A Simple Analogy About DACA and Disneyland That Everyone Can Understand

First of all I am not going to take credit for having this idea.  It was someone on twitter who posted the notion and I just decided to run with it.  The genesis for the following analogy comes from the following:

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Anyways, after seeing Steph’s analogy I realized that it’s brilliance resided in its simplicity.  How often is it said that if any business (at least those not run by the Clinton’s or the Bernie Sanders of the world) was run like the way the Government was, not only would they be out of business but those in charge would probably be in jail for fraud, money laundering, insider trading etc.  Why would DACA and our immigration policy be any different?

So let’s look at it this way.  The US is Disneyland.  A magical wonderful place that people come to so their dreams can come true.

Most people stand in line, pay their dues, and enter the park legally.  By following the rules and doing things the right way both Disneyland and those entering prosper.

Yet, on the other hand you have people who are jumping the fence, not doing things the right way, and trying to cheat the system and worst of all they are dragging their children along with them.

A quick aside from the metaphor, the narrative that DACA is only a bunch of helpless children is a load of crap.  In order to apply for DACA you had to be under THRITY- ONE YEARS of age in 2012.  That means that there are tens of thousands of illegal immigrants 30 years old and older who are benefiting under DACA.  This isn’t about kids, it’s about grown ass adults who knew long long ago that they were breaking the law.

Back to the analogy.  So parents illegally hop the fence to Disneyland.  They are eventually found and are kicked out.  Does Disneyland simply let the children stay?  Sure, it’s not THEIR fault that their parents broke the law, hopped a fence in order to enter Disneyland but should the park just reward people for doing the wrong thing?

And even if you let all the kids stay and give them complimentary passes, if you do not secure the parks fences all that will do is encourage more people to hop the fence since there is no real consequence for breaking the rules because once the kids get their complimentary passes they can invite all their family to enter the park anyway.

Now you have people who have been waiting in line patiently, some for a long time.  They see all these people jumping the fence, not paying the admission fee and facing no consequence.  At what point do the people in line feel like suckers and chumps and just decide to hop the fence like all the other people?

I’ll just end the analogy there.

Amnesty without a secure border is simply an encouragement to keep breaking the rules and not only does it encourage illegals to keep coming, it encourages immigrants who would otherwise come to this country the right way to simply do it the illegal way because hell, if there is no punishment for the crime, in fact if there are REWARDS for the crime why would they wait like a chump and do things the right way?

This is why DACA, unconstitutional to begin with, is a terrible policy and why it not only needed to be rescinded but needs to be buried so that the people following the rules know that they are doing the right thing and that cheaters will not prosper by breaking the rules.

This is one of the largest reasons, that Democrats astonishly can’t grasp, as to why so many legal immigrants side with Trump on this issue.  After working so hard to be able to come to this country why would the support a party or policy that would reward people who cheated the system?

That’s what DACA is.  It’s rewarding cheaters, and that’s something that America shouldn’t be embracing.



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