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Company Fires Employee For Having Gun…IN HIS OWN HOME

Under the guise of “zero tolerance”, gun hating private community Lakes of the Four Seasons (LOFS) has fired a seasonal landscaping employee of 21 years because he was a gun owner.  And no, I don’t mean that he was carrying a gun while working, nor did he have a gun in his car on LOFS property.

Nino Ferlaino had worked for LOFS for 21 years before this summer when, in conversation amongst coworkers, he acknowledged that he believed in the 2nd Amendment and kept a gun at home.

Two days following this conversation, on July 2nd, Ferlaino’s supervisor, Doug Weiss, approached him and asked him if he carried a gun. Ferlaino admitted that he owned a gun but never carried it while working.

Let me interject something.  While in Ferlaino’s mind he was just having a pleasant break time conversation among coworkers, someone in that group heard “gun owner” and went bat-poo crazy and no doubt started telling everyone that Ferlaino was carrying machine guns and weeds weren’t the only thing he was looking to whack.   Such is the demented mindset of hoplophobes, that they wet their pants at the mere notion of someone owner a gun.

So, due to this hoplophobia, Weiss informed Ferlaino that he had met with the property owners association’s board of directors July 1 and that Ferlaino’s conversation with his co-workers violated the company’s “no tolerance policy.”  As such, he was fired effective immediately.

There is SO much wrong with this cluster flop.  Like, how exactly is the simple fact of being a gun owner a violation of any policy?  After 21 years Mr. Ferlaino doesn’t get a warning or a reprimand but rather summarily fired?  Also, Ferlaino doesn’t get a chance to answer any of this before being fired?  I mean, even when Weiss spoke to him on July 2nd the decision was all ready made on July 1st.

Thanks to the forward thinking of the State of Indiana, not only is the LOFS actions immoral and unethical but they are also ILLEGAL.

It is that last part that has brought on the lawsuit by Ferlaino against the Property Owners Association.  According to Ferlaino’s attorney, Marissa McDermott:

The association violated Indiana’s “take your gun to work law,” which was amended in 2011, because it required Ferlaino to divulge information about owing a gun and fired him because he’s a gun owner.

Also, even if Ferlaino had brought his gun to work and left it secured in his car, the law forbids employers from punishing employees who exercise that option.

Not only is Ferlaino is seeking actual and punitive damages, attorney fees etc. he’s also asking a judge to order the property owners association to refrain from engaging in similar practices with regard to other employees.

Though I’ve no doubt that a hit to the pocket books of these bigoted wannabee thought police members of the LOFS Property Owner’s Association will be an added reminder not to oppress those who choose to exercise their rights when it has nothing to do with work.

I wish Ferlaino luck in his lawsuit and hope he is compensated accordingly.

  • durabo

    Congratulations. Mr. Ferlaino: You are going to be immensely rich…but it may take up to five years. Keep at it, and God-speed! Your First, Second, Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights were violated. Take it all the way to SCOTUS, if necessary.

    • jackcandobutwont

      Hire the best lawyers you can….and good luck!!

      • bil

        Absolutely hire the best lawyers – because LOFS is going to pay their fees.

        • Richard Haley

          And be like the government payed Lawyers defending criminals. Bring in all expert Lawyers from all over the country, and expert witnesses too.. LOL!!

        • jackcandobutwont

          LOFS is on the hook…you betcha….their fees, the victims lawyer fees, and the victim….pain and suffering, the whole chibang!!!

          Make LOFS bleed red!!!

          • Independentrd

            Squeeze them until they are anemic!

          • Chris Webber

            They already are anemic.

          • KB3ETZ


          • Mark Beckerini

            Make LOFS bleed GREEN!!

      • Richard Haley

        And do NOT settle early!!!

        • bil

          Do not settle at all. Go to trial, let the jury decide how much to award you…..

          • amanda.yeah

            Not necessarily a good idea. My mother was injured in a car accident and had to have neck surgery. After waiting for four years to make it to court the jury decided that the insurance company did owe her money but couldn’t figure out how much. She received only $1500.

          • Jim N Kim London

            Indiana is a very PRO 2A State. Yes, go to court and have your day. It will appeal to your bank account after.

          • bil

            My Dad was a Circuit Judge here in Florida, behind only the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals. I worked in his law offices for a few years during college. He was a trial lawyer, doing only personal injury. During ~30 years he never lost a case, and had several records for highest jury awards. For example, in about 1960, he held the Florida record for a whiplash case, a jury award of $15,000. To put that in perspective, that was about six years teacher’s salary at that time, a house payment was about $25/month, gas was .25 cents/gallon. And a whiplash is an “invisible” injury, i.e., it doesn’t up on x-ray, not even today, and there’s little treatment. Heator cold pads, aspirin, that kind of thing. But Dad went to so far as to show the jusry a bottle of aspirin, and said this costs 30 cents. If Mrs. Jones takes a bottle of these for the rest of her life that’d be “XX dollars.” And on and on, every single expense over the rest of her life, big or small. Guess waht it added up to – that’s right, $15,000.
            It all depends on who your lawyer is. You wouldn’t want to hire the best known lawyer in your area, cause chances are he’s a criminal lawyer, doesn’t know squat about personal injury law. But he’d take your case. And you’d win. And get a judgement of $1500. Because if you have a real injury, with real damages, you’ll get a lot more than that.

      • Bob1893

        If the facts are as presented, any number of law firms will take the case pro bono. It all depends on how deep LOFS pockets are. I doubt this case will go to court.

        • jackcandobutwont

          why would it not go to court?? the big money is always decided by a jury!

          • Tomcat01

            Unless the state has a law invoking a cap.

          • t0066jh

            Probably won’t go to far because property owners associtations are usually not very wealthy, unless there is some umbrela policy for flagrant stupidity

          • jackcandobutwont

            Insurance?? Bonded?? Those that made the idiotic and unconstitutional decision?? Instead of pulling guesses, at best, outta an orifice, why not wait and see??

          • Danix Defcon 5

            Basically what he’s saying is that there’s a good chance that these asshats will settle out of court because they *know* they screwed up. You only go to court if you think you can somehow prove you’re innocent, but if you know you can’t, or you don’t have the money to hire lawyers to prove otherwise, you just plead guilty or settle out of court.

      • Gorni

        Get a hold of the NRA and let them find you a good lawyer. I will bet that the NRA knows a few.

        • jimpeel

          Hear, hear!

          • El Vagabondo

            Where, where?

          • jimpeel

            There, there!

      • CrabtownUSA

        I sure hope Landmark Legal is involved with this one.

      • Ronald Coleman

        Contact the NRA and tell them your story, if not already a member you should have been. Join them they are your best association to possibly keep our Constitutional rights to bear arms against a fascist government and narrow minded companies. If they take our guns they will walk all over us, because they are trying to do so now.

    • Don’t Even Try It!

      This ought to be worth a few mil in his pocket!

    • Dean Anniballi

      No, the lawyers will be rich. Best advice, keep quiet. No one needs to know you own, carry, etc., except the few like minded friends you have.

      • KC135TopBoom

        I disagree, he does not have to keep quiet. He has his rights under the Constitution’s Bill of Rights, we all do. Indiana is a pro-gun state.
        When this case goes to court, all the negative press will drop the LOFS property values like a rock, because no one would want to live there once the criminal all know no one can have a gun there.

        • grunion

          Well, our rights under the Constitution have not been upheld by this so called administration. So keeping quiet is good advice for our times. I seriously doubt the press will broadcast anything contrary to the president’s agenda, so I do not think bad press will be an issue for the LOFS.

        • Dean Anniballi

          I didn’t say he had to keep quiet, and I’m well aware of his rights. I suggest people keep their business with guns private for practical reasons. You’re welcome to broadcast your business to anyone you want, but think about what gains that may bring versus what potential losses.

        • bob machaffy

          yes the actual homeowners will be paying extra fees for the board’s stupid decision to fire the guy after 21 years employment over his 2nd amendment rights

          • londontubes

            And if you get a few hundred thousand or so from the HOA or its insurance company, and the a couple of hundred thousand from the officers of the HOA, and then, say $50,000 or so from each member of the HOA because they signed on to the rules and regs that stated he could not even have a gun at home, and he should be appropriately compensated, plus I am sure that the HOA members would vote out/impeach all the current board members. Go for it Nino!!!!!!!!!!

        • makeitmyday2day

          Those property values aren’t going to drop one bit, This is a private gated community with extremely low crime rates. You can’t just drive in there on your Sunday afternoon jaunt. HOWEVER, it seems to me their HOA that doesn’t allow you to posses a gun in your own home is ridiculous – and illegal.

          Due to Indiana’s privacy laws and no-fault employment termination, he’ll have a tough time winning a suit. Technically, they don’t have to give a reason to fire someone.

      • Walt Lycett

        Wow. That make you and those that agree with you a major part of the problem. Gun owners need to speak out, step up and be heard. Don’t be a coward, be an American.

        • Dean Anniballi

          There are other ways to speak up and work for defense of the second amendment. I have never disclosed what I may or may not have, except to a few trusted friends. If you think telling everyone you know about your firearms is a smart idea, I’m not going to stop you, nor condemn you for that. But when the sh*t hits the fan, and your house is broken into while you’re out and your firearms are stolen, or when the government lackeys come to confiscate, maybe then you’ll see the wisdom of my suggestion. And BTW, thanks for the ‘coward’ appellation. Try being adult and have a thoughtful conversation without trying to insult those you don’t agree with. Maybe we’ll listen a little closer to your opinion.

          • londontubes

            Have you noted that ‘everyone’ already knows about this guy’s ownership of a gun? He is not breaking any new news by filing this law suit. Go for it Nino.

    • goldenrog

      Any judge who is able to read will be able to see that this was unconstitutional.

      • durabo

        …unless that judge is one of the “exclusively ethnic” Obola appointees, and then one wonders whether he or she is even literate.

    • henryknox

      He needs to make an example out of this bigotted company. Make them pay until it hurts and then make them fire all employees involved in the unconstitutional decision. I’m being generous of asking that the company be BARRED FROM DOING BUSINESS in the USA, but only out of concern for American jobs.

      • Oldtimer

        Did you even read the article? It is not a “company”, it is a home owners association. If it is anything like my HOA it does not have deep pockets in and of itself. I would be sure to sue not only the HOA but the individual officers and board members of the HOA.

        • Phd Marty

          I would think this to be even better. Many of the entities never have to worry about any out of their own pocket lawsuit. Hopefully these ignorant fools will feel the pinch in their own pockets! Now that would be pure poetic justice! It is really getting old as to the extent some of these brainless people continue to put others at risk. I can’t understand how they could even think this was justified in any way. Maybe if this were New York, or some other wacko Bloominburg supported city I could begin to understand a bit. What really gets me is, who in the hell do people like Bloomburger, who has as many armed guards as some cities, gets off telling me I can’t protect my family or myself? I would not even try to guess the ratio of good to bad LEGAL gun ownership has. Truthfully, I really hope these ignorant lower life forms lose their homes to get a small taste of what some lose because they were not allowed to carry a firearm.

          • grunion

            Also, sue the home owners as willing participants through the HOA for the Constitutional violations. You’ll find some deep pockets.

        • jimpeel

          Individually and severally.

        • Charley Dan

          Deep pockets….What can a lawyer access. Ok, HOA wealth and future wealth. (clubhouse and facilities included. Pond or lake they own). Cash is often is a day to day budget. Of course that budget would now have to be raised to pay….(Happy home owners?) A umbrella insurance as in property insurance. Which is often a million or more. The one’s who made this decision can also be held liable and their umbrella or personal property insurance can be accessed, along with their possessions. Often it does not go that far, but is still viable. HOA officiers better start thinking of the liability of their decisions instead of their authoritarian position, that so many get wrapped up into. I personally hope the HOA goes bankrupt for being so irresponsible. I hope the members of the HOA realize they can be held accountable as members, too, for this decision.. There is money to be had, but I am sure it will end long before it goes to the extremes that I have mentioned.

        • bob machaffy

          wonder how many of the HOA homeowners own guns,
          this was just the board members that piss in their pants
          when they hear the word gun

    • icemancold

      Problem is SCOTUS would agree with the employer if they didn’t OBAMA would carry out the threats he has made to scotus.

    • davnkatzr

      whatcha wanna bet an out-of-court settlement with secret outcome (settlement will not be divulged or Mr. F forfeits – and you can bet LOFS will hire spies in attempt to get him to tell. If nothing else, his attorney fees will be made public record.

      • durabo

        And we can extrapolate the sum, assuming that his attorney will receive 30% of the award.

        • londontubes

          Unless it is pro-bono.

    • bobwhite

      I hope he wins and if I were him, whenever I vacationed in an exotic locale I would send photographs and a short note thanking those anal sphincters for the great time that I’m having.

    • grunion

      Hope he cleans their coffers out.

    • Socialism Has Failed

      I hope LOFS has some very DEEP pockets. Mr. Ferlaino should clean out those pockets and leave them with nothing but their own pocket lint. SUE SUE SUE!!!

      • El Vagabondo

        Why leave the lint? TAKE EVERYTHING.

    • Michael

      I completely agree that Mr. Ferlaino was wronged, and I believe that the organization should pay handsomely. However, you are mistaken about certain Constitutional Rights being violated. The First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments only apply to censorship by the government, searches/seizures by government officials, and incriminating yourself in criminal proceedings, respectively. The First and Fourth Amendments do not apply if the person/entity doing the censoring or search is a private citizen or organization (as in this case). The Fifth Amendment does not apply in civil cases (as in this case). Basically, the only thing they violated would have been employment law and possibly the Indiana “Take Your Gun To Work” law (I’m not completely familiar with that one specifically).


    These people who wish to endanger your family’s with the rules and regulations may find that the most dangerous is the man who has nothing to loose and everything to gain. Time to let these micro minds know that they do not rule.

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  • TexTopCat

    Now, if I were the judge hearing this case, I would order the employer to offer gun purchase discount coupons and gun training to every employee, present and future, alone with the other compensation.

    • Bandit

      Not only that but they should be forced to put him back on the payroll with full back pay and assurances that he can never be fired again. I hope he wins more than just a few million. I hope he breaks their bank account.

      • Phd Marty

        Would you want to go back to work, knowing what the environment really is? They would just harass him into quitting.

    • grunion

      Open the gun range on adjacent property! Open 24 hrs., bring the kids, free hot dogs…..

  • Pat Hines

    A Mr. Weiss was involved? I think I see the problem right there, he’s a member of the same ethnic group that runs most of the Gun Confiscation Lobby organization in the US.

    I do hope Mr. Ferlaino’s attorney can break the LOFS HOA from “sucking eggs”.

    • Proud Islamaphobic

      Pat, you nailed it.

  • Kirk V. Hansen

    His attorney needs to look at title 18 sec 241, if memory serves. These people are very likely guilty of felonies punishable by up to ten years in a federal prison.

    • Rattlerjake

      I’m surprised that ALL of congress, the DOJ, IRS, and Ovomit haven;t been charged under this LAW – ALL of them are guilty!

    • jackcandobutwont

      Lets hope some of the good folks at LOFS go to jail…

    • David S. McQueen

      The problem is that too many people are cowed by the government. The people see Obama and Holder break the law and notice that nothing happens. They see people like Lois Lerner lie to Congress, use the IRS to stifle political opponents and nothing happens. They see a US Army deserter and coward called a hero by Obama and see Obama release terrorists from Gitmo and nothing happens. The closest thing to “justice” these days is when Judicial Watch files a FOIA lawsuit.

      • Phd Marty

        This may be true, but the are “the chosen ones” and are allowed to do so with impunity. There have been many things our fearful leader has done that warrant an investigation and likely charges too. Only problem there is the ones charged with bringing them to justice are involved as well. These clowns are far too low on the totem pole for that.

    • CharlieFromMass

      I’d say it’s a good starting place. I don’t know if all the standards are met in this particular instance, but you definitely have a starting point.

  • keithbreedlove

    With their “no tolerance” policy, what are they going to do next, go after people who know how to spell “gun”? His mantra needs to be”now I can retire early.” I think he also needs to go after the individual board members as well, otherwise it’ll just be the association’s insurance company that pays and they’ll feel no pain. In the meantime, there’s no guarantee that in this sluggish economy that he’ll be able to find work all that quickly.

    • Bob Clark

      Oops, sorry but you are wrong about that. Insurance companies are only required to pay for real damages such as his lost income, any property he may lose because he couldn’t pay for it, such as a car. Insurance companies ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for paying punitive damages. They are exactly as the name inplies, punishment, and as such are not paid by insurance companies unless the insurance company is being sued for wrong doing. So I hope he gets a huge punitive settlement and every one of the home owners has to reach deep into their pockets.

      • keithbreedlove

        I hear ya, but I don’t think that they will be held individually responsible. The Association will likely have to pick up any tab, which falls right back on the homeowners. Now, if they supported the decision, great. But it’ll really suck for the ones who may have guns of their own, or who support the Constitutional right to own them.

        • Bob Clark

          When they can’t pay they should have to forfit their homes and give them to Ferlaino. He then should plow them all down and turn the property into a hunting preserve or gun range. 🙂 Now that’s justice.

        • Tomcat01

          Exactly why I hate homeowner associations!!! A few looneies who get the power and make stupid decisions like this and then the homeowners will have to pay.

          • CharlieFromMass

            With the possible exception of purchasing a condo again (something I really don’t want to do, but one can never tell,) I would personally never, ever live anywhere with an HOA and all kinds of restrictive covenants- evil, stupid, idiotic, and that seems to be the better ones.

      • Pat Hines

        That is incorrect. Insurance companies are required to pay for whatever the insured paid for, regardless of incorrect decisions.

        Most likely, though, the HOA will owe the next ten years dues collections to the illegally dismissed employee, which might generate a contractual problem with the homeowners in that the required maintenance would be compromised without a dues increase.

        Break it off in them.

      • Bandit

        I hope the home owners have to take out another mortgage to pay for what they did to this man.

        • empty pockets

          …or sell their own guns because I guarantee that there’s going to be at least a few gun owners in there. Even the far left libs own some.

    • Jeff Horton

      Then they should pay him a salary for missed work and not at unemployment rates. But I hope he got the reason of termination in writing.

    • BigIron8

      Sounds like the current policy in the school system!

    • Oldtimer

      I wonder if their “no tolerance” policy extends to the individual homeowners. That would be one big can of worms on many levels.

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  • Erin Jenkinson

    Shoot, they’ll be ambulance chasers a-plenty climbing all over each other to represent this guy on contingency. It’s a slam dunk. Meanwhile, they are plenty of other lawns to cut while waiting for your retirement check Mr. Ferlaino.

  • Tpatriot

    It sounds like a boycott of this joint is in order also!

  • TroyCrowe

    Sue them into next week. I would sue them for doing what they did, for emotional distress, for defamation (because it now looks like he did something wrong in someones eyes), for breaking the law, and anything I can get the lawyer to dig up to sue for. Conservative americans have been getting attacked like crazy and it is time to catch the fight in our gloves and throw it right back at them. We need to go into businesses that do not hold our values and demand services and sue if they refuse just like they do. We need to spend our money where it does not benefit them. We need to build businesses in place of those so that those who agree have somewhere else to get the goods they need. We need to send them into bankruptcy and destroy their very fabric. This would include having endowment funds for those who are not so well off to provide them a way to an alternative education so that our children are not brainwashed. We need to replace the members inside the department of education, local school boards, community leaderships, etc, etc, etc. There are more of us than them. If we would just do it. Stop talking and like Missouri says, show me. Or like Jerry Mcguire said, Show me the money! in a manner of action instead.

  • Mamatex

    Would love to be on the jury! Additional thought would be the property owners may have trouble selling their homes because I can not imagine anyone wanting to live in the neighborhood.


      Count me in. Except, award more in damages than stated. That’s a jury’s right.

    • Bob1893

      And what neighborhood is that? LOL What does this incident have to do with the neighborhood and the value of their homes?
      Some if not most homeowners there are probably gun owner.

      • Mamatex

        An HOA is supposed to reflect the wishes of those they represent and normally are elected to their positions. This particular action does not reflect well on the HOA or their neighborhood and if a judgment is rendered that costs more than the Association’s liability Insurance there can be an assessment on the homeowners. Would you want that potential liability?

  • buddman

    This country has been overrun with parasites it is time to call the Orkin man to Exterminate said parasites

    • delong003

      Yeah—-Terminix also………..

    • Pat Hines

      Yes, cultural Marxists are vermin.

  • game50

    We have the RIGHTS to own a gun…this is total B.S….Why the hell don’t. they go after the gangs and the ILLEGAL and leave the LEGAL PEOPLE the hell alone.
    Sue the hell out of your old boss and take his business away from him too. Teach him that B. S. doesn’t work.

    • delong003

      Because that’s too hard to do. They know where we are, but not the illegals.

  • Tom

    This is so wrong on every level. Can this company really be that stupid? Well, I guess so. You’ll pay for your stupidity and I hope it bankrupts you. Sorry for the other employees but do you really want to work for this bunch of idiots? Your better off working for your competition.

  • delong003

    I hope he takes these hypocrites to the cleaners—every stinking dime worth and then some!!!

  • Melanie Burns

    I’ll drop him some $$ if he needs it!!! Hope the landscape company goes BROKE!@!!!!

  • BigMark

    Since when is the statement “……………..SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” no longer relevant on LOFS property, let alone anywhere in the US? These bums can ask that he not “carry” on their property, but they cannot ignore the Constitution.
    Sounds like there are more “lib-tard progressives” in Indiana than I first thought.
    Can I volunteer for the jury?

  • tax man

    Hopefully he will get enough money to start a competing company and put these jerks out of business! Americans have the right to carry their weapons anywhere they choose and all those stupid laws to try to restrict that 2nd Amendment will ultimately fail. God Bless America and its gun owners! Perhaps the landscape company could be ordered to make a public apology sent to all of its clients.

  • HappyG

    Those nitwits are one armed attack from getting weapons themselves…May the anti-gun zealots be the only targets of the criminals who laugh at them…

  • HappyG

    Next it will be knives…or God forbid, the kids have/use baseball bats.

    • STMA

      Didn’t I read somewhere that Britain and/or England actually did ban baseball bats? I seem to remember reading that when knives were banned there was a big run on Louisville Sluggers on Amazon, and it got shut down by the govt.?

      • HappyG

        It wouldn’t surprise me…but I know the English people regretted giving up their guns…

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  • Dave T.

    Mr. Ferlaino:

    Maybe you would consider purchasing handguns and paying for carry permits for any other employees that are interested but cannot afford it…after all, Lakes of the Four Seasons will ultimately be paying for them and what better way to support the 2nd Ammendment!

  • klsparrow

    I hope you make the idiots pay tell it hurts. Start with 6 zeros and add a high number at the start.

  • FreetheBirds

    The association has a “no tolerance policy” on guns? They are in big trouble now since this has been publicized and any criminal who can read will be visiting their community.

  • SapientHetero

    Isn’t it about time to start firing employees because they’re liberals? There’s no more destructive attitude in American workplaces today.

  • paendragon

    Re: “Such is the demented mindset of hoplophobes, that they wet their pants at the mere notion of someone owner a gun.”

    No, such “bedwetting” behavior is typically slanderous victim-blaming liberal paranoid MASOCHISM, where they so badly want to “control” the “inevitable” all the time, to “limit” it’s effects, that they end up deliberately CAUSING their own worst-case scenarios all the time. There is no pain, crime or perversion a liberal won’t immediately embrace, compromise with, or Submit to, in order to avoid the fear of it!

  • Drummie

    This is more Chicagoland idiocy. A fund needs to be started to help pay for the legal fees to sue not only the business owner but the property owners association. The man has committed NO wrong just by owning a gun unless he is a convicted felon. These people need to be stopped. “0” tolerance but I bet the guards of this gated community are armed.

  • bobby1122

    I hope his lawyers depose every home owner in the group to see if any of them have guns in their homes at LOFS.. 2 things can happen- either a well deserved judgement for Mr. Ferlaino or the criminal element will say ” easy pickins” -and hit these unprotected homeowners hard and the victims can wait for the cops to come do the body outlines.

  • Proud Islamaphobic

    His boss, WEISS. The name tells me all I need to know.

  • Shagnasty1

    Looked up Lakes of the Four Seasons and didn’t know there was that much stupidity in Indiana. But then the last time I drove through that part of the state in 2012 there were sure a lot of Obama campaign signs and proud to be union signs.

  • VanceJ

    I hope he win’s big time.!!!!!!!!!

  • kktex12

    Go for the throat Mr. Ferlino. Go after the homes of each member of the homeowners board and the home of Mr. Weiss as he violated your rights as well. Get a pile of money besides to retire on.

    • burt banford

      I wonder who sat down to take a pee and ratted on him. He should go after him also.

  • ronigee dawg

    AWESOME!!! this is *exactly* what is needed … the liberal lunatics seemingly NEVER pay the price … like school administration schmucks that blatantly violate parents’ rights but never suffer the consequences, not even having to pay the lawyers. Hopefully these lowlifes will get nailed on this.

    HOWEVER … all gun owners need to be aware … you DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS EVER FROM ANYBODY, unless it is specifically required by law. So have your answer ready “I would not answer that question one way or the other regardless of how I feel about the matter”. The line gets thin because telling somebody you have a gun can be considered an implied threat.

  • krell51

    If what the bord did was illegal, how about some much needed jail time for the members!

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  • LongPurple

    Just one more outrage from the hoplophobes; only this time it is not only the violation of the more remote 2nd Amendment, but the violation of a more immediate state law. That should lead to a swift and certain judgement against these petty dictators.
    I can’t help but wonder if an employee with such long service was viewed as “too costly”, and the management wanted an excuse to replace him with someone they could pay less.

  • Don’t Even Try It!

    Where is the NRA on this? Shouldn’t they have some concern on the outcome and stand up for Ferlaino’s 2A rights?

  • The Truth

    Here ~ You can give LOFS a call and give them a piece of Your mind. I did.

    LOFS POA Address: 1048 Lakeshore Drive, Crown Point, IN 46307

    Clubhouse Front Door

    LOFS POA Office Phone 219 988 2581
    LOFS POA Office Fax 219 988 3840
    Club House Restaurant Phone 219 988 2582
    19th Hole Restaurant Phone 219 988 2282
    Information POA Phone 219 988 2584
    Pro Shop Phone 219 988 2201
    LOFS Security Phone 219 988 2111
    Maintenance Phone 219 988 4461
    Golf Maintenance Phone 219 988 3104
    Pool Phone 219 988 4185
    Rick Cleveland Community Manager

  • fistdeyuma

    From what I hear home owner associations are mostly Liberals who think they are above the law. Whatever they want goes and they will use the biggest hammer they can find if you disagree. I hope the man gets a settlement to cover him for the rest of his life. I hope the state brings criminal charges to someone as well.

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  • rs1123

    Proud to be in Indiana where we have that law – and “shall issued” conceal carry for life; rejection of Common Core and state-run healthcare ‘exchanges’; Castle Doctrine and ‘stand your ground.’

    We have a Republican governor and legislature, so those things are not in jeopardy. I hope the guy in this story collects a very nice settlement from his former employer.

  • rs1123

    “Not only is Ferlaino
    is seeking actual and punitive damages, attorney fees etc. he’s also
    asking a judge to order the property owners association to refrain from
    engaging in similar practices with regard to other employees.”

    Well, the law is the law here; certainly if they can’t do this to Mr. Ferlaino, they can’t go on and do it to anyone else. I question that he will get any enormous fortune in punitive damages, he will probably get his job offered back with back pay and a certain amount for having been fired, and his fees and costs covered. The most important thing is that his former employer learns that they can’t do this crap no matter how they feel about guns. I wish this was in all the news media, but it won’t be.

  • 63Marine

    Sue them for everything they are worth and then some.

  • Tomcat01

    I hope this guy ends up owning the property association’s assets!!!! I find that the liberal left is even MORE guilty of EVERYTHING it accuses the right of being and that starts with being intolerant.

  • Richard Holmes

    Sue them big time and own the company. Then fire all the a$$ holes that don’t like the constitution and bill of rights.

  • AZ BOB

    I just hope you get the right attorney’s for this type case, many courts and judges are anti gun, anti white, anti Christian, anti constitution and anti American.

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  • mlmaston


  • Ernie Jones

    If they are so worried about gun owners, shouldn’t they ask customers who hire them if they own guns? They should feel threatened to be working in the yard of a gun owner. Too close to a house that stores a weapon.

  • Jr1776

    Indiana beware !

  • Jeff Horton

    Wow fired for using his Constitutional rights. The second one of the bill of rights no less.

  • chesterlab

    The only thing worse than a jerk for a boss is the dreaded Homeowners Associations. I have worked as a legal assistant for 20 years and these associations have way too much power. No one in their right mind should ever buy a home in a neighborhood that requires you to belong to such an association. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a foreclosure action for being behind on your association dues, be forbidden to fly your American flag, etc. Those kinds of neighborhoods are mini dictatorships.

    • Bullets First

      Even when renting homes I have always made it a point to steer clear of Homeowners associations. It’s like one part mafia, one part communist dictatorship, one part deal with the devil, all no good.

      • chesterlab

        Yes, i agree. The neighborhood gestapo.

  • william g munson

    And don,t forget to sue the one that lied on him and got him fired

  • Larry

    Sue the tar out of them !

  • usmcb10

    go get them hit them where it hurts the most in the pocket book..Maybe when your done you will be the property owner

  • dcartmill

    Does zero tolerance mean that no one in the Lakes of the Four Seasons community ,can own a gun ??? It would appear to be the case ,by their standard , but how many are guilty

  • Ranchman

    This kind of behavior against gun owners has been going on for decades. We’re being persecuted, pure and simple. In 1995, Eric Hol’s for real. der, then a lesser member of Bill Clinton’s Justice Dept., said we need to brainwash kids into thinking guns “are uncool.” See it here.
    ( This kind of persecution might be less subtle than the in your face kind, but the more severe type has also been going on for a long time as well. Moms Demand Action, a woman’s organization against gun ownership, is actually teaching its members to “SWAT” gun owners who they see carrying, whether concealed or openly. If they notice someone carrying a firearm, they call 911, hysterically claiming that the person is menacing others with their gun. This causes the police to send SWAT units (hence the term “SWATting”) to an active shooter situation. Several innocent CCL holders have lost their lives as a result, something with this group of radical females rejoice over, they even tweet their victories over us and claim that we all need to be executed for carrying a firearm. This type of behavior is outrageous and asinine, but it’s real. The only thing we can do is call people out on this kind of hateful, dangerous behavior, exposing what is happening to the light of public opinion. Hopefully, this will cause some kind of backlash against it. Isn’t calling for the execution of gun owners and trying to make it happen at the hands of police something which would be found completely immoral by society? I sure hope so. If not, we really are completely lost.

  • rebart

    Stick with a wrongful terminations suit, and a civil rights violation. Crush this company and collect millions.

  • Texas John

    That is typical of companies these days, they want to run every aspect of our lives. Anything that I do on my own time is not any business of the company that I work for unless it effects them.

  • junkmailbin

    boards of home owner associations have a god complex. It is nice to see their di_ks pounded into the ground

  • Shadow_58

    Thanks for the heads-up. Steer clear of LOFS properties and never invest in them. Sounds like a bunch of Socialist Progressives that really need to bone-up on Indiana State Law and The United States Constitution.

  • empty pockets

    Congrats, Nino! You will be able to either have your own company or just retire early! SIC ’em!

    We’ve encountered this numerous times, especially in the last six years…isn’t it a movie line?, “that doesn’t mean what you think it means.” Barry repeated ad nauseam, “Change”. Lots of people thought he meant change for the better…more jobs that paid better, lower costs, less intrusive gov’t… But he didn’t mean what they thought he meant.

    “Zero Tolerance” is another one. We might think it means no tolerance for some particular bad behavior but it doesn’t mean what we thought it meant. It means not only no tolerance for some actual bad behavior but also for even a delusional perception that someone might just think of performing …whatever. It also means ‘zero tolerance’ for common sense as well as even the thought of disagreeing with whomever is having the delusion.

    So in our politically correct bizarro world, “zero tolerance” pretty much means that whoever it is who practices it…has it. We really need a handbook for this crap.

  • zonable

    Bugger these a-holes up, Ferlaino. Sue their asses off, become independently wealthy, and have one of them mow YOUR lawn.

  • Nonameworks

    Err … First Amendment also …

    The firing was based on a conversation. And the home owners decision was based on hearsay.

  • gavinwca

    Another Democrat Fascist organization at work.

  • Arizona Don

    I hope Mr. Ferlaino is successful to the point of breaking the company. Whoever made such a terrible decision should be fired on the spot, without severance. Must be a liberal no conservative would ever do such a thing. All people do not have to like or even own guns but after all it is a God given constitutionally protected right to self protection. A gun is a necessary essential part of that protection. Our founders thought it so important they made it the SECOND amendment to OUR bill or rights. Although many who seem to be ignorant about the history of gun confiscation in the world and what it has led to in the world (over 170 MILLION people massacred by their own government) within these United States it nonetheless is a constitutionally protected right and there like it or not it SHALL remain and most of us who are not pansies will certainly protect it to the death if necessary.

    Furthermore, all you gun haters, you would not even have a constitution if it were not for the second amendment, perhaps not even an America.

  • Guest
  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    Bring it to them, both barrels at once!

  • Nighthawk

    Yes, congratulations Mr. Ferlaino! It is a good thing to see good people win.

  • ExLush

    Not only the money, but a serious public apology would be extra grand (no pun intended!). In print and TV media pre-approved by Mr. Ferlaino and his attorneys expressing thier grave error in passing judgment against such an upright and responsible gun owner/citizen, etc; etc…
    The humiliation of this act, might be much worse than the $$ they have to pay the man, that they can just write off at tax time anyway. THIS, will stick and hurt a long time!

  • kenbarber

    civil rights violation too ?

  • Glatik

    I hope you will win a great law suit.

  • Renee E. Dorsey
  • Great Caesar 0bama

    I sincerely hope that Mr. Ferlaino wins so much that he BANKRUPTS LOFS.

    Firearm ownership is protected by the 2nd Amendment exactly the same way that Bible ownership is protected by the 1st Amendment. If LOFS management was Atheists, would they have the right to fire an employee for having a Bible in his home?

    Of course not. And this case is no different.

  • El Camino

    Mr. Ferlaino…Please check with the Thomas More Law Center….They take on constitutional law cases…Pro Bono. They are excellent.

  • Badshot46

    Sue them good. Become the majority holder in LOFS and then dump in on the market only to gun owners.
    What a bunch of Commies!

  • movingwaters

    If liberals had their way anything resembling actual manhood would be illegal. It is sad to see men become so pathetic.

  • B22

    Good luck, buddy. In almost any employer-employee situation, the employee can be fired for any reason, or no reason at all. It’s called At Will Employment.

  • JeffH

    I hope he finacialy buries these bast-ards with his lawsuit.

  • monacall

    Omg. Seriously. They just broadcasted that they are fair game for criminals. Open season in this neighborhood. Good going stupid people. If I lived there I would a big FOR SALE SIGN UP and move to a safe area.

  • cbj

    Please, make sure we get to read all of the follow up on this, and I hope he gets very rich.

  • Good on Ya, for standing up and fighting the insanity ! This is where we are headed. all explained in great detail at my site for FREE ! and much more very cool stuff with lots of rabbit holes to go down and find the truth of many matters. click on the image to enlarge

  • TonysTake

    After living under the rules of an H.O.A. I swore to myself, “Never Again.” Board members are little politician wannaBs. Mine was ruled by liberal progressives too and a bigger bunch of azz wipes would be hard to find. They were all little Obama’s spending other people’s money on their pet projects, getting kickbacks from contractors and ignoring local laws. I made the mistake of hosting a meet the (Republican) candidate event and suddenly, my window shades were the wrong color. They tried to ban guns also by forbidding them in the common areas (where everyone had to go to get to their cars). I won that little war by contacting the association’s lawyer but the abuses continued and I finally moved. I did a short sale that really messed with the home values and that gave me a little satisfaction. They 86’ed me from the property forever as if I really gave a S#!T. The last I heard, so many people sold and moved that they were forced to allow half the place to become rental properties. So more power to Mr. Ferlaino. I wish him all the luck in the world suing the Btards.

  • toothii

    The firing was wrong on so many fronts! But this is what we will see more of if liberal gun haters continue to run local, state & fed gov’ts….

  • saddlebroke

    Ignorant people! Hope he gets hundreds of million of dollars from this really stupid bunch of people and bankrupt the homeowners association.

  • Sunshine Kid

    Let them know how you feel; contact the web master at, or get contact information of the club house, restaurant, management, whatever! Get them to know just how much they are going to go down. Property owners, if they could afford it, should short sell their property to the point that property values go down and the community devolves into the ghetto it could well become.

    If you think I’m vindictive, yeah, well, I’m retired military. I think that way.

  • Public_Citizen

    This is just a more egregious example of what goes on daily across the nation in HOAs.
    The people who form the majority of the boards for these organizations are petty tyrants by mindset and inclination and will use any fig leaf of cover to exert the maximum amount of control and inflict the greatest amount of mental anguish that they can get away with.
    At the end of the legal road that Mr. Ferliano is being forced to walk he will most likely prevail. What does that mean? The board will have another meeting and assess all the property owners an amount to cover the costs of their totally unnecessary escapade through the legal system. The only way to make it have the [intended by the legal system] effect on the board members the court will have to rule that the costs and penalties are to be borne by the board members as individuals with no association funds being used to defray the costs for their misconduct.

  • coconuisse

    And to think that MSNBC blames the POSSIBILITY of US having an Ebola outbreak here on the NRAs objection to the suggestion that a gun-hater that believes that gun ownership is a mental disease should be our next Surgeon General! What’s the difference between such a nominee for Surgeon General and these home owners association “officials”? Sorry for the trick question……..there is NO difference!


    I wonder if any of the LOFS owners have guns in their homes????

  • 1776

    Welcome to The United States of Stupid.

  • David S. McQueen

    The liberals’ actions run true-to-form. They break the law and expect no one to complain about it. To liberals, laws only apply to other people (Obama is a case in point). If everyone had the courage of Ferlaino, the USA would be a better place.

  • Edward Rambo

    Sue The Shit Out of Them, and you might ask the NRA, or one of the other big Pro gun Owners Groups for help with their money and Lawyers they could end with you the owner of that SNOBBY Home Owners ASS. then you could let Pro gun people move in, maybe put in a shooting range, now that would be cool..

  • AFSarge

    Go for it, sue the crap out of them. I pray to God that you take their property away from these LOFS thought Nazi’s. Do just like the illegals did to a rancher here in AZ. They sued him for false arrest and detaining them for the Border Patrol and took his ranch. You should take all of LOFS property and sell it! That is the only thing these Bozo’s will understand. Hit them where it really hurts, take what they have, all of it!

  • NAFTA Refugee

    The purpose of punitive damages is to punish. Punish them dearly.
    So dearly that every whack job anti-gun nut gets the message loud and clear.

  • Carrie Barton

    The nerve of these people. How can people even think this guy won’t win. How can you put a price on taking someones rights away.

  • uchsamin

    Idiots who try to do such things such as strip us of our God given rights should think for a minute if possible,……..if a civil war ever starts they will be unarmed against red blooded patriotic true Americans that are armed to the hilt. What happens then,….? We will proceed to clean house.

  • jimpeel

    Lakes of the Four Seasons? The name alone pukes political correctness.

  • giant33

    People in this LOFS are out of control. The sad fact is there are to many like them in our once great country. If some nut job came to there place to do harm they’d be looking for Mr. Ferlaino for help.

  • Jim McCormack

    We need to fight back with a vengence against these anti-2nd Amendment Nazis..The Christians also need to get more aggresive in protecting our rights against the Mickey Weinsteins and other atheists who are intimidating us on our 1st Amendment rights. LET’S SHOW SOME TEETH.

  • jdmurchie

    Wow! This is seriously messed up. I hope this company and the mgt employees involved get sued to bankruptcy. That wouldn’t be penalty enough!

  • grunion

    We need a real attorney’s input on this thread.

  • Fran Luzniak Simone

    Good luck, everyone has the right to bare arms. He had the gun at home to protect his family and property. He hope he wins a large settlement and establishes a precedent!!

  • MSG L

    I had a similar situation with regards to ONE LEO. The best part was the “press release” my attorney did after we won the case. He had the decision plastered everywhere in the world. Really. He even released it to Stars and Stripes in Europe. The money is a sting to the “perps”, but the press release is what gets the attention of the Rest of the People.

  • Sally

    Sounds like early retirement to me …Way to go Mr. Ferlaino and good luck!

  • satelliter

    It’s pretty common for corporations to find some reason to fire an employee who is approaching retirement to avoid paying acquired retirement benefits.

  • cedarcreekman

    I know first hand about the F. S. of Jackson Hole. A family member worked for these cesspool creeps for years. A badly run hotel and the worst attitudes among employees. So many employees back biting, end fighting, a hateful employment situation, turn over beyond belief. Many ILLEGALS have worked their and they don’t care. Human Recourses only existed to cover their own asses. I hope the person fired, sues them back into the stone age. If vacationing in Jackson consider all options first, even put a tent at the top of your list, the hotel really sucks.


    His first mistake was to declare that he was a self protection device owner. Tell NO ONE, especially the police or health care workers.

  • Casey Dial

    What Nino Ferlaino should do is hire a lawyer and then sit back and do nothing because Lakes of the Four Seasons is going to have to pay him when the judge rules that is is an unwarranted termination. If the lawyer is really good (I know there is no such thing as a “good” lawyer) he will also get big bucks for Nino’s physiological suffering.

  • bob machaffy

    That is why they say “loose lips sink ships”, in his case he lost his job knowing what is going on about the 2nd amendment and how some idiots think. Never never ever brag you own a gun.

  • ABBAsFernando

    Lakes of the Four Seasons (LOFS) are NAZIS who have no clue about America or FREEDOM. They DESERVE whatever comes their way. All criminals now know they are EASY TARGETS.

  • RLAndrews57, a good proofreader could help your articles appear far more respectable. I could recommend a good freelancer if you like. Just having a second pair of eyes read what you’ve written is good. Having a professional behind that second pair of eyes is valuable.

  • Ryan Caspersen

    Good luck my friend!

  • Judyann J

    I hope Mr. Ferlaino sues the living s&it out of LOFS, bleeds them
    DRY, make an example out of them. Its ti me for the American people to
    STAND UP to the thought police, STOP the pathetic, LeftWing few from
    attacking rights of the MAJORITY.
    I’m not familiar with LOFS
    but, from the article apparently it is some sort of (gated?) community?
    Well then, imagine if it were to become known this is a, “gun free”
    community. As such, this community immediately becomes a PRIME,
    preferred victim of violence from every criminal or nut job in the
    area. These people may be crazy but they are not stupid. Given a
    choice between a well armed community or focusing their attacks on a,
    “gun free zone,” which do you think they will choose?
    The MSM
    and very liberal Left have successfully demonized gun ownership,
    traditional marriage, the very mention of, God, and a whole host of
    other great American traditions and rights. Their goal of
    “fundamentally” transforming America…from what? to what? From all
    those traditions which has made us the mightiest, most respected nation
    on Earth, to a puny, Banana beat us into a failing 3rd
    world nation. Their motivations vary from Leftist to Leftist. Some
    view us as the, “oppressor” that we need to pay for their perceived
    historical mistakes. Others simply are hell bent on making us over into
    a single party nation exclusively ruled by the Political Elitists.

    Matters less which motivates them but becomes IMPERATIVE We as the
    MAJORITY, stand up to these people at every turn, to beat them back and
    absolutely REFUSE to comply. EVERY tyrant through out the course of
    human history, has successfully enslaved the masses by following the
    same sequelae. First, and foremost, disarm the people. Take over their
    health care. Make the general masses as dependent on government as
    possible (ie chained to the New Plantation).
    Correctness needs to be desensitized. Every word, thought, notion which
    the Left has a hissy fit over, use it speak it loud and clear, over and
    over again. STOP allowing the “tail to wag this dog,” take their power

  • cybersniper

    Dont worry bro, in just a few short years you wont ever have to work again compliments of your former employer.

  • Elliott Whitlow

    Write a check b*tches.. You are done!

  • Leon East

    This is definitely NOT a frivolous lawsuit and I hope the amount he’s awarded is one of those ridiculously high amounts that makes the news and is burnt into the brains of like gun haters.


    I think we will see the politicians scramble for cover. This is typical of anyone in government for truth to a politician is like light to a cockroach. politicians operate at their best under the darkness of the lie. We can be sure that this will be dragged out for many years. This would be a prime subject for the NRA to support with their lawyers to push to the supreme court for it is clearly a violation of many rights.

  • kayestarr

    Whatever happened to privacy? Since when is it anyone’s business what this man has in his home? The best policy is not to talk about ANYTHING personal at work!!!

  • Henry Rollins

    Sue, sue and sue some more. Then force the SOB’s into sensitivity training for making Mr. Ferlaino feel threatened in a workplace enviroment.

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  • Ken Steinaway

    They are lucky I am not the judge…. Forget throwing the book at them I would throw the whole dang library

  • Pingback: Gun Pride Gets Man Canned STSA by Gregory Smith | STSA by Gregory Smith()

  • mosin tom

    The LOFS Property Owner’s Association should be required to publicly admit that they are a bunch of clueless idiots.

  • Keith Walker

    “Hoplophobe” I learned a new word that I will be using to educate hoplophobes.

  • rob

    That’s not the only thing that this Property Owner’s Association does. They also fire people who stand up for what is right (legally and morally) because they are a private community they believe they can make their own laws.

  • boeing46

    I’d like to see NRA lawyers step in with their lawyers with expertise in firearm laws. If Lakes of the Four Seasons can get away with this any company can.

  • Zack Gobah

    Your grammar is terrible.

  • urbsdetector

    May Mr. Ferlaino cause the LOFS to operate in the red for many, many years. And may the smug smirk of its members be pressed against his buttocks for equally as long a time.

  • Alice Maxwell

    The Boards of these community associations reflect the general stupidity of the average American today. I hope that the victim of this mass lack of intelligence gets satisfaction and I hope he gets national attention too. Maybe it will shut up the meddlesome fools who cost us all so much money!

  • Pingback: Worker Fired For Proudly owning A Gun (At Residence) | TiaMart Blog()

  • Thoughtcriminal

    And people keep wondering why I avoid any conversation with co-workers that isn’t directly work related. The answer is simple: They can’t use what I don’t say against me.

  • Pingback: Boss Fired Employee After 21 Years On The Job Upon Finding Out He Owned a Gun |

  • Pingback: Boss Fired Employee After 21 Years On The Job Upon Finding Out He Owned a Gun | PolitiTalk()

  • ganderdavis

    Don’t Ask about being gay yet it’s ok to ask about gun ownership and then fire someone who admits to owning one. WOW what f-ing country do we live in ????

  • guest

    Good Luck Mr Ferlaino. In the new United Socialist States of America it is wrong to make suggestions as to how to respond to this attack on our liberties, but I hope you succeed.

  • PatSisler

    Sue the PIG’s and take everything they OWN.

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