest to the thousands of Christians that are being slaughtered daily in the middle east by the muslin that claim they worship GOD. If they, the Christians, had weapons ( guns) they could protect themselves and their families. You can bet that if someone tried to kill this bishop and he got his hands on a gun, he would use it to protect himself!

  • Shadow_58

    Just goes to show, “No One Can Fix Stupid”. These so called men or women of the cloth best get their heads out of their rectums and actually read The Bible.

  • empty pockets

    “False prophets” such as this bishop are what make Christianity suspect to many. But it isn’t Christ or Christianity (the desire to be Christ-like) that is suspect but those who work to subvert it into a secular, political appendage.

    Christianity has been subverted by too many in “organized religion”. People who want the power, the control for themselves and lie even to themselves.

    Our Lord is constant, never faltering. These false prophets, opportunists, secular progressives are the builders of Towers of Babel deceiving people into thinking that is the way to reach God when all it takes to reach the highest reaches of the heavens is to open one’s heart to God and the promise made through His Son…and the keys to heaven enter you.

  • James M. Lemon

    Luke 22:36 Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

    The Bishop needs to do a lot more studying; But then you cant fix Dumb.

  • Nancy McPherson

    The bishop doesn’t know the Bible.Since odds are he isn’t saved either, he doesn’t know God, so the idiocy he spouts is to be expected. I grew up in the Episcopal Church and would have headed straight to Hell when I died if a Baptist hadn’t told me the truth of salvation. All those years of church and Sunday School and nobody told me “Ye must be born again.” Thank God I’m saved!

    • Unfortunately Nancy, there are millions of others who are still trapped in the cesspool which many mainline organized churches have become. Thank God someone claiming to be a disciple actually shared God’s Word with you! 🙂

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