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NJ To Send 72 yo Retired Professor to Jail for Owning FLINTLOCK Pistol

Apparently even the gun controllers who claim that the 2nd Amendment only protects guns from the 1700’s are full of crap.

In the gun control haven that is New Jersey, 72 year old retired English teacher and historical curio collector Gordon Van Gilder is facing a minimum of 3.5 years and up to 10 years in prison for owning a weapon that hasn’t been in vogue since George Washington crossed the Delaware River.

On top of that, if convicted Van Gilder will lose his pension.

So glad to see that New Jersey is ensuring that antiques remain out of the hands of collectors and that those collectors are both jailed and made destitute.  Once again gun control attacks exactly who it is intended to…the innocent and law abiding.

The case springs from once again admitting ANYTHING to the New Jersey gestapo…I mean police force.  In November of last year Van Gilder was pulled over for a traffic violation in Cumberland County after purchasing a Queen Anne Flintlock dated to the 1760’s.  Van Gilder informed the officer of the presence of the unloaded and wrapped up flintlock falsely thinking that honesty is the best policy in New Jersey.  It isn’t.

Apparently, antiques and historical relics have no exemptions from New Jersey’s draconian gun laws so history buffs beware.

Even a single shot flintlock pistol, owned for historical purposes, that takes over a minute to load and fire holds the same penalty as today’s modern semi automatics that were designed in the 21st century.

Van Gilder recounts his arrest in this farce:

“One of the undersheriffs said, ‘Well, let him go, it’s 250 years old. But his boss, who is the sheriff, said, ‘No, we have to arrest him.’ Next morning, I am sleeping and hear pounding on the door, and four of them came and took me away with three or four sheriff’s cars — I guess they didn’t have anything better to do with taxpayer money.”

“I was fingerprinted and I was chained by my legs to an ice cold bench. Apparently there must be a lot of drive-by flintlock shootings in North Jersey.

“I’m charged with a felony.  That could ruin my life. That could hurt my pension that I spent 34 years acquiring. And I couldn’t vote. It’s not right, it’s not fair.”

It’s absolutely not right or fair.  I wonder if Gov. Christie, the man who keeps saying he wants to be President, is going to sit on the sidelines again and “let the process play out” instead of doing what is right and taking some initiative and pardon Van Gilder here and now.  If it plays out, regardless of the outcome Van Gilder will be out THOUSANDS of dollars in court costs and legal fees fighting a bull shit law intended to punish otherwise law abiding citizens.

Not surprisingly, gun control groups have given their approval of this action by the New Jersey Police with their thunderous silence.

Gun control advocacy groups, including the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the Violence Policy Center, did not return requests for comment.

This is a moment when they could speak up and say that this is not what their intention were when they pushed for gun control…but then they would be lying.  This is EXACTLY what gun control was meant to do.  To disarm the honest and the law abiding because criminals A) aren’t running around with single shot flintlocks and B) aren’t following the law to begin with.

Once again, Gordon Van Gilder illustrates exactly who gun controllers are targeting with their agenda.

  • 0hiojoe

    But the president of the new black panther party, who happens to be a convicted felon and has no right to anywhere near a firearm, has pictures of him posing with pistols (probably stolen too) and he is allowed to walk the street?

    • Bullets First

      Logic and common sense Ohiojoe? Demanding equality and fairness? You’re obviously a racist.

      • 0hiojoe

        Hope this is sarcasm, as there is no way I am racist, after 21 years active duty USAF, the only thing I pass judgement on is lazy folks, who steal for a living.

        • Bullets First

          Sorry joe, absolutely sarcasm. Playing off the standard response to anyone who disagrees with Obama as being one. It read clear as such to me when I wrote it but sometimes nuance is lost when things are written down.

          • 0hiojoe

            Well I surely do disagree with 99% of what obungle has done for our Country!! That is the problem with sarcasm, sometimes it just flies over ones head and they miss the intended fun of it.

    • tr60

      I know we have disagreed in the past but I have to back you up on this one.

    • The Bluesman

      Not to mention the NBP member who stood outside the entrance of a Philly, PA polling place with a club back in 2008. Is that not voter intimidation? Holder did nothing. Imagine for a minute if a Klan member, in full regalia, did the same thing!

      • 0hiojoe

        Yes sir they would have went nuts over that, but put a panther out there with a stick and that’s OK.

  • Hop

    Wow, a state worse than NY !! Hooda thunk ?

  • tr60

    Isn’t there someone in the chain-of-command who can see their way through this? What possible danger does this man pose that would cause the criminal justice system to waste the time, money and the reputation of the department. His automobile is capable of causing far more havoc. I hope in the end that he doesn’t lose his pistol.

  • The Bluesman

    Welcome to New Jersey. Here in PA (and probably many more States), since the BATFE doesn’t consider black powder flintlock and percussion weapons as firearms, anyone 18 or over can buy one, OTC or via mail order, pistols too. No BG check either. Don’t expect Gov. Christie (Rino-NJ) to do anything about it.

  • Russell Sperber

    They’ll probably have to release a murderer to free up prison space for this “threat to society”.

  • Avspatti

    This is beyond ridiculous and stupid! The sheriff is only protecting himself by insisting on arresting this man – never mind that he is going to destroy this man’s life if something isn’t done. How can we help him? Should we all email Gov. Christy?

    • Bob G

      Yes, e-mail the fat guy who hugs and slobbers all over Barry Soetoro.

  • libsarescum

    I am sure the ACLU will take this case… NOT.

  • Bob G

    I’m guessing he’s a white male Christian. That makes him fair game by the left.

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