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If Tim Tebow Was Gay, Maybe the NFL Would Force a Team to Give HIM a Job

Michael Sam, the under-qualified, undersized, slow, weak, mediocre player from the University of Missouri got drafted because he was gay.  He was cut from the St. Louis Rams because he wasn’t good enough.

The NFL couldn’t have that so they went around the league begging teams to take him on their practice squad.

Jerry Jones eventually figured he could make a couple of bucks on jersey sales and took him on, also figuring that the league now owed him a favor.

Before I go any further, let’s get to Sam’s qualifications first, just so you don’t think this is some subjective viewing.

Michael Sam runs a slow 4.91 forty yard dash.

Michael Sam can only bench press 225 lbs 17 times.

Michael Sam runs the three cone drill in an interminable 7.8 seconds.

Michael Sam SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Year is misleading.  He recorded 11.5 with sacks which appear good but when you realize that 9 of those sacks came in 3 games against chump opponents (Arkansas State of the Sun Belt Conference, Vanderbilt 4-4 in Conference Play, and Florida with an overall team record of 4-8).  He also had tackles that resulted in 19 yards of loss for his opponents.  9 of those yards came from those very same teams.

So outside of padding his resume on chump competition, if we remove those three games, over the 11 other games he had 2.5 sacks and only 10 tackles for losses.  

Once you actually take a look at the numbers you realize that is stats were inflated on sub par opponents.

Let’s get back to those Combine Numbers and put those in perspective too.

Michael Sam’s 4.91 for a defensive end is SLOW.  Of the 28 Defensive Ends who ran it, Sam was 22nd.

You may say that Defensives ends don’t need that much speed, they won’t be covering wide receivers after all.  Sure.  But what they DO need is quickness.  That is what the 3 cone drill is for.

NO DEFENSIVE END was slower than Michael Sam.  His 7.8 second 3 cone drill might as well have just had him standing still.  Combined with his 40 time he is slow delinquent in both speed AND quickness.

And don’t think about him knocking down passes, he also had the LOWEST vertical jump.

As for overpowering his blockers, Michael Sam is WEAK.  He only bench pressed 225lbs 17 times.  To put that in perspective, when I played football in college I was 70 lbs lighter than Sam and could put up 225 for 15 reps.

Only one DE did less reps than Sam.

Doesn’t run fast, isn’t quick, can’t jump and is weak.

BUT AT LEAST HE’S GAY…so of course he get’s drafted.

Now, you may think me bashing on Michael Sam because he’s gay, that isn’t the case.  I’m bashing on Michael Sam because he used his being gay to force the NFL to pressure teams to draft him and subsequently hire him in order to maintain good PR.

With his inflated numbers and below average physical ablities, Michael Sam would not have been drafted had he not made it a publicity issue for the league, nor would he have a job now in the NFL.

The guy can’t play.  Shouldn’t THAT be what we judge him on, not his preference of sexual partners?

I guess that is too much equality for the left to bear.  Had the NFL not gone through the measures they did to ensure that Michael Sam was in the NFL, no doubt liberals would let slip their rabid dogs of victimization and claim that Michael Sam wasn’t in the NFL because of bigotry.  All the while ignoring the fact that he really can’t play the game at that high of a level.

President Obama even spoke out of both sides of his faces when he commented on Sam being drafted state that he:

“Congratulates Michael Sam, the Rams and the NFL for taking an important step forward today in our Nation’s journey” 

Obama didn’t congratulate the Rams on improving their team.  It was all about a gay guy getting drafted, regardless of how well he plays.  It was about the “Nation’s Journey”.  Like electing an unqualified crappy President just because he’s black.  Oh…hmmm…I guess I can see how Obama can relate to Michael Sam.

So, uneven the playing field so your poster boy for homosexuals gets a job he doesn’t deserve and is unqualified for yet Tim Tebow is still out in the cold because the Jets and Rex Ryan screwed him over?

Basic liberal hypocrisy.

Tim Tebow, who when actually given half a chance (half because John Fox was a garbage coach to him) still managed to go 7-4 in 11 games, set a record and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in a playoff game, and had the 2nd most game winning drives (even with starting 5 less games) during the season.

Tim Tebow, proven winner, outspoken Christian.

Michael Sam, proven failure, outspoken Homosexual.

One of these men have a job in the NFL…how fair is that?



    I see the problem with government setting standards for everything. It starts with everyone getting a trophy for showing up and using oxygen. No need to excel for if you are black you are automatically special If you are Mexican You are automatically special, If you are gay you are special soon nothing is special about being special. Now when these “special” people get into the real world they think their special condition will carry them thru out life. So now we hear a harmonic whine from the many who think they should still be SPECIAL. Performance has always and always will be the special talent and the extra effort that sets us apart from the ones who like the consumers of government benefits and the ones who earn their big homes and high wages from the effort output from the human drive and innovation. The aberration of the human condition contributes nothing to a mans skill or ability. The corporations will put up with crap for just so long. When it starts costing money and profits it will stop.
    This country still functions on skill and ability and we seeing the push back on the governments artificial standards. Their desire to treat everyone equal has become the desire to make everyone equal.

    • Jp

      Hate to tell you, but I have never been “special” I worked my ass off through apprenticeship even when guys with this same attitude… were unwilling to teach me, so I read… paid attention, went to night school and bettered myself, so when I was 19 I passed the Master Electrician’s Examination, then when trying to get into project management few wanted to show me the ropes… what did I do whine about it? No I read, paid attention, went to school at night and increased my knowledge becoming an top electrical project manager in the design- build electrical industry.


      When I wanted to expand into more automation and design and again no one wanted to share what did I do… I read, paid attention, went to school online and I bettered myself… and I became a great engineer and now own my own design build energy company as well as developed and run the Electrical Engineering Technology program at a community college teaching men and women to better themselves and giving them a chance to learn from someone willing to teach them… I did all of this without handouts without whining and while raising a family. Do I think Im “special” hell no… do I think Im bettet than anyone else or deserve anymore or less than anyone else… hell no… is it because Im…. wait for it… BLACK hell no.

      I did what I had to do to be successful… despite the obstacles of bad attitudes… low finances… and limited time… so Grandpa I can tell you this I have met many HUMAN BEINGS who think the way you do. As well as those whom YOU describe… they come in all shapes colors and sizes expecting something for nothing… always playing the victim of circumstance… but I have also met a great many people like myself who believe in hard work and earning their own keep…. they also come in all shapes sizes and colors.

      So although I agree with your sentiment I disagree with statement that its only blacks and mexicans who think this way…. as I live in Iowa 96% of the population is NOT black or mexican and we have plenty of folks who feel the world owes them something.

      • GRAMPA

        I dont know who you think your trying to bullshit but it takes four years to get your journeyman’s and two years as a journeyman to take your masters test This is set by the same counsel that formulates the National electrical code. Your claim for 19 says you were journeyman at 17 You are indeed full to your eyes.

        • Jp


          I can see you are offended by my post… especially calling me basically a liar… so here you go

          First Name: John-Paul everyone calls me Jp

          EL 1898 MA

          EL 1898 EC.

          COLLEGE I TEACH AT- Indian Hills Community College, Ottumwa Iowa.

          PROGRAM I TEACH – Electrical & Renewable Energy Technology.

          COMPANY I OWN – Efficient Electrical Energy Consultants, LLC, Iowa



          prior to 2007 in Iowa we did not have statewide licensing.

          Licensing was county by county and even city by city. The local AHJ issued licenses as did many other midwestern (Missouri is still that way…)states prior to 1993. Majority of areas licensing was not required. Employer (s)deemed you a journeyman or master in a manner they deemed necessry many by having you take the Block Examinantion which I did take.

          Also time logged working could come from non department of labor apprenticeship programs. YOUR EMPLOYER would set your journeyman status at that time.

          MY HISTORY:

          So if a young man worked/volunteered for an electrical serviceman an average of 40 hours a week 3 months out of the year and then averaged 25 hours a week for 9 months out of the year for a 4-5 year period its not inconceivable to gain the experience and knowledge to become a journeyman soon after becoming an adult. Especially when he put another 65 hours a week in over the following two year period.

          Simple math really 1st 4-5 years working summers for electrical service contractor who happened to be friend of family… (and who happened to be a veteran of WWII) and doing electrical and maintenance for another local business during school part time…

          so my apprenticeship or OJT as they were called back then… was about 480 hours per summer for 4 summers = 1920 hours

          School year I worked about 20-30 hours week… apx 900 hours a year for 4 years = 3600 hours.

          post early graduation at 17 from high school 65 hours a week 3380 hours the 1st year.

          Total hours accumulated by 18 = 8900 hours but back then it was by years of employment and your employer sponsored you.

          After working another 3380 between 18 and 19 I had accumulated 12,280 hours of experience. Now it wasn’t done over a short time period it actually took between 7 and 8 years to get that experience…. most electricians do it in 4 to 5… non union takes 4 union takes 5.

          In addition I absorbed everything I could get my hands on about electricity. My mentor had me read books as assignments when I was younger he would teach me blueprint reading how to do a take off even how to do relay logic and draw relay logic diagrams…

          Since that time I have logged over 70,000 additional hours in the industry averaged over 2700 continuing education clock hours in advanced training in technology related issues. And I have taught in the college for a total of 7488 clock hours of college credit course.

          now again the point of my response to your post was not to insult nor offend you, but in my 46 years I have ran into many many people who suffer from the affliction of what I call “stereotypical generalization” having this affliction does NOT make anyone a racist, homophobe or anything else… what it means is we make statements based on stereotypes we may or may not of actually experienced or we perceive to be the norm…

          for example… “All white guys over 40 are racist…” that a bullshit stereotypical generalization… 99% of my non blood related friends from childhood thru the present have been white. I have blood relatives who have said this very thing to me… I call then out on it cause its bullshit.

          another example… “all black people are lazy and want a handout…” another stereotypical generalization… I come from two parents who worked HARD in SE Iowa on their farm, helping others in and out of their church and my father was the Production Engineering Manager of Young Radiator company for 25 years… he would literally drive a tractor the 11 miles to work if he had to in order not miss work because of weather.

          MY response was simply to point out the FACT that people who want hand outs…. i.e. special treatment …come in all shapes sizes and colors…

          I also stated that people who want to be successful… i.e. productive citizens… work hard and do what they have to do to get there … and they also come in all shapes and sizes and colors…

          Success is not limited or guaranteed by your color.
          Failure is not guaranteed or limited by your color either.

          I hope now this clarifies my statements. And I apologize if I offended you as that was not my intention.

          • GRAMPA

            the name of the company says the owner is John Jones

            Efficient Electrical Energy Consultants was founded in 2010, and is
            located at 429 S Ward St Ste B in Ottumwa. It employs 6 employees and is
            generating approximately $90,000.00 in annual revenue. I believe few people .I was not offended for I know the feeling of needing to work for what you get I have been in electronics and electrical from 1961. As an owner I get fraudulent documentation all the time. When you have the city you work in and around you get many who think they can tell you anything I doubt first and prove later. I was a small contractor with only four trucks and eight men. In the Detroit area almost thirty percent of the company’s were a front to bilk the homeowner out of repairs they didnt need. I have been retired for eight years and find things have degraded I hope you make it in this economy.

          • Jp

            That would be me sir. As you can see I was not trying to lie just my humble example that if a black kid with black polish and native american great great grandparents from SE Iowa can make it despite obstacles then anyone can.

          • Jp

            The information at DUNS is a bit incorrect… like they dont realize I have two names into one LOL just like the DMV but its okay. I get that about working hard its important component to leading a healthy successful life.

          • GRAMPA

            You are not alone in your successes for I had a young black man come to work for me as a laborer. As a product of the Detroit school system he couldn’t read or write. He was a worker and showed up every day. My wife taught him and we enrolled him in the state apprenticeship. He will be taking his test for master soon. He has several children that I am godfather to one and all call me grampa. I have handed off my company for many years now but still fight the government influence that brings all the students in Detroit down of which they number at seventy percent black. Most in the state must take the state test for any profession in the trades. Not so in Detroit and we get people with license provided by Detroit that do not belong wiring a lamp let alone a home. I did accuse before I knew the truth and that I admit and will seek to correct for while I consider it unacceptable so I shouldn’t do it. So please allow an old man one error .

          • Jp

            That is why I retired from Engineering per se and began teaching, because I feel I had something to offer young people a life experience they could benefit from. You sir have no need to be forgiven… its hard to know the whole story about a person from one internet post. I wish I could do more. My wife and I are trying we want to build a perpetual scholarship/work study program that allows a person to work their way through college much like apprenticeship does. We will figure it out eventually. Thank you for being open minded. I could easily talk to you again sir. Good luck in all that you do from here on out.

          • GRAMPA

            Their is something more. Teach the young to listen not just hear what is said. We have politicians who manipulate people and I am working to vote them all out. I have found only a few that are worth the positions. I have started a loosly formed organization I call the family. For now we push people to register to vote and drive them to the polls when necessary. We have gathered at public meetings when citizens need numbers support. Mostly at school board meetings to rid ourselves of the common core curriculum. We showed up at the home of a home schooled when the county threatened to remove her children for refusing to use the common cor format to teach her children. We have no formal meetings only the posts on these blogs. It has been effective. The main goal is to get our young to understand what and how our government is supposed to work. I grew up in Detroit in a home that didn’t even have central heat. I have only a high school education. I tell these kids that you dont need government to do for you that you can do for yourself. I carry the scars on my arms from knife fighting so I came from a rough background. Tell me if you know how to reach these kids. To them I am just a cracker that wants to control them. I cant seem to get by the mindset that to them I dont think black so I am the enemy. Because I am now limited in mobility I cant get to Detroit much. My last visit has shown me it looks like a third world war zone. No one listens.
            Well I feel better at venting my rant.

  • CherokeeDan

    Few, if any, organizations are more pc than the NFL.

  • Northman56

    I am so sick of this PC kind of s–t everywhere you look. And of course, this is the FIRST time that I have heard that this Michael Sam is a sub-par player. A team with any ambition to win a Super Bowl cannot afford to keep a substandard player for PC reasons. That is at least one reason that they limit the size of the team to begin with! Every active player is important. Too many players end up injured during the season and the backup has to be able to pull his weight.
    And the Tim Tebow situation is also ridiculous. I was never a particular “fan” of his but not because of his religious beliefs! And again, any team wanting to excel SHOULD be looking for the best players that they can get! Intentionally screwing up Tebow’s “Shot” at playing quarterback in the NFL because of his religion is just NUTS!

    • Bullets First

      Northman, I’m not surprised that most people don’t know that Michael Sam just isn’t all that talented. The liberal spin on the entire situation is that teams were avoiding him because he was gay. In truth, he really just isn’t good enough.

  • PT

    Personally who cares as to what any person’s sexual preference is. Now when that person advertises his preference and a major corporation (NFL) goes out of their way to assure employment, they’re stating otherwise.

    Needing “special” help and assistance could well indicate that gays are not capable of playing in the NFL without special consideration. While one would hope not, the NFL clearly makes the point the gays need special assistance and help to make it in the NFL.

    Maybe white males should also sue. Whites are the majority of Americans, yet blacks constitute 66% of players in the NFL. Highly disproportionate. This is unfair and exactly the type of discrimination that the NFL, NBA and blacks are screaming about. Maybe it is time for these idiots to walk the walk as talk is cheap.

  • Gregory Alan of Johnson

    Since most, if not all, of professional sports is Vatican (Roman Catholic ownership) controlled and the Vatican is under the spiritual influence/leadership of the Satan/Devil, it is obvious why the actions of these orgs are unbiblical. It is also interesting to me that Goodell is changing the image of the league while the foundation is yet the same.

    • pete0097

      Where the heck did that come from? Grow up, read the news of the real world and don’t make up silly stuff.

      • Gregory Alan of Johnson

        You first. I’ve been doing research for over 20yrs as to what is going on, who is doing it, and why. The “news” of the “real-world” is akin to the Thomas A Anderson world of the “Matrix”.

  • PoliticalGirl50

    wow, you are not gay bashing? come on. at least be honest about what is driving this article.

    • Bullets First

      What? Just because Michael Sam is gay I can’t be critical about the NFL basically begging teams to pick him up based on THAT instead of his quality? Do you also think that anyone who doesn’t think Obama is doing a good job is a racist too? You are pretty bigoted PoliticalGirl50.

    • Jock1949

      So what in your mind is “driving” the article? The article states very clearly that the reason Sam is still on the fringe on the NFL is because of his sexual preference and not his football ability. No one is bashing gays, just stating the truth.

  • jerry

    I’m not arguing the numbers, doesn’t mean he is a failure. What professional team drafted you? Tebow is not in the league because he is a mediocre QB at best. Three teams/ three cuts. Just about says it all

    • 1stcav

      Too many people are worldly and they hate anybody who represent christianity , that’s including the nfl , very soon within the maybe 5 years they probably will get rid of the national anthem ! Because we are a nation that is turning more and more against God !

      I say that because the man in the White House is a God hating liberal and is letting his liberal federal judges do his thing and he is letting the outsiders from foreign lands take America down to the gutter !

    • Jock1949

      Tebow took Denver to the playoffs and beat the Steelers in the playoffs. The team was not going anywhere until Tebow took over and the coach did nothing to help Tebow. He was against him being on the field. He got traded to NY Jets and the coach sat him on the bench and he never played even when the QB went down. They went around Tebow. Ryan did not like/want him. He was a battle proven player and Ryan would not put him in????? Then New England had him as a back up and of course with Brady he again did not get on the field. So to say 3 teams/3 cuts isn’t exactly fair when you have such a bias in play!

      • jerry

        Jock1949. He was behind brady and mallet. He was on the field in preseason and did not impress. Thus he was cut

  • jerry

    Also just checked combine stats. 40 time was 4.71; bench press was 19 at 225. Not great, but maybe you should report what is factual

    • Bullets First

      Jerry, either you can’t read or you are purposely trying to mislead the readers but I also double checked a variety of sources to make sure I wasn’t mistaken.

      Try giving it a second look before you go around and besmirch my intent. I think ESPN is a reputable enough source in this regard:

      Once again: 40 time 4.91 Bench Press 17 times at 225 Vertical Jump 25.5 inches Broad Jump 114 inches and 3 Cone 7.80

      His best performance being the Broad Jump in which he finished 13th out of 23rd. It is also the LEAST important of the events. Everything else he was either dead last in or just about. So yeah…there’s your “factual” reporting. Try taking your own advice in the future.

      And ESPN isn’t good enough for you how about

      • jerry

        Bullets first. Got the results right from his combine report and pro day. Can’t believe you’re still on this . Bottom line is I really don’t care. Both player’s seem to be doing exactly what they want.

        • jerry

          Additionally bullets first, why don’t you take you complaints to the nfl. Go protest and be an advocate for tim Tebow. Let the nfl know how upset and unfair it is that no one will give Tebow a shot. If you not willing to do this I suggest you go sit down somewhere

          • Bullets First

            Really? A person who isn’t willing to camp out in front of an organization in protest shouldn’t have the First Amendment Right to be critical about them on his website? How amusing you are Jerry.

        • Bullets First

          I’m on this because you are propagating false information. Furthermore you are saying that I am purposefully reporting things that are not factual. Somehow you defend your stats by saying “i got them from his combine report”. Where exactly did you get that? From him? I think my numbers from the NFL and from ESPN and the numerous other sources give credence that I reported his skills accurately.

          And if you didn’t really care, why are you even commenting?

          • jerry

            Look at his stats from his pro day and you will see im factual. Bottom line is stop whining about the fact he is not on a team. Im always amazed at how folks are always trying to see some mass conspiracy. Has it ever occurred to you that you just may be wrong . Im sure there are alot smarter people out there who can assess talent better than you

          • jerry

            And I’m sure tim Tebow is happy just where he is..

  • DC/Tex

    Tim Tebow IS gay as in a happy Christian.
    The homosexual (not PC gay) “AGENDA” is the worst disease infecting and destroying the morals, family values, and children (their agendas main target) of the USA and the world.
    Homosexuality will NEVER be natural, healthy (mentally or physically), normal, accepted, or OK!
    Homosexuality is the worst of the worst of destructive lifestyles.
    Homosexuals WERE NOT BORN THAT WAY, they CHOOSE their unnatural destructive lifestyle, so, homosexuality does not qualify as a civil rights discrimination issue.
    Homosexuals had equal rights, now they have special rights and want more. Every special right awarded to homosexuals infringes on our rights.
    God loves everyone, as we all should, including homosexuals. God hates all sin, as we all should, including homosexuality and He says it is an abomination.
    The silent Christian majority must put on the whole armor of God and battle against the radical homosexual agenda, that is why God provided his armor.

  • B22

    No surprises for a sixth round draft choice. He got cut.Dallas picked him up for the practice squad.Might get a chance if guys get hurt, but don’t count on it…Oh and Tebow? He’s got a job. Good job…And for someone who doesn’t mind gays you talk about them all the time…what’s up with that??
    One more thing, what’s all the left wing/right wing crappolla…
    So Sam has a chance in Dallas, and Tebow has a chance as an announcer…

    • Daffy2009

      Seventh round

  • Mys77

    Sam could play football, just not at the NFL level. But he is a self absorbed homo and believes the world owes him. The NFL should get more men like Tebow, a good man, a good quarterback that would get better and better, a great roll model and leader, great for marketing, and extremely good looking inside and out. With all the negative publicity going on in football, don’t you think they could clean up their act and NOT hire fags, wife beaters, child abusers, rapists, thieves, animal abusers, drunks and druggies, and yes murderes too. One good man like Tebow they can’t handle? Am I missing something? I don’t get it!

  • Michael Barrett

    From the beginning I said if /tebow would come out as gay there are 12 teams that would hire him to be their starter. Still, if he had swallowed his pride and gone the route others have been forced through, either arena league or canadian league, like warren moon and Kurt Warner. But, he thought he was too special so he threw away his NFL career for GMA. SAD.

    • pete0097

      Tebow will stay healthy on TV, can’t say the same about playing Football. He made a good decision for him. 40 years in the booth should give him a good family life and a good retirement and isn’t that what it is all about?

    • jerry


  • charliehall

    Tebow actually played in the NFL even though he is a mediocre quarterback. Michael Sam has not, and may never.

    Furthermore, Jerry Jones denies that the NFL asked him to sign Sam:

    His reasons for signing Sam are entirely reasonable, and Jones is not known for being politically correct.

  • Mel

    The simple question is, who is the better football player…Tebow or Sam?

  • Jeffrey Liggens

    Tebow, as a child of the living God, is off the field because he decided to cancel an appearance at a Church that is controversial, but purist when it comes to Biblical Christian doctrine. It is God who gave him his talents and opportunities. But when it came to glorifying God before men, he retreated; being concerned about how he might look appearing at a Church that spoke out against sin; namely homosexuality, and false religion.

  • Arnold Young

    Karma is a Bit@ch. It would be just if the Broncos had 2 injured quarter backs, not bad just a couple of games, and they had to hire Tebow back and he started winning games. Hee Hee!!!

  • Jp

    No one should ever be belittled OR rewarded just because of some social status… but it happens every day. I feel like this… if the NFL drafted him and he was cut cause he is a terrible player… then thats the end of it… but the NFL making concessions for him because of being afraid of backlash is stupid it would not happen to any other NFL player… I think if you want to work as a professional you need to perform at the level of the competition and your company… if you dont you get fired… but everywhere you look thats not the case in every industry every job every political office there is under performance… and people weasel and play the victim so as not to get fired… I think we have lost sight of whats important… the bigger picture and Mr. GRAMPA did point it out… is some people in general terms have lost the will to excel… to pursue excellence… this guy according to the stats is just not as good as the workers for the competition or as good as his teammates. So he got fired… thats okay… it is supposed to happen that way… how many almost great athletes became phenomenal athletes after suffering some type of defeat? How many good businessmen became phenomenal businessmen after suffering through bankruptcy? Too many people expect positive outcome for negative input… its wrong.


    That is the problem with the “Left” – dishonest as the day is long. Michael Sams deviant behavior is promoted while a good player is punished because his behavior is normal and moral. People should always remember the “Left” is about control, not honesty, not equality, not even ability.

  • Jeyne Doh

    What do you mean “if” Tebow was gay? He’s a raging fairy in denial.

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