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Enough Pressure Finally Mounts and Shaneen Allen Will Be Treated Like A Wife Beater

If you are a regular to this site then you know the tale of Shaneen Allen, the Philadephia single mom who took a wrong turn into New Jersey (because all turns into New Jersey are wrong and should be avoided) and was facing 10 years because she informed the officer that she had her legal sidearm with her.

I told you how the DA and the Judge both refused to let her enter a pretrial intervention program that would spare her jail time and was created for people like her, no criminal record, first time mistake type people.

Then I told you about Ray Rice beating his wife unconscious and the SAME DA and Judge GAVE Ray Rice the pre trial intervention.

Now I finally have some good news to tell you in relation to this case.

Because of all the outrage and phone calls and emails sent to the New Jersey legal apparatus the DA has finally been pressured into offering Shaneen Allen the pre trial intervention, sparing her from a trial that would have cost her thousands and held a penalty if she lost of 10 years in jail.

The Attorney General of New Jersey, seeing the spit storm mounting decided to swoop in and give everyone political cover offering “clarification” to county prosecutors with respect to out-of-state visitors from states where their gun possession would be legal.

AG John Hoffman:

“In most of these cases, imprisonment is neither necessary nor appropriate to serve the interests of justice and protect public safety.”

To which slime ball DA McClain stated:

“In applying the factors set out in the clarification, I determined that the defendant in this case should be offered the opportunity to be admitted into the Atlantic County PTI Program. I have communicated that determination to the court and defense counsel.”

Let me just say that what McClain is spewing is a big ole pile of bull excrement.  After giving violent wife beater Ray Rice the PTI Program option the backlash against the state of New Jersey was so great that he was just itching for someone to bail him out and  AG Hoffman obliged.  So being a wife beater, in the eyes of New Jersey is at the same level as being a law abiding gun owner who makes a wrong turn into the cesspool that is Jersey?

So in the messed up world that encapsulates New Jersey, one woman will remain free thanks to another woman being beaten.

My advice to everyone…stay out of New Jersey.


  • Anne Walker

    I’ve already learned to stay out of New Jersey…and New York, and Connecticut, and Illinois, and California….

    • jspicker

      And Maryland, and DC………

  • Bob Honiker

    Chris Christie was watching the peasants coming up the hill with torches and pitchforks and realized that they were coming to take his political future.

  • Ralph Rusty Newkirk

    The East Coast Ain’t Even ON MY MAP! Kolorado & Kalifornia EITHER! Nor ANY state that ignores the 2nd Amendment! Washington Arms Collectors Led by Dishonest Prosecutor! Google Gun Show Bandit

    • Paul Dragotto


      • Dan Moore

        Commiefornia and comradado.

      • Ralph Rusty Newkirk

        Only if you’re foolish enough to have that address on your I.D. might YOUR spelling come in handy Paul. I live in the REST of AMERICA and WE have spelled it with a “K” for DECADES! Have you seen the list of prohibited weapons YOU have in YOUR KOUNTRY? A good ol AMERICAN six shooter is ILLEGAL there! Beware the Gun Show Bandit, YOU’RE NEXT!

      • Rick

        As the result of a Federal Court decision that declared the 10 day wait unconstitutional. California will, for a price, pre clear a person to avoid the 10 day wait (Cert of Eligibility) along with CCW holders, and previous owners of record. There is still a waiting period to all others.

  • bil

    This da is a disgrace to his profession.

  • Carl Smuck

    When the 2nd American civil war breaks out someone is going to kill that DA and all of the liberal politicians that are running the show up there in New Jersey.

  • Captain America

    Now lets get our Marine out of the cesspool they call Mexico (even if we have to send in the troops to get him out). Step up AG Holder and BHO.

  • Paul Dragotto

    yes anne, stay out of california. we have enough ignorant people here. california is 75% safer than those other cities. i’m a retired goverment agent and i know the crime status. you can get a ccp here. i know arizona and nevada honor California ccp’s.

    • ammused

      yeah?? well why won’t Ca honor Nevadas????

    • Bob Honiker

      There is nothing in the Constitution about “safer” but a lot about FREEDOM.

    • gomurr

      ” California is 75% safer than those other cities.”

      California is a state, so is New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Illinois. You shouldn’t be calling Anne Ignorant, now, should you?

  • Captain America

    Lots of very good 2ND Amendment data out this week. New Jersey gets square with Shaneen Allen, DC court rules on our side, various anti 2nd Amendment votes in November look like they will fail, anti-gun Governors ,Representatives and Senators looking badly in the polls, we are bombing the hell out of the Jihadists, more to come. It’s great to be a patriotic American this afternoon. I love my country.


    • jspicker

      You sort of missed the point of this article. NJ actually did NOT get “square” with Shaneen Allen! They’re treating her the same way they’re treating the guy who beat his wife senseless!! Yes, she can finally breathe a sigh of relief that there is no longer a prison sentence hanging over her head but she lost her jobs and is likely unemployable in her field of choice now, which means that she has no income with which to pay her bills. Her firearm was confiscated and will likely not be returned. Her entire life was turned upside-down by this nonsense and she still has to go through the PTI Progam!! That is just about as far from “square” as you can get without having a prison sentence hanging over your head!!

    • jspicker

      Oh, and as far as “DC court rules on our side,” have you been keeping up on what DC has done with that ruling?They’ve created a “MAY” carry with onerous restrictions about proving justifiable need before any carry application will be approved. This is the current situation in NJ, where there are something like 1200 approved CCW licenses, most of whom are former LEO. This is not what the court had in mind but how many more years do you think it will be before that courts takes this on again? They already fiddled around for half a decade before they published their recent ruling!

      • Captain America

        Picker, the world is not perfect. The progressive liberals have made a shithole out of a great nation. But any victory no matter how imperfect is a victory and a start back to normalcy and a Constitutional Republic where life, liberty and happiness have some real meaning. “You can either complain that rose buses have thorns – or rejoice that thorn bushes have roses.” I will take any victory that reinforces my rights no matter how imperfect. Be happy, Holder is gone, BATF is going next and then BHO. Hell we may even see the end coming for IRS and the EPA. Just remember to vote in November.

  • Dan Moore

    I have no intention of going to any state that is not gun friendly. With the modern interstate highway system it is easy to avoid some states.

  • Isn’t it amazing how it takes public pressure to get them to do the right and common sense thing?

  • tyrannyofevilmen

    I agree. Stay out of New Jersey and all blue states for that matter. Better for your health. Better for your family. Better for the country.

  • Rick

    I’m really torn here. As a holder of a CCW, she had certain responsibilities. Does Pa require that a holder of a CCW inform an officer of same if stopped or only if asked. Did the officer inquire if she was armed? I would think unlikely. Was she aware that her permit was not valid in NJ? Should have been. Was the weapon loaded and being carried or just being transported?

    I’m a California resident and have an Arizona CCW. I regularly transport in California but do not carry concealed. If stopped while transporting, I wouldn’t volunteer that I have weapons. It shouldn’t be germane to the stop and would only leads to further problems. I have weapons in Georgia. My Az CCW is valid in Georgia. Prior to carrying in Georgia, I would reread what my requirements are. Arizona is a constitutional carry state. Anybody can carry. In Arizona, if stopped, my wallet would be on the dash and hands on the wheel with the window open when the officer got there. This is to avoid possible problems.

    My opinion is that based on full faith and credit between the states, if Pa allowed her to carry, NJ should accept that and the officer should have informed her and sent her on her way. She also didn’t have a NJ drivers license but the PA license was honored.

  • Richard Brandt

    I used to live in New Jersey, Princeton/Plainsboro to exact and there ARE many areas that are the cat litter box of the U.S. There are also areas that are quite beautiful. It’s the “Idiots” that are elected that Really Suck and should be Sh!tcanned!!

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