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Just Because You’re A Black Teenager Doesn’t Mean You’re Innocent

Of course, it doesn’t mean you’re guilty either.

But when you start a fight with an off duty cop, pull out a gun and shoot at him three times, you shouldn’t be surprised when you are shot dead.  Of course, leave it to the race baiters in St. Louis to once again cheer the criminal based solely on the color of his skin.

From Liberty Unyielding:

The officer approached a group of men. One of the men took off running, Dotson said, so the officer pursued. Dotson said the suspect approached the officer in an “aggressive” manner, with a physical altercation occurring. The man then turned and fired three rounds at the officer before his gun jammed, Dotson said.

The officer, who was not injured, returned fire, shooting 17 times and fatally wounding the man, Dotson said.

Police have not identified the officer or the man he killed.

Not surprisingly, “activists took to the streets of St. Louis overnight, marching and chanting, seeking answers,” the article notes. Some police vehicles were damaged during the protests, with windows smashed. Shorter ABC News: The other shoe dropped.

St. Louis Alderman Antonio French, who documented the turmoil in Ferguson after Brown’s Aug. 9 shooting death, reflected on the region’s renewed anguish, tweeting:

At the scene of yet another young man’s death. This happens too often in our city. It’s a crisis that we should all be concerned about.

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As readers of Bullets First know, I am no apologist for the police and more times than not I have held their actions in contempt when they shoot unarmed individuals, charge innocent people with “contempt of cop” and have just bullied while hiding behind their badges.

But I believe in a persons right to self defense, even cops, and if someone pulls a gun on me and shoots three times I feel it justified to return fire.

And all the activists in St. Louis would agree with me…had the teenager been white.

Bullets First, where we put content of character before color of skin.


  • REM1875

    If you are a cop and the suspect is a minority run dont walk but run as far as you can away from suspect. Let them prey on the protesters.

    • Bullets First

      As I alluded to in the article, Rev. King is rolling over in his grave that people are still being judged just by the color of their skin. You hit the nail on the head REM, a white cop v a minority suspect, facts seem to get thrown out and race card played immediately.

  • This is out of control. But what amazes me is – self-loathing white people who are hypnotized into this mindset. I saw it in reference to the Markeith Loyd case. He was positively ID’d as the cop killer, and accused of killing the pregnant girl. There were these people, not all black, falling all over themselves to exonerate him – and they had ABSOLUTELY no clue as to what even happened.

    This country is experiencing a collective psychosis.

    • If the black neighborhoods only see law and order along racial lines – let’s cordon off the ghettos like no-fly zones, and let them police themselves!

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