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Wheelchair Bound Man that Bloomberg Wants Disarmed Kills 2 Home Invaders

Remember, not so long ago when New York City’s racist former Mayor Michael Bloomberg went on and on about how black people commit so much crime that we need to instill more gun control in order to keep “them” under control?

If you’ve forgotten allow me to refresh your memory with these two links:

Racist Bloomberg and Crony Come Out and Say Guns Are Only For Whites

Audio: Bloomberg’s Racist Gun Control Rant

I bring Bloomberg’s past racism up now because if it was up to him, a black, 26 year old Tulsa resident would be dead, most likely along with his friend after a group of 3 men broke into his apartment.

From KOKI’s report:

Anita Penn says her son, who is in a wheelchair, had to shoot the men.

“He did the right thing, because he can’t fight. He can’t do anything, he’s in the chair, and the only thing he’s got to use is his hands.”

Police say there was obviously a struggle inside the apartment. Penn describes a bedroom door off its hinges, a toppled television, and holes from gunshots in the walls.

She says her son did the right thing. “I’m surprised my son made it out of there,” Penn said.

She says her son did the right thing. “I’m surprised my son made it out of there,” Penn said. “If he hadn’t had [the gun] my son probably wouldn’t be here.”

The third suspect, Tymalk Love, flew out a window is still at large.  His partners in crime, Kejuan Shields and Demario Harris died at the scene.

Here’s the rub of the matter. At least one of the intruder’s had a gun.  Since he was all ready violating the law by breaking into someones house I doubt Bloomberg’s racist gun control laws would deter that criminal from using a gun illegally.

What Bloomberg WOULD do however is deny the wheelchair bound resident from being able to defend himself and his friend.

Tragically, it is a a lesson the 26 year old unnamed resident had to learn 4 years ago in 2011 in an event that landed him in that chair.  Anita Penn recounted the story of how a group of home invaders broke into the apartment and shot her son 7 times while he was still in bed.

The family has decided to move out of the home immediately.

Once again, a real tale of self defense, by a guy in a WHEELCHAIR and the silence from the gun control crowd is deafening.


  • Hop

    Wondering what caliber he used, how many shots fired, etc.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Apparently all that was sufficient to accomplish the task!

      • durabo

        Economy above all

  • alphinostrum

    —-possibly we should remove Bloomberg’s body guard”s guns. How would he feel about that? See if the ‘Elite’ really have the same ideas about gun control as they want to foist off on their “Subjects”!

  • jimpeel

    “home invaders broke into the apartment and shot her son 7 times while he was still in bed.”

    And they are only now considering moving out immediately?

    “The third suspect, Tymalk Love, flew out a window is still at large.”

    So how do they know the name of the third suspect if the other two were killed and were unable to give his name? It sounds to me like this guy knew the attackers. If so, they would not have been willing to leave a witness who knew them so the likelihood of his survival was questionable from the moment they broke in. It also begs the question “If he knew these criminals, why? Was he a member of their gang?”

    • Rob

      Maybe they went to school together? We all know people that we don’t actually associate with.

    • Phil me Cracken

      You Are so narrow minded That You cannot fathom that maybe the dirtbags left iNcriminating evidence behind?

      • jimpeel

        Certainly, if the article had stated that the third suspect dropped his wallet with his ID as he dove out the window; but it didn’t.

        Is it “narrow minded” to ask why, after he had been shot seven times in a previous invasion, that he is only now considering leaving that hell hole?

  • MrApple

    I wish him the best. I also wish him some time at the range for some practice.


    Great shooting! Wish he had killed all of them! Then it would be a safer world for ALL of us!

  • svede

    ok…I get that the guy shot and killed some intruders in his home…but the story gets kind of confusing after that…how do they know who the 3rd suspect is if his accomplices were both killed?
    I am wondering what the personal feelings of the mayor o New York City, have to do with a home invasion in Tulsa? Even if Bloomberg were to get his way (which will NEVER happen), it would have absolutely NO effect on the policies of Oklahoma…
    Seems to me, that if this lame – ass story is the best you can come up with to try to scare the people of America into supporting 2nd amendment rights, then your fight has already been won. Using silly segues to try to tie the liberal agenda of a new York city mayor, to try to scare the people of Oklahoma into thinking that ANYONE in the USA is capable of disarming the population of this country, just makes you look dumb, and actually BENEFITS the liberal agenda.
    There are plenty of REAL things happening in this country that can be reported on to help the conservative cause…this isn’t it.The guy who wrote this article is a joke, and he needs to find a job he is capable of doing…I would suggest picking up dog poop from peoples lawns, “news” reporting is obviously not his forte.

  • billrowland

    Doesn’t sound like a gun problem but rather a black problem.

    • jimbopeep

      Yeah I’ve never heard of white boy with any of those names. That is damn fancy language.

  • Phil me Cracken

    Let’s all Bow our heads and mourn the loss of two more of obozo’s sons if he had any. Hopefully the other One Can get sent to see his brothers very soon. All three can have a reunion in hell.
    Whenever obozo passes away he will be with all his people there to.

  • kopperskettle

    Including Bloomberg. And those like him are what keeps the doors open for these hideous crimes to continue.

  • samosamo1234

    How is it that this “innocent” individual has had the same thing happen twice, was shot up the first time, then was prepared the second time. What’s the real story because I’m not feeling sympathetic.

  • jimpeel

    So, it turns out that the wheelchair bound man was not the actual shooter of the invaders. The man who actually did the shooting fled; and he was later arrested on unrelated warrants. The guy in the wheelchair was disallowed from the ownership or possession of a firearm because of a previous stint in prison.

  • nk

    Re edit this article for grammar. It reads like a c-average high school student wrote it.

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  • White Bear

    Excellent! A feel good story all around; a disabled man who refuses to be a victim and two dead criminals who will never commit another crime. There is absolutely nothing better for society than a dead criminal.

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