Gun Girls of CPAC – Killing the Stereotype

Gun controllers and gun grabbers of the intolerant left have long tried to promote this idea that gun owners are a fraternal order of good ole boys.  That ALL gun owners can be encapsulated in a caricature of being a bunch of old fat white guys.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Personal protection, freedom from tyranny; these are sentiments that translate regardless of age, gender or color.

Gallup Polling has been tracking guns trends and women have skyrocketed in recent years in terms of gun ownership and concealed weapons permit applications.  After all, why wouldn’t they?  Most women in their right mind realize that they don’t need to be a victim or helpless in order to be a feminine woman.

Only liberal mouth breathing troglodytes who hate guns think that it is morally superior for women to be raped and murdered than to fire a gun in their own self defense.


You can see the Brady Campaigns full Pro-Rape Meme at the bottom of the article of this link: Brady Campaign protecting rapists since 1974

I put the above picture up instead of the meme because I wanted to show an actual photo of their page to dispel any naysaying liberal apologists that claim the Brady Campaign never actually made that meme and put it on their Facebook page.  

Anyways, back to women who roar.

As I was taking a shuttle to the convention center that was holding CPAC, a young woman struck up a conversation with me when she saw my media credentials.  When you have something that says “Bullets First” on it, gun owners tend to take notice.  While on the ride to the National Harbor in Maryland she told me the story of how she got involved in firearms and what the right to keep and bear arms meant to her.

Now, while I am used to women gun owners I began to think of all the stereotypes the gun controllers like to spew forth.  So I decided to document gun owners at CPAC who did not fit the stereotype.  Once I got rolling though the project took on a life of its own.  Not only gun carriers but those who will soon be carrying, those who are denied their self protection by school or state, wanted to say their peace…so I let them.

Unfortunately my auxiliary microphone was broken on the trip to DC so some ambient background noise was captured and I had to cut out parts where it was overwhelming.

While I had to do some editing  else the video would be an hour long, the one thing that remained constant throughout the interviews was that these strong, fierce women, fully reject the notion that it is somehow feminine to be victims.  They take personal responsibility for their own protection and the defense of their own liberty.

Some were hunters from 9 years old, others started carrying handguns when they were in college through friends.   While their age and paths to the 2nd Amendment differed, all shared the want of having the ability to protect their liberty that only the keeping and bearing of arms ensures.

I would like to thank again all those who participated.  While a few among the girls were bloggers or a reality TV star (did you notice Jessa Duggar in the mix?) the vast majority of these women were just regular folks, yet all of them are just people who want to live their lives in peace and safety.

And they are growing in number.

No wonder gun controllers would rather pretend that they don’t exist.

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