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But Gun Controllers Tell Me This NEVER Happens

Once again, a law abiding citizen with a gun stops a would be robber and the national press falls silent.

Of course they have to stay silent.  They have been in bed with the gun controllers for so long that when something that has long been professed by the likes of Michael Bloomberg, Shannon Watts and Sarah Brady to be IMPOSSIBLE happens, they’d look pretty silly reporting on it and having to admit they were lying the whole time.  Hence why nearly every story about armed self defense is silenced unless it somehow benefits the gun control movements agenda (ie George Zimmerman).


A Kanawha County pharmacist shot and killed a masked, would-be robber who walked into his business Wednesday morning and pulled out a gun.

Good Family Pharmacy employee Chris Monk said pharmacist Don Radcliff first attempted to “feel the guy out.” Monk said Radcliff pointed at the man, who was wearing a bandanna over his face, and was “just kind of joking with him,” saying “Are you here to rob me?”

The suspect pulled out a gun in response.

Radcliff, who had already started reaching for the gun under his white pharmacy coat, just in case, opened fire.

He fired three shots. The first hit the suspect’s chest, the second hit his gun, jamming it, and the third hit the suspect’s abdomen. One employee said the suspect was trying to shoot back during that time.

The whole incident happened within a matter of seconds.

You can see the video here: Robber’s Gun Shot in Barrel By Conceal Carry Holder

It’s a pretty amazing story but not in any way an impossible one.  It is the story exemplifies the tropes that armed citizens have been saying for years.  Don Radcliff had seconds to react and the cops were at best minutes away.  Radcliff never had to use his firearm before in his store but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t carry it just in case.  And so on.

Once again, people are safe thanks to an armed law abiding citizen.

No doubt in order to help their own self serving cause Gun Controllers will add this encounter to a gun related death statistic in the future, but what do you expect from bottom feeders who only come out when they can bathe in the blood of children yet ignore a hero like Dan Radcliff?


  • Hop

    Nice shootin’, Tex. Good for you. Another bad guy bites the dust.

  • FramerMCB

    The gun-grabbers among us will claim that nothing in the pharmacy is worth a human life. That said, since the perp chose to be a perp (i.e. engage in criminal activity) he paid the ultimate price. And who’s to say he wouldn’t have fired his gun anyway, even if the pharmacist doesn’t pull his, injuring or killing others at the store? Obviously, people that engage in this type of ‘activity’ are already a little unbalanced so who’s to say what they might do? Kudos to the pharmacist for being prepared and for excellent gun control tactics (i.e. hitting the target with all shots). My prayer for him is that he is able to cope and deal with the aftermath of having taken a human life…hopefully the knowledge that he may very well have saved innocent lives, inlcuding his own will help him recover completely, at least from an emtional and mental standpoint.

    • Cougar Smith

      There’s a big difference between taking an innocent life and ‘taking out the trash’. I don’t think he’ll have any problems coping with it. I wouldn’t.

      • durabo

        It’s just like shooting rats at the dump.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    This all happened within seconds. Just think – when seconds count, police are only minutes away. Don’t worry though, police carry chalk. They will get there in time to draw an outline of your dead body. That is, unless you take personal responsibility for your own safety.

  • durabo

    Dang – three hits out of three! BRAVO ZULU!!! Of course, Sheikh Oblunder’s servile LameStream EneMedia will not give this any coverage.

  • mathis1689

    Nice job! Combat situation, 3 shots, 3 hits, 1 dead crook. Doesn’t get any better than that.

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