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Police in NY Demand Facebook Profile and PASSWORD When Applying For Permit

Once again Cuomo and his rights shredding legislation, the SAFE Act, has matriculated to its inevitable evolution, that of casting off any pretense that law abiding citizens have privacy, rights or freedom within the Empire State.

In Watervliet, NY the police department is REQUIRING that petitioners for pistol permits hand over their Facebook profiles as well as their PASSWORD.  Would you like my pin# and a key to my safety deposit box at the bank too?  Heck, why don’t I invite you over on the night of my wedding and let you sleep with my wife all Braveheart primae noctis style.

It’s getting to the point that I’m not even surprised at Cuomo’s corrupt administration and blatant disregard for the rights of his citizens.  Citizens…it’s also getting to the point that I wonder how long New Yorkers will even warrant being called that; for they are on the fast track to subjugation.

A poster from was brave enough to recount publicly his ordeal despite the punitive repercussions from a petty and power mad government he may very well suffer.

“I had the form filled out with all my references, notarized, photos taken, driving record, and safety course. I went in and the officer took my folder in the back and came out and told me I have a lot more work to do and hands me a new packet including the main form except this one is on a thicker paper. This packet includes the forms to give my references which I was expecting. On the front page of this packet in the last space it says Facebook and password”

This is the document that he made public:

Gun-Registration Vliet


This is where the permit cover up begins.

When contacted for comment about this blatant violation of privacy, Chief Ron Boisvert, stated that the form should not have been included in the packet… but that it was for internal use only.

Internal use only?  What does that even mean?  Instead of asking the petitioner to write it down you ask them and then YOU fill it in?

When pressed Chief Boisvert begins to get dodgy and states while they don’t ask for the password they do require permit seekers to log into their facebook account and let the police snoop through it.

 “We ask the applicant to log on to Facebook in front of us. Pages they’ve looked at, friends – anything that reflects on the character of the applicant.”

As I am writing this I cannot help but give Chief Boisvert a German accent and hear him ask: “show me your papers, where are your papers.”

Yet I am still confused.  If Boisvert is saying that giving the password to a permit seekers Facebook account is not required, then WHY is it on the form regardless of whether it is for internal use only or not?  And to go on from that point, why would any of my personal information I am submitting for my permit be used for anything OTHER than internal use?

The only conclusion I can draw from this is that when people log on in front of Boisvert, like a slave at auction being stripped naked for the bidders to gawk at, he somehow steals the password and makes a note of it on the “internal use only” paper so that they can keep it on file and spy freely on the permit holders.

If that is not enough to make New Yorkers question how much the SAFE Act has improved their lives and what kind of state they actually live in, the veiled threat by Chief Boisvert issues when people refuse his probing might.  When asked what happens if people refuse to facilitate their own injustice, Chief Boisvert flippantly declares:

 “I’d just note the fact and send it to the Judges.”

That is to say, thanks to the corrupt and punitive “May Issue” system that New York has, that gives the ability to deny 2nd Amendment rights to an “issuing authority”, those who refuse to submit to Boisvert’s electronical voyeurism will be denied a permit and upon appeal the judges will fully be aware of your contempt of cop.

I wonder what exactly the “facts” will be on the note Boisvert sends to the judges?  No doubt something along the lines of how the petitioner was shady, evasive, contemptuous and a danger to society with disrespect to law enforcement etc etc etc.

Remember New York, this is just phase one.  Re-elect Andrew Cuomo and SAFE Act 2 will solidify the empire…because subjects don’t have rights or privacy that is not bestowed upon them by their leaders.

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    Citizens?/ Subjects?

  • Hop

    Cuomo must go. Vote him out !!

  • durabo

    “Papieren, bitte!” demanded the Schutzstaffel SS officer.

  • disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2

    The Communist Government Regime Section of New York Bondage.

    • boone1

      Does everyone know that Angela is a guy and not a girl why do mothers put a girls name on a man like that.I bet he got his ass kick in high school all the time or maybe he wanted to take the hottest girl out and the big guy on the foot ball team put a good ass kick’en on him poor dude.

  • meggimann

    NY Dopes

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Lock & Load Patriots! Remember the Boston Tea Party? How much longer are ya’ll going to wait and continue putting up with this crap???!?!!!

    • boone1

      They will wait forever because they are all chicken shit and won’t fight even if they seen there own Mother get killed right in front of them.

    • boone1

      THE people here will do nothing they talk the talk but don’t walk the walk in other words they are chicken sh!t and YELLOW!!!Most would run away when the SHTF.

    • boone1

      Well I’m now an old Vietnam combat Vet and when I went into the Army I took an oath and that oath still stands to this very day even thou I’m now 67 an disabled I can still fight can’t ran like I use to but I’m still a crack shot.i can hit the bulls eye at eight hundred yards and that’s with out a scope on my Rifle my new 308

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  • PatHenry

    This is why I wonder who in their right mind would vote for or chose to live under these thugs? The second amendment IS your carry permit!!!

    • boone1

      All the JEWS vote for this guy don’t you know all the JEWS that live in NY are COMMUNIST POS

      • Chuck Vaughn

        your a idiot

        • boone1


        • tionico

          proof, or statistics, either of you? I’d believe it, the way things are going. SOMEONE is putting those corrupt barstids in place again and again

      • Angela Burnham

        Jesus was Jewish, was he a communist?

        • boone1

          Jesus has nothing to do with this dude.How is it that when Jews are said to be COMMUNIST Jesus name comes up when in fact most JEWS hate GOD and JESUS CHRIST so jerk off like I said JESUS CHRIST has nothing to do with what we are talking about.

          • Hit Manfan

            You are a bigot and not well read.

          • boone1

            It is you that is not well read fool so get your head out of your ass and wake the hell up boy.

          • Hit Manfan

            blow me. I’ve earned the right.

          • boone1

            What did you liberals do to earn anything besides your big mouth.

          • Angela Burnham

            Yes he does, Jesus is Jewish, so you are implying that the son of god hates god and is a communist.

          • boone1

            I didn’t say JESUS WAS communist you said that.I said JEWS in this country are communist because they have always voted liberal,Liberals have always been communist.

          • Angela Burnham

            Yes you did say that. By implying that all Jews currently alive are communists, you have implied that the living son of God, Jesus of Nazareth, whom was born and raised Jewish, is in fact a liberal communist.

          • boone1

            NO dip stick I did not say that I said that JEWS that live in this country this COUNTRY not any other country moron this COUNTRY only are communist I didn’t say anything about JESUS CHRIST BRING A COMMUNIST you said that.I didn’t bring up GODs name nor did I bring up JESUS CHRIST name it was you that did all of this it seems you liberals want to put the blame on everyone but your self and you have been doing this for over a hundred years you people and people like you make me sick.

          • boone1

            YOU’RE A SISSY BOY!!!!!

          • Ghost

            God and Jesus don’t exist they are characters from a story book.

          • Angela Burnham

            I’m trying to undermine a bigot here, cmon dude.

      • Geoff

        You do know that the Nazi’s were socialist not communists right?? And like the Nazi’s, the liberal left in this country is an extreme form of socialists.

        • boone1

          Yes they are and that also will lead to extreme form communist.

          • Geoff

            There is no need for the transformation from socialism to communism. Extreme socialism is communist capitalism. The main difference between the two is that true communism believes in the total redistribution of wealth. In fact truest form of communism is predicated on the idea that there is no monitary value to anything. This are produced solely for the survival of the fellow man. Communism in its purest form I actually designed to be a self-governing system which needs no leaders. This has never happened before and probably never will. This is why governments that most think of as communist are actually radical socialists. Very similar in that they too believe in income redistribution, however the main difference is that they do not believe in complete redistribution. Only enough to satisfy the needs of the poor while taking the lions share of the weawealth being redistributed for themselves, aka how our current government opperates. Extreme socialism is predicated on the idea that one man, or group of men is best fit to lead the people and this leads to a totalitarian rule. Do you really think that Obama or any of the other progressive leftists wants to give up their powers of control or their wealth they have acquired? I think not. If Obama really believed in income equality he and every other government employee wouldn’t be earning the exorbitant salaries they make because they would believe that they are performing these duties for the better of their fellow man and that is all the value they need. In reality what they want is all the power of rule and increase their own personal coffers with wealth.

  • Arbuckel Mcniffelshet

    Now we know another reason our founding fathers gave us the 2nd. So we could keep our criminal fathers in their place. When you give up your guns…you give up your treasure and family to the state.

    • boone1

      And not only that when you give up your guns you become a slave to the government and the state.ME give up my guns. NEVER COME AND GETT’EM

  • Up Huff

    Uh, Boisevert? AKA “Arsehole”?, What about those of us who don’t waste time on such fecal matter and don’t have a Facebook account. OR Twitter. Or any of those p’s os?

  • Trekant

    What if you don’t have facebook account?

    • Bullets First

      Then I would assume you are exempt from that aspect. Though to lie would no doubt be grounds (in their minds) to deny you the permit. They would surely spend their time checking whether you have facebook instead of…oh i don’t know…catching criminals. Just a whole slew of reasons why May Issue is bogus and as others have mentioned the fact that some states even require permits is equally bs.

  • onyxtiger

    I don’t have a Facebook account, so I couldn’t do that part anyway. Another reason not to have Facebook.
    Besides, I have a California CCW.

    • Angus13

      Wow, you actually caught that Unicorn Eh?…

      • onyxtiger

        What Unicorn? It’s not that hard to get a ccw in California….if you live in one of the green counties, ie, not San Francisco, Orange, Marin, Santa Clara, Sonoma, or one of the other communist counties. Of 58 counties in California, well over half are very pro gun and getting a ccw is quite easy. I believe there are about 35 counties that are actually non communist.

        • Angus13

          I grew up in the Bay Area, Solano County… so there and the surrounding countryside it is like catching a Unicorn

          • onyxtiger

            Ah, you’re right about Solano County – another communist county. Basically, all the counties around the Bay area plus Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Cruz and San Diego.

        • tionico

          the sheriff of Orange County, in response to the recent San Diego court case (on appeal I believe) decided to fact the music and begin issuing permits to all who are not “prohibited persons”, IN other word,s adoped a “shall issue” stance. Last I rad, there are more permit applications from the first six weeks than were currently issued all together. Thousands of them.

          • onyxtiger

            Well, that’s good news. I haven’t paid much attention to what goes on down south, but, I do vaguely recall reading that sometime in the past, now that you mention it. Thanks for the update.

  • ICorps

    Unfortunately, as research has shown, urban America and suburban-rural America are two different worlds. Again, unfortunately, because it has the votes, urban America works its will on suburban-rural America.

    New York State, with a population of 19.6 million is in thrall to (“enslaved by”) urban New York. The state is controlled by New York City, with 8.4 million people, Buffalo and Rochester, with a couple hundred thousand each, and other large urban areas.

    Those New York urbanites not only don’t care if Cuomo is a dictator and if there are an endless number of “Safe Acts,” they actually want a dictator and even more “Safe Acts.”

    Why do urban areas feel, and vote, that way? The answer is the composition of urban populations, which commonly consists of the same few ethnic groups and 1st- and 2nd-generation immigrants.

    • boone1

      I could not have said that any better.

    • Jimmy D

      Don’t forget the urban white liberal, who becomes orgasmic when wallowing in “white guilt” while trying to ingratiate themselves to minorities.

    • Glock22

      I am from Rochester and the number of conservatives completely outnumbers the liberals, with the exception of downtown. Buffalo I am not sure of but I can tell you that more than half of the city is fed up with gov homo along with the rest of Western New York. I no longer live in NY, I now live in a very red state that values my rights and a city where the police commend people for carrying to protect themselves.

  • Seamus Harper

    Just tell them you don’t have one or change your pass word right afterwards

    • Steve Thomas

      It is still a violation of our 4th amendment rights!!!!!

  • John Jenerose

    In New York, the sheriff does permits, NOT local police departments.

    • Bullets First

      That’s not true John. Or rather it is not true universally. The issuing authority is either from the County OR the City where the applicant resides. Since Watervliet calls itself a “city” they feel the need to handle CCW’s directly so the Police Chief is the issuing authority.

      New York is a lot of ad hoc when it comes to this kind of thing.

  • nmgene

    Why I will never live in or visit a liberal run state where you have all of your rights taken away and they completely ignore the constitution!!!!!!!

  • Phillipe Violette

    who cares what happens to the New York liberals it is the jerks in the city that are the idiots who love cuomo the dictator.

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    What if you don’t have a facebook? No permit? Because not everyone uses facebook.

  • Big Blue DadEo

    Thank the lord for New York! Somehow knowing you poor bastards have it worse than I, here across the river in Jersey, makes this hell-hole a bit more tolerable.

  • Michael John Naretto

    Ah yes..I can hear Der Fuhrer addressing his brown shirts.

    Way to go New York. You have out douched California. That’s quite the accomishmeent.

    • boone1

      You can NY will get another 9/11 again and not like the one in 2001 and lets hope the wind is blowing east and not west.

      • Michael John Naretto

        Heh. The jet stream run west to east so the fallout will follow the same path.

  • Kevin

    Is it me or does this paper not seem like a legit official document?
    Just saying it looks pretty fake.

  • Mike Roberson

    Fuck those assholes! I’ll carry my gotdamn gun any fucking way! Permit or not! That’s infringement and invasion of privacy! Kiss my ass Cuomo! Oh,,,,,, I live in Mississippi……Ha! Thank GOD!

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  • Geoff

    It just amazes me that people still want to live in that state, let alone continue to vote these jackwagons into office year after year. The level of government corruption and intrusion extends well beyond the issues related to the 2nd amendment. Definitely one of the most corrupt state governments in the country.

    • John McMickle

      Remember the majority of the population of that state lives in one big cesspool called New York CIty.

      • Geoff

        Your absolutely right John. I’ve never understood the whole “NYC is the greatest place on earth” mentality of those residents. Next to Obama supporters, New Yorkers are the runners up for the scum of the earth and wasters of oxygen.

        • Chuck Vaughn

          be a good place for the next fence

          • Geoff

            Hahaha agreed! I think Kurt Russell was half way on to something in escape from New York.

    • Kommander Rahnn

      Not everyone has a choice. Moving costs money that some of us don’t have.

      • Geoff

        I get that money isn’t a luxury, chock that up to the great policies of your beloved elected officials. You might not be able to move but you don’t have to keep voting for the same policies year after year. It hasn’t changed in the 10 years since I lived in NY. I would be out collecting soda bottles to pay for my moving expenses if I didn’t have the cash to get the hell out of there.

        • Kommander Rahnn

          Your assumption that everyone voted for this is incorrect.

          • Geoff

            I make no such assumptions, but you don’t get into office with the minority vote. Therefore I can make the assumption that the majority of people in New York support these agendas. Which goes back to my previous point of how I don’t understand why the rest who don’t believe in these policies continue to live in the state. If money is the only reason I would be collecting cans for the cash, working 20 hrs a day, basically anything I could do to get the hell out of there like tomorrow. New York is a sinking ship that cannot be saved… much like California.

          • Kommander Rahnn

            Go collect your cans then.

          • boone1

            Dude you are an asswipe and love NY and by the way you talk you are also a liberal POS so why don’t you leave now troll before I call the troll police moron.Plus you also CRY like a little BABY!!!

          • Kommander Rahnn

            If only you knew what dafuq you were talking about…..pathetic child. Be quiet now the adults are talking.

  • John McMickle

    Good thing I do not live in New York City. Dome of the things I have said about politicians might not be well received.

  • Thomas Meadows

    I think it is time for the citizens of new york to show the politicians WHO THEY WORK FOR

    • Chuck Vaughn

      way past time

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  • Angelique Williams

    What if you don’t have a Facebook?

  • heywood

    Go suck a cock, chief NY Faggot

  • heywood

    boisvert the pervert…i don’t even have a facebook ya big kiddy diddler

  • A.K.

    1.) What. The. Actual. Fuck.
    2.) ACLU should be all over this.

  • Joe

    I wonder what the blow back would be if welfare precipitants had to turn over FB account info?

  • Brian Bertha

    a very simple app can capture keystrokes so if you eneter it on their computer you might as well write it down for them

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  • Zaphod

    And people wonder why I got the hell out of that state…

    • Bullets First

      I don’t wonder that Zap…I wonder why so many stay behind.

  • non

    kill him

  • jake

    When you get home, change your password; later, if you get in trouble about your gun, file a lawsuit about your privacy,and concerns your password was high jacked

  • Rip Kord

    Phase one, as it is, is deserving of revolution. To buy a gun you should go to the store and buy it. To carry it, you should carry it. Those should be the requirements.

    • Bullets First

      Hopefully, one day we can get back to there. I mean think about, background checks, carry permits, gun registration in American circa 1792? Nonsense. In fact, if they were even suggested the gun controller would most likely be tarred and feathered…which isn’t as cartoony as people nowadays imagine. I’m talking about burning tar melting flesh and feathers sprinkled on top.

  • brisie

    They ask you to log into your facebook to snoop because they are most likely using a logger program to log your password and then they write it on the form. Easy to do and you are none the wiser.

  • Phd Marty

    How typical. There is plenty of software out there to keep track of the keys entered so they can later recover any and all passwords and such. This is most likely the reason why they want you to log on there. Remember, it wasn’t that long ago that a paper, with permission from law enforcement I may add, posted all permit holders in the area for all to see. Although, it would not be all that hard to change your FB password as soon as you get home the fact remains, they should not be asking such intrusive questions in the first place. Other than California, where else would you expect such privacy stomping actions but New York. They also had a history of stop and search that just “slightly” bordered on contempt of our Constitution. Imagine, you leave the police station after allowing them to access your personal Facebook pages, then, as you walk to your car you are stopped and search just because. What next, home searches for alcohol so they can be watched when leaving the house for suspicion for DUI?

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