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Iowa: Just Because Gun Controllers Keep Lying Doesn’t Make It True

A recent post in the Iowa State Daily called for a complete ban of all guns. It claims that guns are not necessary in America today and the 2nd Amendment is outdated and has no relevance to modern America.

Liberal Media Invented ‘Fake News’ LONG Before Conservative Media Was Born

You may have been hearing a lot about “fake news” recently. This is mostly a ploy by whiny Hillary Clinton sore losers who can’t udnerstand why their candidate, who was absolutely awful, lost the campaign in such spectacular fashion. I mean, losing by 70+ electoral votes is a landslide.

The Bloodiest Day In American History – Antietam

Over the course of 8 hours, the Battle of Antietam was over and around 23,000 soldiers lay dead or wounded or they were missing. The Battle of Antietam was the bloodiest single day battle in American history.

Arizona Governor Vetoes Legislation To Stop Bloomberg Influence On Gun Laws

A few weeks ago, SB2524 passed the Arizona legislature. If it had become law, and another state agreed to the compact, it would have prevented Arizona from enacting firearm transfer requirements that are more restrictive than federal law. Yesterday, 10 May, Governor Ducey vetoed the bill.

Good Girls With Guns Stop Bad Guys Too

Good guys with guns aren’t the only individuals stopping bad guys with guns. Good girls with guns are thwarting crime, too.

This is MY kind of Boss – Lance Toland Gives Free Guns for Workers

Toland decided the best way to protect his employees is to arm them so he issued a mandate requiring all employees to obtain a conceal carry license. Upon obtaining their license, Toland provided every employ with a personal protection handgun known as a judge.

Arizona One Step Closer To Stopping Bloomberg’s Hijacking of America

By exploiting the death of children and misrepresenting the truth Bloomberg has had a few victories in places like Oregon where he convinced enough people to vote FOR laws that denied THEIR rights.

Ted Cruz Is Not Finished Yet

Hoffman, 24, continued to praise Cruz, saying that as he won over youth in South Carolina and Iowa, “he can genuinely appeal to young people — conservatives, libertarians, values voters and those disenchanted with big government or extreme foreign policy views.”

Muslim Terrorist Explains Why He Planned An Attack At a Church

A Muslim man from Detroit, Michigan finds himself in quite a legal pickle after becoming radicalized and converting into a disciple of ISIS.

Jan. 26, 1779 – Colonists Defeat 400 British Troops and Loyalists at Burke County Jail

On January 26, 1779, a group of revolutionaries led by John Twiggs and William Few met at the Burke County Jail to figure out a way to prevent colonists defecting to the British. They knew who some of these people were and decided to set off to detain some of the British Loyalists in an effort to demonstrate their power and resolve.

Interview With Andrea Haas of Huntress View

The rise of female hunters in America is worth celebrating. Since more women discover the outdoors and shooting sports industry, it’s worth noting this and embracing the trend–as blogs like Huntress View are doing.

Prime Example of Why An Armed Teacher Is Such A Good Idea

Students at the college in Charsadda, about 30 miles from Peshawar, say Chemistry Teacher Syed Husain is hero. By pulling out his weapon, they told reporters, their teacher gave them time to escape.

3 Reason Why We Need More Good People WIth Guns

As the old adage goes, when more good people have guns, the more likely they are to stop bad people with guns.

Despite calls from anti-gun politicians and media figures for more gun control legislation in wake of the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Americans are seeking out ways to protect themselves with firearms.

No call for universal background checks for knives after mass stabbings in California?

You never hear anyone calling for universal background checks for knives nor do we see many signs indicating a knife free zone. The reason has nothing to do with reducing violent crimes.

Support the Freedom to Carry

I’ve penned a new op-ed at Counter Cultured on the freedom to carry–constitutional carry–in all 50 states.   Last week, the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states by citing the 14th Amendment as justification for this. While this ruling was disappointing –  government has now redefined marriage – we must promote a culture of marriage without quick legislative fixes or government intervention. If one positive thing has come out of this ruling, it gives the 14th Amendment license to be applied to gun rights with respect to the right to carry.  Section I of the 14th Amendment reads: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States;...

The Insidious Erosion of the Second Amendment

The tragic case of 39 year-old Carol Browne of Berlin Township New Jersey is the first. Ms. Browne was dutifully waiting on a lethargic bureaucracy for her concealed carry pistol permit in order to defend herself against an abusive ex-boyfriend when he accosted Browne in her driveway on June 3 and stabbed her to death.

Poughkeepsie, NY: Agree with Gun Control or “shut up and get out”

Another day, another example of liberal hypocrisy where everyone’s opinion matters and voice should be heard…so long as you agree 100% with their liberal ideology. This was initially published on Mental Recession: During a recent city council meeting in Poughkeepsie, New York, Democrat councilman Joe Rich appeared to lose his cool with residents who opposed restrictive gun legislation, telling them to “shut up” and stay out of his city. Representatives for the Shooters Committee on Political Education (SCOPE) gave a presentation to the council on the negative impacts of an ordinance requiring mandatory storage of firearms. After defending the ordinance because some people might break into one’s house and use their own gun against them if they don’t lock it up, a mind-numbing defense of the concept of mandatory firearm storage, Rich accused the group of not wanting gun laws to work because it would cause Second Amendment supporters “a...

Gun Owners To Cuomo: Take Your Unconstitutional SAFE Act and Shove It

I have been long fighting the good fight about the tyrant of the Empire State, Andrew Cuomo and his constitution shredding SAFE Act.  It is good to see that I am not alone. Our friend, Rusty Weiss at Mental Recession passed along this article detailing how the gun owners of New York feel about their would be potentate. Between abject apathy and fiery condemnation to Cuomo and his unconstitutional edicts, the people by and large have basically just IGNORED both the governor and the law. To quote  Tom King, president of the Albany-based New York State Rifle and Pistol Association: “It would appear the people have just bypassed the legislature and simply repealed it on their own.” Here’s the article in its entirety: After a much-publicized court battle between State Police and gun groups, numbers for the registration of so-called “assault-style” weapons under Governor Cuomo’s unconstitutional SAFE Act have been...