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Cuomo Campaign Throws Tantrum: Forces Factory Worker To Go Home Over NRA Shirt

In the film version of “1776”, when the vote on whether to open debate on Independence comes up the  resolution is tied.  The Representative from Rhode Island then saunters in, returning from the lavatory, and is questioned on how Rhode Island stands on the question of debate.

The response from Stephen Hopkins was as follows:

Well, in all my years I ain’t never heard, seen nor smelled an issue that was so dangerous it couldn’t be talked about. Hell yeah! I’m for debating anything. Rhode Island says yea!

Alas, in New York, apparently Mr. Cuomo says “NAY”.  And I’m not talking about him avoiding televised debates with his opponent Rob Astorino.

I’m talking about his recent trip to an alternative power company in upstate New York.

In an exclusive, a reader of Bullets First who works for the hydrogen fuel cell company, Plug Power, passed along the following email that was sent to the Plug employees prior to the Governor’s visit:


From: Vivacqua, Teal
Sent: Tuesday, October 7, 2014 9:05 AM
To: Plug Power Latham
Subject: Wednesday VIP guest

Good morning,

Tomorrow morning, Wednesday, 10/8, Plug Power will be hosting a VIP guest through our manufacturing facility from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. Over the next 24 hours, we’ll be prepping the building for this tour. We ask that you contribute by straightening up your work space, specifically if your area is in B2.

While there is no dress code for Wednesday, please remember you will be representing Plug Power to a high-level guest. Please refrain from wearing:
– shorts
– shirts with any offensive comments/photos
– ripped/torn clothing

In regards to parking, there will be spots outside B2 and B3 reserved. Please do not park in the reserved parking areas.

We will share more about this day as information becomes available. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, please contact Teal Vivacqua, x1269.


Nothing out of the ordinary about putting on a good display for the Governor.  Sound business policy.

The issue is what happened when the work day started.  Apparently, Governor Cuomo finds the following clothing “offensive”

nra shirt

An employee on the manufacturing floor wore an NRA shirt and was sent home because the Governor, architect of the SAFE Act and SAFE Act 2 has such a weak constitution that he doesn’t even want to be seen in the same FACTORY as someone who believes in the 2nd Amendment.

Remember, this is the manufacturing floor; so no one is walking around in suits and button up shirts.  And as Plug Power states clearly, they were not enforcing a dress code for the Governor’s trip so the only people who could have made a fuss about the shirt were Governor Cuomo and his handlers.

Does Governor Cuomo hate your 2nd Amendment Rights so much that he is wanton in silencing your 1st Amendment Rights as well?

Apparently so.

But is that really surprising?  Cuomo has gone on the record stating that gun right supporters “have no place in New York.”

“Extreme conservatives who are pro-assault-weapon…they have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.”

Apparently, Cuomo thinks New York should only be filled with people who are lock step with him.

Assemblyman Stephen McLaughlin of Albany put it best:

“I think the Governor is a bully.  An elitist, arrogant bully.”

That he is, and more.  Apparently, according to the Governor, if you even believe in the 2nd Amendment and have the gall to wear a t-shirt to that effect in his presence, then you don’t even deserve to work.  No doubt the worker was sent home without pay and had to take a sick day if he wanted to be earn any money on Wednesday.

The only thing “sick” is the situation where a power hungry Governor has run roughshod over the state for so long that he will go out of his way to crush even the smallest of people in order to keep his fanciful delusion, that the people ubiquitously love and support him, intact.

I hope New York comes to it’s senses on November 4th and show Cuomo that it is HE who doesn’t have place in New York…or at least a place running it.

Kick Cuomo Out

  • Leo 6

    Really? It’s hard to believe some of the bull shit that happens in that state. Why do New Yorkers tolerate the snapper head?

    • Huffer

      Ignorance! Plain and simple ignorance! People are so brainwashed, with the likes of TV, bill boards and lying news media, they have little idea of the true events in this world.

    • Betty Hall

      it’s easy to believe what goes on in’s a BLUE state. they get what they voted for,they deserve it!!Anyone with a lick of sense left NY like I did 45 yrs. ago.

  • durabo

    What other article in the Bill of Rights doesn’t Comrade Cuomo like?

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      All of them, we have no rights under this di%khead!

  • disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2

    The communists is in control in NYC. WE THE PEOPLE do NOT love the commies. Don’t like useful idiots either. But THEY count the votes.

  • mark

    Cuomo belongs in jail!

    • patriot

      More like the end of a rope

  • Chuck Dever

    I hope lawyers have been called and arbitration/ litigation is pending. This is workplace harassment, plain and simple. Cuomo is pathetic.

  • Brad

    If this is true, I hope this employee files a work place discrimination lawsuit.

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  • Some Rabbit

    I hear that only 100 or so people showed up at Barnes & Noble to get an autographed copy of his lame autobiography. You’d get more folks than that to line up in Israel for a copy of Mein kampf.

    • Bullets First

      Hahahahaha. Quote of the day Rabbit.

    • tyrannyofevilmen

      LOL! Truer words were never typed.


    This will only be a small taste of what will be standards for the citizen when our government “fixes” the constitution. We will see every word uttered bu everyone monitored. Next will come the thought police to insure all have the appropriate pure thoughts.

  • PatHenry

    Vote the bum out!!!

  • …….yet the prick has bodyguards around him…………He is a big phony like his old man

    • pandainc

      Bigger, actually. Sr. didn’t need a Daddy to get somewhere.

      • LMAO!!!! isn’t that the TRUTH!…. I am tired of these left elitest political “families” like the Clintons and Kennedys………they are in politics for all the wrong reasons………..Their own self aggrandizement

        • pandainc

          Yup. Wonder what Michelle will run for (betting on Senate from IL)? Wonder if Sam Nunn’s kid will get in the Senate, and from Colorado (my home) we have one of the Udall boys (hopefully, not for long … if Cory Gardner doesn’t beat this POS, I’m giving it up on politics — at nearly 76, I don’t need this $hit).

  • Lou

    What a je$ko!f.

  • LaserKay

    As the Secretary of HUD in the Clinton occupancy, Cuomo already showed his opposition to the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th amendments. Residents in housing across the nation that had federal funding were assumed by where they lived to have waived 4th Amendment rights. They were subject to searches without warrants to find guns. Guns, legal or not, were to be taken without due process or just compensation. Objecting residents were not to speak or assemble without further investigation, including computer seizures to see who their contacts, including legal, were. Some targets were jailed. The courts found this beyond the legitimate power of Clinton and Cuomo – then. Now there have been judicial changes.

  • Hop

    Should file a civil rights lawsuit. Asking for millions.

  • pandainc

    “The only thing “sick” is the situation where a power hungry Governor has run roughshod over the state …” No. The only thing sick is that the company didn’t have the courage to tell Cuomo to pound sand. THAT is sick!

    • Bullets First

      Plug Power hasn’t turned a profit in 17 years. They stay in business on governments largesse and as such will not bite the hand that feeds them.

      • pandainc

        Sounds ’bout right for the general deterioration of our nation. To get along, go along.
        Crap. We used to have some pols that could honestly agree with one another and act somewhat honorably. I feel for my granddaughter …

  • rev_dave

    No union to protect this guy’s paycheck I assume? He should have just refused to leave – and sued Cuomo for public humiliation and violating his 1st Amendment rights.

  • Larry

    Cuomo is a punk. His daddy was a punk & so is he. So much for pulling your butts out of the toilet in state ratings. They are 50th place and are trying to convince companies to come to New York for the wonderful workplace benefits.

    • pandainc

      And ten years tax freeeeee — after which we will nail your sorry butts to a wall!

      • Larry

        Right you are. There is nothing that would get me to move a company into enemy territory.

      • 1_Eddie_1

        We’ll give you ten years tax free if you move your business into our state. Screw the citizens of the State of New York, they only foot the bill. After ten years, then we will screw you too.

        Reading between the lines is a wonderful thing. Keep talking Mr. Cuomo, America needs to know how you really feel.

      • Betty Hall

        thats the truth too.if theres still a ny left.

  • ExLush

    For us, (the wife and I) this is where OUR bread & butter is right now. Otherwise I would be so out of here. To think too, that I have close friends that won’t even vote (at all) to help end this kind of BS.
    Honestly, I think they do what they want now anyway, at all levels of Govt. Look at the “Big O” (remember when that used to mean you or someone you just “helped”, smiled real big? LOL)…he does pretty much anything he wants and has right along! Pretty soon, lots more Americans will be touching thier foreheads to the floor!

    • kjenkinsaf

      My head may touch the floor, but only with a bullet in it. And I’ll be bringing some floor kisses with me..

      • Betty Hall

        AMEN TO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • kjenkinsaf

    Okay I’m advocating an NRA decal mail in campaign to Dic!head Cuomo’s office.

  • tyrannyofevilmen

    Like most leftists, if Andrew Cuomo had been around in 1930s Germany, he would have been a “brown shirt”.


    Just remember andy cuomo a POS just like his father, fruit don’t fall far from the tree.

    “Mario asentta mme. Tu sei propio nu’ sfaccime!” (trans: Mario, listen to me, you’re a real ‘sfaccime!’)

    Read More: Bob Grant – An Intimate Memory of a Talk Radio Giant |
    “Mario asentta mme. Tu sei propio nu’ sfaccime!” (trans: Mario, listen to me, you’re a real ‘sfaccime!’)

    Read More: Bob Grant – An Intimate Memory of a Talk Radio Giant |

  • Coumo wants to be dictator of New York.

  • petroskhan

    I sincerely hope that a lawsuit is coming. This is a clear infringement upon that worker’s 1st Amendment rights. That sh!thead governor needs to learn that he is a servant of the people, not ther lord and master.
    A seven-figure lawsuit might drive home that point.

  • anarchyst

    Plug Power will never get my business.

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  • mjnellett

    Why do voters keep putting these arrogant, neo Nazis in office. The truth of who these people are is right in front of your face and yet you people in New York allow these intolerant bullies to occupy your seats of power? They crush your liberties and your wallet needlessly and you allow it to happen…why??

    • metheoldsarge

      He makes sure those welfare checks and food stamps keep coming.

    • Betty Hall

      cause they’re brainwashed till stupid.

  • ralphwylie

    I suppose wearing a “Molon Labe” tee shirt would be offensive too.

    • Bullets First

      Ralph, that probably would have gotten him arrested or roughed up by Cuomo’s goon squad.

  • porkchop6209

    Threatened by a shirt! What a pussy!

  • metheoldsarge

    Just like Junior Jimmy Hoffa, Cuomo has been living under his father’s shadow all his life and is nowhere near the man his dad was and that isn’t saying much about the old man either. I had more respect for cockroaches. He is desperately trying to make a bigger splash than his old man did.

  • Edward Rambo

    Governor Cuomo is the one that has no place in New York, he’s just another POS Commie loving sack of shit that needs to be run out of the State, he think’s he’s God also, that it’s his way or the HI way, he could give a damn weather you have rights or not, but as long as he’s in charge the only rights you have are the one’s he gives you, he’s just another DemocRAT that’s so full of shit his eye’s are brown, so remember New York come November you can run his Holier than thou Attitude out of New York just as fast as he ran all the Firearms Manufacture’s out ( Remember this 1 thing New York these idiots are supposed to work for YOU, ) and when these POS Politicians start changing laws without your permission they are nothing more than Communists trying to force their ways off on you…

  • rev_dave

    Hey y’all – remember this story someday when Cuomo decides to run for President, and DO NOT vote for him even if he offers to deport Obama and send him back to Kenya. Not even then – cuz he’ll make your guns illegal and cancel the deportation if he’s elected.

    • Bullets First

      rev_dave, if New Yorkers will, they can stop Cuomo in his presidential path right here and now. If he loses to Astorino thanks in part to his corruption and the SAFE Act, he’ll forever be tainted in terms of electability in the eyes of the dems. He’d never make it out of the primaries.

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