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Political Correctness Runs Amok as Student Arrested For Writing About Shooting a DINOSAUR

Oh, South Carolina…I expect better from you.

On the other hand, this incident takes place in a public school, and those have long been known to be bastions of liberal asininity so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.

Summerville High School Freshman Alex Stone was given a creative writing assignment for his English class.

That short assignment written in “facebook-like update form” (don’t get me started on why students don’t seem to actually write papers anymore)  would lead the school administrators to calling the police and Alex Stone getting arrested.

What threats and dangerous writings did Stone put into his work of fiction?  He wrote a story about shooting his neighbors pet dinosaur with a dinosaur hunting gun “he purchased to take care of the business.”

Now…I guess PETEA is getting involved.  You know, People for the Ethical Treatment of EXTINCT Animals.

What if Stone wrote about being attacked by gum drop people and had to eat them to survive…would they police be called in on fears he was a cannibal?

As for Stone he put it pretty well in saying:

“I regret it because they put it on my record, but I don’t see the harm in it.  I think there might have been a better way of putting it, but I think me writing like that, it shouldn’t matter unless I put it out toward a person.”

Alex can’t see the harm in it because he isn’t blinded by liberal gun hating rage.  Unlike those with common sense and open mindedness, school officials couldn’t see that Stone’s story is a non-story about a kid with a writing assignment about a dinosaur.

But the idiots who run Summerville High apparently have a common sense shortage on their hands as administrators called in the police to search Stone’s bag, person and locker.

Upon finding nothing threatening or incriminating they couldn’t go away empty handed and so they arrested Stone on the catch all contempt of cop charge.  Basically they said he was being disruptive in school, which apparently is something children can get arrested for.

You know what is disruptive in schools?  Sniveling, gun hating bureaucrats who bring in jackbooted thugs because someone wrote the word “gun” in a creative writing assignment about dinosaurs.

Of course, as soon as the story got out the police have been trying to paint a different picture.  A Summerville Police Department report states that Stone continued to be disruptive and was placed in handcuffs, and was told that he was being detained for disturbing schools.

What of the parents of this 16 year old menace to the Mesozoic era?  They were never contacted.

Stone’s mother, Karen Gray, is fuming over the way the school handled the entire situation stating:

“If the school would have called me and told me about the paper and asked me to come down and discussed everything and, at least, get his point-of-view on the way he meant it. I never heard from the school, never. They never called me.”

No call until after her son was all ready arrested and that call was by the police.  Knee jerk reactionaries of public education with zero tolerance polices that make Nazi’s look like an accepting and gracious bunch, once again try to ruin a young persons life because of their own deep seeded hate and vitriol.  Their message is clear; You can’t even write the word “gun” in fiction anymore without being bound and chained and dragged off like a criminal.

The powers that be at Summerville High School are trying to indoctrinate their own fear and hatred of firearms into the minds of their students in any manner they can.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated incident.  Last school year an 8th grader was arrested and suspended for wearing an NRA T-shirt to school.  His arrest was for not taking his shirt off.

Then you have three students from Virginia Beach Public Schools who had police called on them and received year long suspensions for playing with toy guns AT HOME.

Not to mention the numerous elementary school kids around the country being suspended and threatened with expulsion by the Imagination Nazi’s for having finger guns.

All in all these, as well as Alex Stone’s case, are just the examples of the out of touch lunacy that the administrators at public schools are pushing onto their students.

And that is even BEFORE we get to the rewriting of history and the 2nd Amendment with the Common Core Curriculum.

Perhaps we all should be paying better attention to our local school board elections because this madness has to end somehow.



  • This incident illustrates one of two seldom considered reasons for why the Second Amendment is ultimately doomed. For both reasons and for something MUCH MORE potent than the natural right to bear arms in defense of ourselves, our families, and neighbors, see

  • Docs357

    This again proves that these morons are void of common sense and are detached from reality. They think they are above they rest of the human race. When I was a kid I remember a saying I heard often enough. ” Those who can do do those that can’t teach ” another one that rings true today is ” Anything worth learning about life can’t be taught in a class room”
    Ask them why they became teachers because I love children. That’s why the losers take every opportunity to jam the kids up . The cop that arrested this kid should be ashamed and should have taken the person who complained for a mental evaluation instead.
    The kids who ran around the neighborhoods with sticks for rifles playing cops and robbers and fight the enemy armies grew up to be soldiers family men workers and some leaders in business and. Even politicians. This all come to pass when they put a lying demonic Muslim in the White House because he wants our guns to rule over us like slaves. A man with a gun is a citizen a man without a gun is a subject. Don’t let those who can’t steal your liberty

    • GRAMPA

      Doc these people do not think themselves as part of the human race. They are part of the omnipotent godlike ruling class. Like the dinosaur this child wrote about it is time they join them as among the extinct. Do these people want all to live in a carefully controlled bubble. I have helped remove some of these people in my grand kids school administrators. I push everyone like yourself who cares to join me to rid us of our ruling class. I am always glad to see another voice of reason.

      • Docs357

        I agree with you 100% . When my oldest was in 1St grade I saw the chaos that was going on my wife and I did what we had to sacrifice some really meaningless things like going out to dinner movies to put our four sons through a Christian school . My youngest attended public high school for sports for two years he started college yesterday. His coach is working with three college coaches about scholarships . I thank God that they avoided the liberal brain washing and are Christian men. My granddaughter is in another state and hasn’t started school yet. I know my sin and his wife will do everything they can to educate their children out of the system and will vote to bring this one down as do my wife and myself. BE BLESSED Grandpa you and yours

        • GRAMPA

          Thank you I need all I can get.

  • Bryan Blackburn

    a ninja star buried in the front door with a note on the 2nd amendment might be a nice way to give them a hint. A bag of shit on fire is old school but I loved firing flaming tennis balls out a home made tennis ball launcher when I was a kid. When we had a teacher that would do stupid crap we would take their car pick it up and turn it sideways in the parking lot. You can also join a dating sight and see if this teacher has a profile on plenty of fish and hook her up with one of your older friends and he can just spank that putty tain and straighten her out because she evidently is not getting enough or she would behave. Principals need to have stronger tactics, the one time my friends stuck a water hose in the mail slot in his front door and left it going all night maybe that got the message across. I can’t really detail what else we use to do it might incriminate me. But hey just be careful and do not get caught.

  • Kristen Waller

    If I had kids they would be home schooled and taught the right way!!!

  • Sunshine49

    I remember reading that 95% of potential geniuses are destroyed in schools. Maybe that’s why our “greatest generation” from WW II came out like they did. Many never went past the 8th grade because they went out into the world to work and survive. They had to use their brains and there was no such thing as depending on the government for your survival. Children feared God and disciplinary parents more than they did the police. Life may have been harder, but the rewards were greater from personal satisfaction of a job well done. All of that is gone now and kids in schools today would have no idea what I was even talking about. The fact is that to “change” a country you have to change the way people think. That’s what the progressives have been up to for the past 50 years in our schools!

  • pearl87

    I hope this is one more mother who removes her child from the public school prison system. I hope other parents who saw this happen do the same. Public schools are a threat to the existence of America.

  • Roger Norris

    There is an old saying. “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck” In the public schools, if it looks like a gun, it’s a gun–even if it’s a pop tart, a pointed finger or the written word! No wonder attendance and payment is compulsory. Who would go to a place like that voluntarily?

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