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Pro Abortion Radical Wants To Ensure Children Aren’t Protected Even After Birth

As if anyone really needed more evidence that gun control zealots don’t give a damn about safety or preventing violence but really just want to CONTROL people, I give you Anna Eskamani.  Eskamani is a your general all around liberal true believer.

A self proclaimed, “Organizer, Writer and Feminist”, Eskamani has a extensive history of fighting for abortions being the Regional Manager for Florida Planned Parenthood PAC, the Director of External Affairs for Greater Orlando Planned Parenthood and the former Young Leaders Advisory Council Leadership Chair for Planned Parenthood Federation of America.  Suffice it to say that Anna Eskamani believes in abortion.

Coincidentally enough, since Ms Eskamani doesn’t believe in protecting the life of unborn children viewpoint has recently evolved to ensuring that children who are born also are denied protection.

I’m referring to a recent article that Eskamani penned for the Central Florida Future.

In it Eskamani vehemently comes out AGAINST telling children to leave guns alone.

From the article:

I found myself examining the cover of this thin children’s book. The title was Learn Gun Safety with Eddie Eagle and plastered on the cover was a giant white eagle holding a naked baby in its feather-hand with two other young children playing and running around it. The subtitle read, “The Attic Secret.”

As I flipped through the pages of this children’s activity book, my innocent curiosity quickly shifted to annoyance and then disgust. This was a book written for preschoolers to first graders with the intent of teaching kids not to play with the guns that they find through the hero-like advice of a large talking bird. This alone is an unlikely scenario; and the crux of the story revolved around a rifle in a grandmother’s basement — another falsity in modern life because in reality, millions of children live in homes with guns and more than half of parents do not keep their guns locked and unloaded.

Let me just jump in right there, she is ACTUALLY complaining about realism of an anthropomorphic bird in a children’s book?  Yes, I suppose a giant talking bird teaching gun safety is an “unlikely scenario” if I considered it actually happening to be possible.  This right here tips me off that Eskamani has lost touch with reality.

And look at what else she is attacking in order to promote her own radical anti child safety stance; grandma can’t have a gun in the basement?  Eskamani’s ignorance about how gun owners actually are is quite telling in her diatribe.  She is attempting to draw a picture that would have us believe that children never “find” guns because gun owners are leaving loaded guns on the kitchen table, in nursery rooms and under the children’s pillows.

All Eddie Eagle is trying to do is to warn children to stay away from firearms because they could get hurt.  Radical anti child-safety advocate Anna Eskamani thinks that doing so is “annoying and disgusting.”

Eskamani reveals herself to be the political hack she is when we get to what REALLY gets her upset about the children’s book on safety:

I was certainly not surprised when I turned to the backside of this children’s activity book to see the fine print that read: “Copyright National Rifle Association of America.” Of course the NRA wants Eddie Eagle to be a children’s symbol of gun safety. It is its solution to the lives lost to gun usage, and its idea of ensuring a future market of young gun users and, for them, hopeful owners.

Whereas gun controllers like Eskamani would rather promote their position wading through the blood of innocent children than pass on a little knowledge to help keep them safe.  I’m not extracting something between the lines, Eskamani actually says this:

Why put the blame and pressure on children to handle dangerous firearms correctly?

Hell, why do we teach children not to talk to strangers?

Apparently she believes its better to have children believe that there is no danger and get themselves hurt or killed; that will help her narrative afterall, and that is why gun control prefers to keep things as dangerous as possible.  Gun control is the only thing that exists that someone points to its absolute failure as reason to have more of it.

The rest of her article blathers on about Trayvon Martin, skewed statistics, and crowing about the recently passed Washington ballot measure that does nothing to prevent gun violence.  If you want you can punish yourself by reading it here.

So is it any surprise that pro abortion queen Anna Eskamani feels like taking her disdain for human life even further by denying children the education that may save their life?  No doubt she and her ilk would prefer to keep them in the dark and shroud firearms in mystery and fear so children can grow up to be fear mongering ghouls like her.

With luck, twisted individuals like Eskamani who would ensure that children would be unprepared for situations in which they might get hurt continue to become a shrinking minority in this country.

As they say, “Forewarned is forearmed.” 

Not surprising at all then that gun control zealots like her want to disarm people of that too.


  • Hop

    “More than half of parents do not keep their guns locked and unloaded” ??? Where does she get this so-called statistic? Did she pull it out of her own arse? Another brainwashed hoplophobe and oxygen thief.

    • Bullets First

      Yeah Hop, she basically is a quintessential gun control fanatic who has lost all touch with reality. Her knowledge of firearms exists entirely in the vacuum of hollywood movies and bloomberg fear mongering.

      • Hop

        Especially the latter.

  • Freedom?

    She’s a leftist.

    Calling her stupid as well is just plain ole redundant.

    • El Lobo Solo

      I bet the musical ‘Annie Get Your Gun’ would be ‘Annie Takes Your Guns’ if she had written the score.

  • Wilhelm von Mayer

    Anna must have been under the influence when she wrote that screed. Only explanation! I really hope she does not get to breed.

  • re06tired

    What do we expect from someone awash in the blood of innocents??? Hopefully she remains without child pemanently.

  • ADRoberts

    The twistedness of the liberal mind. She has determined her position. Now she does EVERYTHING possible, whether rational or not, to attack any position that is not hers. And there are some people and organizations that she will declare are WICKED AND EVIL and whatever they say must be wicked, evil, and wrong, just because of who said it.
    Arrogance and a closed mind. I bet that if she was standing in front of a fast approaching freight train and she firmly believed that her place was right, she would not move.
    She is just like the women who seek out convicted rapists and murders in prison and MARRY them. Just stupid. Maybe she is one of the people Gruber was referring to.

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  • PhilJourdan

    Why not? They are already preaching post partum abortion.

  • Gold Stars

    Seriously, who really cares what a person whom thinks it is her mission to slaughter children?
    I think in this one case we can justify a late term abortion for her! After all is is best to lead by example and we could all cheer the example of her being aborted!!
    Wonder when she will volunteer to make the world a better place for the rest of us?

  • libertyluvur

    Clearly, she was never a child. She has no insight whatsoever into how the child mind works. Animals as messengers will hold their attention longer then a figure of a person. I’m no expert but I was a kid and I my daughter was a kid and I had a sister and brother who were also kids. This woman must have been born at age 40.

  • Charles_Higley

    A perfect article. Gun Free Zones are retained because the liberates WANT more shootings to be able to push their agenda. That is specifically why they never make any truly useful changes that increase safety in our schools.

  • pete0097

    Typical liberal. “Nobody but me gets to have fun”

  • Up Huff

    What if she were in a room with a kid who has a loaded shotgun? If she comes out of the room it proves her wrong, and if she doesn’t….. Well, mighn’t that just be considered a very much delayed form of abortion?
    Assuming THEIR “logic” of course.

  • infadelicious

    liberal logic = oxymoron

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