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Bruce Jenner Makes Me Want To Vomit

To paraphrase Snoop Dogg, “Bruce Jenner isn’t news, he’s a science experiment.”

I couldn’t agree more.  Shame on ESPN to be force feeding the sports watching public with this liberal dogmatic crap, continually hammering in this lie that having a sex change is somehow normal or a courageous act.

No.  It is a mental disorder.  It even has a name, Body Dysmorphic Disorder.  We don’t champion anorexics or bulimics for being “brave” enough to starve or vomit their way to a thinner body.

There is nothing brave or natural about chopping off parts of your body and taking a plethora of drugs to change your sex.  It’s a psychological disease that needs treatment and therapy and all the people who are cheering for Bruce Jenner’s mutilation of himself are fooling both themselves and this man whose mental disorder has led him down a path of Frankensteinian horror.

Posit for a moment a person who doesn’t like their hands.  For one reason or another doesn’t believe they should have been born with hands.  That they were born with the 2 natural appendages all healthy and whole people are born with.  Do we celebrate when this person runs both of their wrists over a table saw so they can be their “true selves.”  No.  We are appalled and believe that they need help and try to attach their hands back on.  We get them counseling and put them on medication in hopes that they don’t feel like they were born with two feet they don’t need either.

What Bruce Jenner did to himself is no less of a horrific act.

And ESPN goes ahead and gives him the Arthur Ashe Courage Award which apparently celebrates personal mutilation.

In the video that ESPN produced for the award ceremony they coupled Bruce Jenner’s 1976 Olympic Gold Medal in the Decathlon with being cool with being patriotic again.  Then segued into how its cool to have your body mutilated if it makes you feel good about yourself.

How Bruce Jenner was always a female trapped in a male body.  How his failed marriages were because he was really a woman.  And how that chopping off his body parts would make him feel better.

This apparently is good enough for ESPN to give him an award on courage.

To most rational thinking people, outside of Hollywood and the liberal media machine this is a sad case of a man being prodded along by people who care more about making money or pushing an agenda than what is actually happening to him.

What Bruce Jenner did to himself is not a brave act.  It is a cry for help.  A cry that was left unanswered by those who should have cared for him the most.

When I hear his kids giving interviews of how proud they are of him and his “courage” to mutilate himself I just wish there was someone there to smack them in the face and wake them from whatever reality tv trance they are in.  To yell at them to stop being reality tv whores and think about something more than ratings and money.

Did ANY of Bruce Jenner’s kids say: “This is messed up, dad you need help?”

Or did they just smile for the camera and say what was the most liberally acceptable thing?

It seems the answer is clear.

But I’m not done with ESPN yet.

Bruce Jenner’s mental disorder is not only being celebrated by ESPN at the ESPY’s (or for that matter for the past few months on a number of their shows) but it also replaced two possible nominees who had REAL COURAGE in facing adversity that was not the result of their own mental breakdowns.

First is Noah Galloway.  Sgt. Galloway was an Iraq War veteran who lost his left arm above the elbove and leg above the knee.  Rather than letting that define his life he fought through the difficult rehab and had the courage to face the adversity that being a double amputee levied against him.  Not only did he compete on dancing with the stars finished in third place.

But dancing is not the only place where he competes in athletics.  He participates in a variety of fitness competitions from regular 5K and 10K races to ones such as Tough Mudders, CrossFit competitions and Spartan events as well as being a personal fitness trainer for others.

Here’s a picture of Noah Galloway.



Not your cup of courage?  Fine.

How about young Lauren Hill, basketball player for Mt. St. Joseph University in Cincinnati Ohio.  Lauren was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer?  Instead of crying herself to sleep every night and checking out early of life, Lauren grabbed the life she had remaining to her and lived it with the poise and grace that belies her 19 years.

She fought the good fight, played her Freshman year of basketball, played through the pain of the cancer that was ravaging her body.  She raised more than $1.5million for pediatric cancer research before her illness claimed her life on April 10th of this year.  Talk about courage, people with more years and experience would have broken down and felt sorry for themselves if given the diagnosis of t terminal brain cancer.  Lauren Hill fought against the dying of the light and made her life, brief though it was, mean something.  Doing that when faced with a bad break is what courage is.  This is the face of courage:

lauren hill

Now tell me…what exactly did Bruce Jenner do that was so brave?

Oh right, he cut off his penis.

Excuse me while I go vomit.

I’m not sure what makes me more nauseous, the fact that Bruce Jenner mutilated himself so or the fact that ESPN and the liberal press are trying to force feed me the BS that it is not only an “okay” thing but that is should be celebrated.

I feel sorry for Bruce Jenner that he couldn’t get the help he needed and I feel disgust for all the people, including ESPN, who have profited from this man’s mental disorder.

The whole situation makes me sick and I for one am not going to apologize for not accepting this as a natural act…or courageous one.

Update: There are conflicting sources on the matter of where Bruce Jenner is on his gender reassignment process.  If he still has all his male bits and pieces he’s essentially a drag queen.  What’s so courageous about that?  Dame Edna and Ru Paul have been rocking that for decades.

  • “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto Yahweh thy God.” (Deuteronomy 22:5)

    “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor EFFEMINATE, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.” (1 Corinthians 6:9-10)

    Praise God! Transgenderism can be repented of and forgiven via the blood atoning-sacrifice and resurrection of Christ:

    “And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.” (1 Corinthians 6:11)

    • Grundune

      A little repetitious, on several sites, but I’ll give you an honest thumbs up.

  • jakex_iii

    There is no courage in what he/she did. I do think the Sgt. was/is Very Courageous.
    But then, ESPN never has been in ‘my thinking’ corner – wayyy to Liberal for me. And then there is the support and ‘fondling’ of all the Over-Paid athletes.

    • Mariana Petoom

      ESPN is not supposed to be in a thinking corner unless all you think of is sports. The free market sets the prices and wages and athletes have a rather short career. I can’t imagine how sports reporting can be labeled liberal or right wing. How often do you fondle athletes either under paid or overpaid? That sounds quite spicy.

  • Skyhawk

    Just another degenerate, a has been, doing anything for publicity. But try as he may, he will never be a woman.

    • 4Cats_Momma1

      You are so right! When I look at him [not her] I still see a 65 year-old man.

      • Jessy Scholl

        And a Woman that speaks like a man.

  • disqus_pub5z99Dyj

    You are SO RIGHT ON! I’ve been saying he has a mental disorder forever and some look at me like I’M CRAZY. We who see the truth, MUST SPEAK OUT and not let the liberal/PC/mind controlled/ have a louder voice than we do. We need to speak just as loud and often as them. Don’t let them drown out your rational voice!! We are in the days of lies, deceit, and major corruption. They will say…good is evil and evil is good. Beware.

  • Spiritofthebayonet

    He did not cut off his johnson; he is a transvestite on hormones.

  • Estoban

    I hope his children don’t suicide out of embarrassment.

    • GatorScientist .

      They’re media whore’s; they have no concept of embarrassment.

  • NoLibLiz

    Rom. 1:25

    New International Version

    ‘They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator–who is forever praised. Amen.’

    They TRY to change God’s creation into something else. The fail. They call it something else anyway–ergo–a lie.

  • Aunt Dot

    THANK YOU … THANK YOU…. THANK YOU!!! I started thinking that I am the only one on the planet that realizes this man deserves NOTHING…. he did a completely selfish act in defiance of his family and his children and, if they say they are proud of him, it shows how messed up that whole family is anyway!!! The people you offered other than that turd taking drugs to keep everything are the TRUE HEROES!!!!! THEY are the people I would like my children to emulate…. not a piece of rotting flesh. What made it worse…. he DEMANDED an award for being a selfish pig…. the murderer of innocent people made no apologies for that either…. shows you what kind of gutter trash he is!!! You WANT TO PRINT STORIES OF OUR HEROES??? GIVE US MORE OF THE LAUREN HILLS, NOAH GALLAWAYS, THE SOLDIERS STAYING ON POINT TO PROTECT WE THE PEOPLE…. THE GOVERNMENT WORKERS KILLED DEFENDING OUR EMBASSY AND THEN BETRAYED BY THE LYING TWINS KILLORY AND ODUMBO SITTING IN THE HIGHEST OFFICE IN THE LAND!!! Introduce Odumbass to Bruce Jenner….. both volunteered their pricks for their selfish vanity and both deserve to be vilified NOT HONORED!!!

    • Mariana Petoom

      Aunt who is somewhat dotty: You are vulgar and a liar. This whole topic is none of your business and none of mine. You seem to know a great deal about what you refer to as “pricks” –obviously you don’t know the proper term, but I assume you are very familiar with them as you turn tricks. So a prostitute like you has no moral authority to judge others.

  • hijalibre

    Bruce Jenner has been used TO THE MAX by the LGBT to promote their agenda! They don’t care a whit about Bruce! He can’t even get counselling because now that has been OUTLAWED! Evil does not want to be exposed, so no counselling for anyone with these MENTAL DISORDERS! NO, Bruce does NOT make me want to VOMIT! The LGBT makes me want to vomit! They are only interested in ONE THING! That is promoting their agenda!! If it destroys lives, oh well. They will do ANYTHING to squelch the opposition! Outlaw counselling that could help, throw a big party in celebration, call names, lie, cheat, bribe, just don’t touch their sexual deception! I love Bruce and pray for him. He has believed the incessant voices that were lying in his head. Now they have become external for the whole world to hear, and are lying over the air waves, our schools, entertainment, etc. I hope clear-thinking people will not join the deception and also believe the LIES!!

    • Purrito Purrpants

      I am an “L” of the LGB, and let me tell you, we do NOT want the “T” to be associated with us. I don’t want men in my bathroom, either.

  • 83ragtop50

    Are they going to take away the Olympic metal and any other metals that IT won because IT competed in the event staged for those of the male gender?

  • jonbernal

    From what I heard, this whole thing was nothing but a shameless way to produce money. Disney owns both ABC and ESPN. Jenner’s agents brought some leverage against ESPN – they would not do the interview with Diane Sawyer unless he was given this award. That is ratings money for ABC, ESPN and for Disney. It also looks like Jenner will be getting his own reality series out of this as well – more money for ABC. These Hollywood producers and executives have the moral compass of your garden variety hyena. They are all soul-less, God-less Democrats who will side with any depravity as long as they can make a buck. They own the White House. They’re running the schools now. They’re running the media now. Hell, they’re running all of the Democrat party and most of the Republican party as well.

  • Dan Daly

    XX=FEMALE………XY=MALE…This very small lesson in genetics was formulated at the beginning of time by God if you are a believer or discovered by Darwin after years of research if not. At no time since the beginning has what was going on above the neck had any bearing on what you were. It has just happened in the last century that a catastrophic mental disorder has been given the legitimacy that allows people to think that Dr. Frankenstein can not only reanimate the dead , he can also change their sex. Surgery and hormone treatments will never change someone’s sex. Doctors who profit from this sort of delusional exercise should have their license to practice medicine revoked. The “Media” who promote it should be ashamed

  • Joseph Oreilly

    While I agree that Mr. Jenner’s is about as ‘heroic’ as a heroin addict, I must point out that according to my information, he has yet to undergo the knife, ie. he is still whole. Moreover, whatever mutilation he actually undergoes, he will remain, as born, a male. DNA, not feeling or life style determines gender. I suppose in a society that celebrates SM (50 Shades) and infanticide (abortiion), applauding Mr. Jenner’s (proposed) self-mutilation should be considered neutral. At least his choices will not doom others. The media approbation however, is a direct threat to both current and future generations….those who are being brain-washed by their false narrative.

  • everhopefu

    Excellent post! I agree 100%! Sad for the 2 who were considered and actually courageous.

  • Dennis Marcellino

    His appearance on the Espy’s was both embarrassing and sad. The blind sheep (the general public) has made it acceptable to do something as horrendous as this. The reason why the suicide rate is so high with trans people is because reality – not the acceptance of the public – hits them. There’s no way around it in this temporary life – we have to turn to God and His ways to have clarity and make it to Heaven. Mutilation is a sad and unnecessary experiment to get to those goals.

  • PBHayes

    ESPN glorifying Bruce Jenner and his extreme mental illness is sickening. I’ve had it with these idiots and will never watch again.

    • George Bernard Vieto

      I quit watching their daytime shows like His and Hers and First Take as well as Sports Center. I found the movie on the Lifetime Movie Channel are more exciting.

  • jlbhouston

    The bottom line is that he’s a wealthy 65 year old man (yes, man) wearing women’s designer clothing. And because of that we’re supposed to think he’s great?? I don’t get it.

  • wellilltellya

    all jenner was after was the notoriety he had ten minutes of when he won the gold metal I mean look he been on MORE T.V now then when he was Olympic star ! hell if cutting of his pecker to get awards from everyone from barry in the whitehouse to ESPN all he wanted was what he getting right NOW ATTENTION


    Courage as demonstrated by Noah Galloway and Lauren Hill is a rare commodity in the world of liberal progressives.
    As for waste of human flesh She-male Jenner, the LBGT community is your new family, what a freak show!
    Great Post Tony!

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  • Army Vet 4444

    RIGHT ON!!! There was another article that I just finished commenting, pretty much the same.

    I do not understand how a person is eligible for an award distinguishing
    “bravery” simply because they choose to physically mutilate their body
    to succumb to the vile self indulgences of a perverted sexual pleasure
    of their own creation. How does this produce a social standing of

  • Gamal

    Anorexics believe they are fat when they are thin. If an anorexic starves herself is she being courageous for doing so?

  • Steven Butterbaugh

    Me too and I’m gay. He’s a caricature. I thought the mind’s purpose is to perceive reality, not remake it to remake reality against itself.

    • Paul Ruggiero

      We remake reality all of the time. It’s called engineering. We are constantly reshaping the world around us. Our mind does not just observe, it give us the power to create and do. You know better than that. If you ever get a disease, then just succumb to it. Don’t take drugs that remodel your body and alter cellular processes to kill the bug. Just let the bug win.

      I have a question. I thought you believed in individual freedom? Why doesn’t Jenner have the freedom to become whatever he/she wants too? Or only the freedom to conform to your way of living? You are a hypocrite and you are not consistent in your thinking.

      • Charlotte Schnook

        Because biology and class aren’t something to be appropriated. It’s demeaning to women to pretend a dude is a woman simply because he wears a skirt. Being a female is more than a presentation, its more than an outfit and a feeling. It’s a biological category of reproduction that has been exploited for thousands of years.

        As a woman I find this shit offensive and now these clowns are pushing to be let into female bathrooms, gyms, domestic violence shelters, jails, etc. Where these creeps have repeatedly attacked and raped real females.

  • nannybear

    Caitlyn is not a freak. Isn’t this the way gays started. Caitlyn is a beautiful woman inside and out. Talk about something you know about.

    • Charlotte Schnook

      Gay people arent demanding to end the sex segregation females need for their safety. Gay people aren’t buttressing sexism by pretending that gender is innate. Gay people aren’t pushing the notion that children should be sterilized despite a 70% chance they will grow out of their dysphoria or have their livers marred or brains harmed by so many unnatural hormone therapies or puberty blockers. Many gay people are pissed that transgenderism is used as an attempt to erase gay people or push children into confining binaries.

  • Nikki

    None of the people here even mention the suicide rates or the reason why people are even transgender. Your brain is female or male when you are 16 weeks in the womb. Body dysmorphia isnt transgender, thats something completely different. Its called gender identity disorder. And yeah having to face wanting to kill yourself and having to face a world who doesn’t accept something like this takes a lot of guts. How many people can say they actually know about the treatment history of transgender people. Do you know that they have tried everything and the only thing that works is transitioning. No you guys probably don’t becuase all you do is watch fox and listen to people who are afraid and insecure. And all this bible stuff. Leave the judgment to God,worry about your own soul.

    • Charlotte Schnook

      The brain is not a sex organ, the genitals are. The differences between male and female brains are minor, those which do exist show to be caused by conditioning, not innate. The idea I have a “lady brain” is fucking offensive. That’s medieval bullshit ideology the church used to string up my kind and the patriarchy used to subjugate us.

      • Nikki

        Just like black people used to be slaves right? Their skin is different so they are automatically disregarded as humans. Oh wait we fixed that civil rights issue didn’t we. I would like to see your credentials, I see you spouting opinions but never referencing any hard scientific facts or citing them. You are nothing but a bully with too much time on your hands. Listen up, the more and more you don’t accept people for who they are, the less and less our world has a chance of making it. We have to start coming together as a world, not ripping it apart. If I present as the female gender, I expect to be treated that way. it by no means interferes with your life what so ever, so what does it matter? I don’t run around claiming im a biological female, im claiming to present as how I feel in my head, just like you feel like you a female. You also fail to mention intersex and the 9 other gender birth defects that follow. Please give me facts, maybe you can change my mind, but when you spout dumb opinions you only make your side look ignorant.

  • Paul Ruggiero

    This is a stupid blog site, like so many others. Proofreading and fact-checking are dead. No one does this anymore, because journalism is dead. People only want to hear information that agrees with their own personal ideas. We are really dying as a culture. This blog site is just another example of this.

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